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  • Careers and Qualifications in Outdoor Learning in the UK
    Education for one year BTEC National Diploma Sport Outdoor Education for two years http www plumpton ac uk Plymouth See University of Plymouth Reaseheath College Nantwich http www reaseheath ac uk Foundation in Adventure Sports First Diploma in Adventure Sports National Diploma in Adventure Sports Foundation Degree in Adventure Sports Management Reigate College NVQ Level 3 in Outdoor Education Development Training and Recreation Scottish Agricultural College http www sac ac uk BA BA Hons Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Pursuits HND Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Pursuits HNC Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Pursuits Sheffield Hallam University http www shu ac uk Centre for Environmental Conservation and Outdoor Leisure Leisure and environment courses CECOL staff CECOL was home to the MSc Postgraduate Diploma Postgraduate Certificate in Outdoor Management Development Check the courses page above or contact CECOL staff for the latest news about this course South Devon College Torquay Activity Leadership Qualification NVQ Level 2 National Vocational Qualification http www southdevon ac uk Strathclyde See University of Strathclyde UHI Millennium Institute http www uhi ac uk Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Pursuits HNC Outdoor Pursuits National Qualification Advanced National Certificate Current prospectus University of Chichester BA Hons in Adventure Education http www chi ac uk University of Cumbria http www cumbria ac uk outdoorstudies FdA Outdoor Education BA Hons Outdoor Education Top up BA Hons Joint Honours Outdoor Leadership BA Hons Outdoor Professional Practice Top up BSc Hons Outdoor Studies Environment BA Hons Outdoor Studies Pg Cert Greening Outdoor Practice PgDip Outdoor and Experiential Learning with European option without MA Outdoor and Experiential Learning with European option without PgDip Development Training MA Development Training University of Leeds B Sc Sports Science Outdoor Activities http www leeds ac uk University of Plymouth http home plymouth ac uk FdA Adventure Education Management FdA Adventure Education Management Countryside Enquiries http home plymouth ac uk University of Strathclyde Faculty of Education Jordanhill College BA BA Hons Outdoor Education in the Community http www strath ac uk University of Wales Trinity St David http www trinitysaintdavid ac uk BA Outdoor Education A three year undergraduate programme with a maximum recruitment of 30 per annum A comprehensive programme of academic and practical development and work placement aimed to produce all round outdoor educators and development trainers who have gained a depth of academic and practical skill and knowledge Academic study is supplemented by a separate but comprehensive programme of NVQ training Recruitment is by a combination of academic achievement and interview Postgraduate Certificate in Outdoor Education Postgraduate Diploma in Outdoor Education M A in Outdoor Education These programmes take a thorough critical look at Outdoor Learning which will not only increase your knowledge but add real depth to your practice They are offered on a weekend residential distance learning basis to facilitate participation from across Britain and successful participants have come from as far away as the Indian sub continent and many places in Continental Europe http www trinitysaintdavid ac uk en courses postgraduatecourses pgdiplomaoutdooreducation University of Worcester http www

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  • Active learning: 'Growth Through Activities' by Roger Greenaway
    action At the book s heart is the importance of reviewing activities in ways that will be at least as involving and inspiring as the activities themselves Roger Greenaway is a trainer writer and researcher with wide experience in how activities can promote personal and social development He is the author of More Than Activities SCF Playback A Guide to Reviewing Activities The Duke of Edinburgh s Award Endeavour Scotland and Reviewing Adventures Why and How National Association for Outdoor Education His definition of activities is a broad one that includes Sports Recreational activities Co operative Games Training Exercises Residential Experiences Challenges at work Action that benefits the community or the environment Growth Through Activities shows how all these activities provide considerable opportunities for growth and development but only if there is clear commitment to pursue such goals and the know how to get there This important new handbook is designed to encourage a broad based approach in work with young people It is an approach that brings together practical ideas from a wide range of experience based methods to learning and development in other words Growth Through Activities OTHER BOOKS Back to Publications More Than Activities Playback Reviewing Adventures

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  • Guide to Active Reviewing ~ Visitor Feedback
    gives permission To see what OTHERS have said about this site See the site review from Training Journal See the site review from LearningWIRE See comments received from visitors Thank you See why this site has gained a Learning Fountain Award To see feedback about my training services see this page More ways to communicate More ways to search A C T I V E REVIEWING is dynamic learning Roger

