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  • British Seagull Engine Identifier - from Saving-Old-Seagulls.co.uk
    If you notice any anomalies we would be very grateful if you could tell us by emailing John on the address at the bottom of the page Please remember to include the actual serial number that you used Thanks John

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  • Introduction page to the British Seagull engine information page, with shortcuts to all the models.
    Villiers apprentices about 1970 See if you can spot the error Pete Whiting did he was the first I had not noticed and i have still not stripped it to put it right Pics by courtesy of Classic Boat Magazine To trace your engine number click the here or the Don t Forget picture at the very bottom of this page for an explanation and a list of engine numbers by model Then use the buttons at the top of the page to see more details of your model Details from an old Seagull poster Horse Powers There has been a lot of myth and nonsense surrounding the power output of the British Seagull There were in the classic range two power units a 64cc and a 102cc the original 102 cc motor of the 1930 s existed alongside the later Century and Silver Century 102cc units By fitting a variety of different gearboxes a range of power outputs were obtained They classified them as follows Square block models Forty minus 1 to 1 5 hp later as 1 to 2 hp or later still before being called the 45 just 2hp Forty Plus direct drive 1 5 to 2 5 hp later as 2 to 3 hp Forty Plus Clutch Drive 3hp The Century 4hp Villiers carb Silver Century 3 to 4 5hp Amal carbed version of the Century Century Plus clutch drive 4 5hp Silver Century Plus clutch drive 4 to 5 5 later 5 hp When tested none of these motors gave the rated output indeed they struggled to achieve more than 1 yes ONE horse power Other motors Model 102 Direct or Clutch drive 3 5 to 4 hp Model 102 Plus Clutch drive 3 5 to 5 hp Model 170 hp not given as after 1980 Trades Descriptions Act believed to be 7 5 hp Model 125 again not given but approx 5 hp QB curlew 4hp QB Osprey 5hp QB Kingfisher 6hp There was one other the ill fated twin cylinder motor of the 1930 s that gave 10hp As you can see there was only one 6hp model and only a couple of others both ill fated that gave more It was the slow running props that gave the push that made British Seagulls useful They were designed to push heavy loads at displacement speeds all day if needed The origins of the model Numbers Talking to one of the directors of the old British Seagull company at a London Boat show a few years ago I learnt the real reason for the dropping of the traditional Featherweight the Forty Plus Century and Century Plus names It seems that the change was instigated when the Trades Descriptions Act was to become law in the UK It was found that the vague hp ratings of the motors were a little awry To comply with the new law it was thought that the thrust at the prop measured in pounds of bollard pull was more

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  • Saving Old Seagulls - information about John Williams, the propietor.
    him a try if you need work done I have even had him service my inboard in 2009 and a very good job he made of it too He also has letters after his name This is an example of his work He was recently commissioned to restore a very tired looking Silver Century this was the result Will have to get some before pictures next time I think you get the idea Sadly these days 2015 Simon is not cheap nor is he swift Be sure to get a written quote and hold him to it Leeds Marine can also look after your Seagull if you are up that way Contact Steven at www leedsmarine moonfruit com John SOS John Williams Saving Old Seagulls Phone me on 01621 778859 Mon to Friday 9am to 8pm Saturday till mid day Callers outside these times will be politely asked to call back I am catching up on mails as fast as I can but as I get so many these days there may be a slight delay If using Outlook click on the bottle to email me Otherwise cut and paste my mail address into your browser john saving old seagulls

    Original URL path: http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/seagull_servicing/seagull_servicing.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • The Eventide Owners Group and John's involvement.
    The designer of four of the most popular boats was Maurice Griffiths G M A R I N A with whom I was fortunate to have a friendship during his latter years We sold the plans for his and the other designers that were sponsored by Y M There is a sailing dinghy of 13 feet and cruisers from 16 to 31 feet All for home build Full details of all these can be found on our new site Click here to go to the Eventide Owners Group website Sadly in January 2003 the eoa after a major split became a non owners association The actual owning members wanted an Owners Assoc but the committee comprised more and more of non owners did not agree naturally as it would have excluded them from office The real members having been defeated by the committee have now split from the assoc and are have formed into another group of just real enthusiasts and owners A massive web site is now open and if you click the link on the links page or on the picture below you will be able to see more Click the picture of our boat Fiddlers Green to go to the site After nearly 10 years our new group has got more than 1350 enrolled members 10 times as many as the old association had We are active and busy a friendly group of builders restorers and owners We organise sailing meets and social events all round the UK John Williams Web site Coordinator for the EOG John Williams Saving Old Seagulls Phone me on 01621 778859 Mon to Friday 9am to 8pm Saturday till mid day please Callers outside these times will be politely asked to call back I am catching up on mails as fast as

