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  • PPC
    Adwords May 20 2011 Excluding competitors from seeing and then clicking on Adwords is a valuable way of targeting your Adwords budget Read the rest of this entry Posted in Adwords PPC Comments Closed Facebook ads vs Adwords which is better June 25 2009 Google Adwords has been around a while and is almost synonymous with PPC advertising but certainly not quite Yahoo search marketing and Microsoft s offerings have

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  • SEO
    is quite long at an hour but provides some useful insights https www youtube com watch v AkEULLyu0cs It was recorded a while back in 2012 but it seems valid The two points that I felt I need to remember were about headlines and about focussing on just one call to action Headlines capture attention and convert into interest Flint used the rather useful metaphor of a headline being like a chat up line Both need to capture attention and then turn it into interest The site I am assessing is an ecommerce product site and the headlines are simply the product name like so many ecommerce sites Such a headline may capture the attention if is exactly and I mean exactly what you are looking for but there is no margin for error Even if the product is what your wanting to buy but you use a slightly different name for it the chances are that in the micro second you allow to for your decision you will decide it is not right and move on What a waste especially if I have put a lot of effort into the SEO of the page or perhaps even worse used Adwords and paid for you to visit the site Often there are constraints on an ecommerce and the headline has to be simply the product name Pink widgets It just doesn t invite any sort of engagement But put a sub head underneath and it becomes much more interesting Pink widgets The prettiest pink widgets apps for your Android Call to action We all know that every page needs a call to action which at the very least should be a path where you are encouraging your visitor to go rather than leave your site Often there is more than one call to action do this or do this The insight here was that every page needs a primary call to action to which 70 of the design should focus on achieving Don t confuse your message As I say obvious really but the obvious is often well worth revisiting I don t often listen to the whole of a one hour video but this one was worth the couple of cups of coffee it lasted There is a lot more good stuff than the two points I have highlighted Posted in SEO Comments Closed Where is SEO going May 23 2014 I have been working in SEO since 2000 almost the dawn of time We all know it is always changing and always has been oh for the days of Webposition Gold when all we had to do was get a few keywords in the right places work on the keyword density and up went the rankings A dim and distant memory and just as well too one might say The really big algorithm updates all made sense Florida was an early one then caffeine and more recently the two really big ones panda and penguin and of course hummingbird There have of course been lots more But where is SEO going now I recently attended BrightonSEO a great event with lots of excellent sessions I am a freelancer working on my own so what really made an impression on me was talking to all the agency people there all of whom were saying how much penalty related work they were picking up from other agencies that had left their clients with sites that had Google had penalised I didn t meet any agencies who admitted to being responsible for the penalties but perhaps they don t attend so many conferences The results of all these penalties is that sites and SEOs are becoming paranoid about doing anything that might incur Google s wrath and that means anything at all it seems On forums on blogs on SEO websites everywhere there are warnings about doing this or that and what the results may be Guest blogging is a prime example Not so long ago guest blogging was the in thing now it is often described as little better than spam that will almost inevitably result in a penalty The result is that the no follow tag is being used everywhere At the end of March Econsultancy have started no following links to just about everywhere including the links from authors bios The no follow tag was brought in initially to prevent spam in blog comments a sensible answer to a real problem Then it became useful to differentiate natural links from paid links perfectly legitimate paid links but not the vote that a link from a site was meant to be as understood by Google s algorithm But if econsultancy and others I am using econsultancy just as an example is saying we don t want to associate ourselves from our authors sites then why is econsultancy using those authors I think their answer would be that Google can t differentiate good links from bios on respectable sites and spam ones which if true does not say much for the robustness of Google s current algorithm Personally I wouldn t go to all the trouble of writing the kind of high quality article post that a worthwhile site would want to publish if I weren t going to get a follow link back Unless of course they paid me I may be naïve but I think that good honest white hat SEOs need to keep their nerve Good SEO has always been first and foremost about doing what is right for the visitor and then taking a second look at what is right for the robots and if the two clash which is rare the user should always wins I still believe in guest blogging If a good quality article is published on a good quality high authority site then it is good for the visitor to see a link back to the author s site and although it doesn t make any difference to the user it is

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  • Seo Checklist
    is an example of how they can really work It s colourful and attractive memorable and it has some very useful content Best of all it s different Posted in SEO seo checklist Comments Closed Google Authorship getting it right November 12 2013 by Sally Kavanagh Google is something to be taken seriously It s a Google product and it makes sense that Google will do everything it can to promote its use including using it as a signal when determining search engine rankings Author rank is linked to your Google account and author rank is definitely worth developing Anything that increases the authority and credibility of you as a content generator and of content that you have generated has to help with the visibility of pages associated with you as an author But managing author rank is not the easiest task Danny Sullivan has written an excellent article on some of the pitfalls and issues of Google author rank it s well worth keeping a note of as a source of reference Social metatags On a related topic here is another excellent article worth keeping to hand This one is by Cyrus Shepherd and looks at social meta tag

