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  • Scampers » Small Pets » My ferret.
    5 7 of its body weight on a daily basis this is about 50 75 grams of food for a ferret weighing 1 kg These are approximate levels and will differ from animal to animal and according to life stage Ferrets will require larger amounts during growth gestation and reproduction Reproducing females require a minimum of 30 protein from their diet and kits require high levels of protein and fat throughout their growth phase Feed levels may drop during later life and should be adjusted based on intake demand and physiological changes such as weight gain Feeding a complete dried food provides all the nutritional requirements your ferret needs Feeding fresh food requires supplementation of vitamins and minerals and may result in deficiency or more commonly toxicity resulting in a range of avoidable illnesses and conditions Always check the recommended daily allowances on the front of the pack are supplied by any food you buy Always ensure that fresh water is available at all times as eating dried food will often lead to higher demands for water on a daily basis Treating Your Ferret Ferrets love a treat and as long as they are good for them there is no reason why you shouldn t occasionally feed one or two Exercise Ferrets are extremely active and very playful Always find time to socialise with your ferret on a daily basis this will add variety and stimulation to your pet s day Ferrets will play with small balls and enjoy a variety of tunnels to play in This increases their exercise period leading to a fitter pet and reducing dietary related health problems Ferrets enjoy sleeping above ground level so an ideal accessory is a hammock Check out the Furry Fun accessories range from Supreme Petfoods in store at Scampers Handling Your Ferret Allow your ferret to come to you before picking it up This prevents frightening it and reduces the risk of being bitten Ferrets should be grasped around the shoulders with your thumb under the front leg and your fingers under the jaw and other front leg Support the hind legs with your other hand then gently bring the ferret against your chest Companionship Ferrets are sociable enjoying the company of their own kind so it is often better to keep more than one ferret if possible However not all ferrets will like each other and never make the groups too big Neutered males and females will usually live together harmoniously and provide companionship and play for each other If only one ferret is to be kept you will need to provide extra playtimes and exercise for it to compensate for lack of company Common Illnesses Ferrets should be checked on a daily basis for signs of illness such as unusual discharges or abnormal behaviour Ferrets should be vaccinated for distemper Respiratory infections Stress such as weaning separation overcrowding and poor husbandry can encourage illness Symptoms will include sneezing coughing fever nasal discharge and lethargy Seek veterinary treatment as

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Your Pet Rabbit
    alertness is their first line of defence they will spend the majority of the day looking out for predators and dangers Rabbits rely heavily on smell and constantly sniff the air looking for an indication of who or what is around them and whether they are friend or foe Rabbit Noises Rabbits are not very vocal but have a range of sounds indicating different feelings Thumping of the back feet this noise is associated with fear and is a way of warning others of dangers in the area Dominant rabbits will also thump in order to gain attention Hissing growling or muttering usually indicates aggression and precedes an attack It indicates the rabbit feels threatened or is behaving territorially Teeth grinding soft grinding or cooing means your rabbit is happy and often accompanies being tickled or stroked Loud grinding is a sign of intense pain as is loud squealing it may also indicate danger Health Care If you provide the correct care diet environment exercise and attention to your rabbits they should remain fit and healthy and will be bright alert and eat and drink normally Any change in normal behaviour may indicate an underlying problem Watch out for Eating or drinking less than normal Restless or lethargic or a crouched huddled appearance Coat that looks dull or is soiled or itchy Discharge from the eyes ears or nose Soiling around the vent with urine or faeces Faeces abnormal in colour or texture More or less urine being produced or unusual in colour Offensive odour from the ears mouth or vent Loud teeth grinding Difficulty in eating drinking or moving difficulty in breathing or raspy noises from the chest To see our full range of Supreme Petfoods Science Selective super premium foods treats and toys pop into Scampers on the

