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  • Where can I find out about debriefing?
    from experience or enabling others to do so Reviewing helps you get more from work life and recreation especially if you have the reviewing skills to match your ambitions A Definition of Reviewing Reviewing is any process that helps you to make use of personal experience for your learning and development These reviewing processes can include reflecting on experience analysing experience making sense of experience communicating experience reframing experience learning from experience Alternative terms for reviewing are processing debriefing and reflection I use the term reviewing in these two ways Sense 1 REVIEWING LEARNING the process of learning from experience itself e g by keeping a diary confiding with a friend or talking with your mentor Sense 1 is about what the learner does Sense 2 REVIEWING HELPING OTHERS TO LEARN the process of facilitating learning from experience for others e g by asking questions giving feedback or exploring alternative explanations Sense 2 is about what the facilitator does My main interest is in this second sense of reviewing but you will find that many of these facilitation skills asking questions giving feedback etc are also useful learning skills A good facilitator uses their own reviewing skills sense 2 to

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  • Educational SEARCH HELP Tips and links for better searching.
    SEARCH UTILITIES SUGGESTIONS ADD URL ADVANCED Looking for DISCUSSION GROUPS about Learning Training and Development about Outdoor Education Training and Development Looking for BOOKS Roger s Active Learning Bookshop Experiential Education books and reviews Looking for interesting OUTDOOR web sites The Outdoor Index reviewing co uk The Adventure and Experiential Education Directory of Web Sites Outdoor Discussion Groups Where Can I Find Adventure Activities Portals A Z Outdoor Learning Research A Z Looking for EDUCATION resources www merlot org Websites are peer reviewed by fellow experts in higher education A wonderful community resource for quickly finding high quality educational websites The Educator s Reference Desk TASL The Ultimate Education Training Portal for Career Development EdHelper com Lesson Plans and News fro Teachers Sites Articles for educators Educators write about activities and lesson plans that have worked for them Get help or submit your own ideas for publication SchoolsNet com Schools Guide Library Web Guide Revision News Sport Universities Discussions Scout Report reviews web sites of interest to researchers and educators The Busy Educator s Guide To The World Wide Web and Free Newsletter Maths Problem Of The Week Creative and challenging math problems for high school age students Updated weekly

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  • How to UNSUBSCRIBE from a discussion list
    find to search your email directory or hard disc No luck Then Find the instructions by searching the list archives on the list web site or via email commands Look for a helpful message e g from the List Owner or Take out a second subscription You may need to do this with a new name or a new address Why Because when you subscribe you receive information about how to unsubscribe Now that you know what to do remember to unsubscribe from both addresses Still subscribed Then Check your subscription details Unless the ListOwner has disabled this option Take a look at the list of list members on the list web site or via email commands and see if you can spot the name you used when you first subscribed Look carefully you might have misspelled your name put it in quote marks or added a thank you message This means that if you subscribed as Home R Simpsn Thanks you will need to unsubscribe as Home R Simpsn Thanks and while checking your name also check your address Have you changed your address or your alias or your service provider or your account settings on your email software and If the to header for your incoming mail from the list shows your address check that it is exactly the same as the address from which you are sending your unsubscribe request This is because some list servers get their information from message headers and may also not have any interest in the text of the message that you send Need more help then try this Go to the List Website or ask the List Owner Become an expert in unsubscribing by reading the article Getting off a mailing list by Stephanie and Peter da Silva at http paml

