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  • Are broken links affecting your rankings?
    reports back broken links redirects local broken links ie anchor links orphan links It will also provide a list of URLs within the site and generate a sitemap though any automated sitemap needs a lot of tweaking to be of any real value Broken link report Xenu will go through a site and report all sorts of broken links including missing image links missing javaScript files style sheets etc which of course is valuable information for more than just keeping spiders happy It will also check links to external sites so if the URL of a site your site links to has changed this will be picked up Again valuable information since you don t want either your visitors or the spiders to meet a 404 when sent off to find a useful bit of information The local link report picks up errors on anchor links these again are very easy to creep onto a page change a paragraph and it is easy to forget an anchor link to or from the original Redirects The redirect report shows just how technical a web page has become Even quite a simple site is likely to have a myriad of redirects within the code Many of these are not a problem if you have any Flash on the site for example there will be a redirect that comes into operation if the visitor cannot open Flash But it is worth just checking to see if there is anything that looks alarming and then to get it checked out with the IT guys Xenu and ecommerce sites Xenu is a free tool and a good one but it does need to be used with caution especially on dynamically generated sites Ecommerce sites are the most likely to cause problems Dynamically generated sites can

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  • online SEO courses search engine optimisation training
    don t find the time they need to put in to develop good online visibility The assignments built into the online course overcome this problem by making the optimisation of your site and intrinsic part of working through the course material Module titles 1 Introducing the basics of SEO To ensure that we are all talking the same language this introductory module goes through the types of listings that search engines return and some of the fundamentals that will be covered in more detail in the course This module is designed primarily to address any assumptions that may be incorrect and which can be easily overlooked 2 Keyword Research Fundamental to all SEO is understanding which keywords will bring the right sort of traffic to a site We look at the free tools available and also at Wordtracker a subscription tool but one that offers a seven free trial which can be used to complete the assignment 3 Content Search engines read content and we look at how they do this and what they are looking for when deciding which page to list against which search query 4 Linking We look at how search engine value links External links are vital to search engine visibility and we look at how to develop a link building campaign We also look at internal linking and how to use it as effectively as possible 5 On page optimisation The areas of of the page where keywords need to be found by search engines and where they have most effect 6 Other factors affecting rankings Google and the other search engines use in excess of 200 parameters to determine their listings This module looks at some of the most important not already covered 7 Managing and monitoring SEO campaigns We look at how to use Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of changes made to the site and how analytics can suggest where effort can be most usefully deployed Assignments The assignment for each module will relate directly to work on the student s own website It will to some extent be open ended in that the assignment may require work on only a small area of the site although in the fullness of time the same process or strategy may be required to be carried out for the complete site The assignments are therefore designed to provide you with hands on practical experience of working on your own site By the end of the course successful completion of the assignments will mean that at least a section of your site will have been optimised No site optimisation is ever complete there is always more that could be done Course format Modules 2 3 4 5 and 7 are the core modules and include a course work assignment designed to apply the material covered in the module to your own site There is a short assignment with Module 1 The first module will be sent out in PDF format Once you have read it

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/training-courses/online-seo-course.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Chinese search engine Baidu and UK search
    hand you could say it just makes sense for Baidu to capitalise on its technology and to exploit is access to its 70 80 share of the huge Chinese onine market At the end of February Baidu announced is English language web site for developers and it looks like this is part of Baidu s effort to maintain its dominance in the Chinese mobile market in the face of competition from other Chinese competitors such as Qihoo Another development is Baidu s approach to leading brands in the west to partner with Baidu as advertisers A launch event is being held in London on March 18 th So what does this mean for UK business looking to gain visibility in the Chinese search engine It certainly looks as though Baidu is planning to open up more to the English speaking world Currently Baidu is a Chinese language only engine and sites need to be translated into simplified Chinese and also it hard to impossible to get rankings if the site is not hosted in China Baidu does offer paid listings the PPC model It is not as straightforward to sign up as with Google or Bing and there is a

