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  • Speed Camera Data - Bedfordshire
    alerts and 20 or so blackspots There are two permanent specs camera systems in this county A6 Milton Ernest and Barkers Lane Bedford Mobile Safety Camera Van Locations Set Lives Whilst only one Mobile Safety Camera Van location features in our top 50 monthly set live listings many other sites throughout the county are being set live regularly It seems that the speed enforcement teams are being very mobile and covering as much of the county as possible NIPs issued for Bedfordshire Bedfordshire is taking quite a different approach to enforcement It seems that a lot of the speeding issues are occurring in more built up areas hence the introduction of the new Siemens Safe Zone Cameras These are basically Average Speed Monitoring cameras which have been designed to work in urban areas The Safe Zone Cameras went live in August 2013 and up to December 2013 6906 drivers were caught speeding The cameras Barkers Lane Bedford have caught over 80 drivers from when they were switched on in November 2013 to the end of December 2013 Accident Statistics Police Force 40 Bedfordshire Road Category 2012 MOTORWAY A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 1 6 1 1 3 12 SERIOUS 5 73 19 29 73 199 SLIGHT 108 443 101 165 450 1267 TOTAL 114 522 121 195 526 1478 2011 MOTORWAY A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 2 6 2 3 3 16 SERIOUS 3 58 14 28 65 168 SLIGHT 83 491 110 190 516 1390 TOTAL 88 555 126 221 584 1574 2010 MOTORWAY A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 1 6 2 2 5 16 SERIOUS 11 80 20 32 82 225 SLIGHT 114 495 97 93 570 1369 TOTAL 126 581 119 127

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  • Speed Camera Data - Cambridgeshire
    one of the longest permanent Average Speed Monitoring SPECS systems in the country on the A14 running between Huntingdon and Fen Ditton Another permanent SPECS system is installed on the Forty Foot Bank near Chatteris There are also Specs in road works on the A1139 in Peterborough and on the A1 in Southoe There are over 40 Fixed Camera Alerts over 230 Mobile Camera Van alerts and over 45 Blackspot locations on the RAG database Mobile Safety Camera Van Locations Set Lives Quite a number of Mobile Safety Camera Van Sites in Cambridgeshire feature on our monthly Set Live top 50 listings This includes A605 Whittlesey A47 Paston A14 Little Stukeley A14 Stow Cum Quy and A14 Brington The site on the A14 Little Stukeley has appeared on this list four times out of five months being set live more than 2 times every month This is obviously a favourite location for the Mobile Camera Van operators NIPs issued for Cambridgeshire Status 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Speed Awareness Courses 9292 15974 18344 16653 8603 Took points fine 13251 12347 11675 12253 5102 Went to court 2156 1729 2063 2357 966 Had FPN cancelled 308 1597 821 730 1157 Pending 0 0 0 0 3023 25007 31647 32903 31993 18851 The above table of NIPs show the breakdown of how speeding offences were dealt with What we also know is how the NIP s were split between fixed camera installations and Mobile Safety Camera Vans see table below YEAR FIXED MOBILE 2012 17715 14278 2011 20776 12127 2010 20012 11635 As demonstrated the number of drivers being caught by Mobile Safety Camera Vans is on the increase however what is a little unusual are the numbers of drivers still being caught by the fixed cameras with some cameras capturing over 1300 drivers per year Worryingly many of these cameras are in 30mph zones Accident Statistics Road Category 2012 MOTORWAY A M A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 0 0 20 6 2 2 30 SERIOUS 2 3 142 40 70 51 308 SLIGHT 14 8 841 287 444 387 1981 TOTAL 16 11 1003 333 516 440 2319 Road Category 2011 MOTORWAY A M A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 0 0 21 5 4 0 30 SERIOUS 4 3 155 55 64 59 340 SLIGHT 15 14 834 288 433 462 2046 TOTAL 19 17 1010 348 501 521 2416 Road Category 2010 MOTORWAY A M A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 1 2 20 7 4 2 36 SERIOUS 2 3 161 59 83 47 355 SLIGHT 23 10 917 297 493 420 2160 TOTAL 26 15 1098 363 580 469 2551 The accident table really shows the issues this county has to address in terms of accidents and also highlights how the road network is made up Comparing this county to Bedfordshire the statistics do not look favourable especially the figures for the A Roads

