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  • Bargain Books under £5 at the Active Learning Bookshop (page 2) All profits go to Save the Children
    Wise Up the Challenge of Lifelong Learning Guy Claxton Six Thinking Hats Edward De Bono Synopsis The internationally bestselling guide to better thinking used by tens of thousands of people fully revised and updated There is nothing more sad and wasteful than a roomful of intelligent and highly paid people waiting for a chance to attack something the speaker has said With the Six Hats methods the fullest use is made of everyone s intelligence experience and information The Six Hats also removes all ego from the discussion process The need for the Six Hats is based on an understanding of how the brain chemicals change with the mode of thinking Using this method one major corporation reduced the time taken for multinational project discussions from 30 days to just two days Argument is inefficient ineffective and slow Argument was never designed to be constructive The parallel thinking of the Six Hats method is rapidly replacing argument around the world From senior executives at major corporations like Siemens NTT Prudential US to four year olds in school From Khmer villagers in Cambodia to senior government departments For 2 400 years we have been content with argument which was never designed to be constructive Discovering what is may not be the same as designing what can be amazon co uk Teach Your Child How to Think Edward De Bono Synopsis Attempting to show parents how to teach their children how to think this book shows how children can be taught to think for themselves rather than filling their heads with actual facts amazon co uk Lateral Thinking A Textbook of Creativity Edward De Bono Synopsis This book which is now internationally known and also a bestseller is a textbook of creativity It shows how the habit of lateral thinking can be encouraged and new ideas generated the author has worked out special techniques for doing this and the result is a triumph of entertaining education amazon co uk How to Mind Map The Ultimate Thinking Tool That Will Change Your Life Tony Buzan THE TIMES Tony Buzan will do for the brain what Stephen Hawking did for the universe Use Your Head Tony Buzan Synopsis A few years after this classic book on how to improve your brain power was first published in 1974 a fairly average O level student announced that he intended to try for a place at Cambridge University His chances were assessed as slim since his grades were usually unexceptional Cs and Bs But with the help of Use Your Head the student went on to achieve four As at A level two star firsts at Cambridge and a top job with a multinational company The reasons he gives for this astounding success Since 1974 Use Your Head has been translated into over 20 languages and has been published in five continents and 50 countries has sold well over a million copies and still the demand increases Its author Tony Buzan the inventor of Mind Maps trademark and the concept of mental literacy has become a Brain Star He now travels the world teaching his thinking learning and memory techniques to help people to awaken that sleeping giant the human brain Use Your Head will teach you the vital skills of Learning How to Learn amazon co uk Use Your Memory Understand Your Mind to Improve Your Memory and Mental Power Tony Buzan Master Your Memory Tony Buzan Tune Your Brain Using Music to Manage Your Mind Body and Mood Elizabeth Miles Synopsis Explores the power of music in relation to motivation mood and behavior while explaining how different types of music create varying levels of power in the mind and body From the Author The right music can make your life work better As an ethnomusicologist I know that cultures around the world have always used music to make their daily lives work better and I created Tune Your Brain TM to help you become an expert music user with your own CD collection amazon co uk Reviews What Would it be Like Anytime Questions for Anysize Answers Chris Cavert friends Book Description We re introducing the second book in our Pocket Prompters series This series was designed to provide some easy to use tools for the educator counselor therapist parents etc These versatile fun to use pocket size books of questions can be used in a myriad of situations Ideal for groups of most any size these questions help challenge group members to begin to focus and concentrate as a whole to experience differing opinions and to practice problem solving methods The questions will also be useful in helping young people form personal opinions and generate discussion with others leading to greater understanding of themselves and their peers Ideal for essay ideas for school groups family talk and youth groups to name a few Amazon co uk The Book of Questions Gregory Stock Book Description A New York Times bestseller with over 1 9 million copies in print THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS poses 265 questions that invite people to explore the most fascinating of subjects themselves These questions are as intriguing as our very lives because they are about our lives our fundamental values and beliefs our dreams and nightmares about sex money love power Some of the questions thrust you into a value testing hypothetical situation Would you accept 20 years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you would die at the end of the period some ask you to delve into your past When is the last time you stole anything and help you find out if you ve changed Would you now return it if you could and others reveal your basic nature by examining your behavior When you are given a compliment do you usually acknowledge it or suggest that you really do not deserve it Whether used as an avenue for personal growth a tool for deepening relationships or simply as an entertainment THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS may

