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  • Universal Currency Converter(tm) customised for Reviewing Skills Training
    Russian Rubles SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal SGD Singapore Dollars SKK Slovakian Koruna ZAR South African Rand SEK Swedish Krona CHF Swiss Francs TWD Taiwan Dollars TRL Turkish Lira VEB Venezuelan Bolivar Scroll down to see more currencies EUR Euro USD American Dollars GBP British Pounds DZD Algerian Dinars ARP Argentinian Pesos AUD Australian Dollars BRR Brazilian Real GBP British Pounds BGL Bulgarian Lev CAD Canadian Dollars CLP Chilean Pesos CNY

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  • Evaluation Form for Reflection and Feedback
    differently notes for my action plan What I want to EXPLORE further notes for my learning plan Extra notes e g surprises confirmations predictions What HELPED my learning or development Other PLUS points What HINDERED my learning or development Other MINUS points SIDEWAYS any comment from any angle IDEAS for improving events like this What else would you like to say This event deserves 10 To copy or adapt this

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.12
    about topical issues delivered by email If so what kind of topics would you like to read about in this way Interviews with interesting people If so which interesting people Or what kinds of interesting people Would you just like to read the interviews or would you also like to ask some questions What questions would you like to ask And to whom Authoritative answers to common questions such as What EVIDENCE is there that adventure experiential learning is effective What is the SAFETY record of outdoor adventure learning programs What COMPETENCIES and qualifications are needed to enter and progress in this industry Where can I find an index of the latest RESEARCH findings Great ideas about how to convince non believers that experiential approaches are worthwhile and that they should support you in what you do AND try out some of these more dynamic methods themselves What words or phrases or questions do YOU type into search engine boxes only to find disappointment The web is what we make it What do you want to make it By sharing your dreams with other SiteFinder readers two things can happen 1 Another helpful subscriber will tell you that your dreams have already been answered and will give you a helpful link to a site that you didn t know existed or didn t know had improved so much 2 You will find other dreamers dreaming the same dreams That s a good start for creating new realities A 10 response to this request to share your dreams will bring in nearly 40 responses and an interesting first issue of Sitefinder for next year for 100 of SiteFinder readers Start dreaming and tapping away One answer to just one question is enough but answer more if you like Please send your dreams to me at with the subject line Dreams Happy dreaming and happy celebrations CONTENTS TOP 2 DID YOU KNOW THAT Here are two quick and easy tips to help your computer system make a smooth transition into the new century You will find more Y2K tips from Microsoft at http computingcentral msn com guide year2000 msy2k learningmore quicktip asp To help you distinguish between advisable and essential take a look at http www microsoft com y2k hoax y2khoax htm The hoax exaggerates the importance of making these particular changes but it is a good idea to make these changes anyway If you use Windows 3 x scroll down a bit If you use Windows 95 98 or NT read on If you use anything else check your date settings WINDOWS 95 98 or NT TIP 1 Change Regional Settings in Windows Control Panel For Windows 95 and 98 Change the Short Date style in Regional Settings to a format that uses four digits to represent the year Any option that includes yyyy is fine This will ensure the display of fully distinguished dates in Windows as well as in the software programs that use the default Windows Regional Settings