    Original URL path: http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/eog/eog.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • SOS links page to other useful organisations and clubs, not just Seagull ones.
    said hello and passed the time of day with me I was saddened when anchored in a quiet creek in May 2010 as he gently sailed past when he told us why he was faffing abut the night before not far away from us he was trying and failing to get his anchor up and that morning we were the first to hear he had made the decision to swallow the anchor Why all this on the SOS website Well Charles sold Shoal Waters to Tony Smith who now keeps her on a half tide mooring nearby and has fitted a SEAGULL Tony has a website and has already followed Charles by publishing a book Go here to have a read UK Dealers US Dealers Swedish Dealer Canadian Dealers New Zealand Dealers Dealer in Greece sorry no web site details thanks to Filippos for this A Vlachopoulou 34 Esperiodon St Kallithea ATHENS Tele 956 9444 Stuart Turner spares I have a new e mail address for the new Stuart dealer Marlex enquiries marlexmarine co uk This may help if you are looking for parts Simply Skiffs Hamish can supply simple little wooden rowing boats that are the perfect choice for lake pond river or canal He takes pride in building delivering and launching each boat himself He offers a wide range of finishes and specifications so his boats can be tailored to each customers requirements He also keeps a range of boats ready for immediate delivery Their Simplicity allows him to offer excellent value If you would like a pretty traditional wooden dinghy sitting on your lake or pond he can provide the solution Click here to go to Simply skiffs Racing British Seagulls Click the picture to go to the Careys Bay web site they do mad things with British Seagulls See also www regattaevents co nz More madness with British Seagulls click on any of the pictures above Don t forget to come back The National Motorboat Museum Pitsea Essex RNLI Royal National Lifeboat Institute The British Seagull Shop Victoria Canada Very entertaining RYA Royal Yachting Association Link deleted no longer considered of use More concerned with racing again RYA Cruising News Link deleted cruising section gone The Cruising Association this organisation caters for all who cruise power or sail Essex Police Marine Section Shanties and Sea Songs Baconsdozen Click the name to go to a supplier of Whitworth tools in Suffolk UK Boat launching sites around Britain British Tools in the USA Your hardware store for the finest hand tools service tools reproduction tool kits literature made Established 1979 On the left is the logo for my daughter Jenny and her husband Dave s website They organise treks to the Andes Sahara Amazon China you name it they will do it They also produce a stunning range of very different jewellery Have a peek http www shelleyshotel freeuk com Winner of hotel of the year in 2004 Click the picture Great Hotel to stay at in Lynmouth

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  • A page devoted to vintage, mainly British outboards, other than British Seagull.
    or they don t This one did at the second pull Starting is exceptionally easy because the engine is relieved of resistance by having the propeller clear of the water We were intrigued by the propeller whirring round within its guard over the centre thwart there it might fan the fevered brow or chip your potatoes or simply remain parked until you carried your boat to the water and floated her We went afloat swung the unit round and immersed the propeller immediately the thrust of the propeller was felt the weight of the shaft was counterbalanced and no pressure was required on the tiller to keep the shaft from dropping at too steep an angle We progressed upstream not fast but at a speed adequate in respect of the capacity of the engine The shaft made an angle with the surface of the water of about 30 degrees thus the thrust was upwards as well as forwards this upwards tendency of the thrust transmitted to the top of the transom tended to lift the engine was thereby counterbalanced to a great extent As a further factor towards keeping the dinghy floating level was an extending tiller which could simply be pushed in and out at will and thus enabled the helmsman to dispose his weight to the least disadvantage We slowed the engine to estimate stalling speed We stalled at about 500 r p m We simply depressed the tiller to bring the propeller clear of the water and spun the fly wheel by gripping it and flicking the wrist the engine restarted at the first attempt Normally it runs between 1 000 1 600 r p m and engine wear is therefore naturally less than is the case with a high revving engine When manoeuvring we found that the speed and steering of the dinghy could be precisely controlled the method we adopted when approaching a landing stage was to select a reasonably slow throttle setting and then control the speed by raising or lowering the propeller in the water so that to get very low speeds only the tips of the blades were immersed and working Steerage is also positive at very low speeds for the propeller may be simply dipped in momentarily with the helm over in either direction to thrust the dinghy round regardless of whether or not she has normal steerage way There is of course no reverse We finally ran in to the beach and walked ashore dry footed for the propeller can still operate in only a few inches of water With the dinghy s bow on the shore the propeller guard was allowed to rest on the beach bottom with the propeller just immersed and ticking over so that the dinghy was kept safely on the shore and not permitted to drift off As a last ingratiating act the Boatimpeller once again resolved itself into two pieces and was stowed away in the boot of the car with no dribbles of

