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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish Wedding Traditions and Celtic Master of Ceremonies, Handfastings and Storytelling
    Besom broom and Gàidhlig Gaelic poetry Many of my couples come from Canada and the US as well as England and Scotland Much of my work is within Scotland we live in Perthshire but I also travel anywhere in Britain and Ireland Of course I can advise on Highland dress and my wife Samantha MacKenzie and I have even delved into Scottish wedding traditions to create wedding favours and gifts with a nod to the tradition A video to give you a feel for my handfasting ceremonies and wedding Tales Short Descriptions of what I do Handfasting Hand Fasting is a form of marriage or vow renewal ceremony during which the hands of the couple are tied It is a strong symbol of joining I uniquely create and perform each ceremony around the couple Ceremonies can be created for civil parterships or betrothals LGBT welcome I conduct up to 15 hand fasting ceremonies a year and no more More details on the Hand Fasting page Master of Ceremonies As Fear an Taigh Master of the House host I bring an organised flow to the reception for our guests introduce the speeches and share Scottish customs at the wedding breakfast This

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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish / Celtic Handfasting wedding and Jumping The Besom (broom) tradition
    and Water The assembled company might contribute words of their own through readings We ask who will support you in your marriage like guardians You give your verbal declarations to each other your vows written by you explaining why you want to marry what you are asking for from the relationship what you appreciate in the other I call for the Bann to handfast you by introduce its symbolism then tie the knot You might also exchange rings Perhaps you would share a drink from the Cuach the communal whisky drinking cup quaich As the ceremony ends I call for the Besom An Sguab so that you may jump it and begin your life together Perhaps the groom will take Brides Cross over the threshold and into the home A family member welcomes you once you have jumped the Besom or perhaps Samantha as a married woman You leave the circle and walk around the outside of your people then are welcomed back into their circle having taken your first steps as a couple sweeping out th old and in the new The details are of course special to you and indeed the above is not a set format but rather a typical structure that we together create to your desires A ceremony lasts about 45 minutes from guests in to Bride and Groom out While I do come with a pallette of colours drawn from the Scottish traditions I am keen to make couples a part of creating their own ceremony and as such will ask you many questions as I write the ceremony so that you can accommodate those little things that would make it more your own That said I don t accept every request to perform a handfasting marriage ceremony that I get so it is important for those wishing to engage our services to fully read this page and understand what I do and what handfasting is NOT I perform about 15 ceremonies a year and no more What This Ceremony Is Not Handfasting is not a form of entertainment re enactment or a simple Celtic Blessing on the end of a church wedding It is a wedding ceremony in itself As such it does not come after any other faith based marriage ceremony including Humanist I only perform a Handfasting ceremony on its own or in conjunction with a civil marriage service If you are having a civil service the page on Civil and Handfasting combined should also be read Ceremony at Atholl Palace Hotel 2008 Listening to Tales Urquhart Castle 2009 The Story Of HandFasting In My Tradition Hand Fasting probably draws from Scandanavian Christian and pre Christian practices introduced to Scotland before 1000 AD It was still popular in the 15 1600s It was a form of Betrothal Some historians have interpreted this as a trial marriage of a year and a day It may have been so in some places in the Scottish Borders In a HandFasting the hands were bound

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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish / Celtic Master of Wedding Ceremonies, Storyteller
    Muster Roll Sung for the gathering of the Clans perhaps to dinner Fling the Ring Yes the wedding ring Into a bath of soapy water The first maid to find it will be the next to marry the Fèileadh Breacan Dressing a member of wedding party in REAL Highland dress the belted plaid as an entertaining demonstration during the reception Storyteller This role telling traditional wedding Tales comes as part of the MC role Hover your mouse over pictures for title Additional Wedding Customs With Additional Exchange Jumping the Besom An Sguab I make the Besom broom especially for the occasion from traditional materials I collect Ash Willow Hazel and Birch no metal The besom is then kept in the marriage home to bring protection and luck It comes with an instruction manual for care of both besom and marriage If you have your own besom then there is no additional exchange for this ceremony Audio clip sound file example of Besom Jumping Ceremony Besom OGG version Besom WMA version Making St Bride s Crosses reeds with the guests to take home for themselves a wee piece of the wedding energy like a DIY wedding favour This can be done as part of the reception entertainment like the one shown or with the women on the night before the wedding with a wee drinkie see below Each of these require preparation so an additonal exchange is asked on top of the Master of Ceremonies role Some Images of Bride s Cross Making The night before Pic by Graham Vaughan Bride s Cross making England Visit the Fees Exchange page to see the MC costs Seanachaidh Traditional Wedding Storyteller I am a Seanachaidh or Clan Bard entertainer oral historian and Traditional Storyteller I offer a wedding entertainment often co ordinating with