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/blog/seo/baidu-is-it-opening-up-to-the-uk.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Google algorithm changes in 2012
    changes in 2012 and checking rankings January 22 2013 by Sally Kavanagh As we all know Google changes its algorithm frequently small changes are reputed to happen on a weekly if not daily basis Wordtracker recently published a very useful little article summarising the major updates that occurred in 2012 The description of how this affects how to check rankings is particularly useful especially the reference to Google NCR no country redirect if you want to look to see how rankings will look in another country The full article is available on the Wordtracker site The main changes last year were increase in personalisation of search and the two big anti spam updates Penguin and Panda I have big issues with personalisation of search although I can see the reasoning behind delivering results that aligned with the searchers interests My concern is that inevitably that means manipulating results which veers towards censoring results The aim may be laudable but the unintended consequences are not On the other hand Penguin aimed to remove spammy sites especially those with over optimised links remember Florida back in 2003 nothing changes and Panda which is designed to remove sites with very thin content The

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/blog/seo/google-algorithms.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Getting pages correctedGetting pages corrected and reindexed - Google WMT fetch as googlebot
    site and how deep into it the page was it could take some time All very difficult Google s Webmaster Tools has now added a natty new tool feature overcomes this You ll find it under Diganostics and then Fetch as Googlebot Fetch as Googlebot has been around for a while It allows you to ask Googlebot to come and spider a page Enter the URL click fetch and the page will be listed Simply click success when the page has been spidered and you will see the code that Google has read The tool was initially intended to allow webmasters to check to see if their sites had been hacked but it is also useful as it shows the header status code showing any redirects etc and the download time an increasingly important factor used to determine rankings The new feature is that you can now submit the page to Google meaning that the new page or content beats the queue for getting spidered You can go further and ask Google to respider and reindex all the pages that the corrected page links to you There is a limit on the use of Fetch as Googlebot Matts Cutts in

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/blog/seo/page-corrections.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Blog
    entrepreneurs also offer a way of getting your message across to an audience who may not even know you offer a solution to their problem or even that they have a problem Online PR Again very valuable Distributing regular press releases using a service such as prweb is a valuable arm in any traffic generation arsenal LinkedIn I think LinkedIn is a great site but an increasingly annoying one The idea behind LinkedIn is that individual professionals network with each other to their mutual benefit Excellent Then company profile pages were added fine But then inevitably these company profile pages become a web marketing tool and a lot of companies simply do not have the time and or inhouse resources to set up and manage the company profile The trouble is that LinkedIn does not have any strategy for allowing third parties ie SEOs to manage their profles on their behalf The reasoning is as I understand it that everything must be done by the people on the ground In my view LinkedIN is trying to have it both ways a professional networking site with integrity plus the commercialism of company promotion Facebook I am very very wary of Facebook from the business angle I know that many companies swear by it and if you are serving the B2C market then I would certainly recommend clients consider it It s also good for peer to peer communication I know several creative agencies that have found excellent staff using Facebook But for organisations that are aiming for larger clients the corporate market government contracts etc there are big dangers The main one is that it is all to easy for the personal to cross over to the business so that a prospect pulls up a photo of a company employee on a night out instead of one of him diligently working away I know that there are privacy settings to prevent this from happening but the danger is there and once on the internet everything is there for ever My view is that the way to keep a professional image is to keep Facebook for leisure and LinkedIn for business unless as I say your market is B2C Twitter Twitter is definitely a fad that has found its niche its raison d etre I still find the information overload irritating why anyone feels the need to update the world on an hourly basis continuously is beyond me but perhaps they just lead much more interesting lives than I do But for communicating interesting ideas and updating on a rapidly changing situation it is wonderful Its power in influencing the Arab Spring is testament to that So my new month s resolution for June why just resolve in January is to use Twitter better There is an excellent ebook on how to to use Twitter for Business at Hubspot not new but still a very good from the basics up guide Reviews Reeviews are a whole other can of worms but one

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/blog.html/page/3 (2016-02-18)
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  • Copywriting tips
    social media spiders web analytics Search Social media activity helps SEO it s official Wordtracker Copywriting hints January 17 2011 I am not usually a great fan of 10 tips for getting richer or 20 ways to rule the world but reach for a cup of coffee and sit down with 10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy It s short well written very readable and makes some points worth taking

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/general/copywriting-hints.html (2016-02-18)
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  • Name search resource
    web analytics Search Drop in organic traffic after Google changes search interface www or no www for SEO Name search resource July 26 2010 Very useful resource for checking social names domain names and trade marks http www ud com Invaluable for checking to see if names are available or if a competitor is using one inappropriately Much quicker as everything can be checked at the same location Posted in

    Original URL path: http://www.searchengineworkshops.co.uk/general/name-search-resource.html (2016-02-18)
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