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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Privacy policy
    using a cookie file Where used these cookies are downloaded to your computer automatically This cookie file is stored on the hard drive of your computer as cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer s hard drive They help us to improve our website and the service that we provide to you All computers have the ability to decline cookies This can be done by activating the setting on your browser which enables you to decline the cookies Please note that should you choose to decline cookies you may be unable to access particular parts of our website Our advertisers may also use cookies over which we have no control Such cookies if used would be downloaded once you click on advertisements on our website Use of Your Information The information that we collect and store relating to you is primarily used to enable us to provide our services to you In addition we may use the information for the following purposes i To provide you with information requested from us relating to our products or services To provide information on other products which we feel may be of interest to you where you have consented to receive such information ii To meet our contractual commitments to you iii To notify you about any changes to our website such as improvements or service product changes that may affect our service If you are an existing customer we may contact you with information about goods and services similar to those which were the subject of a previous sale to you Sea Travel Ltd will not sell rent or share your personal information to third parties unless in connection with your request or unless we are required by law to do so Storing Your Personal Data Data that is provided

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  • Sea Travel Ltd Site Map
    Rim Service ST 0033 TRANSATLANTIC SERVICE ST 0034 GERMANY BELGIUM SOUTH AFRICA THE NETHERLANDS GERMANY ST 0035 Asia West Coast Central and South America ACSA ST 0036 USA East Coast South America East Coast ST 0037 Europe Far East Europe NE8 ST 0038 Asia West Coast Central ACSA 3 ST 0039 Mediterranean Sea Asia MEX3 ST 0040 South America ST 0041 Europe USA Europe ST 0042 Euro Med Service ST 0043 Euro Aegean Service ST 0044 Euro Adriatic Service ST 0045 WEST AFRICA SERVICE ST 0046 PEARL STRING AROUND THE WORLD ST 0047 SINGAPORE PAPUA NEW GUINEA NEW CALEDONIA FIJI NEW ZEALAND ST 0048 ANTWERP MONTOIR BREST ANTWERP ST 0049 MEDITERRANEAN SOUTH AMERICA WEST COAST MEDITERRANEAN ST 0050 Freighter Cruise to the South Seas ST 0051 Europe Far East Europe ST 0052 EUROPE ASIA MIDDLE EAST SRI LANKA ST 0053 Australia and New Zealand via Panama ST 0054 Canada Korea China US Canada ST 0055 Baltic Sea North Sea Scandinavia ST 0056 South America East Coast Carribean South America East Coast ST 0057 Far East South America Far East ST 0058 US West China US West ST 0061 SOUTH EAST ASIA INDIA SOUTH EAST ASIA ST 0062 East Coast South America Tanger Med North Europe SAFRAN ST 0063 Asia WC Mexico Panama Caribbean PACIFIC EAST COAST 2 ST 0064 Japan China USA Canada Columbus LOOP ST 0065 Indian Sub Continent Mediterranean sea US East Coast INDAMEX service ST 0066 Korea China Taiwan Australia ST 0074 Antwerp Ireland ST 0075 Antwerp Scotland ST 0076 Rotterdam United Kingdom ST 0077 Hull Poland ST 0078 Norway Fjord ST 0079 Antwerp Finland ST 0080 Antwertp Finland with Hanko and Rauma ST 0081 Bremerhaven Sweden ST 0082 Hamburg Baltic Sea Countries ST 0085 Kiel Finland ST 0086 Amsterdam Lake Malaren Sweeden and England ST 0087

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Affiliates
    by links to Sea Travel Ltd which you place online Qualifying revenue is when visitors follow links from Affiliate s website to seatravelltd co uk make an enquiry and then book a service Qualifying revenue is considered the lead turned into a reservation Please note that qualifying revenue is calculated and based on our margin level and not on the selling price Payments We will pay you on a monthly

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - LINKS
    throughout the world T5 Campervan Hire Directories We are a VW camper hire company based in North Devon that specialize in bespoke conversions that we create in our workshop We provide VW T5 LWB long wheel base 4 berth campers for short breaks festivals and longer breaks Vietnam Holidays Directories Local travel agency in Vietnam Laos Cambodia and Myanmar specializing for tailor made private tours and trips in Indochina supporting

