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  • Search engine optimisation (SEO), web analytics training courses
    you have a very good chance of building long term success even if they do change their rules We offer two SEO courses DIY SEO for the SME is designed for webmasters running sites for small businesses A more technical course SEO for web designers and agencies is more suitable for those responsible for the overall structure and navigational architecture of a site Web analytics invaluable marketing data We offer training in how to use Google Analytics as a marketing tool Introduction to Google Analytics looks at the use of Google Analytics as a marketing tool and the way in which its use is a vital part of successful SEO and PPC campaigns We believe that using your site s web stats is vital to understand how it is performing and identify where the opportunities to drive it forward lie It doesn t matter which web analytics tool you use but we tend to use Google Analytics as most of our clients like it it s powerful and free is hard price to beat PPC training courses Although we believe in the power of natural search PPC pay per click advertising can make a valuable contribution to the online marketing mix Introduction to Adwords PPC advertising is designed for website owners who are either new to PPC advertising or have found it doesn t work It does if managed well All training can be provided in house as well as at our venues in the New Forest and is delivered by a Google Adwords certified individual Mentoring Even the best training is even better when followed up by mentoring All our courses include up to three hours telephone or email follow up mentoring After that period we also offer mentoring often in conjunction with web analytics reporting This can range

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  • SEO PPC and web analytics training courses
    with a comprehensive paper manual of all material covered during the event that can be used as a reference resource for future use Natural search engine optimisation courses The focus of courses on natural SEO is to provide students with an understanding of how search engines think and how to present websites and web content in a way that will match the way in which the search engine algorithms rank web pages In this way web sites and their constituent pages can achieve long term high rankings in search engines and minimise the risk of being adversely affected by changes in the search engine algorithms The course is modular in structure and at the end of each module students are encouraged to complete a short action plan In this way by the end of the day each student walks away with a well structured plan that they can start to implement as soon as they return to the office Introduction to Pay per Click Advertising using Google Adwords Google makes it very easy to follow a step by step guide in setting up an Adwords campaign and there is no point in replicating this It is also very easy to spend a lot of budget with very little return using the default settings on an Adwords account The focus of this course therefore is to look at the wide range of options available with Adwords and how to use these options to configure a campaign that will provide the best possible return on advertising investment Introduction to Web analytics using Google Analytics Google Analytics is a wonderfully powerful tool but one that can easily overwhelm by the sheer volume of data it provides This course is designed to look at how to use Google Analytics as a marketing tool that

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  • in house seo and web analytics training
    attending a public course Advantages of in house training provision Material can be tailored to the client s website Topics that are not relevant can be omitted No travelling costs or time for client Advantages of attending a public course Ideas from other students working in completely different markets can be very insightful Usually less expensive unless there are a high number of students In house training can be tailored

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  • SEO consulantancy and support services for SMEs
    their web marketing and the development of their website and web presence The role of web analytics in SEO At Search Engine Workshops we see web analytics as the driving force behind a good SEO campaign We therefore provide a web stats report each month which provides the momentum behind SEO It also measures progress and provides an early alert to any impending problems before they can do any serious harm Web stats reports are customised for each site so that we report an analysis to a depth appropriate for what the site and the business behind it is trying to achieve Everything is KPI key performance indicator driven there is no point in measuring anything unless it matters to the bottom line and can be actioned SEO and content generation Content is king with SEO or at least it is a very large part of the process and this is best provided in house It is usually cost effective for the client to develop content in house since he knows his products and services best and how their features can benefit his customers SEO training provides the client with the knowledge to make this content search engine friendly and to match what search engines are looking for to match a query SEO and mentoring Mentoring is offered to provide technical expertise This is especially useful in situations that do not arise routinely such as if a domain name has to be changed always difficult and best avoided if possible It also allows clients to keep up to date with changes in the rules of SEO that affect their sites without having to trawl through newsletters and forums we do that for you And finally mentoring is invaluable for getting a second opinion SEO is somewhere between an art and