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  • Speed Camera Data - Hertfordshire
    50mph zone and is installed whilst the road works take place In due course once the road works have been completed I expect Variable speed limit cameras to be installed as part of the Managed Motorway scheme Mobile Safety Camera Van Locations Set Lives A number of Hertfordshire s Mobile Safety Camera Van sites have featured on our top 50 set live locations over the last 4 months including Park Avenue Watford Beech Road St Albans A414 St Albans Road Hemel Hempstead and Hammondstreet Road Cheshunt All of these have featured quite high on the lists Each location scored over two hits and one as many as 7 per month This shows that Mobile Camera Van activity is frequent in this County The below table NIPs along with the accident statistics may provide an insight into why NIPs issued for Hertfordshire Currently the only information to be provided by Hertfordshire is the number of drivers who have taken a Speed Awareness Course This makes interesting reading but it is wise to consider that we do not know when their year begins or ends SPEED AWARENESS COURSES TAKEN HERTFORDSHIRE 2009 2010 8866 2010 2011 7095 2011 2012 18788 2012 2013 23805 2013 2014 17945 to date If each course costs the participant 90 then Hertfordshire Council should make over 2 million pounds in the year 2013 2014 This income can be used to fund more speed enforcement Accident Statistics Police Force 41 Hertfordshire Road Category 2012 MOTORWAY A M A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U C TOTAL FATAL 4 0 12 6 3 5 30 SERIOUS 22 11 124 52 59 80 348 SLIGHT 200 75 855 290 308 536 2264 TOTAL 226 86 991 348 370 621 2642 2011 MOTORWAY A M A ROAD B ROAD C ROAD U

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  • Speed Camera Data - Nottinghamshire
    Gem 3 Road Angel Bike Trac Recently Viewed Gem Windscreen Mount Road Angel Halo Road Angel Gem Deluxe Safety Camera information for Nottinghamshire There are currently around 90 fixed alerts on our database which includes the M1 Variable cameras and Bi directional cameras There are 22 specs systems which covers over 90 miles of roads There are about 225 Mobile Safety Camera Van alerts on our database which equates to around 117 locations as many of the alerts are bi directional Mobile Safety Camera Van Locations Set Lives From August 2013 to December 2013 31 of the 117 locations were recorded as having been set live with many being set live on more than one occasion Mobile Camera Van activity is County wide with Mansfield seeing the most set live activity followed closely by Nottingham City With our new Hot Alert users are now able to not only see known mobile camera van sites and ones that have been set live but also mobile camera van sites that are frequently set live and are therefore listed as hot NIPs issued for Nottinghamshire Total number of NIPs issued per year 2012 52597 tickets issued 2011 54887 tickets issued 2010 39301 tickets issued 2009 46319 tickets issued All of the above NIPs were generated by fixed safety cameras or by mobile safety camera vans After receiving a NIP drivers have the choice to pay the fine and take the points take a speed awareness course go to court or get the NIP cancelled Conclusions NIP s issued in 2011 were the highest over the four years mentioned This could be due to a More fixed cameras specs camera systems being installed in Nottinghamshire b Potentially more Mobile Speed Van enforcement taking place c A higher number of vehicles using the main roads