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  • Freighter travel with Sea Travel Ltd - Cargo ship cruises. Freighter cruises worldwide
    Veracruz Altamira Houston New Orleans Cristobal Sines Barcelona Gioia Tauro Naples La Spezia 3 Antwerp Belgium Liverpool United Kingdom Chester Pennsylvania USA Wilmington North Carolina United States Antwerp Belgium 4 New York Norfolk Charleston Antwerp Bremerhaven Rotterdam Le Havre New York 5 La Spezia Valencia Sines Cristobal Panama Canal Balboa Long Beach Oakland Vancouver Seattle Oakland Long Beach Balboa Panama Canal Cristobal Gioia Tauro Civitavecchia La Spezia We are looking forward to welcoming you on board SEA TRAVEL LTD now offer ferry crossings and mini cruises from to Dover Dunkirk Copenhagen Oslo Harwich Esbjerg Newcastle Amsterdam For Ferry Cruises and Services from to Barcelona Civitavecchia Palermo Salerno Livorno Valencia Tangier Tunisia and Trapani please click Grimaldi lines banner to book online SEA TRAVEL LTD is a company registered in England to provide Freighter Cruises on cargo ships Conventional Cruises on cruise passenger liners and Expedition Cruises worldwide For freighter travel information expedition voyages luxury cruising or ferry crossings contact us on This e mail address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it We offer several types of cruises cargo voyages aboard vessels some of which are with capacity of up to 12 passengers and possibly

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  • Grimaldi Lines

    (No additional info available in detailed archive for this subpage)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - DESTINATIONS
    0005 Europe USA Europe ST 0006 Caribbean Sea ST 0007 EUROPE FAR EAST EUROPE ST 0008 US South America East Coast US ST 0009 Europe Turkey ST 0010 MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE VIA SUEZ CANAL SINGAPORE AND CHINA Including US West Coast PSI ST 0011 US Panama Canal China US ST 0012 Med Sea Far East Med Sea MD1 ST 0013 US WEST TAIWAN HONG KONG CHINA US WEST HTW ST 0014