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  • Reviewing Skills for Trainers, Netherlands. 4th - 5th February 2005
    reviewing it Getting involved in learning Why reviewing and why active reviewing Why use activities in training Revolver trying out different perspectives A climate for all learning styles Clarifying how you like to learn and why Sharpening Awareness Observation Walk and making reviewing a surprise Observing giving and receiving feedback concentrated practice in key reviewing skills The active reviewing cycle matching reviewing methods to theories of experiential learning and development Re viewing and Re experiencing working in the red zones of the cycle Sharing a valued experience and the value of sharing significant stories Re viewing and re living experiences tools to bring experiences to life Speed and search techniques tools to help you select what matters most Getting to the Point working in the black zones of the cycle Examining Findings tools for investigation and analysis reviewing as a balancing act Exploring Futures tools for change from re viewing to pre viewing Evaluation Reviewing day 1 using the reviewing cycle Previewing day 2 and checking priorities DAY TWO Reviewing for Team Development Deciding Line an activity generating activity Models of development Why learning cycles aren t enough Images of teamwork sharing values about teams actively Reviewing for better teamwork tools for helping teams learn and develop Challenging Situations Escaping from default patterns Individuals groups and even facilitators retreat to comfort zones when lost Starting from a combined list of common default patterns we will actively explore how reviewing can help to get individuals groups and facilitators moving You will have the opportunity to review your own reviewing Evaluation Transfer and Follow up How reviewing can increase the impact and value of training programmes Key issues about transfer transfer translate or transform What you can do before during and after training events to promote transfer Transfer within a training event Transfer beyond a training event These topics are based on Roger s two day programme on how to transfer of learning Countdown to the end of a programme Doing the most important things well Using this course as a live example you will learn how to design perfect endings for your own programmes Carry on learning Ending the course Continuing the learning Enquiries and bookings contact Jac Rongen email Enquire by email to traintrainers com or view http www traintrainers com where you will find price details and a booking form for this event Extra notes about the programme Key inputs are supported by handouts in a course manual Most of the time will be practical Depending on the weather and your preferences parts of the programme will take place in the grounds of the conference centre You are encouraged to visit Roger Greenaway s Active Reviewing Guide website at http reviewing co uk before and after this event for its extensive content and links See the selected pages below Any questions Please contact either Roger Greenaway r re e i g o or the event host Jac Rongen Enquire by email to traintrainers com or view http www traintrainers

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  • Ex Top 20 Active Learning Books | All profits go to Save the Children
    them using helpful feelings and removing or containing obstructive ones Evaluating experience this involves re examining experience in the light of one s intent and existing knowledge etc It also involves integrating this new knowledge into one s conceptual framework See more comment on this book at infed org Reflection in Learning and Professional Development Jennifer Moon Publisher Reflection in Learning and Professional Development makes this diverse subject accesible and and will be an essential guide for all those who are seeking to use or develop reflection to improve learning in many different situations Features include wide cross discipline coverage the literature of reflection reflective techniques a new model of learning reflection and journal writing practical reflective activities to develop and improve learning Both detailed and practical trhe book will be valuable for all those wotrking in higher and further education in training and in professional development It will also be useful for educational researchers psychologists staff development managers and trainers in industry and commerce Appreciative Inquiry Change at the Speed of Imagination Jane McGruder Watkins Bernard J Mohr Book Description For the past 15 years the authors have worked closely with colleagues to develop the emerging issue of Appreciative Inquiry AI a process for fostering positive and strength based change as a theory and practice that can be used by OD professionals and managers leaders of organizations groups and communities They have seeded the AI process across the globe and are now seeing a continually increasing interest in its use In the light of 15 years of practice adapting AI to many cultures types of organizations and multiple presenting issues this is now a proven process that OD consultants organizational leaders and managers and the academic community are finding eminently innovative energizing and useful Synopsis This title combines theory an explanation of the reason that Appreciative Inquiry AI is transformative and practical designs for various kinds of AI OD interventions paired with case studies where the interventions have been used successfully The book includes a complete explanation of AI from its historical and theoretical roots to its practice and impact in organizations presented in the context of the rapidly changing environment in which we live and work Amazon co uk Big Book of Business Games Icebreakers Creativity Exercises and Meeting Energizers John Newstrom Edward Scannell Synopsis For this book the authors have selected the best games from the Games Trainers Play series and adapted them for any business professional There are 75 games and activities to choose from each designed to be fast and fun and to stimulate discussion amazon co uk Contents Climate Setting Icebreakers and Session Openers Presentation Boosters Motivating Your Group Creativity and Problem Solving Surfacing Hidden Problems in Your Group Team Building Exercises Managing Change Dealing with Resistance and Getting Buy in Communication Listening and Feedback Activities Great Session Openers Closers and Energizers Quick Activities for Warming Up Your Audience and Ending on a High Note Marlene Caroselli Product Description Here s everything a speaker or trainer needs to keep the audience awake alert and involved This fun filled collection of can t miss activities contains the openers closers and energizers you can use to kick off each session with a bang bring the audience back quickly should its attention wander and end each session on a high note Save hours of preparation time with these ready made easy to use activities that enable you to reinforce the key points in your presentation spark active involvement from all the participants and create an environment in which real listening can take place Amazon com 102 Extra Training Games Gary Kroehnert Synopsis This is a collection of games for trainers and educators to enhance simulations role plays and exercises for both individuals and teams They focus on developing skills in communication teamwork and perception Each one has instructions and a checklist for any materials needed amazon co uk Reviewed at amazon com Team Games for Trainers Carolyn Nilson Synopsis Team building is a fast growing approach to human resources development and total quality management Team Games for Trainers contains 100 games exercises and activities designed to build teams through cultural assessment organizational change readiness personal skill building and empowerment to help teams function through work definition role requirements and evaluation and to maintain teams through training for nontrainers communication conflict management and problem solving For ease of use each game is self contained and includes templates answer sheets and clear explanations of objectives and procedures amazon co uk How to Grow Leaders The Seven Key Principles of Effective Leadership Development John Adair Synopsis John Adair has transformed the understanding of how leadership works with his pioneering book Not Bosses But Leaders Now he returns with a new title that explores in an authoritative way exactly what we know about leadership and leadership development There is a revolution underway We are moving rapidly in some areas slower in others from management to business leadership As the market for good leaders who can achieve results increases so called leadership development programmes have proliferated Many of these are old management development programmes renamed and others are full of confusing theories and unproductive approaches This ground breaking new book aims to set the record straight It looks at the body of knowledge on leadership identifies the seven key principles of leadership development and answers key questions on how to select train and educate leaders at the level of team operational and strategic leadership A vital addition to the debate on leadership from a true expert this book also considers the global challenge and long term issues involved See the excellent reviews at amazon co uk Participatory Workshops A Sourcebook of 21 Sets of Ideas and Activities Robert Chambers Synopsis Making participation work requires workshops training and learning that are themselves participatory This sourcebook makes easily accessible the author s experience in the field in the form of 21 sets of ideas activites and tips both serious and fun for topics such

