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  • Ryan Gallagher | RJGallagher.co.uk: What's In a Name?
    And rocket they would The self portrait in question if judged to be genuine would be worth 2 million dollars fake it is worth next to nothing Art when treated in such a way is reduced to nothing other than branding becoming less about aesthetic value or any emotive worth than about the signature that appears in the corner A genuine Warhol is thus the Jimmy Choo shoe of the Art world only unlike the Primark version of the designer shoe there is actually zero difference between the fake and the genuine Warhol print both were mass produced with only the profit motive in mind But the senseless mass production of Warhol s work is a non issue to status hungry millionaires to whom a certified genuine Warhol artwork is nothing short of the holy grail Indeed the star crossed elites who glide like snakes across the smooth floors of the Sotheby s auction house any given afternoon seem blind to the lunacy of their frenzied consumption of anything tagged with a famous name as was so brazenly obvious when one connoisseur in 2006 paid 250 000 dollars for a Banksy titled I can t believe you morons actually buy this shit Certainly in the midst of economic crisis and when the average wage remains 24 000 it is baffling to enter into the realms of the art world a world where we can witness the crazed behaviour of individuals who will pay 7 8 million for a painting of a cow s carcass and who will furiously debate whether or not a Warhol print is mass produced and real 2m or mass produced and fake 0 as if it actually matters There s no doubt about it it would be better if the curtains stayed closed A version of

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  • Ryan Gallagher | RJGallagher.co.uk: The Afterlife of Kurt Cobain
    per year The difference though is that Lennon Elvis and Tupac were all comfortable with the fame and the money each of these artists were heavily branded during their lifetimes and in fact were among the first to truly embrace the commodification of the artist as celebrity in the modern sense In contrast Cobain hated the notion of celebrity and rejected his own fame He killed himself in large part because he couldn t handle the commercialization of himself and his band therefore surely it is unethical and immoral for this man s image not only to be used to sell a computer game but for that same image to be used to perform the kind of stadium rock anthems and power ballads that Cobain himself whilst alive rallied against Unfortunately for Cobain though the second his heart stopped beating was the same second his legacy and his image shifted from his hands into the hands of another The individual who now controls how he is sold to the world his widow Courtney Love is an individual who never shared his principles Love s actions have repeatedly illustrated the stark contrast between her and her husband she is not reclusive fame shy or anti corporate If anything else Love is a shrewd business woman Cobain s estate has in recent years generated in excess of 30m p a more even than Elvis Marilyn Monroe Bob Marley or Johnny Cash and this is all down to her In 2002 she sold his private journals to a publishing house for 2 8 million in 2006 she sold 25 of her stake in Nirvana s back catalogue for 29 million in 2008 she allowed Converse to manufacture a special edition Cobain Shoe complete with scrawlings from his journals all over them and now

    Original URL path: http://www.rjgallagher.co.uk/2009/09/afterlife-of-kurt-cobain.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ryan Gallagher | RJGallagher.co.uk: Jacques Mesrine and the Tragic-Hero Narrative
    an air of romance between the public and the protagonist the way in which we romanticize criminal behavior in this context reflecting a subversive impulse that has been illustrated time and time again by the resonance and popularity of the anti hero narrative from Bonnie and Clyde to Ronnie Biggs and with Mesrine things are no different He is likeable because he taunts and attacks the things most of us quietly disdain authority banks millionaire landlords and in his righteousness we rejoice as he derides the corruption of the prison system when in court mocking the judges clothing before remarking in defense of his bank robberies that he may be a robber but is only a small robber robbing a bigger one Behind the romance though behind Mesrine s heroic yet brutish façade lies the tragedy that he is essentially a lost soul whose fate has long since spun from his grasp on an unstoppable fast moving downward spiral towards his inevitable premature death Whether the character is Clyde Barlow Sonny Wortzik Scarface or even Macbeth the death of the tragic hero is always somewhat poetic and similarly cathartic and again Mesrine is no different his death inflicted by policemen who rain a storm of bullets down upon him finally managing to avenge their nemesis their tormentor For the audience Mesrine s death is deflating because his lifeless body signifies that the excitement is over no more bank robberies no more standing up to the man it s back to the daily grind to the uninterrupted routines life without the tragic hero is safer but boring And it is for exactly this reason that we choose to adorn the likes of Mesrine with our subverted romanticism for it is not necessarily the actions per se that we romanticize rather what

