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  • Ex Aqua - Astus Trimarans
    This allows the boat to carry more sail on a narrow planing hull and achieve planing speeds more quickly Beginners will enjoy a boat capable of picking up speed in light wind whilst being stable and easy to control Experienced sailors will enjoy planing sensations similar to a skiff but with a much shorter learning curve thanks the Astus 14 1 s ease of use and furling gennaker The first trials of the new Astus 14 1 trimaran took place on June 30th in Brittany and we were delighted to find that the boat fully lives up to expectations The boat is fast and nimble and can easily take two adults on board or be sailed single handed The Astus 16 1 The Astus 16 1 trimaran was born from the desire to create a family friendly dayboat offering maximum pleasure with minimum hassle Its simplicity makes it accessible to novice sailors whilst its high sail area over weight ratio 17 2m for 240kg will get even the most experienced sailors excited The multihull design enables the Astus 16 1 to achieve greater speeds than a monohull effortlessly increasing the range of places you can reach within a day Thanks to its simplicity and versatility you will want to take it to your favourite sailing spots all year long The Astus 20 1 Fast fun and safe the Astus 20 1 is a friendly trimaran that was designed to offer you your family and friends endless exhilarating sailing With its inherent stability shallow draught vast cabin and ample storage capacity the Astus 20 1 is the ideal partner for sail camping trips the vast cockpit and comfy trampolines offer plenty of extra sleeping space with ad hoc tents The multihull design enables the Astus 20 1 to achieve much greater speeds than a monohull increasing the range of places you can reach within a day The Astus 22 1 A new approach to cruising With half the weight and twice the speed of a monohull cruiser of the same size the Astus 22 1 brings fresh air to the world of small cruisers Light nimble and fast the Astus 22 1 can take you within a day to destinations that were until now out of reach More of everything The Astus 22 1 takes the design of the Astus trimarans further more speed more space and more versatility With 28 square metres of sail area it reaches high speeds effortlessly even in light winds The large cockpit 1 8 metre wide provides ample space for 8 adults with vast trampolines providing another 8 square metres of sunbathing space The vast cabin offers four berths and ample storage and sitting space Sail effortlessly in total confidence Higher speeds do not come at the expense of stability or ease of handling The Astus 22 1 floats 4 6 metres apart with 850 litres of buoyancy each provide reassuring stability even in harsh weather conditions Furthermore the Astus 22 1 has blocks of

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  • JCraft Rigid Inflatable Boats (Ribs)
    design that ensures a smoother and faster ride The addition of their uniquely designed consoles use a well thought out approach that solves the commonly found problem of poor siting of steering and controls Their original seating designs correct common problems such as knee jarring lack of legroom and back support The Jcraft model range Synonymous with safety practicality reliability and superior quality Jcraft offer a range of models from 2 9m 7 5m and with the freedom to choose the layout features hull deck and tube colours every Jcraft can be tailored and finished to meet specific requirements and needs Because they offer such a wide choice of optional extras Jcraft are confident that their service and product quality cannot be beaten Jcraft 290 the 2 9 metre Jcraft rib The 2 9m is a small boat that packs a large punch it s ideally suited to someone looking for the thrills of a personal water craft with the benefits of a conventional rib Jcraft 580 the 5 8 metre Jcraft rib The 5 8m is a popular safety boat for sailing schools and dive clubs The models in this range are suited to all manner of leisure and commercial use Jcraft 680 the 6 8 metre Jcraft rib Our 6 8m is the most popular leisure RIB in our range Its ride is soft and forgiving and the scalloped chines ensure a dry ride With its large beam the deck space can be capable of seating of up to eleven persons with a wide range of seating available Jcraft 750 the 7 5 metre Jcraft rib The 7 5 has all the attributes of its smaller brother the Jcraft 6 8m rib but boasts a larger deck area This model also offers the ability to take an inboard