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  • Speed Camera Data - Thames Valley
    on the 1 st April 2011 due to an increase in fatal and serious road accidents across the county they were turned back on again Basic Alert Information There are currently approx 300 fixed camera alerts in the Thames Valley region This figure is made up of bi directional cameras which are counted as two There are over 20 red light Speed on Green cameras and over 750 Mobile Safety Camera Van alerts again many of these sites are treated as bi directional which means they are counted as two in our data Mobile Safety Camera Van Locations Set Lives From November 2013 to December 2013 43 camera van locations were recorded as having been set live with a number being set live on more than one occasion The top 5 set live locations or those which have had reported camera van activity are M40 junctions 3 5 A34 Botley Oxfordshire Cippenham Lane Slough Berkshire A4128 Prestwood Buckinghamshire B4030 Lower Heyford Oxfordshire NIPs issued for Thames Valley Notice of Intended Prosecution information is available for the Thames Valley and is split into administrative areas However just the numbers of NIPs issued are provided so we don t know how many drivers chose Speed Awareness Courses took the points and fine went to court or had their NIP cancelled The data is only available for 2012 Buckinghamshire 12995 Milton Keynes 1303 Oxfordshire 14740 Bracknell Forrest 1786 Reading Borough 2744 Slough Borough 3311 West Berkshire 4471 Wokingham Borough 2625 Royal Borough of Windsor 2544 The figures shown only represent fixed camera sites which means that the overall total including Mobile Camera Vans would be considerably higher For the previous year 2011 CURRENTLY WAITING FOR TVSCP FOI REQUEST TO COME IN Accident Statistics In 2009 5911 accidents in the Thames Valley region were

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  • Speed Camera Data - West Mercia
    were set live two or more times during March 2014 In previous months the A4110 in Hereford the B5061 in Snedshill Shropshire the A40 at Pencraig and the A449 at Sytchampton have all made onto the top 50 monthly Hot Alerts data lists NIPs issued for West Mercia This makes interesting reading mainly because West Mercia have NIP records available dating back to 2008 and in some cases even earlier What is wise to bear in mind that the Speed Awareness Courses became available in this region in 2009 In the table below you will quite clearly see the impact it has had on the figures These figures include both fixed and mobile sites FPN SAC COURT TOTAL 2008 19484 0 1891 21375 2009 22911 7166 2765 32842 2010 23253 24525 3309 51087 2011 22770 36620 3572 62962 2012 23441 30289 3013 56743 We estimate that the 30289 drivers who took a speed awareness course in 2012 generated around 2 4 million pounds which would have gone straight back into funding the Partnership and more enforcement This was based on an average speed awareness course cost of 80 00 which would have been correct at the time Speed awareness courses are now around 100 each Since 2008 each of the four regions in West Mercia have seen a huge jump in the number of drivers caught speeding Accident Statistics for West Mercia The most recent accident data available is from 2012 Overall accident figures have fallen in West Mercia which is good until you analyse them in more detail It seems that a reduction in the number of slight accidents is the main reason for the overall fall However fatal collisions on A B roads and serious collisions on B roads have increased which does not paint a good picture Compared to the NIP figures these are the types of roads which are being regularly enforced WEST MERCIA YEARS 2012 2011 2010 All accidents All categories 2568 2825 2783 Of which were Fatal 46 42 41 Serious 314 324 280 Slight 2208 2459 2462 Fatal Of which occurred on motorway 1 3 2 A Road 30 29 23 B Road 10 5 9 C Road 0 1 0 Unclassified 5 4 7 Serious Of which occurred on motorway 6 11 15 A Road 132 144 129 B Road 85 67 60 C Road 0 1 0 Unclassified 91 101 76 Slight Of which occurred on motorway 87 96 95 A Road 925 1026 1084 B Road 409 471 446 C Road 2 4 0 Unclassified 785 862 837 In 2012 Worcestershire had by far the highest number of collisions which is reflected in the NIPs issued for this area Shropshire has the next highest number of collisions but not as many drivers were caught speeding in this area compared to Herefordshire More detail on this is available if required Traffic Volume for West Mercia Traffic Volume has reduced very slightly since 2011 Noticeably the traffic reduced on the motorways during

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