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  • Welcome to Sailing Info4All - The First Stop for Online Sailing Information
    National Boat Shows including the London Boat Show RYA Dinghy Sailing Show and the South Wales Boat Show A useful articles is Borrowing Habits Different Boat Manufacturers are now featuring in our Types of Boat section they include Porter Brothers Rustler Yachts Delphia Yachts and JCraft Ribs as well as brief details about other Yachts Cruisers Speed and Sports Boats and Personal Watercraft Boats For Sale Click Here See our NEW USED Boats For Sale Section for a great list of boats currently available in the UK Sailing Equipment Sailing equipment is an important part of the purchase of a new or second hand boat Within this section of Sailing Info4all you will find feature pages for waterproofs for on and offshore sailing details about Nautical Rope Ropeloft who stock an extensive range of sailing rope Yachtbits an On line chandlery specialising in selling and supplying Electrical and Electronic equipment for all types of boats yachts and ships and A A Cloths who are manufacturers of Fender Sock Kits Tubular Guard Rail Covers and Safety Wire Covers Also shown in this section are details about Moorings and Boat Storage Before you get your dream craft you will need to look at where you plan to store the boat when not in use Look at the options available and costs associated within our Boat Moorings section Training Courses It is not a legal requirement for you to have any official training before being allowed on the water but it is strongly recommended that you do undertake some training A brief description of the variety of courses available is shown in the Training section Also have a look at our page on Sailing for Beginners Sailing Holidays You may be just looking to the recreational sport of sailing and wonder what it

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  • Yachts and Other Sail Boats
    a small sailing boat or an inflatable boat usually under 5 metres 16 feet in length Some of them do not have cabins and therefore would not have space for people to sleep on and hence cannot be considered as cruisers Again there are many types from monohull to multihull boats Most people wiil certainly be familiar with the dinghy classes such as the Laser and Finn classes which appear in the Olympic Games Laser Dinghy Dinghies are ideal crafts to learn to sail on and if you are considering buying a dinghy there are plenty of manufacturers to consider including Laser Dinghy which make a range of dinghies from the small pico ideal for beginners through to the Laser SB3 sportsboat Mirror Dinghy The Mirror dinghy is the classic family sailing dinghy and is used by beginners the experienced sailor and for racing The UK Mirror Class Dinghy Association is an organisation which organises a comprehensive programme of training and racing for all abilities and is well worth joining Wayfarer Dinghy Another very popular sailing dinghy is the Wayfarer The Wayfarer has been a successful and excellent training boat with a long pedigree and is the ideal boat for many uses including day sailing and racing Manufactured by the long established and highly respected dinghy and small keelboat builders Porter Brothers Their extensive range of models account for some of the most popular designs which also includes the internationally respected Optimist dinghies The Optimist is one of the most successful boats ever designed currently found in over 100 countries world wide It is an ideal boat for learning training and racing especially for youngsters under the age of 15 To get the most from your Wayfarer dinghy join the United Kingdom Wayfarer Association who have an excellent programme of racing and cruising events Topper Dinghy Topper Sailboats are well renowned for their high quality plastic dinghies Whether you are looking for a boat which is the perfect introduction to sailing or a boat for the whole family Topper Sailboats has the answer Ideal Dinghy for a Beginner If you ask the question What is the ideal dinghy for a beginner the answer could well be the Access range of dinghies They are designed to appeal to those who would love to have a go at sailing but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so Ideal for able bodied and the disabled the Access Dinghy design features allow total novices of any ability to sail with little or no tuition nearly regardless of the conditions There is also a big range of inflatable dinghies which are described in the Motorboat section Check out the Sailing Dinghies for Sale section for the latest list of UK dinghies for sale from ApolloDuck Multihulls Multihulls have more than one hull and fall into two categories catamarans or trimarans The additional hulls provide stability the upright balance is better on two hulls against the sideways force of the wind on the sails

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  • Motor Boats - Cruisers, RIBS, Sportsboats
    is exactly what it says it is a boat usually used for Day Trips and therefore tends not to have any accommodation on board Examples of uses of Day Boats would be to go for a trip along the English South Coast or go fishing Some DayBoats will have sail as well as motors giving the choice of power depending on the conditions Prices for these boats varies from less than 1 000 for a used craft from a boat brokerage to over 50 000 for a high end specification The Jeanneau Cap Camarat is a good example of a motor day boat and can be acquired for less than 20 000 second hand whilst the Hawk 20 is a good example of a sailing dayboat RIBs Rigid Inflatable Boat RIB or sometimes known as RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is a craft with a rigid hull and inflatable tube around the top Inflatables can be moved and carried easily to their place of use ribs may require a trailer Most inflatables can be put together inflated and ready to use in a short time They have excellent performance handling and versatility and are known to be very safe They are made in a range of sizes from about 3 metres 10 feet for a tender type up to around 9 metres 30 feet for an large offshore boat They have also been used for other purposes apart from leisure such as search and rescue work with the coastguard and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution Well known manufacturers of these boats include Avon Inflatables Ltd JCraft Ribs Ribcraft Ltd Ribeye Ltd Sadler Ribs Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats Fishing If you are planning on buying a fishing boat then there are a wide variety of choices which depend on the type