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Check list for freighter passengers
    Education Occasionally entirely different visa regulations apply for all ports of call during the voyage Passengers must find out what is required well before the beginning of the voyage from the responsible authorities consulates or embassies of the specific countries It is essential that you point out that the entry will be by cargo ship There may be different regulations for entry via passenger vessel or aircraft Other visa and vaccination regulations m ay apply for passengers Please contact the responsible authorities consulates or embassies for information IMPORTANT Immediately on embarkation please hand over unsolicited all travel documents including passport vaccination certificate insurance declaration etc to the Captain or the responsible officer DOCTOR There is no doctor on board The vessel has a well stocked ship s dispensary and a treatment room The Captain and officers have the necessary skills to give first aid and are also able to provide further treatment You should ensure that you take an adequate quantity of important medicaments you will need during the voyage daily with you on board The ship s dispensary is not equipped to meet such a requirement CONTAINERS and CONTAINERSHIPS Containers are standard metal boxes used in specific sizes worldwide They are usually 20 and 40 ft containers a 20 ft container is 6 06m long and 2 44m wide and high A 20 ft container unit is also called TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit Containerships are designed exclusively for transporting containers in which goods of all types are carried Sea Travel Ltd does not organise any car go container transport services and do not have information of what is the content of the containers CREW The Crew on Containerships are International The Officers are manly from EU countries and most of the remaining crew members are from the Philippines Should you wish for all crew members to be tipped then please ask the captain about a crew kitty This is A THANK YOU in the form of a donated video film for the crew usually VHS System or DVD is a good idea and will make people happy Please keep in mind that most of the crew members speak English The crew on board some ships are not allowed alcohol to avoid complications Please ask the captain DEVIATION INSURANCE Deviation insurance is mandatory for every person on board and is automatically added to the fare quoted or paid Deviation insurance covers the shipping company costs if the vessel is forced to change course due to an illness accident or death of the insured person However treatment transport and similar costs for the insured person are not covered by the deviation insurance To cover these costs an international travel health insurance for ship voyages incl return transport is essential The cost of the deviation insurance can vary and will be advised and added to the fare THEFT IN PORTS OR WHILE THE SHIP IS BERTHED With regret we need to mention the fact that there are thieves everywhere in the world not just in exotic ports We therefore recommend that you close your cabin door and windows carefully in port even if you remain in the cabin While in port please also lock cupboards containing valuables such as a camera wallets valuables etc A personal tip regarding the cabin door After a while at sea you will realize that your closed door signals I don t want to talk to anybody The open door on the other hand Somebody may look in SHOP All cargo ships carry a limited number of usual shipboard canteen goods customarily provided on board e g specific brands of cigarette alcoholic beverages lemonade juices chocolate and personal grooming products The store has fixed opening times about which you are informed on board However no items can be sold in port as the store is closed by the customs The items purchased must always be paid for in cash either when the goods are handed over or at the end of the voyage via the Captain Currencies on board are the EURO and the US D Payment by EC card credit card or traveller s cheque is not allowed As the range of items in the store is limited you should cover your personal travel requirements yourself if at all possible In the course of a voyage one or several articles may be sold out and these can then be replenished only with the next delivery of provisions ELECTRIC POWER SUPPLY The electric voltage on board the ships is 220 V alternating current 60 Hz The sockets on board meet the European standards double pin round sockets TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS Passengers are permitted to take photographs everywhere on board provided that they do not thereby disturb the crew s work Taking photos may be prohibited in some areas e g in the Panama or Suez Canal Please find out about this in good time by asking the Captain Taking photographs in ports is generally strictly prohibited on the basis of the ISPS Code and is punished by the authorities with heavy fines and sometimes even prison sentences Passengers must take an adequate supply of films and batteries with them as these cannot be bought on board LEISURE ACTIVITIES There are no leisure animators on board cargo ships Every passenger is responsible for his or her leisure activities and entertainment Various leisure activities are possible on board you can bask in the sun o n a deckchair read in the ship s small library watch a DVD in the common room or do something for your health by spending time in the swimming pool sauna or fitness room You can watch the crew at work and in the evening challenge a crew member to a little game In fact there are no limits to your leisure activities as there is always something to see learn or do on a ship Many passengers also enjoy keeping a travel diary You can of course also take your own CDs DVDs or a world receiver with you on board All leisure facilities on board are communal facilities shared with the crew PETS AND BICYCLES It is generally not allowed to take pets on board Motorcycles and cars are also not permitted Bicycles can be taken on board free of charge after making a suitable inquiry although Sea Travel Ltd assumes no liability CABIN A passenger s cabin is his or her home for the entire duration of the voyage and the passenger is responsible for ensuring that everything is shipshape The steward usually cleans the cabin once a week but you should bear in mind that he is concerned mainly with another working area which means that he is scarcely capable of providing any additional cabin service Cabins are mainly outside cabins Bed linen and hand towels are provided Under certain circumstances the view from the windows of the cabin may be restricted or even blocked by containers or life boats stowed in front An unobstructed view from the cabin window can therefore not be guaranteed While passengers are disembarking the new intake may already be waiting If such a change of passengers is imminent please vacate your cabin promptly before the ship berths Occasionally your cabin may still not be completely ready