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  • A-Z Index to the Guide to Active Reviewing and Debriefing
    Advanced Site Search tools and tips for powerful ways of searching this site Search Profiles recommended starting point if you fit one of these profiles FAQs Question based searching Find your question and follow the trail The Guide to Active Reviewing a selective index to this site Guided Tours take you to the best reviewing pages or the best outdoor pages Books and Reviews 500 books selected for their relevance

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  • Active Reviewing Tutorials from Reviewing Skills Training
    advanced Active Reviewing Tutorials Click here to explore the Active Reviewing Cycle New tutorials will be announced in the Active Reviewing Tips ezine Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing Skills Training who promotes A C T I V E LEARNING via TRAINING

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  • Does your passion for experiential learning ooze out from your website or blog? Let's connect!
    experiential learning links in German and English Executive Speaking Inc executive coaching speech and presentation training eXperientia now at Tarrak com Experiential Education Youthwork Links and Ideas Experiential Learning Nellie s English Projects Facilitation Start4all Freedom Technology Resource Directory Education Freedom Technology Resource Directory Thinking Skills Creativity Problem Solving FunDoing com Hay McBer s Training Resources Group ipeimage com a new approach to Accelerated Learning Learning From Experience Managerie Training Systems Links with other businesses NASA Headquarters Library on Teams and Teamwork OutdoorEd com see articles index Ponencias de trabajo en equipo links in English and Spanish for facilitation teamwork OD HRD etc studioarts co uk Team Management Systems Therapeutic Recreation Training for Youthworkers Workshops by Thiagi Youthwork Links and Ideas For more organised collections of learning links see Links to Learning Business Consulting Training Services For a more organised collections of links to training providers see SiteFinder A Z adventure education and experiential learning providers Adams Six Sigma Bill Baren Life coach BPIC Brick Wall Motivation Call of the Wild Corporate Training Events in South Wales Custom Guide Customizable Print On Demand Courseware High Performance Learning e Zsigma FirstStepsTraining Hurley Communications Idea Catchers IS Consultants Inc ISO 9000 Resource from Praxiom Research Group Ltd Judy Buch Lenny s FREE Monthly Speaking Tips McCoy Training and Development Resources learningpartnerships co uk Quality Validation Engineering Information Systems Consulting 6sigma us is a provider of Six Sigma and Lean Flow teamleadership com Test Nation UK Microsoft Excel training courses Windy City Fieldhouse Outdoor Links For more organised collections of outdoor links see Links to Adventure Activities portal sites A Z Links to Outdoor Research A Z The Game Capture School Hatt Adventures mountaineering and watersports adventures in the UK Medina Valley Centre Environmental and Outdoor Education Other Links A Complete Guide To

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  • Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, reviewed by Roger Greenaway
    for us by putting Brain Gym and Fish Oil under the microscope Goldacre can find no reason to recommend either intervention But we do not need to rely on a medic to examine educational research on our behalf Professor John Hattie has sifted through 500 research reviews or meta studies of teaching methods from around the world His summary of findings from effective control group research is presented in a top twenty list of the teaching methods which have the greatest effect on achievement feedback comes top His analysis included 253 of the most rigorous studies on active learning His findings show that students in the experimental group perform on average a grade and a half better than if they had been placed in the control group Active Learning adds a grade and a half to achievement Professor John Hattie s study is referenced below You will not find it referred to in Bad Science but I am mentioning it here because it demonstrates how respectable control group studies have demonstrated substantial benefits of active learning Unsurprisingly Brain Gym and Fish Oil do not appear in Hattie s list of top teaching strategies To be included teaching strategies need to have had control group studies published in a peer reviewed journal The consequences of continuing to use strategies that are discredited is that even if they are harmless and ineffective they will be diverting time and resources from the development of more successful strategies This is one of Goldacres s arguments On the other hand a demand for proper testing could really slow down innovation if for example teachers are only allowed to use strategies and resources from a scientifically proven list We expect teachers and trainers to make professional judgements Making informed judgements is easier if you have access to peer reviewed research of Brain Gym Fish Oil etc together with an ability to distinguish between science and sciency Ben Goldacre s mission is to show you how even a basic knowledge of science and statistics can equip the lay reader to see through the various scams hoaxes and frauds So how does this professional duty to interrogate the evidence apply to the practices that I promote in active learning and active reviewing Well the Hattie study is a solid start But unlike the fish oil pill for which there is a very clear formula the world of active learning is a little more complex It is harder to define Reading Bad Science started me on a journey of enquiring more deeply into the foundations of active learning It is taking many twists and turns which I will be reporting on in future issues of Active Reviewing Tips looking a little more closely at whether the tips are floating on sciency fish oil or have a scientific foundation Buy the book I recommend it if you want a readable entertaining and passionate introduction to statistics and the scientific method Bad Science is mostly about health and medicine stories Check