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  • Speed and Sports Boats
    They are motor cruisers which have been designed with the sports enthusiast in mind The price and size of these vessels can range from about 15000 for a Jeanneau Leader 515 upwards to well over 150 000 Other competitively priced boats are the Cuddy Cabins produced by the likes of Bayliner which are smaller in size but still offer a small underdeck cabin to relax in Some are built by the same manufacturers as the motor cruisers to complete a full range of boats At the luxury and performance end of the market both Fairline and Sealine amongst others have a sports series in their range Speedboats Speedboats or powerboats are normally streamlined boats with very powerful engines in them They range in size from the small Zapcats which were originally designed from surf rescue crafts in South Africa and although they are only powered by a 50 horsepower engine they can go very fast reaching speeds of 50mph as they are very light They are relatively inexpensive and because they are inflatable they can be set up and packed away easily Seadoo Sportsters are another attractively priced option at around 20000 An extensive range of speedboats from Bayliner Fletcher

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  • Personal Watercraft - Jetski
    the jetski and then expel it through a directionally controlled nozzle They are built to be very buoyant and therefore can be easily righted if they capsize There are larger Jetskis available nowadays which seat three or four people Many enthusiasts enjoy the exhilerating experience of riding them on the waves and even a beginner can learn to have alot of fun with these crafts within a very short time There are now several established brands in the UK which range in price from about 5 000 up to over 10 000 Some of the popular manufacturers are Sea Doo Yamaha Waverunner Kawasaki Jet Ski As security of personal watercraft is of prime importance all the main manufacturers who import jetskis into the UK automatically protect them with the Datatag system This is a very sophisticated identification scheme which uses both visible registration numbers and electronic tags to protect the craft Many insurers insist on the jetski being protected and offer premium discounts for doing so The views and information held within this site are intended only as a guide Expert advice should be obtained before embarking on any boat purchase or training Sailing Info are not responsible for information

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  • Boat and Marine Finance
    boat motor boat or cruiser Most lenders will also arrange boat finance for refitting or extra equipment purchases Is a Survey Needed How Much Will a Boat Survey Cost A survey is carried out by a qualified surveyor and gives you reassurance as the condition and approximate valuation of your boat This is very important as you could be spending thousands of pounds on your investment and you need to make sure that it is in the condition provided by the current owner Most marine finance companies will insist you have a survey and valuation carried out and will often provide a list of their approved surveyors Costs of surveys start from approximately 200 but go up from there depending on the type and size of boat being purchased See the section on Boat Surveys on this site for more information Will Boat Insurance be Required Most marine finance companies will insist you insure your boat especially if you have chosen to finance the purchase using a marine mortgage This is to protect your investment and therefore their investment against damage theft or sinking etc Finance companies will have a list of recommend insurers but you can choose to use another insurer as long as the company is recognised by the finance company Is Registration Required Registration of your new vessel is normally required by finance companies particularly if you are going to be obtaining finance through a marine mortgage There are two main methods of registration Full Registration Full Registration of a boat whether it be a sail boat or motor boat gives the owner absolute title of ownership providing the best possible protection for your investment A Certificate of Registry is issued by the Registry of Shipping and Seament Registration is a requirement of most countries and with

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  • Boat and Marine Insurance
    stolen that were left on the deck This is also the case for motors ensure they have adequate locks As with all insurances check through the small print of the boat insurance cover to make sure you are purchasing the cover you think you are Most policies will cover for damage sinking collision theft etc but make sure this is indicated in the policy document Commercial use of a boat is not normally covered unless agreed at the time the policy was taken out Remember that insurance policies as with cars etc will expect you to act responsibly and take care of your boat and not to act negligently They may become void if you do act in a irresponsible nature Take a look at our Guide to Insuring Your Dinghy or Guide to Insuring Your Yacht for further information Noble Marine Insurance Noble Marine are specialist insurance brokers providing boat insurance for most types of pleasure craft Quotations and cover can be provided on line any time of day or night for most classes of dinghy sailboard RIB speedboat and rowing boat CraftInsure Craftinsure stands for instant hassle free insurance for your boat without the forms or delays available 24 7 at a time to suit you Aimed at UK citizens with UK based boats valued up to 175 000 the craftinsure website offers quick and competitive quotations and allows customers to download proof of cover immediately upon purchase of a policy on the net Navigators and General Based in Brighton Navigators and General has been at the forefront of yacht and motorboat insurance since 1921 and has been the market leader in this field for over 80 years Navigators General is part of the Zurich Financial Services Group and Financial Ombudsman Service providing policyholders with world class security

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  • Sailing and Marine Equipment
    might regret the decision later if things go wrong Check out the various options and if a company is selling something dramatically cheaper than somewhere else chances are it is not of equipvalent quality This is not always the case just make sure you do your research Within this section of Sailing Info4all you will be able to find feature pages for Boatique a canvas bags and sailing covers specialist Ropeloft along with Nautical Rope who can both provide all your rope requirements from an anchor rope to performance racing rope Yachtbits an On line chandlery specialising in selling and supplying Electrical and Electronic equipment for all types of boats yachts and ships and finally A A Cloths who manufacturer Fender Sock Kits Tubular Guard Rail Covers and Safety Wire Covers Navigation and Radio Equipment Navigation and Radio Equipment is an essential item for all boat men or women and can range from simple magnetic compass systems to electronic navigational systems Check out the Navigation Radio Equipment section of our site Safety Equipment All boat users whether leisure or serious must give great thought to the provision of safety equipment See the section on Safety Equipment for further details Establised in 1974 Crew Safe have been supplying sailors and water sports enthusiasts with the world renowned Crewsaver Baltic and Yak range of lifejackets buoyancy aids and watersport accessories They are the specialist marine safety and watersports division of Solent Marine Chandlery Ltd which has been trading on the south coast of England for over 30 years Sailing Clothing No one should go to sea without the proper clothing not only to keep you warm but also for protection Look through the Sailing Clothing section of this website for further information and links to suppliers Trailers and Towbars Dependent on the

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