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  • Subscribe to News, Articles and Training for Facilitators of Experiential Learning
    LIST INDEX News Articles and Training for Facilitators of Experiential Learning For the latest information please go to the ezines page HOME HELP Copyright Roger Greenaway Reviewing Skills Training who promotes A C T I V E LEARNING via TRAINING

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  • How to Transfer Learning and Give Your Training Lasting Impact
    your favourite vehicle for change Transfer plan action plan learning plan Writing smart objectives with muscle Rehearsing what if scenarios HOW TO TRANSFER LEARNING DAY 2 MAKING TRANSFER INEVITABLE Growth capacity and potential Storing success Working with stories and metaphors Working at different levels MAKING LEARNING READY TO USE hooks internal and external talking with different people about the course CUSTOMISING LEARNING TRANSFER travelling alone creating and using support action plans or learning plans preferred learning style BEYOND THE TRANSFER OF LEARNING translating and transforming what do you do with unfinished learning evaluation measures and supports transfer More information please contact Roger Greenaway New Strategies and Techniques for enhancing the transfer of learning Future transfer programmes will be redesigned to include these strategies A partnership view of transfer in which potentially significant others are included as supporters of lone learners Ideas adapted from Broad and Newstrom s Training for Transfer matrix A process view of transfer in which the likely sequence of successful transfer is analysed with an eye for weak links in the causal chain Strategies for preventing and overcoming these weak links design strategies learner strategies and partnership strategies Inspired by Marguerite Foxon s process view of transfer A learning styles approach to transfer using two distinct strategies Ensuring that each learner at each stage can adopt a multi style approach to transfer Ensuring that each learner at each stage can play to their strengths preferences An analytical approach to transfer in which learning designers are clear about where the learning is on the near far scale transfer translate transform and adopt appropriate strategies A creative approach to transfer which becomes increasingly important towards the far end of the transfer spectrum as job roles become less routine and more flexible and where continuing learning is essential for continuing transfer Inspired by Robert Haskell s review of research about the transfer of learning A future options approach to transfer which steps outside the norm of planning for transfer and considers the potential value of also approaching the future with learning plans predictions considering possibilities describing choices making decisions practising testing rehearsing imagining and even dreaming A rich learning approach to transfer meaning that the original learning is in the richest possible learning environment not just reading or writing but being as active and creative and sociable as possible during the initial learning and where relevant these extra techniques Future Walking walking through the helping and hindering forces the learner expects to encounter when attempting transfer Back to the Future focusing on past and present experiences and resources that will help the learner on their journey towards their transfer goal Poems vs Plans a way of considering Prof Haskell s finding in his review of transfer research that creativity and innovation are the key to transfer Dream Drawing a way of visualising successful transfer and seeing success Making learning sticky a series of questions that make the seed and ground of learning more favourable sticky for transfer This complements strategies

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  • Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers Tuesday 27th - Wednesday 28th June 2006
    practice in key reviewing skills The active reviewing cycle matching reviewing methods to theories of experiential learning and development Re viewing and Re experiencing working in the red zones of the cycle Sharing a valued experience and the value of sharing significant stories Re viewing and re living experiences tools to bring experiences to life Speed and search techniques tools to help you select what matters most Getting to the Point working in the black zones of the cycle Examining Findings tools for investigation and analysis reviewing as a balancing act Exploring Futures tools for change from re viewing to pre viewing Evaluation Reviewing day 1 using the reviewing cycle Previewing day 2 and checking priorities DAY TWO Reviewing for Team Development Deciding Line an activity generating activity Models of development Why learning cycles aren t enough Images of teamwork sharing values about teams actively Reviewing for better teamwork tools for helping teams learn and develop Challenging Situations Escaping from default patterns Individuals groups and even facilitators retreat to comfort zones when lost Starting from a combined list of common default patterns we will actively explore how reviewing can help to get individuals groups and facilitators moving You will have the opportunity to review your own reviewing Evaluation Transfer and Follow up How reviewing can increase the impact and value of training programmes Key issues about transfer transfer translate or transform What you can do before during and after training events to promote transfer Transfer within a training event Transfer beyond a training event These topics are based on Roger s two day programme on how to transfer of learning Countdown to the end of a programme Doing the most important things well Using this course as a live example you will learn how to design perfect endings for your own programmes Carry on learning Ending the course Continuing the learning Extra notes about the programme Key inputs are supported by handouts in a course manual Most of the time will be practical Depending on the weather and your preferences parts of the programme will take place in the castle grounds You are encouraged to visit Roger Greenaway s Active Reviewing Guide website at http reviewing co uk before and after this event for its extensive content and links See the selected pages below Any questions Please contact Roger Greenaway by email roger reviewing co uk Other ways to get in touch The 10 Benefits below summarise what you and your clients can gain from effective reviewing 10 Benefits of Reviewing You are more in touch with learners You develop communication skills yours and theirs You develop learning skills yours and theirs You add value to what happens You make benefits more tangible You find evidence for evaluation You become more alert and responsive to what is going on You help learners clarify and achieve their objectives You assist transfer of learning LEARNERS ENJOY IT Selected pages at reviewing co uk Reviewing Success strategies for getting the positive negative balance

