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  • Scampers » It’s a dog’s life.
    all have to work at Lifestyle The Walk Life Balance Spending time and playing with your dogs helps them to learn Healthcare All things great and small We take pet healthcare very seriously From helping you choose Where s the Meat Let s Talk About Dog Food The British pet food market is worth more than Healthy Dog Treats Scampers range of healthy natural options for every day tr Diet

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  • Scampers » The cat’s whiskers
    s why we have the wi Behaviour let sleeping cats lie As solitary animals our cats sometimes struggle in today s bus Lifestyle cool for cats Having a cat choose to come and live with us is a privile Healthcare your cat s nine lives We take your cat s healthcare very seriously From helping you Where s the Meat Let s Talk About Cat Food The British pet food

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  • Scampers » Garden Friends
    a variety of species while others are specially formulated for the more discerning pallet The range also includes tasty Energy Boost treats to supplement the basic diet and encourage even more visitors to your garden There s also a wide selection of quality feeders and accessories In fact there s everything you need to create your very own nature reserve in your back garden Here are some handy hints to get you started The BTO and RSPB recommend you feed wild birds all year round Feed more in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply Also feed more during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young Birds lose energy maintaining body temperature overnight so a good breakfast is essential to set them up for the day Once you establish a feeding regime don t disappoint them they will depend on you Establish several feeding areas and move them regularly to avoid bacterial build up Consider predators when selecting suitable feeding sites set table and feeder heights accordingly and make sure birds feeding on the ground have a good line of sight Store all foods in a cool dry place Be aware that ground feeding stations can attract rodents Hygiene Tips Feed little and often Replace old or wet food to prevent build up of bacteria or mould particularly on table and ground feeding stations Clean feeding stations regularly with a safe disinfectant Always wash your hands after handling bird products Variety is the spice of life If you re looking for variety of colour song and habit in your garden visitors these tempting foods should be at the top of your list We have a range of feeds specifically designed to attract a variety of species It s a comprehensive range of unique mixtures

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  • Scampers » Pet Chickens
    gray silver speckled spotted checkered dappled smooth fluffy silky grizzled whiskered bearded bare legged feathered legged booted high tailed bushy tailed long combed rose combed bare headed or with fanciful headdresses And that s just to name a few Hens with their subtler colours lay eggs and cackle and cluck Cockerels roosters are much more colourful and flashy They fertilize the eggs and crow loudly and often just the thing to make you popular with the neighbours Unless you want more baby chicks and want to wake the street up at 4am every morning don t get a rooster as a companion for your hens Hens don t need a rooster to lay eggs and without a male around like humans are less stressed and harassed The best laid plans Most people who keep chickens like to enjoy the fresh eggs they provide If it s a free daily omelette you re after you might not want to put all your eggs in one basket Getting a variety of hens from different breeds increases your likelihood of a regular supply to dip your soldiers in Some hens lay blue or green shelled eggs some spotted some dark brown and others pearl white Some lay every day while others only lay a few months of the year Most hens start laying in their 5th or 6th month and are productive up to their third or fourth year with some hens producing well into old age Take a look at the latest advice and information on caring for your pet chickens Cock a doodle do Latest Article Fancy Feeds As adults feed your chickens good quality Pellets in the mornings and Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn in the afternoon with clean fresh water available at all times Pellets can be given in a

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  • Scampers » Small Pets
    or how you and your children should care for your small pets just ask any of the Scampers team We ll give you expert independent advice so you can get the most from having your little lodger living with you Our Small Animal department is packed full of all kinds of goodies to improve the homes health and vitality of your small pets We carefully select the very best ranges of top quality diets treats bedding and accessories available anywhere Small is beautiful Take a look at these top tips on caring for your small animals What is a Fibrevore Fibrevores need fibre to live healthy lives What is a Fibrevo Common illnesses in your rabbit Rabbits can suffer from numerous conditions and illnesses and My guinea pig Guinea Pigs are very clever and sociable animals A happy heal My hamster Hamsters are clever and adventurous animals A happy and My ferret Ferrets are very intelligent and inquisitive animals A happ Your Pet Rabbit To be able to make a decision whether or not your rabbit i Your pet gerbil Gerbils are friendly and inquisitive animals A happy healthy Poisonous Plants to Pet Small Animals The following are plants that

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  • Scampers » Your Pets
    that perfect shot get down to your pet s level use natural light where possible show their character with them yawning playing or doing a favourite trick try different approaches angles and compositions Most of all be patient If you would like to see your pets or wildlife friends in the Scampers album please email your favourite cute or funny photographs to us at info scampers co uk We will

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  • Scampers » Visit Scampers
    10am 4pm Bank Holidays 10am 5pm Tel 01353 720431 Email info scampers co uk Registered in England and Wales Company Registration Number 2653711 SCAMPERS DOGS CATS SMALL PETS GARDEN FRIENDS PET CHICKENS SCAMPERS HOURS VET CENTRE YOUR PETS ABOUT US Scampers This website uses cookies to give you the best experience By continuing to use this website you agree to our use of cookies Scampers February Special Offers Dogs Cats

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  • Scampers » Scampers News » Meat Love Dog Food
    food ingredients Only human grade raw materials are utilised All products at Meat Love are fully declared and are intended to enable 100 transparency for nutrition conscious dog and cat owners Also check out Pussy Deluxe for cats and Vitamin Bombs for dogs by Fleischuslust Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge Scampers Your Pet s Natural Choice More Scampers News Articles Green Pups Biodegradable Poo Pick DUE IN SOON Introducing GREEN PitPat Activity Monitor for Dogs Make exercise count With PitPat you ca Thrive Organic Cat Food Introducing Thrive s Organic cat foods Thrive Organic Hyper Fetch Interactive Dog Launc Does your dog love to play fetch S McAdams Dog Food McAdams born in the great British countryside A Earn Natures Menu Rewards at Scam Natures Menu Complete Reward Steakhouse Dog Food Steakhouse 100 Pure N YOU StreamZ Natural Pain Relief Vitamin Bombs for Dogs Vitamin Bombs from Fleischeslust Delicious ve Dog StreamZ Smart Collar Natural pain relief and recovery A new understanding Gentle dental bone New from Gentle Cold pressed Gent Gentle Cold Pressed Dog Food We believe we now have a dog food that ticks e Liam Fairhurst Foundation Scampers are delighted to announce that we will be worki The Truth about Your Dog s Food Was it The Truth Well after all the hullabalo Food Bank for Pets A little bird told us A litt View all Scampers News Articles SCAMPERS DOGS CATS SMALL PETS GARDEN FRIENDS PET CHICKENS SCAMPERS HOURS LIAM FAIRHURST FOUNDATION GENTLE COLD PRESSED DOG FOOD FOOD BANK FOR PETS THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR DOG S FOOD CHANNEL 5 GENTLE DENTAL BONE DOG STREAMZ SMART COLLAR MEAT LOVE DOG FOOD VITAMIN BOMBS FOR DOGS YOU STREAMZ THRIVE ORGANIC

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