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  • Kama Yachts
    the ropes of rigging are accessible within reach of hand and able to lock in a convenient way For controlling a rudder the sailor can use pedals or a hand tiller located in front of him Sailing on the Proton is a thrill The yacht is very fast and good turning additionally placement of the helmsman head just over the waterline brings unforgettable experience of sailing Our company sells complete ready to sail yachts with sails and all necessary equipment Together with the Proton you will get a multifunctional rack which is intended for transporting and storing this sailboat The Bravo The BRAVO is a modern sailing yacht of laminate glass reinforced plastic mass produced and is the multifunction sailboat for all helmsman The Bravo was designed and constructed in a way to make it a safe training boat that will attract beginners and less experienced sailors to yachting while enabling more advanced yachtsmen to experience some more excitement and thrill Kama offers the BRAVO in 3 basic types of sails which defines it functions and features 7 m2 for yacht rentals holiday resorts and beginners 8 5 m2 the most common version among individual customers equipped additionally with a kicking strap tiller extension and hiking straps 10 m2 sports version which guarantees more fun but requires higher skills The Bravo is fast has good turning ability and is very safe Kama are sure that it will never let you down and will let you discover the true taste of yachting The Pooh The Pooh is a DIY sailing boat made of plywood The Pooh is a small do it yourself sailing boat of plywood designed for those wishing to construct their first boat on their own Kama used a special method of hull making to reduce the amount of

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  • Mini Catamaran
    can also be assembled single handedly in just 30mins Design Details The MiniCat frame to which the floats attach consists of rigid transparent polyester sections on a light weight aluminium frame The trampoline is produced from high strength woven plastic fabric and the transparent polyester seats are designed for comfortable sailing The MiniCat is equipped with two inflatable floats 3 1m length and 30cm diameter The floats are made of reinforced Valmex highly resistant to abrasion and very hard wearing This material and production technology was adopted from the production of white water rafts The keel fins have been designed to attach under each float Their design and shape gives excellent performance yet still allows the boat to be sailed in very shallow water without the risk of damage The mast consists of three sections of equal length slotted together The length of the assembled mast is 3 8 m The main sail is an all spire construction i e without a yardarm and is made from the material Dimension Polyant which has a surface density of 175 g m The MiniCat is supplied in 3 Options the Standard Mast and Main sail 3 75m Super Mast Main Sail 3

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  • Porter Brothers Ltd
    new and used boats They also have a range of European agents established Wayfarer Dinghy The Design From the board of one of the worlds most successful and influential designers back in 1957 the Wayfarer has always been one of the most respected classes Ian Proctor designed a boat suitable for a multitude of purposes from day sailing to championship level racing Possibly the most successful training boat ever the Wayfarer has been fully developed and tested over the years to its current high level of refinement with different versions catering for peoples different requirements An excellent sea boat with the capability of long sea passages Versatility Over the years the Wayfarer has become the ideal boat for many uses An excellent training dinghy the Wayfarer has also been proven beyond doubt to be the best small craft for cruising with a record of heroic trips from the UK to Scandinavia Europe around the Mediterranean and throughout North America The Wayfarer is also one of the best supported racing classes in the U K with racing available at the majority of clubs partly thanks to a competitive handicap For those with higher aspirations National and International Championships are held regularly Optimist Dinghy The Optimist is one of the most successful boats ever designed currently found in over 100 countries world wide The Optimist is the ideal boat for learning training and racing for youngsters under the age of 15 The design of the Porters Optimist has been thoroughly tested over a twelve month period and thus ensures that it is one of the best available The fact that it has been carefully developed to take advantage of the very strict one design rules and that we place great emphasis on attention to the smallest detail has enabled us to produce

