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  • Pump International Limited
    appropriate hand pump for your specific requirements Given that all our products are manufactured by ourselves in the West Country servicing and spare parts are readily available As a company we are dedicated to customer service and are happy to share our expertise and knowledge to ensure that our valued clients have the best possible product for their individual needs Pump International sell a range of pumps including hand foot galley sump and bilge pumps Some of which are shown in the table below BULKHEAD BILGE PUMP OCEAN MASTER PORTABLE BILGE PUMP SUMP PUMP The heavy gauge 1 1 2 brass tube of this pump allows for a smooth operation with a high output 4 1 2 Strokes per ltr Hand wheels provide easy access to the pumping chamber without the need for tools The double diaphragm design ensures maximum efficiency and provides additional security Generous 38 mm ports allow the pump to handle large solids without detriment Capacity 135 ltrs min Ideal for engines with inaccessible drain plugs Also suitable for transferring diesel between tanks or to fill small day tanks 15 Strokes per ltr CLASSIC GALLEY PUMP FOOT PUMP PATAY DD120A HAND PUMP Constructed from brass this pump has been designed for the discriminating owner with a taste for traditional brass accessories 12 Strokes per ltr THE PATAY DIAPHRAGM FOOT PUMPS The Foot Plunger Pump is installed through the floor a rubber gasket is available to cover the button The Foot Pedal Pump is designed for through wall installation This double diaphragm pump is polyester powder coated to resist corrosive materials All fittings are stainless steel The pumping chamber is quickly accessed via handwheels no tools required Capacity 135 ltrs min SEAMASTER BILGE PUMP SKIPPER SD60 BILGE PUMP OCEAN MASTER DD120A The Sea Master DD100A can be on

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  • Marine Engine Maintenance
    Aftermarket Marine Engine components including Starters Alternators Exhaust Manifolds Drive components and many other items Their website Aquapart has a range of Marine Engine spares and Chandlery from Watercraft Services We keep a wide range of spares including Pattern parts for Mercruiser Pattern parts for Volvo Penta Pattern Parts for OMC Cobra Marine Starters and Alternators Water Pumps Wide Range of Impellers Bilge Pumps Blowers and Switches Marine Electronics VHF

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/maintenance/engine_maintenance.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • Dolphin Engines
    a small market for petrol engines no matter what David Chapman and the original designer of the engine Peter Hogan purchased the remains of RCA Engineering R Christoforides Associates from the Receiver in 1978 and continued to date to produce engines in small quantities and provide a spares and repair service for existing and new owners In 1986 David Chapman redesigned the engine using all the well proven internals to become the new Series II This removed the dynastart and the sailing clutch did away with the need to stop and restart the engine to go astern brought the water pump to the front of the engine and introduced a 2 1 gearbox electronic ignition and an alternator Conventional single lever control to the Hurth gearbox to move ahead or astern Being petrol powered response is now instantaneous This engine is now available as a 440cc 16hp unit bigger bore and stroke providing considerably more torque An improved paint job is now applied to all engines acid etch primer undercoat and enamel top coat Limited numbers of reconditioned engines are available preferably on an exchange basis Whether you race or cruise the engine is smooth quiet strong and reliable It

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/maintenance/dolphin_engines.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • Sailng Boat Maintenance
    and modern design and construction and are based in Pembrokeshire www evansboatwork co uk Ashdown Marine Ashdown Marine has over 12 years of boat repair experience They are expert in repairs with epoxy and polyester No damage is too great or job too small we offer a complete service ashdown emworx com The views and information held within this site are intended only as a guide Expert advice should be