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  • Blog
    or the SEO But it has got me thinking We all know that SEO has expanded its reach and there is so much more now to it than in the good old days of keyword density and web position gold One of the big challenges that an SEO working on their own now faces is having time to really keep on top of the strategy that is best for a client s search visibility With a multi person set up it is so much easier to allocate keeping up with the overall pattern of SEO and how best to utilise time and resources to one person and the actual implementation of that strategy to another Quite often this means of course allocating the implementation of social search to one person and social media for search to another etc etc Self employment is all about wearing many hats being the salesman the bookkeeper the marketer as well as the service provider and this is just another hat But a very important one There is no right or wrong or best when comparing the self employer SEO with an agency One will be right for one client the other better for another Generally the self employed SEO will be able to provide a more affordable service for smaller clients and provide a much more holistic approach on a budget Large organisation will simply need more SEO input than one person can provide But whichever an organisation employs or even if they keep their SEO provision in house planning is key to ensuring the best return on investment 80 of time spent on planning and 20 on implementation often has more effect than 20 on planning and 80 on implementation It can sometimes be a hard sell but the results speak for themselves in the long run Posted in SEO Comments Closed Website design improving conversion rates and helping SEO August 14 2014 The visibility of a site is gradually becoming dependent on more and more factors the number of SEO signals is increasing We used to be able to more or less ignore design but no longer Google is now believed to look at a site s performance metrics and these are definitely influenced by the site s design I have been looking at a client site that is about to undergo a redesign and so I have been thinking about design much more than I normally do I usually focus almost exclusivley on the content and how it is presented from the point of text layout But the site in question doesn t have great visibility and the conversion rate is low The low conversion rate is not the only problem but it needs improving and I think it is not unrelated to the dark background and reversed out text In my search for more expert information on how design and more specifically colour affects conversion rates I came across a video that I think is well worth watching By Flint McGaughlin of MECLABS It is quite long at an hour but provides some useful insights https www youtube com watch v AkEULLyu0cs It was recorded a while back in 2012 but it seems valid The two points that I felt I need to remember were about headlines and about focussing on just one call to action Headlines capture attention and convert into interest Flint used the rather useful metaphor of a headline being like a chat up line Both need to capture attention and then turn it into interest The site I am assessing is an ecommerce product site and the headlines are simply the product name like so many ecommerce sites Such a headline may capture the attention if is exactly and I mean exactly what you are looking for but there is no margin for error Even if the product is what your wanting to buy but you use a slightly different name for it the chances are that in the micro second you allow to for your decision you will decide it is not right and move on What a waste especially if I have put a lot of effort into the SEO of the page or perhaps even worse used Adwords and paid for you to visit the site Often there are constraints on an ecommerce and the headline has to be simply the product name Pink widgets It just doesn t invite any sort of engagement But put a sub head underneath and it becomes much more interesting Pink widgets The prettiest pink widgets apps for your Android Call to action We all know that every page needs a call to action which at the very least should be a path where you are encouraging your visitor to go rather than leave your site Often there is more than one call to action do this or do this The insight here was that every page needs a primary call to action to which 70 of the design should focus on achieving Don t confuse your message As I say obvious really but the obvious is often well worth revisiting I don t often listen to the whole of a one hour video but this one was worth the couple of cups of coffee it lasted There is a lot more good stuff than the two points I have highlighted Posted in SEO Comments Closed Where is SEO going May 23 2014 I have been working in SEO since 2000 almost the dawn of time We all know it is always changing and always has been oh for the days of Webposition Gold when all we had to do was get a few keywords in the right places work on the keyword density and up went the rankings A dim and distant memory and just as well too one might say The really big algorithm updates all made sense Florida was an early one then caffeine and more recently the two really big ones panda and

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  • About Search Engine Workshops - UK
    Search Engine Workshops UK was originally formed in 2003 to offer SEO training in the UK based on the US model developed and run by Robin Nobles and John Alexander There are now no formal connections between the two organisations just friendly ones But quite early on we realised that the US training model was very different to the UK one and since then we have focused entirely on the UK market both in terms of content and the way our training is delivered Search Engine Workshops has been part of Atracks Ltd since 2007 but by 22013 it was becoming increasingly confusing to have the two brands So we have retained the domain name we re good SEOs but the Atracks website now redirects to this one and everything is done under the Atracks banner There has been no change in service delivery or any changes to the way we interact with clients As web analytics has grown in importance especially as a driving force behind SEO then this has been added to the prospectus We offer public courses in house training and SEO and web stats analysis as client services Students attending our courses come from all over

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  • Search Engine Workshops UK contact details
    media spiders web analytics Search Contacting Search Engine Workshops UK Your Name required Your Email required Your Message By email training searchengineworkshops co uk By telephone 01590 610250 Atracks does not have a bricks and mortar office though we are most definitely real If you wish to contact us please use the contact form or email Atracks registered office is The Old School Pennington Lymington Hampshire SO41 8GN Please note

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  • SEO- targeting local areas where you do not have an office
    areas October 28 2014 It s always a challenge A small company wants to be found for search terms that include geographical areas in which they do not have a physical presence For example a fire alarm company whose offices are in Dorset want to come up for fire alarms hampshire and it s difficult The local search results based on Google maps will only list organisations based on physical address so what do you do The answer depends on how much you want to invest both in time and money and it will certainly take plenty of time Rand Fishkin did what I think is a very good White Board Friday on the topic a week or so ago http moz com blog scaling geo targeted local landing pages that really rank and convert whiteboard friday Targeting the local market beyond the doorstep has always been difficult I perhaps naively think it s a particular problem here in the UK because we are so small I imagine in the States the problem of being just over the border in Dorset but your target market being half a mile down the road in Hampshire just doesn t happen but perhaps

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