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  • Richard Baxter :: potter :: pottery and ceramics
    and strata Richard Baxter is a prolific artist developing ceramic artwork in a number of fascinating areas Some are practical and durable for day to day living whilst other works are one off unique pieces which you can investigate on this website Potters teachers and students will be inspired by Richard Baxter s unique glaze recipes and useful tips Home Wave Porcelain Blueware Terracotta Fishware Workshop History Contact Find me
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/ (2016-04-30)

  • pottery and ceramics :: Richard Baxter :: potter > Porcelain
    vein of work Home Wave Porcelain Blueware Terracotta Fishware Workshop Facts Contact One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Bottle One Off Wave Bowl Dark Blue Cone Hemisphere Open Shallow Sea Green Turquoise Turquise Spiral Jade Sprial Flared Bowl Enclosed Jade Nickel Pink Pale Jade Tall Turquoise Enclosed Turquoise Sunset Pink Pinky Blue Detail Green Nebula Turquoise
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/porcelain/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • pottery and ceramics :: Richard Baxter :: potter > Available Wave and Strata Bowls
    can choose from these and place an order which can be dispatched immediately Home Wave Porcelain Blueware Terracotta Fishware Workshop Facts Contact Ripple Bowl The Swell The Swell Strata Waterfall Tectonic Plate Rift Dark Ripples Little Pool Hematite Tesserae Ocean Rolling Wave Dune Deep Wave Bowl Strata Small Oval Shift Deep Oval Bowl Double Ripple Clinker Vessel Ripples Dark Vessel Ripple Bowl with splash Faultlines Vortex Double Ripples Lichen Deep
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/wave/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • terracotta pottery and ceramics :: Richard Baxter
    t010 b One off teapot t010 c One off jugs t020 One off cups t030 One off mugs t040 Large jug t050 Medium jug t060 Small jug t070 Very small jug t080 Jugs t050 to t080 Teapots t090 and t100 Mug t110 Short Mug t120 Angled Mug t140 Snakehandle Mug t150 Circle Handle Mug t160 Large Goblet t170 Small Goblet t180 Cappuccino t190 Teacup and saucer t200 Esspresso t210 Cereal t220 Pasta t230 Soup bowl t240 Lasagne dish t250 Ramekin t260 Large Dinner Plate t270 Dinner plate t280 Dinner plate t280b Side plate t290 Jars large t300 medium t310 Jars t320 t330 t340 Jamjar sugarpot t350 Bread crock t360 Butter dish t370 Garlic t380 Spaghetti t390 Salt pig t400 Salt and pepper t420 Pie dish t430 Soufle dish t440 Dip dish t450 Large casserole t460 Medium casserole t470 Small casserole t480 Large platter t490 Lemon squeezer t500 Cuttlery holder t510 Utensil jar t520 Cylinder vases t540b Small cylinder vase t560 Medium conic vase t590 Small conic vase t600 Barrel vases t620 t630 t640 Barrel vase t640 Large fruit bowl t700 Medium fruit bowl t710 Small fruit bowl t720 Essential oil burner t730 Candlesticks t740 Candle holder t750 Wall hanging vase
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/terracotta/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • Blueware pottery and ceramics :: Richard Baxter
    off teapot b010 One off jug b020 One off cup b030 One off mug b040 Large jug b050 Medium jug b060 Small jug b070 Very small jug b080 Three jugs b060 b070 b080 Teapots b090 and b100 Mug b110 Short Mug b120 Leigh on Sea mug b130 Large goblet b170 Small goblet b180 Cappuccino b190 Tea cup b200 Espresso b210 Cereal b220 Pasta b230 Soup b240 Lasagna b250 Ramekin b260 Large dinner plate b270 Dinner plate b280 Plates b280 b290 Side plates b290 Store jars b300 b350 b310 Jars b320 b330 b340 Bread crock b360 Butter dish b370 Garlic b380 Spaghetti b390 Salt pigs b410 b400 Salt and pepper b420 Pie dish b430 Souffle b440 Dip dish b450 Casserole large b460 Casserole medium b470 Casserole small b480 Large platter b490 Lemon squeezer b500 Cuttlery b510 Utensils b520 Cylinder vases b530 b560 Conical vases b570 b600 Barrel vases b610 b640 Bottle vases b650 b680 Fruit bowl XL b690 Fruit bowl L b700 Fruit bowl M b710 Fruit bowl S b720 Oil burner b730 Candlesticks b740 Candle holder b750 Wall vases b760 b770 Plant pot L b780 Plant pots b780 b800 b790 Pan and saucer L b810 Pan and saucer M b820
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/blueware/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • Fishware pottery and ceramics :: Kate Baxter :: hand painted white earthenware
    Wave Porcelain Blueware Terracotta Fishware Workshop Facts Contact The coral borders on Fishware are available in seven colours Some collectors want all of their Fishware with the same colour border while others prefer a collection made of pieces with different colour borders All pieces of Fishware tone well together so either approach will give you an enjoyable and practical collection of unique handmade and handpainted works of art Refer to
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/fishware/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • pottery and ceramics :: Richard Baxter :: potter
    iron oxide 10 Lead bisilicate 30 White slip White earthenware clay 66 Lead bisilicate 33 Zirconium silicate 10 Bentonite 4 Blue slip White earthenware clay 66 Lead bisilicate 33 Zirconium silicate 10 Bentonite 4 Cobalt carbonate 2 Porcelain Glazes These glazes are oxidized to 1240c Dark pink mauve China clay 5 Quartz 6 Zinc oxide 16 Potash feldspar 33 Barium carbonate 39 Green nickel oxide 1 Turquoise Barium carbonate 50 Nepheline syenite 50 Copper oxide 3 White matt Nepheline syenite 55 Quartz 8 China clay 6 Barium carbonate 25 Lithium carbonate 2 Pale green crackle Quartz 5 China clay 20 Whiting 15 Potash feldspar 10 Soda feldspar 30 Dolomite 20 Zirconium silicate 4 Praesidemium oxide 4 Blue green yellow pink depends on thickness Quartz 6 0 China clay 5 0 Zinc oxide 16 0 Potash feldspar 33 0 Barium carbonate 39 0 Nickel oxide 0 5 Titanium dioxide 3 0 The test glazes above illustrate the range of colours Richard Baxter has been working towards over the past couple of years They are all fired to 1240c in an electric firing Earthenware Glazes These glazes mature at 1074c Shiny Blue China clay 14 00 Borax frit std 20 00 Quartz
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/workshop/index.html (2016-04-30)

  • Richard Baxter :: potter :: ceramics and pottery
    Martin Smith now Professor of Ceramics at the Royal College of Art Richard worked in terracotta as a student emphasising the effects that stretching compressing cutting pushing and joining have on the material Pots were heavily thrown with minimal slip trailing and glazing of insides and were nominally functional Main influences were traditional English and Japanese country pottery Home Wave Porcelain Blueware Terracotta Fishware Workshop Facts Contact Home Wave Porcelain
    http://www.richardbaxter.co.uk/history/index.html (2016-04-30)

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