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  • Creative reviewing methods using story-telling

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  • Success Store: Creative Reviewing Tools for Developing Potential
    in an increasingly cost cutting environment which have been informed by my research and practice This is a well presented and well referenced list of 10 steps but in no clear sequence Top Labels Limit Learning James Nottingham at TEDxNorrkopingED 2012 In this 20 minute video filmed for TED talks James Nottingham explains how labels get in the way of learning whether the labels are positive or negative Drawing on Carol Dweck s research he argues that labelling children stifles learning whereas labelling their actions allows children to learn from what they do For example labelling children as bright clever good bad stupid racist or naughty limits what they can learn but labelling their actions in these ways creates opportunites for learning such as why their action attracted that label description James Nottingham also presents the case for a focus on progress rather than on attainment He introduces the topic with this equation from Eccles 2000 APPLICATION VALUE x EXPECTATION If expectation is zero then application is zero even if perceived value is high A low level of attainment eg relative to the test scores of others creates low expectations whereas an expectation of progress will increase application For example an individual s progress can be represented in an i ndividualised progress chart Each chart can have a different starting point for each child James points out how one off tests do not show progress whereas a pre test followed by time for learning and then a post test readily produces a progress score He also recommends the value of providing learning support in advance eg previewing the next day s lessons rather than always seeing learning support as catch up Preview makes it easier for all pupils take part in the subsequent lesson following which catch up may not

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  • off for you Can you describe a success you are proud of outside work What things really motivate you What is one of the best presentations you have given When have you stuck your neck out and were really pleased you did When have you really surprised yourself and impressed others When were you pleased that you went out of your way to help someone What is your claim to fame Have you ever stood up against group pressure and were pleased you did Have you ever made what you could describe as a successful compromise What is one of your most physical achievements In what ways do you think of yourself as a creative person What was your most recent success What was your smallest success ever What is your recipe for success What are some of the most recent skills that you have developed What was one of your first successes as a child that you remember When have you felt that you achieved the impossible What is the longest applause you have received What challenging goals are you on the way to achieving Who inspires you and how are you a bit like them From your own experience what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs Can you name a fear that has held you back but no longer gets in the way How did you learn to talk How did you learn to ride a bicycle How did you learn to manage people How did you learn to dance How did you learn to find your way around on the internet Can you describe a turning point that led to your success in a new skill Have you ever communicated with someone without knowing each other s language Have you ever been a successful go between

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  • Brief Encounters Icebreaker | Easy to Print Version
    achieved the impossible How did you learn to dance How did you learn to find your way around on the internet What is the longest applause you have received What challenging goals are you on the way to achieving Can you describe a turning point that led to your success in a new skill Have you ever communicated with someone without knowing each other s language Who inspires you and how are you a bit like them From your own experience what advice would you give to young entrepreneurs Have you ever been a successful go between in helping to stop a fight or resolve a dispute What s the closest you have been to winning an Oscar Can you name a fear that has held you back but no longer gets in the way How did you learn to talk What s the closest you have been to becoming a pop star What s the closest you have been to becoming prime minister What s the closest you have been to becoming an Olympic champion Have you ever succeeded in getting publicity for a cause you believe in How do you make dreams come true How do you learn from your successes How do you help those around you to be successful How many successes do you have on an average day When have you felt that you deserved a big pay rise or an extra holiday How might you make it into the Guinness Book of Records based on something you have already done What 3 small successes have you already achieved today What do you see when you picture success What 3 things have you already done today to help others succeed Have you ever been successful without really trying What is the quietest success you have