    Original URL path: http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/non_seagulls/non_seagulls.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Saving Old Seagulls - information about John Williams, the propietor.
    to my back injury I was unable to do what I had intended sail and powerboat training so suddenly I was answering queries for British seagull and appearing at the Boat Show in London to help Saving Old Seagulls was up and running Mike Peyton the cartoonist did my logo I have always had a fascination for his Black Headed Gulls my favourites When British Seagull eventually called it a day I was asked if I would like to clear the workshop this with all the parts that most of the local chandlers sold me gave me an impressive stock financed by my police pension of course I have never had to advertise so this web site is a first It was also one of the webs first sites I have now found that people beat a path to my door and I deal by post all over the UK and indeed the world A few complementary articles in magazines did the rest I thought it would be an interesting diversion very much part time but it has grown to occupy most of my time and as I am a police pensioner I have to declare it all the the dreaded tax man thus the need for cheques payable to SOS etc I hope this site will be an extension of the British Seagull Owners Club that was started by British Seagull many years ago I really often feel that S O S is more of a club than anything else To this end you will find lots of historical and nostalgic articles hope you find what you are looking for if you don t give me a call Over the past 10 years or so I have also been involved in fundraising for the RNLI I have given a series of talks about the history of Thames Division and my work with them These talks are now given in memory of a friend Gary Wells Gary was a marine police officer and he took over my job as the training officer In the mid 90 s when the new RNLI lifeboats were stationed on the London River he volunteered to assist as crew as they needed local knowledge aboard I am pleased to say many of my former colleagues have followed in his footsteps Gary s sudden death in 2004 saddened us and in my little way I thought I would carry on giving my talks in his memory sending any donations received to the Tower Pier RNLI station that Gary worked out of I would add that for some years I served as a local parish councillor and have been quite involved in my local community I was recruited to be a Parish Council Tree Warden due to my local tree planting initiatives and now I head a small team of woodland management volunteers another voluntary job that involves the looking after of trees in the parish as well as helping collecting seeds planting up the seedlings that

    Original URL path: http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/about_me/about_me.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Barry's page of Nautical trivia, expressions and saying in common use with a nautical background.
    It could be argued that some of these words and phrases may have other origins so I stand to be corrected It was touch and go whether I would complete this on time I managed to steer clear of the TV and knuckle down to it but I was a bit hard pressed So I decide to change tack bear down on the problem and keep going to the bitter end Before long I was home and dry The down side was that all my other work was knocked into a cocked hat and I just flaked out If you have any more to add or you can provide a known origin please let me know Acknowledgements to the many contributors to this list who must lead as sad a life as I do Hard pressed Pipe down Piping hot Adrift In the pink Roped in to something Tie the knot Scrape the bottom of the barrel Fanny about In deep water Still waters run deep Going overboard At half mast trousers Steer clear Give a wide berth to Run a tight ship Touch and go Warm the cockles of your heart Stick in the mud Pier head jump Beamy The down side Stowaway Pooped tired Steady as she goes Riveting One over the eight Three sheets to the wind On the fiddle Square meal Ship shape and Bristol fashion Keel hauled No room to swing a cat of nine tails Push the boat out Up the creek without a paddle Know the ropes I will show you the ropes Freeze the balls of a brass monkey Take the wind out of their sails Full steam ahead P O S H port out starboard home Jack tar Limeys One bad apple Anchor man Anchors away Hard cheese Hard tack Cannon fodder Packing them in slaves Flotsam Jetsam Running free Bit by bit Galley slave Taken aback Hard aground grounded Put your oar in Nelson s blood Belay stop that Dressed up to the nines Carry on naval pipe message Bone in her teeth Long in the jaw Avast Home a dry Homeward bound On the blower speech tubes Sounding out Taken or caught aback Show a leg Like a shot Dressed overall Jack of all trades Take a turn Shiver me timbers The suns over the yard arm The tides out Tide mark All in the same boat Jury rigged Standing four square Trim your sails All hands to the pumps Plain sailing Ebb and flow Turn of the tide Under the weather Old salt When my ship comes in Wreck wrack and ruin Top notch Copper bottomed A1 condition Lloyds Batten down Abandon ship Sling your hook Hook line and sinker Sinking feeling Between the devil and the deep blue sea Blow your stack Bye and large Clear the decks Close quarters Haven t a clue clew The coast is clear To deck someone Trip up anchor Hell or high water Stranded Stow away On the beach Beached Any

    Original URL path: http://www.saving-old-seagulls.co.uk/maddy_the_minor/trivia.htm (2016-04-25)
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