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  • PAT Test - safecert
    fixed wiring installation that will ensure the supply is automatically disconnected within the required safety parameters to avoid injury or death A landlord is required to provide a tenant with an electrical installation in good condition and repair see Periodic test in left hand menu Equipment Types British Standard 2377 defines various types of equipment and accessories that require testing and inspection 1 portable equipment appliances these are items which are capable of easy movement whilst energised and or in operation such as toasters kettles chip fryers etc 2 hand held equipment appliances These items are of a portable nature that require control use by direct hand contact such as drill hair dryers hedge trimmers etc 3 movable equipment appliances Generally these items are 18kg or less may have wheels and or are easily moved such as tumble dryers top loading washing machines and various kitchen equipment 4 stationary equipment appliances Equipment in excess of 18kg which is not intended to be moved about such as cookers dish washers washing machines etc 5 fixed equipment appliances These items are fixed or secured in place and immovable typically tube heaters towl rails or any other fixed equipment connected to the fixed wiring installation by way of a flex 6 built in equipment appliances This refers to equipment that is built into a unit or recess such as ovens fridges freezers and electric fires etc 7 I T equipment Generally business equipment home office equipment computers printers etc 8 extension leads These include multi way sockets as well as extension leads Portable Appliance Testing PAT also includes a requirement for the user to perform certain checks This should include examining the appliance for damage cracks signs of overheating and that the plug and lead are secure and in goods order They should

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  • Periodic Test - safecert
    checks sub clause 3 5 electrical installations should not be left without any attention for the period between inspections In normal domestic premises owner occupiers it is presumed that the owner will soon notice any breakages or excess wear and will arrange for appropriate repairs to be carried out In other situations such as a let residential accommodation arrangement should be made to monitor breakages and wear and tear These routine checks need not be carried by an electrically qualified person but by somebody competent enough to use the installation and recognise defects This requirement is to compliment the periodic inspection and test Routine Maintenance As an alternative to a periodic inspection and test you can incorporate the routine checks with a planned itinerary of tests and inspection for particular circuits every year negating the need for a full periodic every five years Certain site conditions must apply Periodic Test and Inspection The inspection includes a check on the condition of all electrical equipment and material as part of the fixed wiring installation with particular regard to the following 1 safety 2 wear and tear 3 corrosion 4 damage 5 overloading 6 age 7 external influence 8 suitability A periodic

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  • Electrical Legal - safecert
    the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors NICEIC You should ask your electrician to produce a periodic inspection report for the electrical installation Wiring over 15 years old will probably need annual inspections although more recent wiring may require less frequent checks Safecert recommends a short fixed wiring test annually to satisfy your duty of care in these circumstances and a full periodic test every 5 Years It is not a legal requirement to have periodic inspections but it is recommended as a pro active way to ensure that the installation is kept in a good and safe working order If the electrical installation was allowed to fall into disrepair or become dangerous the council would be able to take enforcement action to ensure the work was carried out Remember the landlord is still liable for any electrocution injury or deaths as a result of faulty or damaged wiring so your duty of care must be satisfied Electrical equipment in furnished privately rented accommodation which is hired out as part of the tenancy agreement is subject to the Electrical Equipment Safety Regulations 1994 These regulations require that electrical equipment must be safe to use It applies to such things

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  • Electrical - safecert
    Packs Useful Links Contact PAT Test Periodic Test Electrical Legal Electrical Gas Gas Test and Cert Gas Legal select your required info below Electrical Legal info PAT testing info Periodic

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  • Gas - safecert
    Test Packs Useful Links Contact PAT Test Periodic Test Electrical Legal Electrical Gas Gas Test and Cert Gas Legal select your required info below Gas Legal info Test and Certification

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  • Gas Test and Cert. - safecert
    which that duty extends The record must include 1 the date of inspection 2 any defects identified 3 any remedial action taken These records will need to be made available to the tenant Our engineers on checking an appliance for safety will ensure that 1 the flue works correctly the terminal in correctly sited and the flue is sound throughout its length 2 the burner pressure or heat input is correct in accordance with the manufacturers instructions 3 the ventilation is adequate 4 all gas safety devices work in accordance with current standards for example flame supervision devices 5 the installation appliances pass a tightness test testing for any leaks on the pipework or appliance 6 the installation as a whole conforms to current standards and is not dangerous On completion of the safety inspection the necessary paperwork must be filled in 3 copies must be available one for the letting agent landlord 1 for the tenant and one to be kept by the installer for future reference In addition to keeping written records for two years landlords agents are required to do the following 1 to provide a copy of the record to the tenant within 28 days of

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  • Gas Legal - safecert
    fittings flues and appliances are maintained in good order and checked for safety every 12 months Records of the safety shall be kept for two years and issued to the existing tenants and any other new tenants before they move in 2 safety checks servicing repair and replacement of all these appliances must only be carried out by a competent contractor registered with the Council for Registered Gas Installers CORGI 01256 372 300 3 installers must tell the landlord if an appliance is found to be unsafe You will be asked to agree to the disconnection of the appliance should you refuse Transco will be informed who have the right to disconnect dangerous appliances without consent By law landlords must not allow the use of gas appliance or fittings which are known to be defective 4 with effect from January 1st 1996 open flued gas fires or boilers must not be fitted in any room where people sleep Balanced flue appliances or those with an automatic safety cut off device are permitted 5 since October 31st 1998 it has been illegal to install instantaneous water heaters which are not room sealed or fitted with an automatic safety cut off device

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  • Links 2 - safecert
    a range of electrical wiring accessories such as dimmer switches mcbs time switches consumer units and more mediscot online secure purchasing site for over 8 000 quality healthcare products and services customers include the NHS uktradestreet where Approved Tradesmen meet

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