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  • More Than Activities by Roger Greenaway
    conversion of many traditional practitioners on the way John Cheesmond Moray House College MORE THAN ACTIVITIES is a book which challenges us to examine our belief that taking part in the elements we offer is in itself sufficient to stimulate personal development Scottish Journal of Physical Education MORE THAN ACTIVITIES is an imaginative practice manual full of good ideas programmes exercises and suggestions a whole range of options that have been tried and tested at the sharp end of practice John Harding Chief Probation Officer Hampshire CONTENTS OF MORE THAN ACTIVITIES STORIES stories stories about growing up telling new stories CONNECTIONS making connections doing and learning motivation assessment groupwork responsibility the community empowerment what works best themes self esteem communications relationships decisions barriers offending reviewing reviewing activities rounds making and using happy charts active reviewing making the most of activities ADVENTURES challenges challenges to adventure the other side of adventure leisure or learning getting away from it all bringing the magic back home the worst residential ever a climbing lesson playing safe different worlds urban adventures urban adventure activity maps meeting people going places low level traversing getting ideas getting ideas for activities activitikit new perspectives getting it together A LASTING QUESTION left to chance PREFACE TO MORE THAN ACTIVITIES Activities can bring out the best and the worst in us There are many ways in which activities can provide opportunities for our growth and development They can bring people together They can generate energy and laughter They can help us to discover more about ourselves and what we can do They can cause us to reach deep into our personal resources Activities can bring out the best and the worst in us and they can take us into unknown territory In fact whole worlds of experience are open to

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  • Outdoor Management Development | training seminar
    1 Using Experiential Learning to Develop Team Skills Experiential Learning Exploring some key issues that affect what you do as a facilitator Learning about teams and teamwork What kinds of teamwork experiences produce useful learning about teams Learning about myself in teams Helping learners gain useful insights about their own teamwork skills Learning about this team Reviewing tools that help teams explore their own processes Facilitating the development of team skills The importance of a teamwork approach to teamwork training Evaluation Day 2 Developing your reviewing toolkit for OMD Introduction learning vs development simulation vs stimulation More reviewing tools verbal active and creative methods why and how Working with success success focused reviewing why and how Transfer of learning more than metaphor how to transfer learning from the outdoors to work Professional development reviewing your own practice and planning new developments evaluation Roger Greenaway began working in Outdoor Management Development in 1981 He received a doctorate in 1995 for a study of the experiences of managers during OMD events Roger now provides reviewing skills training to a wide range of clients in the UK and abroad Both as preparation and follow up for this event you are recommended to browse Roger s Online Guide to Active Reviewing at www reviewing co uk Web based resources about experiential learning and team skills Web pages at www reviewing co uk that are relevant to day 1 Reviewing Success strategies for getting the positive negative balance right in reviewing Active Reviewing Article about bringing the worlds of talk and action together Review Discussions conversation or interrogation tips for involving everyone Reviewing with Pictures how to use ready made and learner made pictures in reviewing Reviewing with Large Groups Issues solutions strategies and methods High Speed Reviewing how to review a lot in a

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  • Playback: A Guide to Reviewing Activities by Roger Greenaway
    principally written for those working with young people But review activity is ageless It is also interdisciplinary Hence there is much of practical value not least the excellent bibliography for anyone involved in development activity where review is an integral feature At 7 99 it represents a resource of considerable value Jeffrey Gold in Education and Training PLAYBACK offers more than fifty techniques to put reviewing into practice without panicking It also describes how activity based learning can stimulate and support personal and social development and make an activity an even richer experience The Award Journal PLAYBACK is a treasure trove of group processes to use when debriefing an activity and can give the hackneyed discussion session a life of its own and certainly will make the activity more memorable Billie Taylor Training and Development Following a trainer training course that used techniques from Playback The course has definitely altered my reviewing perspective Before the course I had a copy of PLAYBACK but did not use the ideas After the course having seen those ideas done live I now find it easier to use the book and apply the ideas to work Andi Roberts Playback Contents INTRODUCING REVIEWING examples the four stage sequence terminology PURPOSES finding a purpose improving the learning climate processing the experience METHODS a basic toolkit practical considerations action points action replay arts cards cartoons discussion evaluation forces gifts guided reflection human sculptures independent reviewing labelling learning to learn metaphors mid activity reviewing objectives observing performing pictures playback positions prediction preparation presentations questionnaires questions repeating the activity reports roles rounds scores self images sketch map soundtrack speaking for a partner stories tape recording ups and downs video reviewing to develop responsibility a sequence of methods reviewing to develop co operation a sequence of methods Click here for