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 4.1
    useful question page at the heart of this website Not only does it help you to navigate this fast growing site it also invites you to ask questions to James If you do visit this site say hello to James and show some appreciation even if you do not have a question to ask Perhaps a good research site should provoke more questions than it answers Every site should have its own search engine and its own newsletter This site has both You can subscribe to the Outdoor Education Research Evaluation Center UPDATE announcement list by going straight to http www wilderdom com research html reviewed by Roger Greenaway 2 TRACKERS TIPS Googling for Outdoor Sites Google provides the quickest results for most enquiries even outdoor ones To transform Google into a specialist search engine for your outdoor enquiries simply start your enquiry with a few relevant words such as outdoor experiential education then add words to narrow down your enquiry e g UK or evaluation or research or jobs or therapy or special needs or teambuilding or management NB Google only lists pages that include all your words exactly as they are typed Google will also search within any site you find This is often much quicker and better than the search or navigation system on the site you are visiting To search within any site using Google if you use Internet Explorer first download Google s free toolbar from http toolbar google com and select Search Site Or for example you can enter conference site www outdoor learning org in the Google Search Box at http www google com to find all pages with the word conference at www outdoor learning org the IOL UK site You can also use Google s advanced search page http www google com advanced search for site search and many other useful options The Google Directory http directory google com is a good place to narrow your search The problem is getting to know exactly where the editors have hidden the categories of most interest to you I have found outdoor education sites in many different categories including Business Health Kids and Teens Philosophy of Education Recreation Reference Science You will find direct links to 14 useful subcategories at http reviewing co uk outdoor outindex htm google These alternatives to Google have some very useful additional features such as grouping of results in categories or the listing of expert sites Teoma http www teoma com Wisenut http www wisenut com Also try these top rated metasearch engines Ixquick http www ixquick com Vivisimo http vivisimo com Turbo10 http turbo10 com LOOKING FOR A SITE THAT HAS DISAPPEARED Enter the address in the Wayback Machine at http www archive org and you may find that the dead link was only sleeping 3 SITEOWNERS TIPS Definitely articles I am continually amazed by how little information some websites have Here is a list of reasons why placing articles on your site is a bad idea 1 Sorry I couldn t think of one The list of reasons for including articles is a little longer starting with the higher visibility of your website in search engine results through to informing visitors about whatever you want Articles can be newsworthy They can be written by people who have used your services They can be historical about how and why your service has developed over time They can be about books or people who have inspired what you do They can demonstrate your understanding of your clients world They can demonstrate the theory and research that supports the value of what you do If you don t like writing ask a writer or journalist to interview you Or ask someone else to write an article for you If you really do have nothing to say beyond a list of brochure style bullet points you can always seek permission to publish a ready made article on your website If you would prefer to be original why not commission an article Here are just a few examples of Adventure Plus sites that are almost certainly benefiting from having articles on their sites An introduction to team building http www teamskillstraining co uk articles intro teambuild htm What makes experiential learning so special http www teamskillstraining co uk articles exp learn htm Outdoor Development Training A mirror to observe and reflect on our behaviour http www terranovatraining co uk odt htm Why Outdoor Adventure http www generationyouthissues fsnet co uk education Outdoor 20Adventure htm copy and paste into one line Engagement Increasing productivity by engaging your workforce http www terranovatraining co uk engagement htm More than 30 studies in the UK and USA since the early 1990s leave little room for doubt how organisations manage and develop their people has a powerful perhaps the most powerful impact on overall performance including the bottom line Strategies for improving mountain safety Dr Bob Sharp Leverhulme Trust http www strath ac uk Departments SportStudies sportst research full research article Self esteem The costs and causes of low self worth Professor Nicholas Emler Joseph Rowntree Foundation http www jrf org uk knowledge findings socialpolicy n71 asp 5 page summary of this research review Websites that index outdoor education research articles http www outdoored com http www wilderdom com research html Experiential Learning articles critiques of David Kolb s theory http reviewing co uk research experiential learning htm If you have decided to click on any of the above links my point is well made Articles attract visitors And if they are well written they can turn visitors into clients To ensure it s a good enough article invite criticism from colleagues before publishing it to the world 4 NEW ENTRIES IN SITEFINDER DIRECTORY Some excellent sites are finding there way into the directory More will be reviewed in the next issue of this newsletter Please let others know about sites or internet resources you can recommend by writing to me at roger reviewing co uk

