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  • Questions matched to the Active Reviewing Cycle
    your personal highs and lows What were your most contrasting experiences INVOLVEMENT At what points did you feel most and least involved EMPATHY Who did you feel was going through similar different emotions SELF CONTROL EXPRESSION At what points were you most aware of controlling expressing your emotions CONNECTIONS Did you get a sense of déjà vu at any time What previous experience was this most like ESSENCE INTUITION What music instrument song style would have suited the event or not METAPHOR INTUITION If you were a e g something found in the kitchen during that event what would you be 3 FINDINGS Why e g why did you take the role that you did How e g how did your feelings influence what you said or did What are you finding out e g about yourself the group the topic Regrets Missed opportunities e g What would you like to have done differently more of less of Achievements e g How or how well did you achieve your group personal objectives Opinions judgements e g What was most least valuable Feedback appraisal e g What did you appreciate about others Links connections e g In what ways was the

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    general directories list any sites that are submitted and that do not contravene the rules of the directory Site descriptions are generally written by those who submit the sites Most directories operate like free billboards Each directory has its own unique pattern of categories which can be confusing UK Index Yahoo UK and Ireland Lifestyle UK Yell com UK GUIDES and AWARDS In general guides are smaller more selective than directories with independent site descriptions written by the people who compile the guide The BBC Web Guide net magazine s Top 100 Mirago s Web Guides LookSmart UK LookSmart com claims to be the largest selective directory on the Internet For a worldwide perspective see Looking for popular sites HUMAN HELP For human help websites see below Do you know of other UK directories or good ways of searching for UK sites Please use the form below if you have any recommendations HELP for SEARCHING THIS SITE FEEDBACK INDEX for WEB SEARCH HELP WORLDWIDE Windweaver includes Search Helper Search Tool Reviews Search Guide Search Pages Search Links Search Engines For direct links to Search Engines see below GENERAL REFERENCE Itools A one stop reference desk dictionary thesaurus geography addresses etc Internet Reference Desk GoFromHere Choose the select option from the index page SPECIAL REFERENCE A Z ACRONYMS Acronym Finder a huge database of 60 000 acronyms COMPANIES Kompass a searchable database of more than 1 4 million companies in over 60 countries ENCYCLOPAEDIAS Wikipedia HighBeam Encyclopedia Webopaedia Encyclopaedia about personal computers E BOOKS www bartleby com Bartleby com is the most comprehensive public reference library ever published on the Web Reference Verse Fiction Non fiction IMAGES and PICTURES Foto Search Image Search Engine search from over fifty top stock photography and image sources to find royalty free images for sale

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    and which still has unbroken links Looking for MORE SEARCH HELP Tips for better searching Check the date of any article you read Search Engines change so quickly that some kinds of advice are soon out of date For the latest news and reviews check SearchIQ or SearchEngineWatch or Windweaver Search Engine Tutorials a list of search help resources regularly updated by Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch Official Netscape Guide to Internet Research now at www researchbuzz com ResearchBuzz free weekly newsletter Internet Detective is an online tutorial 3 4 hours provided by The Institute for Learning and Research Technology at the University of Bristol Seven Habits Of Effective Searchers Mining Co Web Search Guide Jan 1999 Information Today Inc features The Extreme Searcher s Internet Handbook the essential guide for anyone who uses the Internet for research librarians teachers students writers business professionals and others who need to search the Web proficiently Super Searchers Search Secrets Mining Co Web Search Guide Jan 1999 InterNet Search Zone Even more ways to search the internet Looking for CONVENIENCE Keyword Monitoring Wouldn t it be handy to be told when new pages get indexed pages that include your favourite keywords or search phrases There are 3 free services that will watch the web and other sources for you while you sleep ChangeDetection TracerLock daily emails with your results Northern Light click on the ALERT box in the left hand margin Looking BEYOND METASEARCH Search Utilities You can download and install the latest search utilities on your own PC Depending on the make and version of the software you install the benefits can be you can search several search engines at once i e metasearch the results are not skewed or slowed by advertising this may involve a fee to switch it off you

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