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    skills These techniques will enable you to accelerate participants progress towards their learning goals You will pick up many new tools for your trainer s toolkit and the know how to use them effectively THURSDAY EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS 10 things trainers should know about experiential learning This brief introduction to experiential learning will be of value to new and experienced trainers alike This session will provide a common starting point and will enable you to assess your own skills Topics include empathy optimism trust partnership blocks feelings styles success intuition balance variety support risk creativity intensity and reviewing 10 ways to develop communication skills Communication is an ideal focus for the beginning of any experience based course including this one You will learn methods that can be used within reviewing sessions or as stand alone exercises FRIDAY EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING AND TEAMWORK SKILLS 10 ways to develop teamwork skills A series of teamwork tasks for trainers will enable you to explore teamwork from the inside and the outside Topics will include Learning about teams and teamwork Learning about myself in teams Learning about this team Generating a variety of team experiences Seeking success facilitating the development of team skills

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  • Books about experiential learning by Roger Greenaway and other writers
    book reviews by Roger Greenaway and others then click here for Roger s Active Learning Bookshop Books by Roger Greenaway access to free extracts articles and chapters Books by many other authors access to reviews and good prices Books in other languages that draw on Roger s writings about experiential learning English language publications to which Roger has contributed Roger s own publications about experiential learning Roger s online publications about about facilitating experiential learning Whatever you buy from or via Roger s Active Learning Bookshop helps raise funds for Save the Children Explore the bookshop index Accelerated Learning Activities Age Group Activities Appreciative Inquiry Bargain Basement Classic Guru or Fad Creativity Drama Learning Experiential Education Experiential Learning Evaluation and Transfer Facilitation Group Facilitation Leadership Coaching HRD Icebreakers Learning from Success Learning Organisations Learning to Learn Multiple Intelligences New Books NLP Outdoor Education Outdoor Training Personal Development Research Methodology Reviewing and Reflection Teambuilding Training Games Activities Training Skills Transfer of Learning Zen and Inner Game Enter the Active Learning Bookshop Go to Books by Roger Greenaway Go to Roger s Active Learning Bookshop 100 ACTIVE REVIEWING METHODS Click here for your free copy TAKE A REVIEWING TOUR 1 Reviewers Toolkit

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  • Consultancy and Training for Training Trainers
    to stimulate experiences that are worth reviewing to facilitate reviews that make the experiences worthwhile PARTICIPANTS This training course is intended for both new and experienced reviewers It is designed for trainers who work in both indoor and outdoor settings and who are involved in the provision of management development courses Many of the skills learned can also be applied to other kinds of outdoor development courses OBJECTIVES By the end of the workshop participants should have a wider range of reviewing tools methods from which to choose an improved ability to choose appropriate and effective reviewing tools methods for different settings course objectives group situations individual needs etc a better understanding of key principles that can guide and inspire reviewing practice more confidence to be creative and experimental in reviewing a personal action plan for further development of reviewing skills STYLE The workshop will generally follow the principles of experience based learning It will be practical and participatory with occasional inputs and handouts CONTENT Introduction a swapshop of favourite methods and models for reviewing learning vs development outdoors for action and adventure indoors for learning The group dimension reviewing for group development reviewing for team development reviewing for interpersonal skills reviewing for social development Communicating on all cylinders opening the throttle the limitations of verbal methods the possibilities of more active and creative approaches to reviewing Reviewing projects and exercises keeping to the script speed and search techniques what is the group learning what are individuals learning transfer of learning and links to work Reviewing with established managers what do they really want more sophisticated or more fundamental lifelong learners Self development developing your own reviewing skills PREPARATORY TASKS You are recommended to carry out some preparatory work for the training workshop Details to be sent out nearer the time Roger Greenaway began working in outdoor management development in 1981 and was recently awarded a doctorate for his research in this field He now specialises in training in reviewing skills in both youth and adult development drawing on his articles and books about reviewing Client list and testimonials A 3 day tailor made trainer training programme REVIEWING SKILLS TRAINING FOR A TRAINING ORGANISATION provided by Roger Greenaway OVERALL AIMS to increase your confidence and effectiveness as a facilitator of reviews to improve your ability to maximise learning for clients both during and after courses to provide opportunities for personal professional and staff team development to contribute to product development YOUR OBJECTIVES Within these broad aims you will be encouraged to set your own specific objectives both individually and as a group STRUCTURE These three days will involve approximately 24 hours of training time over 10 sessions Each session is designed to provide 2 to 3 hours of experience based learning The design of this 10 session programme will be explained in the first session STYLE All sessions will aim to be true to the principles of experience based learning Most sessions will include a balance of activity input and