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  • Social Media
    blogs for entrepreneurs also offer a way of getting your message across to an audience who may not even know you offer a solution to their problem or even that they have a problem Online PR Again very valuable Distributing regular press releases using a service such as prweb is a valuable arm in any traffic generation arsenal LinkedIn I think LinkedIn is a great site but an increasingly annoying one The idea behind LinkedIn is that individual professionals network with each other to their mutual benefit Excellent Then company profile pages were added fine But then inevitably these company profile pages become a web marketing tool and a lot of companies simply do not have the time and or inhouse resources to set up and manage the company profile The trouble is that LinkedIn does not have any strategy for allowing third parties ie SEOs to manage their profles on their behalf The reasoning is as I understand it that everything must be done by the people on the ground In my view LinkedIN is trying to have it both ways a professional networking site with integrity plus the commercialism of company promotion Facebook I am very very wary of Facebook from the business angle I know that many companies swear by it and if you are serving the B2C market then I would certainly recommend clients consider it It s also good for peer to peer communication I know several creative agencies that have found excellent staff using Facebook But for organisations that are aiming for larger clients the corporate market government contracts etc there are big dangers The main one is that it is all to easy for the personal to cross over to the business so that a prospect pulls up a photo of a company employee on a night out instead of one of him diligently working away I know that there are privacy settings to prevent this from happening but the danger is there and once on the internet everything is there for ever My view is that the way to keep a professional image is to keep Facebook for leisure and LinkedIn for business unless as I say your market is B2C Twitter Twitter is definitely a fad that has found its niche its raison d etre I still find the information overload irritating why anyone feels the need to update the world on an hourly basis continuously is beyond me but perhaps they just lead much more interesting lives than I do But for communicating interesting ideas and updating on a rapidly changing situation it is wonderful Its power in influencing the Arab Spring is testament to that So my new month s resolution for June why just resolve in January is to use Twitter better There is an excellent ebook on how to to use Twitter for Business at Hubspot not new but still a very good from the basics up guide Reviews Reeviews are a whole other can of worms

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  • Spiders
    and how do they help with image and page optimisation Read the rest of this entry Posted in SEO spiders Comments Closed Looking at your web page through Google s eyes January 12 2010 It can be very revealing to see what your site must look like to Googlebot Read the rest of this entry Posted in SEO spiders Tags SEO spiders Comments Closed Are broken links affecting your rankings

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  • Web Analytics
    it But there are two common problems that arise if full admin access is not available The first is that the client or their service provider wants to do some analysis on the site and will need to see how the account is set up configure goals and filters etc This is the problem I hit most frequently when I want to provide a stats report for a new client or ongoing monthly reports for existing clients In one recent example I have been looking at an ecommerce site that I know is not performing well and the client wants to know why Google Analytics has not been configured to track ecommerce but it has not even been set up to track transactions for example by tracking the thank you page as a goal This means I have no information at all such as traffic source landing page etc on the few transactions that have been made The second problem is very serious If a client changes their web agency the one holding the Google Analytics acciybt then there is no way of migrating the profile The old agency can simply stop access to the data and there is nothing the client can do about it either legally or practically Even is the old agency wants to hand the data over to the client or the new agency there is no way of doing it So how does this confusion between accounts and profiles arise The big problem is that so few web agencies especially small ones understand Google Analytics I have come across this profile problem many many times and never has it been intentional It is simply that web agencies do not understand that setting up a new profile for a new site is not the right way

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  • DIY SEO for the SME - website traffic generation
    themselves in house or sometimes so that they are in a better position when outsourcing SEO and choosing their outsourcing partner This course assumes that access to the site is via a CMS content management system Therefore we discuss what a good SEO friendly CMS needs to provide but in general the more technical aspects of code building etc are not included Course length short day 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch Course programme Key facts about how search engines work the range of factors that search engines look at when ranking pages Keyword research free and subscription tools and how to use them Links how search engines looks at links external back links their value and how to generate them the power of internal linking Content for visitors and search engines how to write content that will appeal to search engines and result in good rankings and also appeal to visitors and convert into sales or enquiries On page optimisation Getting the right words in the right places Local search and geo targeting even if your site is targeting an international audience local search is still important Spam filters search engines are always trying to weed out low value sites and those trying to cheat knowing how they do this prevents the innocent being unwittingly caught Managing an SEO campaign inclusion issues and changing content using Google s Webmaster Tools why analytics are vital to an SEO campaign All students receive a comprehensive manual of all course material Free telephone mentoring support is included to be taken within three months of the course Course aims To enable students to optimise their own CMS driven sites SEO is not difficult but there are a large number of elements to it A mentoring service is available customised to each

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  • Introduction to Google Analytics training course web analytics
    the information it provides Not using Google Analytics on a site is running it blindfold Course length short day 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch Course programme What is web analytics and what can it deliver Planning the process as with any process thinking through what the goals are and how they are to be achieved is the vital first step How data is collected Setting up the web analytics account including basic filtering to exclude internal traffic and permitting access to different users Overview of what information Google Analytics provides and how to access and export it Dealing with information overload Defining key performance indicators for you site we shall look at examples of KPIs that apply to many different sites without losing sight of the need to make KPIs site specific Kaizen setting up a cycle of continuous improvement ensures action results from the information provided by the stats if no action every happens why bother to measure anything in the first place Web analytics and search we look at both PPC and natural search data and how to use this to reduce the cost of traffic generation Web analtyics and usability what can web analytics say about how well your website is meeting visitor needs and expectations how to spot areas for improvement Web analytics and performance is your website achieving its goals Presenting information ensuring information is presented in a way that ensures it is acted up Case Studies real examples of how web data has been used to make sites more effective more search engine visible and more profitable GAIQ qualification All students receive a comprehensive manual of all course material Free telephone mentoring support is included to be taken within three months of the course Course aims To enable students use Google

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