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  • Trainer-training programmes with Dr. Roger Greenaway at Log Heights
    training you provide Better reviewing also helps learners take their learning into the future resulting in real and continuing development Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers The first 2 day workshop is about improving the quality of the whole training experience both during training exercises and during reviews You will learn how to maintain full involvement throughout the learning process ensuring that learners are alert motivated and curious You will learn a number of methods for keeping the connections alive between doing and thinking rather than just alternating between these two modes of learning Whatever the purpose of your training a skilled and confident approach to reviewing will help to generate a highly productive climate for learning Topics include how to use reviewing to accelerate group development how to fire up the process of experiential learning how to raise the quality of communication within a group how to keep reviews alive and moving how to deal with resistances to learning how to achieve specific objectives how to develop your skills in active reviewing You will be able to try out a stimulating range of reviewing methods using natural objects visual aids stories replays and other techniques from creative arts drama counselling and group work This workshop will extend your toolkit and develop your skills in using these versatile reviewing tools Programme Details Reviewing Skills and Tools for Trainers How to Transfer Learning and give your training lasting impact The second 2 day workshop This workshop is well supported by recent theories about the transfer of learning but the priority is a practical one to develop and extend your reviewing toolkit It is about how to add to the impact of experience based learning so that both the experiences and the learning will live on after the event You will discover what you can do throughout training events to ensure that they have a longer term impact Topics include how to help learners develop strong links between their course experiences and their everyday world how to organise reviews towards the end of a training course when there is too much to review how to integrate appraisal feedback learning plans action plans and evaluation into your programme how to review a lot in a short time how to help learners test their plans how to evaluate the training you provide how to review your own experiences of facilitating reviews how to develop strategies for your own continuing professional development in reviewing skills This second workshop is suitable for experienced reviewers or for people who have attended other workshops provided by Roger Greenaway Programme details How to Transfer Learning 10 benefits of effective reviewing You are more in touch with learners You develop communication skills yours and theirs You develop learning skills yours and theirs You add value to what happens You make benefits more tangible You find evidence for evaluation You become more alert and responsive to what is going on You help learners clarify and achieve their objectives You assist transfer

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  • LearningWIRE review of the Online Guide to Active Reviewing
    it for the first time this site has something to catch your imagination My favourite bits were the detailed lists of reviewing activities These are extensive and provide new angles for approaching old tricks There was a significant amount that I wanted to download for future reference There were some nice touches of inspiration too This site is a treasure trove If you have any interest in the development of people get down to this site Roger Greenaway provides a wide array of information ideas practical tools and inspiration The slightly fussy homepage gives ready access to a range of useful materials and thought provoking statements I found the initial homepage a little crowded Once I was inside the site it was easy to find my way around and get back to the main index After two pages I made sure I added it to my favourites The guest reviewer is Ian Cook His overall ratings are Content Design oOo This review appeared in LearningWIRE Issue 5 16 March 1998 A FREE electronic newsletter for net enabled people engaged in training learning coaching and staff development Copyright C 1998 Sift plc All rights reserved May be reproduced in any medium

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