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/maintenance/maintenance_links.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • What is the Beaufort Scale?
    Crests with glassy appearance but do not break 4 7 3 Gentle breeze Large wavelets crests begin to break Glassy looking foam occasional white horses 8 12 4 Moderate breeze Small waves becoming longer frequent white horses 13 18 5 Fresh breeze Moderate waves of pronounced long form Many white horses some spray 19 24 6 Strong breeze Some large waves extensive white foam crests some spray 25 31 7 Near gale Sea heaped up white foam from breaking waves blowing in streaks with the wind 32 38 8 Gale Moderately high and long waves Crests break into spin drift blowing foam in well marked streaks 39 46 9 Strong gale High waves dense foam streaks in wind wave crests topple tumble and roll over Spray reduces visability 47 54 10 Storm Very high waves with long overhanging crests Dense blowing foam sea surface appears white Heavy tumbling of sea shock like poor visability 55 63 11 Violent storm Exceptionally high waves sometimes concealing small and medium sized ships Sea completely covered with long white patches of foam Edges of wave crests blown into froth Poor visibility 64 73 12 Hurricane Air filled with foam and spray sea white with

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/beaufort_scale.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • Boat Moorings, Marinas, Boatyards
    also be used in some cases for winter storage if your boat has been on a swinging mooring in the summer Many boatyards have their own workshops and will carry out repairs on your behalf Facilities may not be as good as those in a marina although with a greater provision for residential moorings the standard won t be bad Swinging Moorings Swinging moorings tend to be the cheapest way of mooring a boat although some sort of winter storage may need to be considered Swinging moorings are provided in rivers estuaries harbours or in other areas of sheltered water They consist of a buoy which is attached by chains to a heavy sinker which lies on the river or sea bed Your boat is attached to the buoy and will then swing around in the water according to the direction of the tide hence the name To get to your boat you will need to use a small craft like a dinghy or inflatable tender A mooring in a tidal area will probably mean that the boat is high and dry for some period of time and it is wise to choose one which will sit down comfortably probably on bilge keels If you choose to moor your boat in tidal water then you may come across the terms Mud Berth Half Tide and All States Of Tide A Mud Berth is where the tide will go out and leave your boat sitting in the mud until the tide comes in again which restricts the times as to when you can use your boat In this case it would be worth contacting the mooring operator to find out when the best times are for using your boat Half Tide is when the tide will be in at your mooring

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/storage/boat_moorings.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • Moorings Links and Information
    with no cost to yourself please contact us using our Contacts page Sparkes Yacht Harbour www sparkes co uk Weymouth Marina www weymouth marina co uk Dolphin Diving www dolphindiving com Marina Info www marina info com The views and information held within this site are intended only as a guide Expert advice should be obtained before embarking on any boat purchase or training Sailing Info are not responsible for

    Original URL path: http://www.sailinginfo4all.co.uk/storage/moorings_links.htm (2016-02-11)
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  • Welcome to Sailing Info4All - The First Stop for Online Sailing Information
    wrong decision Check out the Buying a Boat section of the website for information on where to start boat surveys and boat shared ownership schemes Also have a look through the Boat Types section which gives brief details about Sailing Boats Motor Boats Speed and Sports Boats and Personal Watercraft WinYourBoat com Whether you are a novice or an expert Win Your Boat has the boat for you speed boats sailing boats fishing boats day boats and personal watercraft Check out their website www winyourboat com and you could win your dream boat Marine Finance and Boat Insurance Buying a boat is a large investment and may require you to take on some sort of marine finance Have a look at the options within our Marine Finance section Boat Insurance is not a legal requirement but is advisable and may be required if you have taken on a Marine Mortgage Check out the Marine Insurance section of this site for further information Moorings and Boat Storage Before you get your dream boat you will need to look at where you plan to store the boat when not in use Look at the options available and costs associated within our Boat Moorings section Training Courses It is not a legal requirement for you to have any official training before being allowed on the water but it is strongly recommended that you do undertake some training A brief description of the variety of courses available is shown in the Training section of the Sailing Info site Sailing Holidays You may be just looking to the recreational sport of sailing and wonder what it is like Why not have a look through our Sailing Holidays section for examples of the exciting opportunities that are available both in the UK and abroad Enjoy Yourself

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