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  • Highland Blessings - Photos and Sound Clips
    Clip of a Besom Ceremony You made our day very special our ceremony was beautiful Everyone commented on how individual and inclusive it was and how it focussed on joining us with support from everyone around us Nearly every person said it was the best wedding they had been to and although I may be a tad biased I felt it was the best wedding I had been to as well You did a wonderful job as master of ceremonies Involving everyone in our day made it that little bit more special especially sharing the cuach My father took great pride in carrying this into the evening and we had many more blessings from our evening guests Lynn Bellingham Lennoxtown May 2012 Sharing of the Cuach Ceremony example Click hear to hear a Sharing of the Cuach ogg file Click hear to hear a Sharing of the Cuach wma file Listen to a Cuach Ceremony Click here for an Audio Clip of a Cuach Ceremony Renewal of Vows Ceremony Catherine and Robert June 2007 then a surprise renewal for Robert a year and a day later both on Loch Ness Stewarts of Appin family wedding Tale Click to hear a

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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish Traditional Wedding Favours and Accessories
    Scotland Forever purple Scottish National tartan A More Elaborate Bann Banns can be made with tartan s and other materials Often it is two family tartans bride and groom s sewn back to back or with leather or silk tassles added The choice is yours For the exchange asked for such a bann see the booking fees page and be sure to select Handfasting to see the bann options A Woven Bann Perhaps the most traditional I weave these traditional inkles or ribbons straps using local Perthshire wools from Scottish sheep dyed by the shepherd using protein dyes The couple can choose the colours to suit the wedding theme The inkle bann can even be worn into the ceremony as a belt around the waist of the wedding dress somewhat like the Medieval drop waist belts The inkles can be decorated with Celtix beads from Wales The choice of beads The current stock of banns and colours is thus Inkle making is very old at least 600 years It may have come like handfasting from the Vikings or Saxons Below is the Inkle loom Banns take about 4 hours to weave And if the weather is good I weave in the garden For the exchange asked for such a bann see the booking fees page and be sure to select Handfasting to see the bann options Crosaichen Bhrìde Brìde s Crosses Brigit s Crosses A gift to or from the couple Known by many names She is known as Brigit in Ireland and Scotland and as Cerridwen in Wales She is the Goddess of the hearth fire and poetry She is the only goddess to survive from the Celtic into the Christian pantheon of saints These crosses made of Rush come from the ancient rituals honouring her Many Irish homes

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  • Highland Blessings - Traditional Highland Wedding Dress and Sporans
    Kilt is 300 pounds and upwards Some plain plaids are available to rent from me for about 30 pounds If you are looking to wear traditional dress for your wedding talk to me without obligation and I can advise before you spend money Note Plaids are only supplied to clients where I am attending the wedding in Celebrant capacity The Arasaid The Arasaid is the womens belted plaid pronounced ah rah sedge It is tied verra like a man s great plaid Here is pictured a dark green one worn over a full gown and clasped across the breast and a Fraser of Lovat worn with a skirt and blouse The upper shawl can be worn in a number of ways A Lasses sporan can also be seen in brown Some images will enlarge if cliked on Note Plaids are only supplied to clients where I am attending the wedding in Celebrant capacity Glen and Jeana s handfasting renewal of vows Sporanan sporrans A sporan is for life not just the wedding These sporans are intended for everyday use so they re tough They are handcrafted in the old way using only hand tools Each one is unique made to order with your custom colours and finished with Welsh Silver CeltiC Beads by The Celtic Bead Shop By comparison to small Victorian Dress Sporans I make them in large or medium capacity There are two costs of Sporran The single coloured medium sack front as in the Black above and more than one colour sack or in larger capacity See Exchange page for costs Sporran belt loop or chain strap rings There are two ways to attach a man s sporan By the belt loop shown left and centre below normally worn on the hip or to the side By

