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  • Rustic Clocks - Home
    is just a small selection of clocks Click on the menu bar for a selection There is more on my other website www woodmanles co uk Newly listed Time Zone Clock Art deco 1 style wall clock Art deco desk clock aa An inexpensive wall clock in Art deco style Art deco a style wall clock finished in Mahogany and Maple veneers Star burst Clock Made from sold Iroka Purple Heartwood Desk Clock with 65mm clock insert Solid English Oak strip wood clock with good quality battery mechanism wth silver finished hands Newly listed art deco style c mantle clock made from solid ash and oak with 55mm black face clock insert Newly listed desk paper weight clock turned from Lignium Vitae Each clock is individually turned so sizes vary slightly only by a few mm Clock insert is 55mm diameter with black face and silver finish rim Lignum vitae is Latin for tree of life Desk Paper weight clock 28 00 Add to Cart Continue Desk clock turned from Lignum Vitae wood with 55mm clock insert Mahogany Star Burst Clock 68 00 Add to Cart Continue Mahogany Star Burst Clock Battery mechanism with Silver finished hands Price inclusive of
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/ (2016-04-30)

  • More About Me - Rustic Clocks
    working in the voluntary sector I have now returned to my passion which is working with wood and enjoying another episode in my life Turning a new item on my lathe gives me as much a buzz as the restoration of an antique because I am passionate about giving sad old pieces a new lease of life and being restored as something new Thus giving usefulness and enjoyment in their
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/more-about-me.html (2016-04-30)

  • Turned Wooden Items - Rustic Clocks
    year calender 14 90 Add to Cart Continue Solid Ash with brass inlaid 40 year calender Size 145mm diameter 35mm height Price 12 00 2 90 postage Glass Oil Lamp 15 00 Add to Cart Continue Glass oil lamp in solid hard wood holder 75mm tall Price 15 00including postage Turned Ash Snowman 12 50 Add to Cart Continue Large snowman turned from ash and finished in lathe shellac Size
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/turned-wooden-items.html (2016-04-30)

  • Contact Les - Rustic Clocks
    Turned Wooden Items Contact Les Glossary of Timbers and Finishes Please use this page to contact me Name First Last Email Comment Submit Create a free website Powered by Create your own free website Start your own free website A
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/contact-les.html (2016-04-30)

  • Glossary of Timbers and Finishes - Rustic Clocks
    Wood veneer is used to give furniture or other materials a fine wood grain appearance It is also used to make plywood which consists of thin layers of wood veneer glued together Wood veneer comes in very thin sheets less than 3 mm thick and is made of various species of finished or unfinished wood Medium Density Fibreboard MDF is manufactured engineered wood engineered wood made from fibres of hardwood or softwood MDF sheets are formed by combining these fibres with wax and a resin and subjecting them to high temperature pressure MDF is more dense than plywood Wood Finishes All internal items have been finished in either oil wax lacquer or painted in high quality paint to suit their particular needs and uses All external items are finished in high quality wood care finish in varying colours New timber will be pretreated and finished after assembly Waxed And Oil Finishes Wax and oil are probably the oldest forms of wood finishes and the most pleasing of natural finishes Oil is the more suitable for heat and water resistance Lacquered Finish Lacquer is used for low heat and water resistance this gives a more modern finish to items Le Tonkinois
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/glossary-of-timbers-and-finishes.html (2016-04-30)

  • Time Zone Clock
    Made to order only Time zone clock made from solid hardwood with 3 solid wood clock faces from different woods Oak Ash and Iroka size 500mm wide 200mm height Name of your choice Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Quantity Add to
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/store/p81/Time_Zone_Clock.html (2016-04-30)

  • Star-burst Clock
    Star burst Clock SKU 125 00 125 00 Unavailable Star burst Clock made from solid Iroka Teak 580mm diameter cost includes delivery UK only Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Quantity Add to Cart Continue Create a free website Powered by Create
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/store/p84/Star-burst_Clock_.html (2016-04-30)

  • Featured Products
    Art Deco Wall Clock 48 80 48 80 Black Art Deco Style Clock 19 60 19 60 New art deco clock33 18 80 18 80 Rectangular Solid Oak Wall Clock09 14 30 14 30 Art Deco Style Wall Clock4 16 80 16 80 Solid Ash Wall or Mantle Clock 15 50 15 50 Large Solid Oak Clock1 38 80 38 80 40 80 Solid Oak Strip Wall Clock2 16 20 14 00 Spalted Ash Mantle Clock 17 80 17 80 White Art Deco Style Wall Clock 19 60 19 60 Art Deco Style Wall Clock 22 60 22 60 Naturally Spalted Ash Desk or Mantle Clock11 17 80 17 80 Medium Solid Oak Clock6 14 30 14 30 Naturally Spalted Ash Desk or Mantle Clock44 18 80 18 80 Spalted Ash Wall Clock 29 80 29 80 Glass Oil Lamp 15 00 15 00 Spalted Ash Wall Clock 22 28 80 28 80 Desk clock turned from Lignum Vitae holy wood with 55mm clock insert 28 00 28 00 Old Mill Machine Bobbin Lamp 0 00 0 00 Oak Strip Wall Clock10 23 30 23 30 Solid Oak Triangular Wall Clock8 18 80 18 80 Art Deco Style Clock in
    http://www.rusticclocks.co.uk/store/c1/Featured_Products.html (2016-04-30)

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