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  • How to UNSUBSCRIBE from an email discussion list gracefully
    no standard footer find an email sent by the list moderator administrator It may include their personal signature file with contact details Try guessing the list admin address admin help info Find or guess the unsubscribe message Find your joining message and do the opposite in order to unsubscribe e g If the word subscribe was in the address change it to unsubscribe If the word subscribe was in the subject line or body of your email change it to unsubscribe Other unsubscribe words that list robots might understand are signoff leave help or query They don t understand swear words Some list robots like you to add your name or email address after a space on the same line as your unsubscribe word Even if the above actions fail you should receive a help file from the list robot or the list owner that reveals the secrets of the universe and instructions on how to leave their list Check your subscription details Unless the ListOwner has disabled this option Take a look at the list of list members on the list web site or via email commands and see if you can spot the name you used when you first subscribed Look carefully you might have misspelled your name put it in quote marks or added a thank you message This means that if you subscribed as Home R Simpsn Thanks you will need to unsubscribe as Home R Simpsn Thanks and while checking your name also check your address Have you changed your address or your alias or your service provider or your account settings on your email software and If the to header for your incoming mail from the list shows your address check that it is exactly the same as the address from which you are

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  • Outdoor Curricilum Discussion Group Aims
    HE provision for outdoor learning to exchange ideas and information to provide a mutual support group for FE HE Practitioners Fees No fees are payable for membership of the Group beyond normal Institute membership fees Fees may be charged for the expenses of running meetings and other events to those attending Services provided to the Group by the Institute The Institute s office will maintain a record of Group membership and will send out information about the Group s activities by email Information about the Group s activities and forthcoming events will be published by the Institute s Newsletter If further support is required this is to be negotiated with the Institute s office and may require the payment of a fee in some cases Representation The Group will elect a representative who will have a seat on the Management Group of the Institute that person should be a paid up members of the Institute and currently working within an FE or HE institution in the UK In the event of a vote for this post only members of the Group who are paid up members of the Institute and currently working within an FE or HE institution in the

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  • Reviewing Skills Training Client Testimonial (Dare2 and Trinity University College)
    a good colleague too being reliable and thorough without ever getting grumpy with those who are not he s also a man of friendly persistence making things go on happening I have worked with Roger and valued the experience enough to firmly hope that the opportunity to do so will arise again Oh and he s probably one of the world s most knowledgeable people on the art science of

    Original URL path: http://www.reviewing.co.uk/clients/testimonials/dare2.htm (2016-02-10)
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