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  • Rigol DSA800-EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector - UK
    filter 200Hz 9kHz 120kHz 6dB bandwidth Quasi Peak detection is a weighted form of peak detection For each data point the detector detects the peaks within the specified time interval weights the peaks detected using a circuit with specified charge and discharge characteristics as well as the display time constant specified in the CISPR Publication 16 standards and displays the result By default the instrument uses a Gaussian filter and will switch to the EMI filter automatically when the Quasi Peak detector is selected Press BW Det at the front panel Then press Det Type to select Quasi Peak detector At this point the instrument automatically changes the filter type to EMI and the Filter Type menu is grayed out and disabled The DSA800 EMI option is used in electromagnetic interference tests Related Items Rigol DSA800 AMK Rigol DSA1000 AMK Rigol Ultra Spectrum Rigol DSA800 VSWR Our Price 378 00 453 60 inc VAT Add Our Price 378 00 453 60 inc VAT Add Our Price 159 00 190 80 inc VAT Add Our Price 354 00 424 80 inc VAT Add Average Rating 5 of 5 Total Reviews 1 Write a review 0 of 0 people found the following

    Original URL path: https://www.rigol-uk.co.uk/Rigol-DSA800-EMI-Filter-Quasi-Peak-Detector-p/dsa800-emi.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Rigol DSA800-VSWR Measurement & Kit - UK
    measurements to be made Press Meas on the front panel and then press VSWR to enable the VSWR measurement function The screen is divided into two windows with the upper window the basic measurement window displaying the sweep trace and the lower window displaying the measurement wizard and measurement results The measurement wizard will guide you through the open circuit calibration process Related Items Rigol DSA800 EMI Rigol DSA800 AMK

    Original URL path: https://www.rigol-uk.co.uk/Rigol-DSA800-VSWR-Measurement-Kit-p/dsa800-vswr.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Standard Calibration for Rigol DSA832 Spectrum Analysers
    RCL standard calibration traceable to national standards for Rigol DSA832 spectrum analysers Related Items RCL Standard Calibration DSA875 RCL Standard Calibration DSA815 RCL Standard Calibration DSA1000 RCL Standard Calibration DSA1000A Our Price 174 00 208 80 inc VAT Add Our Price 121 00 145 20 inc VAT Add Our Price 164 00 196 80 inc VAT Add Our Price 201 00 241 20 inc VAT Add Share your knowledge of

    Original URL path: https://www.rigol-uk.co.uk/Standard-Calibration-for-Rigol-DSA832-p/cal-std-dsa832.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Rigol DSA832-TG 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator
    Level Axis Logarithmic Scale 1dB to 200dB Linear Scale 0 to Reference Level Number of Display Points 601 Number of Traces 3 Math Trace Trace Detectors Normal Positive Peak Negative Peak Sample RMS Voltage Average Quasi Peak with EMI DSA800 option Trace Functions Clear Write Max Hold Min Hold Average View Blank Units dBm dBmV dBμV nV μV mV V nW μW mW W Dimensions W x H x D 362mm x 179mm x 128mm Weight 4 25kg 4 55kg without tracking generator 5 15kg with tracking generator Tracking Generator Model DSA815 TG Only DSA832 TG Only DSA875 TG Only Frequency Range 100kHz to 1 5GHz 100kHz to 3 2GHz 100kHz to 7 5GHz Output Level Range 20dBm to 0dBm 30dBm to 0dBm Output Level Resolution 1dB Note 1 3dB bandwidth RBW Uncertainty 5 nominal RBW Shape Factor 60dB 30dB 5 nominal Note 2 Attenuation 30dB Note 3 When fc 10MHz input level 25dBm and PA is off the protection switch will be on Note 4 fc 50MHz Peak Detector PA Off Attenuation 10dB Input Signal Level 10dBm 20⁰C to 30⁰C Note 5 95 confidence level S N 20dB RBW VBW 1kHz preamplifier off 10dB RF attenuation 50dBm RF 0dBm fc 10MHz 20⁰C to 30⁰C Note 6 20⁰C to 30⁰C fc 1GHz Note 7 0dB RF Attenuation RBW VBW 100Hz sample detector trace average 50 20⁰C to 30⁰C input terminated 50Ω Note 8 A PA is optional on the following models DSA832 DSA832 TG DSA875 DSA875 TG Documents Rigol DSA800 Series Datasheet Rigol DSA800 Series User Guide Rigol DSA800 Series Programming Guide Rigol DSA800 Series Options Accessories PC Software To download Rigol Ultra Sigma PC software CLICK HERE Rigol Ultra Sigma Overview To download Rigol Ultra Spectrum PC software CLICK HERE Rigol Ultra Spectrum Datasheet To download Rigol EMI Test System PC software CLICK HERE Rigol EMI Test System Datasheet Rigol EMI Test System User Guide Please note The software files are compressed and must be extracted before installation Ultra Sigma must be installed before any other Rigol application To open Ultra Spectrum or the EMI Test System software Open Ultra Sigma then connect your instrument then open Ultra Spectrum or the EMI Test System from within Ultra Sigma To use the EMI Test System Software the Rigol Spectrum Analyser must have an active EMI Filter Quasi Peak Detector licence CHM files must be unblocked from within the file Properties window before use Videos Rigol DSA815 TG Spectrum Analyser Introduction Part 1 Rigol Tech Rigol DSA815 TG Spectrum Analyser Introduction Part 2 Rigol Tech Rigol DSA815 TG Spectrum Analyser Teardown EEVblog 391 Introducing the Rigol DSA875 7 5GHz Spectrum Analyser Telonic Instruments Rigol DSA875 TG Review Teardown and Experiments The Signal Path Blog EMC Pre Compliance Testing Conducted Emissions Rigol DSA815 with EMI Licence Rigol Tech EMC Pre Compliance Testing Conducted Emissions EEVblog 548 EMC Pre Compliance Testing Radiated Emissions Colin O Flynn Front Panel Overview Basic Measurements Trace Function Peak Function Marker Function User Key Measuring Small Signals Measuring

    Original URL path: https://www.rigol-uk.co.uk/URLrewrite.asp?404;https:/www.rigol-uk.co.uk:443/Rigol-DSA832-TG-Spectrum-Analyser-p/dsa832-tg.htm (2016-04-25)
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