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Your pet gerbil.
    irritate the skin Pop into Scampers for the Supreme range of bedding and cleaning products Feeding Your Gerbil In their natural habitat gerbils eat a selection of wind blown seeds grain and grasses Gerbils are often mistaken as herbivores but they are omnivores and do need good quality protein in their diet to keep them healthy Ensure there is fresh drinking water available at all times They also have continuously growing teeth so they need to gnaw to help wear down their teeth Gerbils are natural foragers so their daily allowance should be split into two portions one in the morning and one in the evening To limit the likelihood of selective feeding ensure that the first portion is finished before feeding the second Fresh water should always be available Their diets should provide just the right amount of protein whilst remaining low in fat Always check the recommended daily allowances on the front of the pack are supplied by any food you buy See the Supreme Gerri Gerbil food in store at Scampers now Treating Your Gerbil Your gerbil will love a treat and as long as they are good for them there is no reason why you shouldn t feed one or two occasionally Try hiding some in their home to encourage them to forage for example Root n Fruit Nibbles with carrot apple and raisins which they love and which are good for their constantly growing teeth See Scampers range of the Supreme Treats Exercise Gerbils like to keep themselves busy and when allowed spend the majority of their time running around digging tunnels and investigating their surroundings Provide plenty of substrate so they can hide underground It only takes a few items to create an exciting playground for your pet Gerbils explore around the edge and hiding places first rather than the middle of the area or run Place objects like tubes tunnels untreated wicker baskets and boxes in the run for them to play with A thick layer of sawdust wood shavings or other substrate is needed for burrowing and digging tunnels Gerbils will chew on available natural wood and this will help keep their teeth in trim By hiding food and the occasional treat in different areas of the animals cage your gerbils will be forced to forage for their food this will keep them occupied for many happy hours and prevent boredom Check out the Furry Fun accessories range from Supreme Petfoods available at Scampers Handling Your Gerbil Always approach calmly and once you are sure your pet is awake slowly place a closed fist in front of it and allow it to approach If your gerbil is confident and appears interested slowly unclench your fist and open your hand It may well crawl on to the palm of your hand or you can gently scoop it up If it appears hesitant you could gently hold the base of its tail near its body and lift up placing its feet on the palm

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Poisonous Plants to Pet Small Animals
    contain cultivated plants that may cause illness such as Dahlias lupins chrysanthemums delphinium lily of the valley tulips iris morning glory antirrhinums lobelia fig Jerusalem cherry juniper hyacinth privet yew laburnum lords and ladies ivy philodendron rhododendron wisteria clematis holly and most evergreen trees To see our full range of Supreme Petfoods Small Animal Premium Foods treats and toys pop into Scampers on the A142 Soham By Pass between Ely

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Verm-X for Rabbits & Small Pets
    highly palatable Verm X intestinal hygiene control formulation but also an overall high fibre healthy treat The nuggets include alfalfa wheat molasses and a pre biotic and pro biotic that encourages a healthy digestive system They are designed to be gnawed bringing the additional benefit of aiding healthy and strong teeth A healthy digestive system is vital as 70 of the immune system is housed in the intestinal tract Verm X for Rabbits 180g will last one rabbit 2 months or one guinea pig hamster or other small pets 3 months SOME OF THE MANY BENEFITS OF VERM X Verm X is ideal for those wishing to explore a natural and more sustainable routine Gentler on the digestive system Verm X is ideal for senior animals and animals in competition as its natural formulation does not affect performance Verm X products are made from unadulterated non GM natural ingredients Verm X is highly palatable Being highly cost effective Verm X products are designed with both the animals and their owners in mind Fresh extracts and tinctures are processed on site within hours of being harvested Scampers Natural Pet Store is easy to find We are located on the A142 Soham