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  • Portugal: Harnessing the power of outdoor learning 5 day seminar
    the beginning of an outdoor training event The emphasis will be on ways of setting up a supportive and dynamic learning environment This includes ensuring that each learner knows how to get the best out of the opportunity and is motivated to do so You will also be trying out reviewing techniques that can help to accelerate learning at this early stage of a programme Tuesday Groups and Teams This day provides an intensive grounding in group dynamics and teamwork The morning will involve a wide variety of short teamwork tasks The main purpose will be to build the team and accelerate group development Even where outdoor courses have aims other than team building it is still important to create a team that will work well together A range of strategies exercises and reviewing tools for team and group development will be tried out and compared Wednesday Individuals The emphasis today is on individuals It is a deliberate contrast to yesterday s emphasis on the group We will explore designs activities and reviewing tools that help individuals learn about themselves and achieve personal targets Giving sufficient attention to each individual is always important but especially when the programme aims to build confidence provide assessment or develop leadership and management skills There will also be opportunities to explore ways of working with other individual objectives that feature in your training programmes Thursday Learning to learn This is learning to learn day This is one of the most powerful benefits that people can take away from an outdoor training course In the morning you will be asked to take part in a skills swap shop Do you have a skill outdoors or indoors that you would like to pass on to others Any skills from work or leisure e g musical creative physical dancing circus or magic tricks martial arts yoga survival skills Please bring any equipment or resources you might need to conduct a 30 minute taster session for anyone who wants to learn your skill The rest of the day explores how you can develop learning coaching and facilitation skills during an outdoor training programme Friday Ending a course Powerful endings how to conclude experience based training events for maximum value and transfer The day begins with concluding the morning course This will involve active reviewing of the previous four mornings and various exercises for carrying your learning into the future The afternoon brings together your learning from the trainer training event as a whole and provides you with ideas and strategies for your further professional development experience based training As well as carrying out evaluation throughout the five days you will also have a chance to explore evaluation as a topic on this final day Dr Roger Greenaway Roger began working in Outdoor Management Development in 1981 He received a doctorate in 1995 for a study of the experiences of managers during OMD events Roger now provides reviewing skills training to a wide range of clients in the UK

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  • Customise and accelerate your search by finding your profile
    about TRAINING WORKSHOPS I provided customised training workshops for trainers educators facilitators and managers who facilitate learning and change As a starting point you are welcome to take a look at sample training workshops or check the latest news about open workshops Tip sign up for one or both of my newsletters view newsletter options Curious about CUSTOMERS View the full list of clients I have provided training in reviewing skills in Australia Belgium Canada Chile China Denmark Finland Germany Hong Kong Hungary Ireland Japan Lithuania Macau Malaysia Namibia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey the UK and the USA I have also presented workshops in Czech Republic Estonia Italy at EEEurope conferences I have worked as a trainer and facilitator in Ethiopia and Iran Curious about BENEFITS View these testimonials for Reviewing Skills Training Curious about COSTS My daily fee for up to 30 people is 1 200 except when training people who work in the youth or charitable sectors for whom my daily fee is 600 My daily fee usually includes my preparation time my travel time and handouts in the form of digital pdf files The fee excludes food accommodation and travel costs See next for a rough guide to travel costs For a quote ask roger reviewing co uk or phone TRAVEL COSTS Scotland is closer than you think UK journeys I do not charge more than 100 for travel for events of 2 or more days as my clients in Cornwall and Guernsey have discovered European journeys are usually less than 300 return Journeys beyond Europe rarely exceed 700 return The cost usually works out at less than 100 per working day because I like to find around 10 days work at the end of a long

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  • Guided Tours and Feedback Form at reviewing.co.uk
    Reviewing Reviewing In Action part 1 part 2 Quick Reviews Reviewing with Pictures part 1 part 2 Stories in Learning Action Replay Reviewing Success Review Discussions Reviewing with Ropes Reviewing with Large Groups Feedback Exercises 100 Active Reviewing Methods Evaluation Methods Sharing Learning How Transfer Happens Enabling Facilitator or Intrusive Complicator What Works Well Visit Roger s Active Learning Bookshop See Book Reviews on these topics Accelerated Learning Activities Emotional

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  • Active Reviewing Guide and Active Reviewing Tips
    in many other writers Lots of great ideas for anyone interested in experiential education What s reviewing What clients say Site Search It is an amazing site there are so many practical suggestions and tips provided here What visitors say about Roger Greenaway s guide to A C T I V E REVIEWING More Site Reviews Search the Guide Search for Tips Just wanted to let you know your site is awesome It has been extremely helpful with our Train the Trainer program A refresher Creative ideas Practical for those with a yearning for learning The content has really lured me into becoming a daily visitor to your site Thanks Found your site by accident and found it fascinating What you say really hits home I like the way you look at everything and then return to what is simple effective and memorable I liked all the possibilities presented here Thank you This was just what I was looking for What I like about your stuff is that it is so useful sensible and inspirational What clients say about Roger s trainer training workshops about active learning We have found Roger a great partner to work with committed to exceeding

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  • Reviewing and Debriefing Guide: Search Help
    and reviewing to be more fun active and effective People reviewing with any age or ability indoors or outdoors students facilitators trainers teachers instructors group workers HRD etc What do they say about the Active Reviewing Guide Clare Forrest Training Journal One of the best training sites I ve ever seen LearningWIRE Site Review Why this site was awarded 5 5 stars for content Learning Fountain Award Why this site has earned one Resource Site Award Ropes Web Site Award The Busy Educator s Award The Busy Educator s Award Look under B in the A Z Sites that recommend this site A Z of friendly sites Visitor feedback is useful and encouraging Thank you for these comments The Online Guide to Active Reviewing Debriefing is a treasure trove one of the best training sites I ve ever seen a valuable source of ideas and practical tools for trainers a wide array of information ideas practical tools and inspiration a great resource thanks for putting in the time and effort to create and maintain this site a fantastic site I really enjoyed what you had to say This is the first site I have found that has really been any help I was beginning to think I was the only person who thought this way I m impressed I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your site Right on you are doing a great job Keep on rollin I liked all the possibilities presented here A well organised site Easy to Navigate Clear and Punchy Rich with Content Diverse and Accessible Great info neat graphics cool colours Thanks for the directory I think that this is a wonderful service Keep up the Good Work Excellent stuff Most useful and informative I really enjoyed active reviewing tips Awarded to this site September 1998 What

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