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  • Food for Thought for Facilitators and Experiential Educators
    action in our lives Experiential knowing is through direct face to face encounter with person place or thing it is knowing through empathy and resonance and is almost impossible to put into words Presentational knowing emerges from experiential knowing and provides its first expression through forms of imagery such as poetry and story drawing movement sculpture dance and so on Propositional knowing about something is knowing through ideas and theories and is expressed in abstract language or mathematics Practical knowing is knowing how to do something and is expressed in a skill knack or competence Source After Heron 1971 and Reason 1988 Reason P 2001 Learning and Change Through Action Research in Henry J Ed Creative Management The Open University Business School in association with Sage Publications London The Dilemma To laugh is to risk appearing a fool To weep is to risk appearing sentimental To reach out for another is to risk involvement To expose feelings is to risk rejection To place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule To love is to risk not being loved in return To go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing The person who risks nothing does nothing has nothing is nothing He may avoid suffering and sorrow but he cannot learn feel change grow or love Chained by his certitudes he is a slave He has forfeited his freedom Only a person who takes risks is free Janet Rand In Search of Respectable Adventure on this site explores how risk assists growth Freedom to Learn When I have been able to transform a group and here I mean all of the members of a group myself included into a community of learners then the excitement has been almost beyond belief To free curiosity to permit individuals to go charging off in new directions dictated by their own interests to unleash the sense of enquiry to open everything to questioning and exploration to recognise that everything is in the process of change here is an experience I can never forget Carl Rogers 1969 Freedom to Learn Improving the Learning Climate Reviewing is not simply a process for extracting identifiable learning from an experience And reviewing is nothing like a clinical operation in which the surgeon extracts the learning from an anaesthetised patient Reviewing is at it s best a more cooperative and creative process in which participants are alive to learning opportunities and encourage and support each other s learning In other words effective reviewing in a group setting creates a community that thrives on learning while also providing tools for homing in on specific learning points This page adapted from Playback presents the case for this more strategic and more empowering use of reviewing processes Learning and development are more likely to happen if the learning climate is responsive to individuals developmental needs A number of developmental needs are listed

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  • Tools for Change: practical exercises for dynamic debriefing
    Esteem What s in your Success Store Quick Reviews 25 methods for 1 2 5 10 and 20 minute reviews Reviewing with Ropes 12 methods Ropes are a handy resource for active reviewing objective lines deciding lines position lines happy charts body maps activity maps mapping journeys drawing You need plenty of space indoors or outdoors Visible Reflection Techniques Why make learning active and visual Four methods and their recommended applications Q JUMPING makes contribution levels visible Recommended use for encouraging more balanced participation MOVING MARKERS makes the quality of the group process visible Recommended use for monitoring group process while working on a task CHANGING PLACES seeing yourself as others see you Recommended use for developing empathy and providing feedback REPLAY noticing what was missed first time around Recommended use for easing conflict and for building trust and understanding Reviewing Ropes Course Experiences This article about re enacting physical activities includes Seven Benefits of Action Replay Eight Ways of Staging Action Replay Miniature Replays Walk Through Commentary Big Picture Reviewing Reviewing by Numbers As new tools pages appear you will find links to them from this page To save you searching here for new pages you can subscribe to the free ezine Active Reviewing Tips for monthly updates tools and practical reviewing tips What s to come in the Tools for Change section of Guide to Active Reviewing How to Transfer Learning More of the material supporting this workshop will be appearing in Tools For Change Workshop details Young People at Risk how the reviewing of activities and other experiences can be of particular value to young people who are struggling more than most This will be a development of the ideas and strategies you will find now on the Strategies page Flipchart Free Reviewing yes it s possible A whole culture has built up around the flipchart a useful tool but much overused and forest unfriendly Substitute methods are described Learners will enjoy a break from routine and so will you So will the forests This theme was begun in Active Reviewing Tips 1 3 Development Training the coming together of the training culture of focused objectives with or without flip charts enhanced by the developmental culture of more open ended and holistic purposes A dynamic combination which gives birth to some innovative reviewing practices some of which will be described There is already a development training section on this site that includes a bibliography and definitions but it does not yet include tools Reviewing Styles why have a range of styles and how do you choose Examples of the possibilities and an assessment of the benefits of developing a more varied reviewing style This theme is frequently explored in Active Reviewing Tips but has yet to be brought together into a full article Appraisal and feedback one of the most valuable aspects of reviewing seeing yourself as others see you How to conduct such sessions so that everyone is a winner Some pages on this theme already