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.4
    as Outward Bound summer camps and physical fitness programs are more effective than cognitive behavioural and other therapies Hattie J M 1992 What is not clear to me is just how these outcome studies lead to improvements in practice It is claimed that Profiling of outcomes provides the designers of OBA programs with vital diagnostic feedback about how to adjust and improve program quality It would be interesting to see more information about this process happens i e how research influences practice I have yet to be convinced that outcome studies provide much useful guidance about HOW TO improve programme quality If you want to find out HOW TO do something better the most useful source of guidance and inspiration will surely come from studying HOW it works One study does get close to the HOW by looking at the effects and desirability of inspirational readings on an Outward Bound course The conclusion was more or less that readings are desirable but ineffective In the words of the researchers The study implies that readings may be an enjoyable part of Outward Bound courses but that they may not contribute to personal development Does that mean farewell to readings The problem with using such findings to influence programme design is that other OBA studies highlight the degree of variability within any course population and presumably the need for more flexible programmes For example a study of mood states by Fry and Heubeck emphasises the fundamental importance of taking into account individual differences in personality The GENDER studies come up with some interesting findings about variability but it is not clear whether or how these might influence programme design A study by L Owens noted The findings support the Outward Bound program as being equally effective for both males and females However the intervention effect was differentially interpreted with males identifying increased physical activity and females identifying improved stress coping and social relationships as the primary benefits J T Neill s study of Gender found that research on outdoor education program outcomes shows that higher gain scores tend to be found for females Outdoor education can no longer naively carry on thinking that optimal personal growth is being achieved for males nor can be said that outdoor education is meeting the needs of a wide range of females There are some provocative ideas in James Neill s study that leave me wondering whether practitioners should expect to find ANSWERS from researchers Perhaps we should expect researchers to ask the questions and practitioners find the answers And why not Practioners should after all regularly question their practice and good research can help them to ask some provocative and constructive questions You will appreciate this point even more when you get to Site Review 2 below OBA COMING SOON ON THE OB AUSTRALIA SITE The abstracts and commentaries are concise and informative but some are much too brief to be of value in this concise format e g Feelings of success increased significantly between the top of the abseil and the bottom while others are extremely tantalising especially the more descriptive studies that cannot be so readily summarised such as those by L M Scherl I hope that having got this far that Outward Bound Australia will very soon take their next intended step We hope that this may be of use to the OE EE community and plan sometime in the future to have some of the texts available online OBA have already done the hard work doing the 96 research studies and now creating an excellent web design within which to showcase 60 of them The next step is the easiest it takes only a few mouse clicks to convert research studies into web pages Let s hope the generosity of Outward Bound Australia continues CONTENTS TOP SITE REVIEW 2 Adventure College Tornio Steve Bowles pages This REVIEW is followed by an INDEX and then by QUOTES TORNIO REVIEW The three main pages in English on this site are BIG in every sense Together they currently contain 13 articles large and small I can t imagine myself sitting at a campfire reading these pages as Steve suggests in his warm introduction below I don t have a glow in the dark laptop computer Steve And I lack the imagination to see my office as a campfire At a campfire I would rather lift my eyes up from the texts and join in the Lets make experience dance referred to at the end of this review BIGNESS is the point of these pages Steve thinks BIG His time frame is not the last decade or two but stretches back to Aristotle Socrates and Co and even when Steve is quoting from more recent literature and research his sources are scattered far and wide around Europe and beyond BIGNESS is also about finding SPACE in the outdoors There is a strong sense in Steve s writings that we only see the space that we carry with us It s as if the computer motto rubbish in rubbish out is a universal one that applies to wilderness trips too Ralph Waldo Emerson said it better something about needing to take wealth on your travels if you want to bring some back Steve is particularly keen that we do not take the CLASSROOM or the OFFICE into the outdoors and he is forever wary of CONFORMIST PROGRAMMINGS If Steve s writings work they will encourage visitors to his web pages to step out of their boxes so that they can enter a BIGGER world and see the boxes they are in This may be especially difficult for people working in Outdoor Adventure Education many of whom see it as their job to get other people out of THEIR boxes You just have to work even harder at thinking BIGGER Maybe This is the value of publishing and browsing on the world wide web It brings more people into contact with alternative views OAE in Finland is