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  • Questions matched to the Active Reviewing Cycle
    the real value of this event PRIORITIES I will be disappointed pleased delighted if RE AWAKENING This event has renewed my 1 FACTS Tell the story of the event in five chapter headings Make a short news report covering What Who Where When Save Why and How for findings Did anything unexpected happen Any surprises Did anything very predictable happen What was most memorable different interesting What were the turning points or critical moments What happened next What happened just before What most influenced your attitude and behaviour What didn t happen that you thought hoped would happen Describe the event from the perspective of e g a young child your boss a reporter from Describe your role from the perspective of 3 FINDINGS Why e g why did you take the role that you did How e g how did your feelings influence what you said or did What are you finding out e g about yourself the group the topic Regrets Missed opportunities e g What would you like to have done differently more of less of Achievements e g How or how well did you achieve your group personal objectives Opinions judgements e g What was most least valuable Feedback appraisal e g What did you appreciate about others Links connections e g In what ways was the experience like unlike work Learning processes e g What is helping hindering your learning What have you found Gold A message Questions A solution Energy Synergy Also see these 10 questions for philosophical enquiry from SAPERE 2 FEELINGS FEELINGS Name five feelings that you experienced CONTRASTS What were your personal highs and lows What were your most contrasting experiences INVOLVEMENT At what points did you feel most and least involved EMPATHY Who did you feel was going through similar

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.11
    a very active delphi forum called the DeepFun Community attached seamlessly to the site hmm that s a good idea There s also a very useful link to the flow network at http www flownetwork com biosktch htm URL may have changed where you will quickly learn how to pronounce Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ME high CHICK sent me high ee or Mike for short Back at deepfun com you will find that Bernie and Mike have met and you will find out what they think about each other Mike reveals the difficulties he has had getting funding for studying something as unserious as happiness When I write for a grant you think I can mention the word flow or fun or happiness Not if I want the grant I can t Mike s glowing testimonial for Bernie reads Bernie DeKoven is the only person I know who not only knows about play but knows how to teach it May his efforts prosper for they help us all Dr BDeK Fun is certainly a big player I would love to have learned more about the game he played with a quarter of a million people And how loud he had to blow his whistle I have probably said enough for you to judge whether this site is worth a visit or printing out and whether you want to check out the internet facilities of the DeepFun community It is certainly a great place to LEARN about fun On my next visit to this site I might be able to find answers to these nagging questions Fun is a world of paradox and unseriousness So how far can you probe into fun before being told you are off limits For example the word therapy looks like a no no for this site But what is deepfun if it isn t therapy of some kind Is this just market positioning or is there a real difference A final recommendation has got to be that not only is this a free and generous website but also the face to face training that is offered is also free and generous Check the site to see if you are charitable enough to qualify for this offer I promised to tell about some of the gems I found In addition to the DeepFun Community The Flow Network and The Well Played Game I especially liked The Interplay Experiment http www deepfun com intrplay htm a neat if predictable way of demonstrating the value of fun for all ages Another gem for me was Dr Fun s advice to an event organiser The first thing you want to do when you find yourself in charge of a fun event is to make everybody else responsible Make each team responsible for making something Only instead of having them create a THING have them PLAN THE REST OF THE EVENT for each other I was also pleased to find advice about allowing and supporting opting out and allowing anyone to stop the whole game When someone anyone for any reason calls TIME OUT you have to stop playing Compulsory fun is not a paradox but an impossiblility Only desperate comedians TELL you to laugh Please let me know what gems YOU find at deepfun com or at any other interesting experiential learning web sites that you visit Write to mailto sitefindergems reviewing co uk Let s continue with the topic of fun and games next year CONTENTS TOP 3 TRACKERS TIPS zzzzzz SEARCH WHILE YOU SLEEP zzzzzzzzzzzz Regular readers will know about these two handy robots TracerLock http www tracerlock com The Informant They will send you emails when new results appear for your favourite search terms A new facility from the northernlight search engine promises to do a more comprehensive and professional job To try it out go to http www northernlight com and choose the yellowish alerts box in the left hand margin If you already know of sites that you want to keep an eye on make use of this robot to do the job for you http www changedetection com Let these robots do your searching and get a few more zzzzzzzzs CONTENTS TOP 4 NEW VIRTUAL VENUES FOR ADVENTURE PROGRAMMING AND OUTDOOR TRAINING INTERCOM NOW HOSTS A DISCUSSION GROUP interCOM now hosts a discussion group as well as providing a newsletter The breakdown of this 300 international list is Africa 7 North America 7 Asia 14 Latin America 14 Australia NZ 29 Europe 29 Anyone can join this list to discuss Experiential Learning and Adventure Programming Approximately one third of current list members are also members of AEE the Association for Experiential Education BULLETIN BOARDS BARS and E CONFERENCES One thing I have noticed about discussion lists is that they are becoming more and more focused on specific topics But the interests of the outdoor adventure community overlap with many other fields So how can the internet best support networking ACROSS these special interest communities without producing information overload The solution seems to be creating a discussion facility that a has high visibility on the web b allows users access via email or the web or both c allows users to easily adjust the flow of information they receive and the groups or threads they belong to In the last issue I recommended the Freepint Bar at http www freepint co uk bar The bar now has all of the above facilities and is a great place to ask questions to information professionals After asking your question you simply click a box if you want to receive by email any messages that appear in the thread that you have just begun Your question or message title will be seen by thousands of information professionals but all YOU will receive is responses to your particular question This is a neat application of technology for reducing information overload exactly what we should expect from information professionals This clever combination of services that is easily configured and controlled by

