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  • Joel Stone - Graphic Designer
    How did you find out about Salop Creative I found Salop Creative on a general Google search looking for design agency s in and around Shrewsbury Have you enjoyed your internship at Salop Creative I have honestly had a great experience here The atmosphere is professional but relaxed the directors made me feel comfortable very quickly and Read More Please welcome our new intern Alicia Posted By Joel Stone Our latest intern Alicia has joined us to further her industry experience whilst completing her studies Alicia is currently finishing a HND in Graphic Design at South Cheshire College in Crewe We asked her a few questions Why did you approach Salop Creative I wanted to gain industry experience early as I am graduating in May The internship would help me get my foot in the door in the creative industry and I wanted Read More Restaurateur praises county suppliers Posted By Joel Stone An entrepreneurial Shropshire restaurant owner has praised the quality and diversity of suppliers in the county after his new venture has got off to an amazing start Local couple Adam and Kelly Lyons fulfilled a lifelong dream by investing 100 000 to launch their new Lyons Den venture three months ago at Traitors Gate in Shrewsbury The restaurant which has created 12 full and part time jobs specialises in gourmet burgers and Read More A Look Back Over 2015 Posted By Joel Stone At the beginning of 2016 and it s time to reflect on what exactly we ve been up to over the past twelve months A New Home for Salop Creative 2015 kicked off with a change of scenery for Salop Creative as we relocated to 4 The Creative Quarter on Shrewsbury Business Park back in December 2014 The main motives behind this decision were

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  • Alicia: An intern's review - Salop Creative Graphic Design
    with and so helpful I was thrilled to be put on a live brief from the word go and build a whole brand from scratch Having the opportunity to pitch my ideas to clients seeing my work progress through the different design processes and seeing it mocked up onto different corporate stationary and online has been a really great experience What was your least favourite task My least favourite task at first was trying to design cover images for social media I was very stuck on which direction to go in However once I settled on a design I liked I ended up enjoying the task So really I don t have a negative response to any of the tasks I was set Where will you go from here Next week I have an interview for more work experience at another design company in Crewe which could potentially lead to a job Joel gave me some great advice for future interviews and presenting my portfolio so fingers crossed I hope to have built my knowledge base and experience up enough by the time I graduate my HND that I can find industry work relatively quickly after Where do you see yourself in five years time In five years time I would hope to have a high position in a design marketing advertising company I have always said that when I m driving on the motorway and or through a city and I see my work on a billboard somewhere then I know I ve got where I wanted to be Having spent time in the studio do you now understand the importance of the question what is your favourite film Considering Salop Creative are big Game of Thrones fans it was very fortunate that one of my favourite T V

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  • Please welcome our new intern Alicia! - Salop Creative Graphic Design
    my HND What do you hope to gain from your time with Salop Creative I hope to gain new skills and learn more about marketing branding and advertising I would also hope the time at Salop Creative gives me either good future connections or a decent reference for my CV What areas of graphic design interest you I really like branding and advertising I m interested to see more of how both those areas feed in to the overall marketing picture I m also keen to apply the skills I ve learnt at college in a commercial environment What are your career hopes for the future I hope to work for a design agency in the future and work my way up through the company Ideally I would like to get involved with advertising campaigns for various companies What is your favourite TV programme film We always ask interns this Game of Thrones Good answer How can people see your work and contact you with opportunities Facebook and twitter Alicia will be working with us over the next few weeks She has already taken charge of her first live branding project and we hope her stay with us proves a

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/please-welcome-our-new-intern-alicia/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Restaurateur praises county suppliers…
    and we are delighted to be involved in the on going success of Lyon s Den by creating a bespoke website signage and a continuing marketing campaign Andy Rao of Key 3 Media continued The gourmet burger restaurant the first of its kind in town has received a fantastic 4 9 out of 5 positive comments on social media which is really exceptional and credit must go to Adam and his team for their skills and efforts in maintaining such high standards of food and service Adam said that he and Kelly who have three children were putting a British spin on a classic American dish with the Lyons Den restaurant Everything is homemade here and we only use fresh locally sourced ingredients as Shropshire has so many great food and drink producers and we cannot praise the quality and service of these suppliers enough as we believe this has contributed greatly to the success of our venture Other county suppliers to Lyons Den include Aroma Coffee of Shrewsbury Maynards Farm of Whitchurch Battlefield Beers of Shrewsbury Swifts Bakery of Ludlow and Rowlands Fresh Produce of Shrewsbury The couple have ambitious plans to take the Lyons Den brand nationwide and