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  • down and listen while the reviewer talks through what happened in a way that prompts reflection HUMAN SCULPTURE is an active way of looking at patterns and relationships in a group The method can be used to highlight different patterns at various times during the activity THEME SCULPTURES INDIVIDUAL SCULPTURES SYMBOLIC SCULPTURES INDEPENDENT REVIEWING Suitable independent review tasks ACTION POINTS ACTION REPLAYS ART GROUP POEM GROUP SONG NEWS REPORT making a TAPE RECORDING or VIDEO about the last activity PREPARATION FOR APPRAISAL QUESTIONNAIRES REVIEW DISCUSSION PREPARATION REVIEW DISCUSSION OBSERVATION LABELLING in this exercise enables people to experience what it is like to be in other people s shoes LEARNING TO LEARN For many people the most lasting impact of activity based learning is that they are learning to learn in new ways A MODEL OF LEARNING REVIEWING TO DEVELOP LEARNING SKILLS METAPHORS extend the power of words and phrases by using them out of their original context METAPHOR PORTRAITS TEAMWORK METAPHORS EXTENDIBLE METAPHORS MID ACTIVITY REVIEWING an easy way to sell reviewing especially if making use of a break during an activity in which people are having difficulties and want to succeed HALF TIME COMMENTARY PAIRS QUESTIONNAIRES OBSERVERS MID REVIEW ACTIVITY Interrupting discussion with action can help to keep a group alert An active interruption can help a group to clarify test out or visualise something that has been said CHECKING THE FACTS CHANGING THE PAST TESTING ASSERTIONS VISUALISING AN ACTION POINT OBJECTIVES BALANCING OBJECTIVES ARROWS 1 ARROWS 2 GRIDS OBSERVING Observing and reporting back observations can heighten awareness of self others and group dynamics OBSERVATION PROJECT OBSERVING BLINDFOLDED PEOPLE REPORTING OBSERVATIONS An observer may be asked to record POSITIVES IDEAS DECISIONS SUPPORT QUOTES DIAGRAMS SOCIOGRAM HAPPY CHART TIMES etc quote PLAYBACK is principally written for those working with young people But review activity is ageless It is also interdisciplinary Hence there is much of practical value not least the excellent bibliography for anyone involved in development activity where review is an integral feature Jeffrey Gold in Education and Training PERFORMING describes how without training in drama skills people can create and produce a play for performing to an audience A PERFORMANCE BASED ON ACTION REPLAYS PICTURES create many talking points create opportunities for informal one to one reviewing and can stimulate more insightful discussion than even the most skilled questioning CHOOSE A PICTURE MAKE A COLLAGE DRAW OR PAINT A PICTURE BEFORE AND AFTER PROBLEMS AND ACHIEVEMENTS http reviewing co uk pictures intro htm PLAYBACK When playing back a video or audio recording there are several ways in which it can be used for reviewing These are some of the options CHARTS QUESTIONS CHANGES SOUNDS SIGHTS BRIEFING STATEMENTS INCIDENTS POSITIONS quickly allows everyone to make their position clear on a particular issue and increases participation in discussions LINE UPS ABOUT GROUP BEHAVIOUR LINE UPS ABOUT INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOUR TWO DIMENSIONAL LINE UPS PREDICTIONS appeal to everyone s betting instincts Their degree of accuracy generates useful talking points for reviewing FIRST

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  • How to make a link to 'The Active Reviewing Guide'
    LINK Do you want a more colourful link Here s how Click your right mouse button on the image below Select Save picture image as Save the reviewing co uk gif file to the same directory as your web page Copy and paste the code below or similar into your web page a href http reviewing co uk img align left border 0 height 40 width 40 hspace 10 vspace

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  • Where can I find training in facilitation skills?
    you are welcome to take out a free subscription to Active Reviewing Tips where you will also learn about upcoming open workshops For details of training workshops write to roger reviewing co uk and take a look at these sample programmes Would you like to host a facilitation skills training event Much of the training I provide takes the form of in house staff training events where programmes are designed specifically for the needs of a particular staff group or organisation Some organisations invite colleagues from their own networks to attend for a fee or for free depending on the situation This can help to spread costs as well as to spread the training effect Do you have colleagues in your organisation or personal network who may benefit from training in reviewing skills To find out more about group training send a brief note to roger reviewing co uk Facilitation skills training by other UK providers Facilitation Skills Training Providers UK Elements Nick Eve Website elementsuk com Brain Friendly Learning Kimberley Hare Website kaizen training com facilitate this Amanda Stott Website facilitatethis co uk Reviewing Skills Training Roger Greenaway Website reviewing co uk Goodies reviewing co uk articles Eureka David

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