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    business was low Being a small business I did not have too much funds to allocate for expensive marketing strategies SEO Specialist helped me gain a lot of traffic with small modification advices With a good traffic I am a happy man now Jodie Dean This is a great company if anyone is looking for good advice for marketing strategies and SEO I can say this from my personal experience

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    war to attract potential customers which are already overloaded with stimmuli sounds colours and things that move and flash It definitely takes an expert to design and run a successful digital marketing campaign As things are so chaotic and changing anyone could have massive success in the Internet and we know that when we see random videos that go viral but it is a matter of luck and for one meme or video that gets across the globe there are millions of random posts and uploads that get lost in the virtual ocean If you want your business to succeed you will have to hire a good Digital Marketing company You can t just focus on non Internet based marketing and forget about the online world because let s face it nowadays everybody lives online You would be wasting the number one channel for reaching audiences Internet is now far more popular than TV Heck now there are TVs with an Internet connection Finding a good digital marketing company is as difficult as finding a good company in any other field There are scammers and ignorant providers and tons of false advertising because anyone can purchase a domain and request for your credit card number with some flashy buttons and a Facebook profile After checking the websites and records of many Kent based digital marketing companies let us offer here our Top 3 If you are in the Kent area and you are looking for a digital marketing company check these 3 Source Code Digital Marketing With a motto as catchy as Using Machines to Beat Machines Source Code stands out as one of the best digital marketing companies in our list What makes Source Code unique is that people behind it have a strong coding background so they can dissect and understand software better than those who have a mostly marketing based background People at Source Code have developed their very unique software for link placement and audit Google profile adjustement and quality content They are comfortable with large scale data analysis and bot fueled strategies Link http www scdmarketing co uk 2 Potent Links As the company name shows this company is aimed to create a strong link network for its clients It works with many SEO agencies providing good quality links in relevant domains Most companies that provide links for SEO purposes use cheap means to provide many low quality or suspicious links that can backfire and make your PR collapse in the glimpse of an eye However Potent Links is guarantee of wisely placed links and high relevancy sites A solid high quality backlink network is indispensable for good SEO so if you want to rank your webpage you should check this company Link http www potentlinks co uk 1 Link Audit We have placed this one in the number one spot because it provides a much needed service for websites in trouble Many webmasters have fallen in the hands of bad SEO and seen their

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