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/restaurateur-praises-county-suppliers/ (2016-04-24)
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  • A Look Back Over 2015 - Salop Creative Graphic Design
    to the foreground s text or image which gives a 3D impression when scrolling Parallax has made its way over the pond during 2015 as we ve seen a definite growth in use across various websites Many designers continue to use parallax to add depth to popular flat designs a combination which is increasingly seen on responsive sites to keep up with the rocketing use of 4G 3 Full Width Websites As we reached the close of 2014 several sites were already using full width design successfully Often blended with parallax it was clear the feature of full width images and videos at the top of home pages was set to be an impressive trend for the forthcoming year We were right full width backgrounds have been everywhere this year These striking images have an astounding visual impact automatically captivating the attention of site browsers which of course is exactly what designers want 4 M Commerce We saw signs of a massive change in consumer shopping experience back in 2014 Purchases from mobile devices boomed This had significant implications for retailers they gained the ability to customise their offerings to the habits of each individual offering personalised purchase options specific to each customer s tastes M Commerce has soared in 2015 with services such as Apple Pay commonplace This enables people to swap money between two devices with ease simply by touching their mobile phones together You can expect huge growth in this area in 2016 as a significant number of sites and apps continue to adapt to the mobile experience 5 Typography With flat designs increasing in popularity and web trends evolving 2014 saw a huge influx of custom web fonts which were responsive to each device width We predicted this would be a massive area for growth in 2015 And it seems our forecast was correct with tools such as Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts constantly generating creative new typefaces refined for the digital era This typography is visually pleasing on a variety of media platforms no matter which device the user opts for Salop Creative Interns Over the course of the year we have welcomed a selection of fantastic interns to Salop Creative all of whom who have contributed towards a successful year for us In April we were delighted to accommodate Rachel for a three week graphic design placement Rachel a third year student at Cardiff School of Art and Design was interested in learning more about clean simple websites and logos Her future aspirations included a desire to work on creative branding Later in the year we hosted Phoebe for a week long internship in June Phoebe impressed us with her experience in film and TV design and came to Salop Design to get a feel for some corporate Graphic Design Intrigued by the development of design processes she wishes to learn more about professional branding in the future Lauren joined us for a six week internship commencing in July Recently graduating for Staffordshire University

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/a-look-back-over-2015/ (2016-04-24)
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  • The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity
    Designer Help Develop Your Brand Identity A graphic designer can be a major asset to any business that wants to develop a strong brand identity They can help you come up with a basic theme and brand strategy that will help you accomplish the goals you wish to achieve They can help you develop the personality and perception that you want your business to have Once you have nailed down what you want your business to look like the next step is to develop a good logo A logo needs to stand out and be recognisable without being too busy and complicated Logos not only consist of an image but also fonts colour and other elements that tie the logo together Using these separate elements you can come up with a solid campaign that achieves the bigger picture of your business Graphic designers also know when to say stop It can be challenging to want to use a variety of elements to describe your brand The downside to that is you can create something that is too busy or overwhelming to the consumer which can be harmful for your business Instead the designer knows which colours look best together how many to use and can identify which fonts can best tell the story of your business They can also spot what makes your business unique How Does Proper Brand Identity Grow Your Business Designers will help you capture the message that you want to give to the consumers in order to achieve and maintain their patronage As time goes on and people remember your brand they will continue to think of your business over another that does not have a strong message Keep in mind that branding alone does not make a successful business you have to stand behind your

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/strong-brand-identity/ (2016-04-24)
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  • A Huge Welcome To Lauren - Salop Creative Graphic Design
    to recognise and for it to be one of the first things you associate with a product or business With branding I liked the idea that you could visually create the voice of a brand the tagline the colour schemes and so on Finally advertising more specifically guerilla advertising which I found really intriguing and was immediately drawn to because it wasn t something I hadn t noticed before It s designed specifically so a large number of people are noticing it and it gets the point across Although having only been given a few briefs at university that were about branding advertising and logos I always had a particular interest and wanted to learn more and expand my knowledge on these subjects Which is what led me to Salop Creative I found Salop Creative whilst searching for jobs and placements online And was impressed with their portfolio I soon realised that the majority of the graphic design work they did was of interest to me and I felt it would be a perfect studio for me to begin my design career in after university I was delighted when I was offered to work at Salop Creative for a period of 6 weeks I d like to do as much work as I can that includes doing logos and branding so I can build up a portfolio However I would like to try and do more web based work and expand my design knowledge on this as many companies nowadays are all about websites working on smart phones apps and social media etc So I think this would be a great region to be knowledgeable in As for the future I d like to gradually move away from Shropshire to gain more experience further afield Whether that s a small

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/a-huge-welcome-to-lauren/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Say Hello To June's Intern - Salop Creative Graphic Design
    internship which I gladly accepted From the first day I was given a live rebranding project for a company that Salop Creative had worked with before I was given a brief which outlined everything the client wished to achieve from their new logo and some key words and themes already established within the company that they were keen to keep This was great to refer to as I was developing the new look and design of the logo I spent some time researching the client s company whilst also looking at other companies in similar fields and their logos I created a document with reference photos and any inspiring logos for me to refer back to at any time during the designing process This has been extremely helpful in the development of the branding Once I had created a number of working logos I started to get an eye for what was working and what wasn t and took a few and honed them in making them work better simplifying and refining the style of them Once I was happy with 5 of my designs I discussed them with Joel and we worked out which designs were strongest and for what reasons It was good to keep in mind other aspects that the design may be required to be used for in future embroidered on clothing websites favicons black and white photocopies mobile devices as well as the usual print I simplified a few of them again before sending them off to the client I have really enjoyed the time I have spent at Salop Creative I love designing and it was nice to work in a different environment Joel was very helpful had great expertise and the atmosphere was nice and laid back mI hope that Joel will consider

    Original URL path: http://salopcreative.co.uk/junes-intern/ (2016-04-24)
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