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.3
    www kagemusha com Maybe the drums lend themselves to promotion via the web But I am sure that with a bit of imagination other outdoor or experiential exercises can be experienced in some way online Any other contenders or recommendations for for imaginative web sites AfOL ASSOCIATION FOR OUTDOOR LEARNING This site has just gone online It is already a good looking and useful site sporting the new AfOL logo and is certain to become one of the main UK information sites now that AfOL is starting to become an umbrella body for the acronym jungle of outdoor organisations in the UK The site has made a colourful and inspiring start The first substantial item to appear is on spiritual values http www outdoor learning org CONTENTS TOP NEW SITES in SiteFinder ANEW http www ssurvival com Individuals interested in expanding their horizons To learn about a dynamic program which offers many diverse methods of increasing your self esteem Management Seminars Survival Seminars Ropes Course Rock Climbing Wilderness Survival Training Published wilderness survival expert and psychotherapist combine skills to run life changing program Gene Cass Adventure Links http members tripod com promotebusiness Everyone who is interested in Adventure and Education Find links to Adventure with an Educational bias Geology Trips Virtual Meteorite Site Adventure Rail Travel Cybercafe Links to many related sites Jonathan Kirby Kagemusha Ltd http www kagemusha com Managers team leaders trainers movers and shakers Learn about exciting and effective team building based on Taiko drumming Workshop overviews photos and quotes from clients And more about Taiko It s a fun site that s easy to explore Play Taiko drums online The Outdoor Experience http members aol com outdoorex tbindex htm dead link All welcome particularly relevant to health professionals as courses have appropriate accreditation Details of courses we run and the basic format that we find works very well for many client groups See how outdoor education is applied practically to healthcare and business settings All welcome particularly relevant to health professionals as courses have appropriate accreditation Ropes Online webmaster ropesonline org http www ropesonline org All individuals with an interest in ropes course and adventure education Site provides valuable information links and resources for the ropes course and AE Industry Links publication listings organization providers database membership database classifieds A membership site maintained by the membership itself development by the site visitors Do you know of good sites that should be in this directory SEND IT THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE Please copy and paste this message and send it to any web site owners you think should know about SiteFinder Here s two FREE services for you 1 SiteFinder Directory www reviewing co uk sitefinder is a descriptive index of websites about Adventure and Experiential Education 2 SiteFinder Ezine provides monthly updates reviews search tips etc CONTENTS TOP Trackers Tips TOPIC EXPERTS The last Trackers Tips was about finding humans to help you search the web Too late I found www humansearch com Far too late because

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 2.1
    Web Sites A Z World Web Sites A Z The Outdoor Index The Outdoor Tour The Outdoor Noticeboard Search Help NEW In addition you can search for ANY WORD in SiteFinder from the search box on the home page of the Guide to Active Reviewing at www reviewing co uk To restrict your search to SiteFinder just include SITEFINDER as one of your search words CONTENTS TOP TRACKERS TIPS KEYWORD MONITORING I have discovered two brilliant time saving search utilities Every week I receive emails that tell me about new or changed web pages that match my chosen search words Amongst my search words it will not surprise you are experiential education adventure education and Roger Greenaway So each week I get web and usenet links that take me to my search results For example this week s results included http www elderhostel org Adventures in lifelong learning educational adventures for adults aged 55 and over http www adventuresineducation org information on careers colleges and financial aid for students and families http ourworld compuserve com homepages outdoorlite Outdoorlite Ventures offering outdoor adventure courses and training in climbing survival and mountaineering http www wild track com adventure sport courses adventurous expeditions and outdoor development team building and leadership courses in the UK and overseas So choose your own search words and try out these free search services And if you find sites to recommend then write in to roger reviewing co uk and let us know Tracerlock http www tracerlock com NEW UK SEARCH ENGINE UKMax dead link I was surprised to find my own site coming out top for most of my keywords especially because I have not even entered my site Like http www searchuk com this search engine seems to track down UK sites and list them without being asked to If you are a UK web site owner check that you are listed If you are searching for a UK site or for anything in the UK I highly recommend both of these search engines The drop down lists at UKMax make the advanced search very easy to use THE BEST SEARCH ENGINES FOR YOUR COUNTRY Most readers of this ezine are not from the UK Non UK recommendations are welcome too CONTENTS TOP FINDING BACK ISSUES OF SITEFINDER EZINE To view a list of contents use the ARCHIVES link from the Directory SiteMap Tip open separate windows to do this Meanwhile this short index gives you an overview of 1998 SITEFINDER EZINE INDEX shortened version SiteFinder 1 1 includes Why this directory Why this newsletter Tracker s Tips SiteFinder 1 2 includes Announcing a Prize Draw Research Sites U K Sites SiteFinder 1 3 includes 3 websites reviewed What No ropes course What makes a great website SiteFinder 1 4 includes Discussion Lists Directories Databases Youth EBDT UK SiteFinder 1 5 includes Minimal Impact Camping Moderated Discussion Lists Information Sources SiteFinder 1 6 includes Single Activity Courses Horses for Courses Sustainability Links CONTENTS TOP WHY THIS