    Original URL path: http://www.rjgallagher.co.uk/2009/09/jacques-mesrine-died-on-november-2nd.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ryan Gallagher | RJGallagher.co.uk: Reports III
    of key vote The Big Issue in the North 3 October 2011 Liverpool FC co owner s jet used by CIA in extraordinary rendition The Big Issue in the North 19 September 2011 Inside the world s largest arms fair New Statesman 19 September 2011 Business as usual arms surveillance and Arab dictatorships The Big Issue in the North 12 September 2011 Carers website restored after libel law complaints The Big Issue in the North 5 September 2011 Banks urged to end loans for cluster bombs makers The Big Issue in the North 29 August 2011 New police riot powers would be unenforceable The Big Issue in the North 22 August 2011 University staff asked to inform on vulnerable Muslim students The Guardian 19 August 2011 The media s wilful ignorance over England s riots openDemocracy 19 August 2011 Facebook faces up to new privacy row The Big Issue in the North 15 August 2011 We were raised by a generation of hypocrites openDemocracy 14 August 2011 UK authorities should not be given a communication killswitch openDemocracy 11 August 2011 Campaigners gear up to oppose gas extraction The Big Issue in the North 8 August 2011 UK journalists have spoken on Hackgate now give your views openDemocracy 2 August 2011 Disproportionate extradition of Sheffield man The Big Issue in the North 1 August 2011 Empty promises The Big Issue in the North 25 July 2011 Police forces come together to create regional surveillance units The Guardian 25 July 2011 A passion for change LulzSec interview openDemocracy 22 July 2011 The fall of Murdoch What next openDemocracy 15 July 2011 Why hacker group LulzSec went on the attack The Guardian 14 July 2011 Journalists detained in Ethiopia to stand trial Frontline Club 6 July 2011 WikiLeaks blackmailed over Bank of America leaks Frontline Club 4 July 2011 WikiLeaks Assange too controversial for London university Frontline Club 29 June 2011 LulzSec IRC leak the full record The Guardian 24 June 2011 Inside LulzSec Chatroom logs shine a light on the secretive hackers The Guardian 24 June 2011 Harassed US journalist fights to protect source Frontline Club 24 June 2011 BBC appeal for release of detained Tajikistan reporter Frontline Club 21 June 2011 Mass Gypsy eviction looms in Essex New Statesman 18 June 2011 In praise of the WikiLeaks Truck Frontline Club 9 June 2011 Behind the lines at the counter terror exhibition The Big Issue in the North 6 June 2011 Arab Spring to European summer The Big Issue in the North 30 May 2011 Some kind of revolution openDemocracy 28 May 2011 Inside the Spanish Revolution New Statesman 26 May 2011 Political policing in the UK The Big Issue in the North 16 May 2011 Two arrests a suspension accusations of Islamophobia Nottingham University must submit to a public enquiry openDemocracy 13 May 2011 A Q A with Julian Assange II on Lockerbie copycat leaks sites and protecting whistleblowers Frontline Club 11 May 2011 A Q A with Julian Assange I

    Original URL path: http://www.rjgallagher.co.uk/p/reports-3.html (2016-02-16)
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  • Ryan Gallagher | RJGallagher.co.uk: Reports IV
    Times 3 November 2010 My CSR The teacher Financial Times 21 October 2010 My CSR The charity worker Financial Times 21 October 2010 Trafford s residents prepare for cutbacks Inside the M60 20 October 2010 Public want a greater choice in the AV referendum says poll openDemocracy 9 October 2010 Ministers answer MPs call to arms Financial Times 8 October 2010 Life after Marxism Marxism Today exhibition Morning Star 8 October 2010 Salford entrepreneur launches smartphone business app Salford Online 30 September 2010 Benedict bounce or Ratzinger regrets openDemocracy 20 September 2011 Brass Handles pub scene of gangland shootings to be demolished Manchester Evening News Salford Advertiser 16 September 2010 Cuts will hit Salford hardest says report Salford Online 13 September 2010 Fixed terms should be four years not five says Constitution Unit openDemocracy 3 September 2010 Anti AV campaigners promise exciting campaign openDemocracy 2 September 2010 Cloned food open your throats for market nihilism openDemocracy 6 August 2010 Britain s future where do the Labour candidates stand openDemocracy 20 July 2010 Shaking the foundations of tabloid journalism openDemocracy 9 July 2010 Anti terrorist hotline fosters suspicion The Guardian 9 April 2010 Fluffy lambs meat and hypocrisy The Guardian 13

    Original URL path: http://www.rjgallagher.co.uk/p/reports-4.html (2016-02-16)
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