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  • Facilitator Training: a choice of 26 Workshops
    groups mostly using discussion based methods PB1 Workshop Description PB2 DISCUSSION BASED REVIEWING For those who want to extend or enliven their discussion based reviews Focus trying out a basic but versatile toolkit of reviewing methods for stimulating and enhancing verbal reviews Flavour PB2 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities PB3 ACTIVE REVIEWING For those who want to improve their review sessions by using active methods Focus trying out and developing a number of active reviewing methods that learners will enjoy and value Flavour PB3 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities PB4 CREATIVE REVIEWING For those who want to improve their review sessions by using creative methods Focus trying out and developing a number of creative reviewing methods that learners will enjoy and value Flavour PB4 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities PB5 CONSTRUCTIVE REVIEWING For reviewers of all abilities who wish to develop their skills in providing and facilitating constructive feedback Focus exploring and practising positive and enjoyable approaches to observation feedback and appraisal Flavour PB5 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities PB6 REVIEWING WITH A PURPOSE For those who want to improve their review sessions by helping learners to achieve their objectives Focus trying out and developing a number of focused reviewing methods that learners will enjoy and value Flavour PB6 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities PB7 REVIEWING FOR GROUP DEVELOPMENT For those who wish to generate a better climate for learning and development in the groups they work with Focus using reviewing for accelerating group development and for easing or pre empting difficult situations Flavour PB7 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities OA1 REVIEWING OUTDOORS For those who use outdoor activities and exercises for experience based learning and development Focus maximising opportunities for learning and development while in an outdoor environment OA1 Workshop Description OA2 REVIEWING OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES For those who use outdoor activities and exercises for experience based learning and development Focus linking review methods to particular outdoor activities and exercises Flavour OA2 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities OA3 WHY REVIEW ADVENTURES For those who use outdoor activities and exercises for experience based learning and development Focus creating commitment to reviewing and working out a personal rationale for a creative approach to reviewing Flavour OA3 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities OA4 EVALUATING ADVENTURE For those who use outdoor activities and exercises for experience based learning and development Focus developing evaluation tools that will improve the quality and effectiveness of your adventure based programmes Flavour OA4 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities YP1 REVIEWING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE For those who use activities in their work with young people Focus trying out reviewing methods that are particularly suited to young people s developmental needs and issues Flavour YP1 a sample of potential ideas resources and activities YP2 GROWTH THROUGH ACTIVITIES For those who use activities in their work with young people Focus combining fulfilling activities and stimulating

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  • Active Reviewing ~ article by Roger Greenaway
    can swap roles with each other leading towards criticism becoming more constructive Reviewing By Doing active testing of theories during a review Course members arrive with theories about what a good manager or a good team member does They record their theories for display and after doing some group tasks and receiving feedback from observers the group considers whether to adjust the theory and or their practice Groups also develop theories about themselves and each activity may put such theories to the test Testing theories is a sound process but groups can sometimes delude themselves Reviewing can be a time for examining any of these theories whether about managing or about teamwork or about the nature and behaviour of their own group Trainers should be alert to opportunities for testing out theories especially suspect ones EXCUSES provides an example of this EXCUSES A group which was highly disorganised following their arrival at a remote and basic mountain hut came up with a theory about themselves during their initial review in the hut This went along the lines of it was dark we d never been there before we were tired we would manage it much better another time or in a different new situation After their return to the training centre their disorganised arrival at the hut was reviewed for a second time This time the trainer darkened the room and supplied the group with three torches after scattering information about the hut s resources around the room on bits of paper This simulation allowed the group a second attempt to organise themselves on arrival at the hut It was just as much of a shambles The second active review had exposed the inadequacy of the initial all talk review and brought out a more accurate explanation of the group s disorganisation Newsround Extra sharing individual experience through action This is particularly useful where a group has been operating in smaller units or comes together to review their individual experiences In these situations where there is a lot of news to exchange verbal review methods can be particularly time consuming Levels of concentration and interest may be low when the time comes round for the last people in the group to tell their stories One way of keeping people involved is to invite people to act out the story as it is told One person acts or mimes the part of the narrator while others take the parts of any animate or inanimate objects which turn up in the narrative This can become exhausting and chaotic It can become so physically involving that rather than bringing the story alive the story gets lost as the group concentrate on the challenge of staging it More time consuming but more controllable if desired is to give individuals time to prepare performances in subgroups Each performance can be required to include for example 2 high points 2 low points 2 interesting points and 2 learning points Sharing work experience through action Individuals can

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  • 'Adventure Connexions' by Roger Greenaway
    small enough size to be easily used in outdoor situations the guidebook for your other back pocket provisionally titled Adventure Connexions We are delighted to collaborate in this publication with someone who has experience of using reviewing techniques and who understands the processes involved In addition to writing about reviewing Roger is a consultant and trainer in the area of developing reviewing skills and so he knows how to help leaders begin to refine and extend the techniques they are using We intend to include in the book lots of examples of different techniques and their application much like our best selling booklet The Outdoors and Personal Development A Problem Solving Approach Through Adventure Games does for low technology activities If you have a good reviewing technique or activity which you think would be worth describing in the book and which is worth passing on to colleagues then please contact Roger Greenaway at r re e i g o or see see contact information AfOL Publications The above announcement is from Shirley Payne Chair of the Association for Outdoor Learning OTHER BOOKS Back to Publications More Than Activities Playback Reviewing Adventures Growth Through Activities Ordering details will appear here when

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