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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish / Celtic Wedding Services and exchanges
    the marriage home to bring protection and luck If you have your own suitable besom there is no charge for this ceremony Tick this box and let me know you have a besom in the Anything else box at the foot of the form Jump the besom in the handfasting Jump the besom in the reception 50 Storytelling Traditional Highland Storytelling for the reception akin to a Clan Bard of times past to regale the company with wedding Tales history and perhaps even family stories Storytelling Sessions over about 3 hours usually after the ceremony till the Wedding Breakfast perhaps afterwards Themed on Highland weddings past Note on availablity In the High season June Sept Weekends Friday Sunday are reserved for engagements that include Hand Fasting ceremonies Generally storytelling only events are kept to mid week in High Season Longer distance engagements South England and Europe are generally kept to low season Oct May but please enquire 170 Storytelling In addition to Handfasting Usually after the ceremony till the Wedding Breakfast perhaps afterwards Themed on Highland weddings past 120 Storytelling As part of Master of Ceremonies Usually after the ceremony till the Wedding Breakfast perhaps afterwards Themed on Highland weddings past gratis No Storytelling No storytelling 0 Family Tales Give any family names that you would specificly like Tales of I probably have one gratis Sporan agus Breacan Sporan and Plaid All sporans made in Perthshire Scotland N B Sporans are created to order and thus require a lead time of at least 3 weeks Sporans CAN be ordered outwith wedding services Plaids cannot Medium Sporan Old Style Highland sporan to your needs and colours made by me I will contact you about colours etc before I make it Finished with a Belt loop Finished with Rings for your own Chain Strap belt not supplied 65 Large or Two Tone Sporan As above but with a third more capacity OR a two tone sack pic above I will talk with you about colours etc after your form submission finished with a Belt loop finished with Rings for your own Chain Strap belt 80 Lasses Sporan Sporan for the ladies medium size complete with adjustable plaited strap 85 Your Own Plaid I can source most plaids and tartans and give full lessons and pictorial instruction before the wedding in the donning of them Ladies require about 3 yards meters for an Arasaid men require about 5 Your choice of Clann sept name and hunting weathered etc variant Note 1 you will require a brooch or two with a thick pin to stow the plaid over the shoulder or wear it as an arasaid See below for brooches Note 2 Plaids are only supplied to clients where I am attending the wedding in Celebrant capacity 120 200 Brooches Penannular brooch suitable for the rigours of Arasaid and Great Plaid Large brooch See Dress page for pins and brooches Small brooch I would like TWO of my chosen brooch for an Arasaid 22

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  • Highland Blessings - Scottish wedding planners, music, venues, castles, contacts
    response within 48 hours please contact us by phone we often loose email facility here in the Highlands The only broadband we have is the one we handfast couples with Scot and Samantha and our wee house Taigh an t Seanachaidh The Storyteller s Cottage Links These links are for people whom we have worked with and can recommend There are links noted whom we have not worked with but who have approached us and we have included them because they are interesting similar to us and so on Quick link Index Wedding Planners Favours gifts Venues Photographers The day before after U S contacts Germany to Scotland Ceile Private Events Feiern Sie doch mal auf einem schottischen Schloss Wedding coordination in Scotland For couples coming from Germany and the continent Perthshire wedding planner Blue Thistle Weddings Favours Hand baked biscuits and treats Your Favour Eats Venues We have worked in MANY venes over the years We ll give you an unbiased opinion of a venue you are considering if we know it The Hermitage Dunkeld Perthshire National Trust for Scotland Duns Castle Lothian Airds Hotel Northern Argyll N B we also offer additional services while at Airds such as guided walks of the beautiful area Skibo Castle Carnieie Club Dornoch Kincraig House near Aviemore is a hunting lodge from the 1700s Sleeps 4 14 for a great self catering wedding Has a garden space for outdoor ceremonies It s the home of Frances who extends a great welcome Atholl Palace Hotel Spa Pitlochry Overlooking beautiful parklands Photographers Mark Archibald Lisa Devine Photography www GaryAdam co uk Glasgow based freelance wedding and portrait photographer Around the wedding day Tours that we offer for your family and friends while you are in Scotland from a day to a week USA contacts

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