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 1.6
    views on the subject of single activity courses CONTENTS TOP HORSES FOR COURSES Paul Hunting writes Staff and clients prepared themselves with some trepidation to test a state of the art leadership development system Code name Ernie This stunning piece of technology had been in the genetic design phase for over sixty million years Ernie has one tail four feet and sixteen hands Yes he s a horse We were the design team for a leadership programme that would take outdoor management development into a new realm of possibility What was Ernie doing there What were we doing there What on earth is the connection between riding a horse and business transformation Paul s article ends with an explanation of R I D E It seems that as humans we experience life through the filters of two primary states of being trusting and controlling When we are being trusting we are operating from a context of what I like to call R I D E Response ability Integrity Direction Enthusiasm RIDE FOR YOUR LIFE tm provides tailored equestrian based leadership development and coaching skills Contact Paul Hunting paul horsejoy com CONTENTS TOP PRIZEWINNER Congratulations to Iain Jennings for winning December s prize a copy of Reviewing Adventures Why and How Iain is finding the internet a useful tool He writes As you know Roger although our firm s Sports and Corporate Hospitality divisions have got a lot of coverage in media and on television our core business is still our Training Division s team building consultancy work and management development work By putting information for students and customers on line customers can get information more or less straight away if they want it Ideally we wanted to make information rapidly available without having to chop down a forest to make the paper for all the leaflets and brochures we used to send out by the thousand to telephone enquirers The internet is potentially a great medium for us and other outdoor education and training providers to use to help spread the word about what s available research results ideas for new developments etc Roger I couldn t agree more Iain I am looking forward to the time when web servers are smart and fast enough for us to include videos of activities and include interviews with past delegates and clients on our site Another possibility getting us really excited is the way in which the internet is allowing us to set up mutually helpful and worthwhile networking links with fellow consultants and providers who want to use our premises and staff and other facilities We are delighted that the net is helping us to hear from fellow training professionals who feel they d like to work alongside us I m pleased to see your web site developing as it is It seems to be a useful focus for networking and comment We wish you every success with your worthy mission IAIN JENNINGS Managing Director Peak Activities Limited mailto iain iain

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  • Adventure and Experiential Education SiteFinder Ezine 1.5
    check out our page and use what they like writes Brent Bell Presently we are updating our website to include some new pages Folks looking for employment will be able to get all our information and application on line We also will have a video introduction to the page and music when you log on If you do use one of our ideas all we ask is that you be generous with others in the field with your innovations Send feedback comments questions quotes and queries to mailto bikingx conknet com http www bikingx com NEW RESEARCH AWARD from eXperientia Simon Priest recently announced the formation of an annual award for the best research conducted in the fields of adventure programming and or experiential learning The award recipient will also get a US 1 000 bursary experien tscnet com http www tarrak com CONTENTS TOP EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES http www argonet co uk edinburgh scouts games index html URL may have changed Games Galore The Games Compendium is a collection of games suitable for Scouts and Guides It is based on the Scouting Games FAQ with many suggestions from Scouters and Guide leaders http www usscouts scouter com games game t html URL may have changed Confidence and Team Building Games The above activities links come from a well organised links collection on Christian Itin s site Categories include links for For Experiential Educators Adventure Based Practitioners Adventure Therapists Corporate Adventure Trainers and more There is also a growing list of activities that visitors are adding to another example of community building and resource building via the internet http www geocities com dr adventure links html Following the tips about discussion lists in the last issue CONTENTS TOP MODERATED DISCUSSION LISTS Most of the outdoor discussion lists I have tried out are virtual free for alls with little sign of anyone facilitating the discussion At it s best this anarchic approach to communication is brilliant inspiring challenging useful etc But it has it s problems too SMALL discussion lists can find it difficult to get going without facilitation It s a novelty when a message arrives And a rarity for a thread to develop In BIG discussion lists especially unfacilitated ones you get lots of emails to delete in between the ones that make subscribing worthwhile Also discussion tends to be dominated by a few A moderated list is half way between a newsletter and a free for all forum And there are plenty of popular moderated lists on the internet But do you know of any in the experiential education field Please write in and I ll list them The moderated lists in other fields that I have subscribed to are better than newsletters because there is a wider range of input are better organised than discussion lists and are even more responsive than either newsletters or discussion lists I have received excellent answers to my questions in moderated lists If you are interested in setting up a moderated list

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