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Cardboard Pet Castle & Slot and Go Toys
    watch them enjoying themselves It is made entirely from cardboard is easy to assemble and doesn t need any tools or glue to put it together Your Cardboard Pet Castle is very big especially to your pet so if they are a bit wary of it at first please don t worry Maybe add a favourite toy or a bit of food inside the Castle to encourage them Please do not force your pet to go inside or place them inside without them exploring it on their own first The clever design means the Cardboard Pet Castle will hold up to 12kg on the internal floors when assembled correctly Great for scratching exploring climbing and chewing We would strongly advise that you do not leave your small animals alone when they are playing with their new Cardboard Pet Castle toys If you want to let your pets play outside with their new Cardboard Pet Castle remember not to let it get damp it will go soggy it s cardboard Midi Slot and Go The Midi Slot and Go is a great new product enabling you to slot together a cardboard play area for your pet degus rat or guinea pig There are 14 pieces in the pack but if you want to make it bigger simply add to it by buying another pack and go as big as you dare Mini Slot and Go The Mini Slot and Go is a great new product enabling you to slot together a cardboard play area for your pet hamster gerbil or mouse If you want to make it bigger then simply add to it by buying another pack and another and another and another What great fun for your little furry friends Environmentally friendly product made from 100 cardboard Scampers Natural Pet

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  • Scampers » Small Pets » Oxbow Harvest Stacks
    of loose hay Feed Harvest Stacks as a primary hay source or supplement with loose hay to encourage enrichment Also great for promoting foraging skills in your small pets Oxbow Harvest Stacks come in three varieties regular Western Timothy or blends with added Chamomile or Carrots 100 All Natural No additives or binders 80 less airborne dust than loose hay Did you know Feeding hay to an herbivore is not an option it is a necessity A high quality grass hay should be available at all times Hay not only provides the roughage essential to maintaining proper teeth wear but it is vital to maintaining a healthy functioning gastrointestinal system Herbivores need a diet high in fibre and low in carbohydrates to prevent diarrhoea and other digestive complications Hay should make up 75 of your small pet s diet Yes you have to feed hay Pop in to see our complete and varied range of Oxbow hays Scampers Natural Pet Store is easy to find We are located on the A142 Soham By Pass between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge Scampers Your Pet s Natural Choice SCAMPERS DOGS CATS SMALL PETS GARDEN FRIENDS PET CHICKENS SCAMPERS

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  • Scampers » Dogs » Healthy Dog Treats » Thrive ProReward Dog Treats
    treat on the planet Freeze dried liver as used by trainers has the most powerful flavour which creates a real focus for dogs 100 Chicken Deliciously chewy and naturally low in fat air dried chicken breast 100 Duck Real air dried duck breast is ideal for dogs sensitive to certain foods Pop into Scampers to see the full range of our new Thrive dog treats Scampers Natural Pet Store is easy to find We are located on the A142 Soham By Pass between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge Scampers Your Pet s Natural Choice More Healthy Dog Treats Articles Meat trEAT by Meat Love Meat trEAT is a brand new training treat sausag Tribal Natural Dog Treats Tribal Petfoods are a group of dog lovers that are as Orijen Biologically Appropriate D All dogs evolved as carnivores biologically a Feelwells Natural Treats Feelwells treats are just air dried NOM Dog Tea Infused Treats NOM dogs tasty tea infused treats Tea Anco Oceans Anco Oceans 100 Natural Fish Treats have just a Freeze Dried Orijen Adult Dog Foo Freezing has long been regarded as the gold standard of food Anco Bakes Anco Bakes are hand rolled tasty treats and made in an artis Healthy Rawhide by Farm Food Ra Natural dog dental care the dog dental health prob The Innocent Hound Dog Sausages Luxury dog treats from The Innocent Hound are a delicious Soopa Coconut Chew Treats Natural delicious and super nutritious Soopa 100 Barker Barker Dog Treats The best dog treat in Woof Brew Herbal Tea for Dogs WHAT Herbal tea for dogs Did I hear Ice Cream for Dogs Billy Margot make a range of nutritious healthy and delic Soopa Dog Treats Soopa foods for Soopa Pets Natural delicio Treat Time Giving snacks and treats

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