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  • Career, CV & Interview Guides | Roevin Engineering
    be on top of your game Luckily the knowledgeable consultants here at Roevin know a thing or two when it comes to preparing you for your first engineering job that next project or a whole new phase of your career And so you know exactly where to find all of that useful industry knowledge we ve combined it into a few handy career guides Whether you need practical guidance on writing the perfect CV top tips for selling your skills at interview an extra hand with managing your online reputation in a world that s hooked on Google or a few pointers on developing your personal brand as a professional engineer you ll find it all here Just click on the guide that s right for you Writing the perfect CV Achieving interview success Developing your personal brand Managing your net rep To speak to one of our specialist recruitment consultants for more tailored career advice get in touch Or if you already know what you re looking for browse our latest engineering jobs by sector geography or specialism About Roevin Roevin specialises in engineering recruitment on a global scale from graduates to board level and everything in between Our

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/candidate-guides.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • Client Guides | Roevin
    candidates what they look for in a potential new employer and what shapes their future career objectives It s this level of understanding that has made us such a valuable resource to the many high profile clients that we recruit for And we ve put all of that understanding into a number of useful guides for your reference Whether you want to learn how to sell your company effectively during interview get a few tips on maximising the appeal of your employer brand or pick up some pointers on recruiting during challenging times our guides will help you to attract the industry s most accomplished engineering professionals We can also show you how to engage your employees once you ve got them find out more about the benefits of working with a recruitment consultancy and explore the value of recruiting IT contractors Just click on the link that s right for you Employer branding Selling your company at interview Employee engagement Recruiting in challenging times Value of recruiting contractors About Roevin Roevin specialises in engineering recruitment on a global scale from graduates to board level and everything in between Our main goal is shaping careers at every stage And because

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/employer-guides.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • Salary & Vacancy Trends, Jobs In Demand | Roevin Engineering
    Salary Trends for July 2013 Read more Salary Trends for June 2013 Read more Salary Trends for May 2013 Read more Salary Trends for April 2013 Read more About Roevin Roevin specialises in engineering recruitment on a global scale from graduates to board level and everything in between Our main goal is shaping careers at every stage And because we work with some of the industry s most exciting employers

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/salary-and-vacancy-trends.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • Psychometric Testing | Roevin Engineering
    decision and bad is so often synonymous with ill informed can have a huge effect on morale productivity and business performance in general That s why our experienced engineering recruitment consultants employ psychometric testing to make sure that you make the most informed hiring decision possible Trust us it really works What is psychometric testing Psychometric testing is a great way of measuring how someone is likely to act in different professional situations It can also give you a good idea of how well a potential recruit will fit in with your company s culture A simple yet effective process involving online questionnaires and assessments psychometric testing can be completed quickly and easily during the recruitment process And because we like to make that process as effortless as possible we can carry out a number of tests on your behalf including WSQ Work Styles Questionnaire CCSQ Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire MQ Motivational Questionnaire OPQ Occupational Personality Questionnaire Ability tests numerical verbal and inductive reasoning To learn more about how psychometric testing could help you to recruit the right engineering professionals for your business regardless of sector or specialism get in touch with one of our consultants today About Roevin Roevin

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/psychometric-testing.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • trends Candidate testing Psychometric testing Shaping the engineering landscape of tomorrow 2012 Recruiters must do more to realign the gender balance Women in engineering a Roevin interview Engineering UK 2015 White paper Shaping the engineering landscape of tomorrow 2012 Previous research and insight conducted by Roevin has shown that candidates looking for engineering jobs are increasingly lacking the skills needed to work in the sector As a result we predict that there will be a significant skills shortage by 2014 We therefore need to analyse these issues to come up with workable solutions Roevin has conducted this round of research to help employers understand what attracts engineers to the profession and what skills will be needed for the future to help stimulate growth in the UK with viable long term projects This report Analyses the skill sets likely to be required in engineers of the future Looks at re defining the term engineering Considers the impact of a highly mobile engineering workforce Reviews the transferability of skills from other industries Investigates how employers can attract more people to work in engineering The research is further underpinned by the EngineeringUK Report 2012 the state of engineering EngineeringUK December 2011 which gives

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/shaping-the-engineering-landscape.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • Recruiters must do more to realign the gender balance | Roevin
    intuitively it can be said that the increased use of technology has also made our industry more prone to gender bias Gender bias technology and new challenges With our modern reliance on technology the majority of recruitment agencies and through them organisations advertise their vacancies through job boards and portals However it seems that women don t respond to job ads as readily as men But that doesn t mean they re not looking when you move away from the reactive use of job boards and proactively network amongst engineers in specific areas the number of relevant women for a role is much closer to the percentage of women in the industry This suggests that women are looking for career opportunities to the same extent as men they just don t respond to ads in the same numbers So why is this Our findings suggest that job descriptions and advertisements are written with the incumbent in mind and use language that doesn t appeal to women Many ads aimed at engineers are written albeit unconsciously with men in mind The language used might be overly masculine and therefore suggestive of an environment more suited to men so even if a female engineer has the necessary skill set to apply she might feel that the company would not be the right environment for her Women tend to only apply for a role when they feel they have ALL the necessary skills specified in the job advertisement further decreasing the chances of female responses There is a large body of research available that suggests that we re all susceptible to unconscious bias something that recruiters must fight every day Consultants have to be aware that when talking to engineers or assessing profiles and CVs they may be susceptible to making judgements about

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/recruiters-must-do-more-to-realign-the-gender-balance.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • Women in engineering: a Roevin interview | Roevin
    to start Gemma explains that although the industry has come a long way in recent years there is still evidence of gender bias perhaps attributed to the low number of female engineers Working in a male dominated environment can be very different to working in a team with a good gender mix To overcome this awareness of the opportunities for women within the industry must increase in order to redress the misconceptions that often surround engineering Poised for action Employers are now realising the benefits of recruiting a diverse team and many are taking a proactive stance by introducing suitable female candidates This can allow for fresh perspectives and varied viewpoints by bringing more diversity and new ideas perhaps resulting in processes and outcomes that are different from those of an all male team The industry is changing as Gemma explains A number of employers within the oil and gas sector are now actively encouraging more women to pursue a career in engineering in a bid to increase awareness of the sector and the opportunities available to women they re taking part in career fairs and implementing school and college visits The government has also announced Developing Women Engineers programme a 10m investment aimed to encourage women to enter the industry This coupled with events like National Women in Engineering Day will help to challenge perceptions and encourage more women into this exciting sector But Gemma believes that this is not enough education providers must take responsibility too Encouraging more women to study engineering will have an enormous part to play in increasing the number of female engineers Both further and higher education providers must challenge the traditional perception of gender roles by making sure that women are encouraged to consider all available opportunities The future of engineering The current

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/women-in-engineering-a-roevin-interview.aspx (2016-02-16)
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  • interview Engineering UK 2015 White paper Engineering UK 2015 White paper As a contributing partner to Engineering UK 2015 The State of Engineering we are especially interested in the emerging skills gap for tomorrow s engineers Key findings Engineering and skilled engineers contributed 455 6 bn to UK GDP in 2014 Engineers helped mitigate global challenges of climate change ageing populations food clean water and energy Engineering enterprises have the

    Original URL path: http://www.roevin.co.uk/knowledge-hub/engineering-uk-2015-whitepaper.aspx (2016-02-16)
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