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.10
    co uk http www looksmart com or co uk WEB RINGS Websites grouped by subject and linked via their home pages http www webring com OUTDOOR LEARNING RESEARCH WEBSITES http www tarrak com http www outwardbound com au DIRECTORIES DATABASES AND LINKS PAGES Experiential Education and Youth Work an excellent gateway to USA and UK resources http www youthwork com Christian Itin s huge site is full of links for experiential education social work and for every kind of therapy http www geocities com dr adventure links html Baobab s Natural Philosophy Center lots of environmental topics and a free ezine baobabcomputing com naturalphilosophy dead link CONTENTS 6 FINDING HELPFUL PEOPLE ASK AN EXPERT Training http www trainingzone co uk or find discussion lists that attract topic experts OUTDOOR LEARNING DISCUSSION LISTS How to join or leave these 7 outdoor discussion lists Adventure Therapy Association for Experiential Education Outdoor Curriculum Outdoor Education Outdoor Research Ropes and Wilderness Orientation http reviewing co uk outdoor discussion lists htm Rob Benson Crossroads Experiential Learning has links to 25 experiential education discussion lists http www magnolia net xroads URL may have changed Of special interest to researchers is Scisco Conscientia where each month s discussion centres around a new research article Note added since publication Scisco was shut down in 2001 but you can find some of the articles by doing a web search for Scisco Conscientia CONTENTS 7 OUTDOOR LEARNING DISCUSSION LIST ARCHIVES OUTRES outdoor research list has a web based archive at http www jiscmail ac uk lists outres html On lists without archives you may find that some list members have created their own archives that they will kindly search for you CONTENTS 8 OUTDOOR INFORMATION CONFERENCES AND EVENTS The Outdoor Noticeboard at http reviewing co uk outdoor notices htm Where Can I Find http reviewing co uk directory where htm CONTENTS 9 BULLETIN BOARDS Lots of very quiet ones around The ones most likely to succeed notify people when someone responds to their posting They are effectively short term single topic discussion lists Good examples are the Freepint Bar where you will find lots of information professionals hanging out http www freepint co uk and TrainingZone where helpful trainers are at hand http www trainingzone co uk CONTENTS 10 E NEWSLETTERS ABOUT OUTDOOR LEARNING Intercom is about Experiential Learning and Adventure Programming Co editors Sandra Hernandes Simon Priest SiteFinder helps you find internet resources about outdoor learning http reviewing co uk join or view archives CONTENTS 11 OUTDOOR LEARNING ORGANISATIONS AfOL The Association for Outdoor Learning http www outdoor learning org http www outdoor learning org AEE The Association for Experiential Education http www aee org AEE Europe includes English language bibliographies newsletter and links and brief descriptions of research sites http www erlebnispaedagogik de EIOAEE European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning includes research articles http www eoe network eu CONTENTS 12 LEARNING THEORIES 50 training and learning theories http www lincoln ac nz educ tip 1

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