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  • Rustler Yachts
    on www rustleryachts com Bowman 42 Builds on the fine heritage of the popular Bowman 40 and incorporates a host of refinements including a deeper draft with new skeg and rudder profile which has provided enhanced sailing performance Her paces were shown in the ARC Transatlantic Rally where the Bowman 42 Eternity of Hamble won her class and finished 5th overall one of the four yachts from the Rival Bowman yard taking part in the event The Bowman 42 combines the skills of top cruising yacht designer Chuck Paine with the exceptional building expertise of the Rival Bowman craftsmen The interior layout of the Bowman 42 can be tailored to an owner s specification providing the yacht with an individual custom built character Whatever the chosen layout the accommodation will share the style and craftsmanship which has earned Bowman an enviable reputation for quality Bowman 45 An outstanding long distance cruising yacht boasting many of the highly praised interior features of her bigger sister the Bowman 48 Offering genuine luxury accommodation the Bowman 45 has been developed to explore the oceans of the world in safety and comfort while giving her owner complete confidence in her ability to handle any conditions she may encounter As with all Bowman yachts the interior of the 45 can be tailored to an owner s specification which provides each and every Bowman with that special custom built character An array of opening ports and hatches provide plenty of fresh air and daylight Forward facing windows in the main saloon add a welcome brightness to the living area Bowman 48 An outstanding long distance cruising yacht boasting many of the highly praised interior features of her bigger sister the Bowman 48 Offering genuine luxury accommodation the Bowman 45 has been developed to explore the oceans of the world in safety and comfort while giving her owner complete confidence in her ability to handle any conditions she may encounter The Bowman 48 is now available in two versions the well known Aft Cockpit AC and the new Deck Saloon DS The DS version offers the same superb quality of accommodation as the AC but with a central cockpit configuration which provides a bright and airy day cabin Further details about the Bowman range can be found on www bowmanyachts com Starlight 35 The designer of the Starlight 35 Mk2 Stephen Jones has achieved an enviable reputation for his exceptional vision in hull form which has produced many of the most successful racing yachts in the UK in recent years In the Starlight 35 Mk2 Stephen has provided a fast hull and easily manageable sail plan combined with an accommodation layout which combines space and comfort with safety and seaworthiness She was chosen by the judges in the Yachting World Rally as the best yacht in her size range The Starlight 35 Mk2 enjoys exceptional qualities of thermal and acoustic insulation achieved by a building process which incorporates an inner and outer moulding enclosing a foam core

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  • Sadler Yachts
    huge success of the Sadler 290 they are now developing her bigger sister the brand new Stephen Jones designed Sadler 340 Due for launch in 2008 she is set to take the sailing world by storm Their yacht building facilities are presently geared to building 16 Sadler 290s a year but due to increasing demand they will be enhancing their build and fit out capabilities to increase production to up to 19 Sadler 290s plus 6 Sadler 340s per year Sadler have also completed the development of the new 920 Grand Tourer cabin RIB and this is now in full production This powerhouse of a Rib has now been joined by the GT 10 Open and the GT10 Sports Tourer all available with diesel inboard or Mercury Verado outboard engine packages The Sadler 290 340 The Sadler 290 is a revolution in yacht design combining the go anywhere practicality of twin keels with the sailing performance of a fin Steven Jones the designer and Rampart Yachts have rewritten the rule book with the Sadler 290 designing what many people feel is the ultimate small cruising yacht and it is now considered to be one of the most significant creations in the nine metre 29 feet yacht size Modern construction techniques makes for a strong lightweight fast and roomy hull with high quality interior The Sadler 290 is also spacious on deck The wide deep cockpit is totally enclosed and designed for safe and easy handling of sails whilst at anchor the hinging transom gives access to a bathing platform and ladder Six full length berths and 6 2 headroom makes for real live aboard comfort and long distance cruising capability Their original plans for the Sadler 290 s bigger sister have grown to optimize her sailing performance and internal volume

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  • History of Lagoon Catamarans
    the request for two new models The Lagoon37 and Lagoon 42 which found their way into the North American charter market BENETEAU ACQUIRES JTA AND THE LAGOON RANGE While market conditions deteriorated between 1993 and 1994 and dampened production levels 1995 was another turning point when Jeanneau was acquired by Beneteau and the link was established between Construction Navale Bordeaux CNB and Lagoon TECHNOLOGY RE APPRAISAL JTA LAGOON made good use of those two years of transition to make an in depth appraisal of the technologies available for constructing their boats High level competition resulted in more and more boats being built using ultra specific technology pre preg vacuum at over 200 F even autoclave SECRET RESEARCHS LEADS TO INFUSION TECHNOLOGY To the staff at JTA this seemed too costly to adapt to cruising sailboats as the ratio of price to technology needed to remain reasonable It was during this period that the choice turned toward infusion which was developed after thousands of hours of research in secret to make it a viable and efficient technology HOLLYWOOD COURTS JTA LAGOON At the same time JTA s notoriety enabled them to sign a contract with Universal Pictures for two 60 trimarans to be used in the filming of Waterworld TECHNOLOGY VALIDATED IN REAL WORLD Infusion technology was officially validated when a JTA prototype small and nimble won the Mini Transcat 97 and 99 and allowed JTA LAGOON Lagoon to launch into infusion construction on a larger scale that is now the benchmark for the multihull industry and being successfully used to build the Lagoon 500 Lagoon 570 and Lagoon 420 Presently Lagoon remains intimately connected to CNB and has ceased to build racing boats However the team retains the historical legacy of cutting edge research and development in new prototypes including

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