when you arrive on board If something is missing e g bed linen or hand towels just contact the steward or another crew member You should avoid entering the cabin of a crew member if the door is closed as this indicates that the seaman wants to rest Owing to the shift work on board some crew members also sleep during the daytime However if the door is open and the crew member is also in the cabin you can knock and enter on request Even when in the harbour the auxiliary diesel generators continue to produce electricity Many passengers love to listen to the comfortable humming of these engines To be on the safe side we recommend that passengers who are particularly sensitive to noise take ear plugs with them CLOTHING It is essential to take non slip shoes e g sailing or gym shoes for the voyage We recommend windcheaters or wind and weatherproof clothing suitable for the trip and season If every type of climat e zone is passed through on the voyage you need to take a warm pullover and trousers and a rainproof jacket as well as light cotton clothing such as shorts and T shirts There is no dress code on board we recommend light casual wear Please avoid wearing bathing dress or shorts at meals BRIDGE AND ENGINE ROOM You have to ask the Captain or chief engineer for permission to enter these areas It is not permitted to enter the engine room alone The engine control room and bridge are nerve centres of the ship which you should make a point of seeing It is normally possible to access the bridge In adverse weather conditions when the vessel is berthing or departing and at port entrances and exits you will probably not be permitted to enter the bridge or engine room as the Captain and officers have to concentrate fully on their work Please appreciate this When on the bridge the passenger should avoid the workplace of the officer and should ensure that his work is not obstructed This ruling also applies when the ship is out at sea In time you will develop a feeling that tells you when a visit to the bridge is likely to be welcome Incidentally it is not usual to knock before entering the bridge when the vessel is at sea Greet those already on the bridge particularly when it is dark just loudly enough to make yourself noticed or understood If it is night after coming on to the bridge wait until your eyes have accustomed themselves to the darkness Please never enter the bridge from the wing of the navigating bridge at night as this can cause potentially dangerous misunderstandings with the bridge crew members who may also fear a pirate attack in some areas While on the bridge You will experience the tension caused by every manoeuvre in harbour However on many ships it is not possible to visit the bridge because of the ISPS security codes International ship and port security code that is valid since 2004 However the best view will only be half as beautiful without good binoculars As the binoculars on the bridge are important for nautical work they cannot be lent to the passengers Please use your own I t is customary if something is happening around the ship to speak in a low voice so that the crew are able to listen to the ship s radio In the case of fog steering towards a port and travelling along a river distractions may easily have serious consequences On the other hand many a seaman will enjoy an interesting conversation with you during the long watches at sea But please keep in mind that the bridge is a working area you could call it an office and the officers and the captain have to make some phone calls do important planning or administrative work besides the watch COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE SHIP Passengers can receive mail during the voyage The specific postal address can be found in the port agent list which is attached to the travel documents The names of the recipient and the ship must be written in large legible letters on the envelope Find out in advance from the post office about the mail delivery times to ensure that the letter arrives promptly It is advisable not to send valuables due to the risk of theft Although you can always hand mail over to the port agent we cannot guarantee that it will arrive or even be passed on by the port agent It is simpler and faster to phone or send a fax message However this is also comparatively expensive and should thus be reserved for urgent cases The e mail system on board may be used for a fee to send and receive e mails following registration on board As administrator of the private e mail addresses and the software the Captain is technically also able to read e mail traffic However he is urged not to do so out of respect for users desire for privacy Payment is in cash Euros or US dollars There is no internet access on board It is ideal to take your own mobile phone although they don t function in every country or near the coast Making calls from shore is cheaper In many countries telephone cards have gained acceptance Telephone cards can be purchased at post offices some big railway stations tourist information or sometimes even at the stevedore agencies at the harbour SHORE EXCURSIONS Passengers may take shore excursions on their own responsibility They have to organise these themselves Excursions must be carefully planned as the ship s berthing times are usually quite short It is best to obtain the relevant country information or travel guides in advance Crew members may also give you tips for a shore excursion In exceptional cases shore excursions are not permitted in a few countries ports Before leaving the vessel please always first ask the ship s command whether you can go a shore and if this is possible find out exactly when you have to be back at the latest It is best to take along a mobile phone so that you can be reached if there are any changes to berthing times You should always note the designation of the berth the mobile phone number of the ship and the telephone number or address of the port agen t During a shore excursion you have to pay for taxi rides drinks and meals excursions and other services immediately in cash If you want to order a taxi please contact the ship s command which will try to order one for you via the local agency The vessel may enter the port in the evening and depart the next morning Sometimes the ship s berth is far from the city or delays may occur because of the customs clearance Under these circumstances it is sometimes impossible to organise shore excursions Before every shore excursion please find out how safe the particular port is and whether or not certain areas should be avoided We recommend that you take with you small notes in Euros and US dollars e g for taxi rides and tips Even if you are unable to exchange money into the national currency small notes are better Before the trip please ask your bank for information on the various valid currencies and foreign exchange regulations of the countries involved e g taking foreign currency in and out of the country It is not permitted to exchange foreign currency outside official exchange offices in every country Unfortunately there is crime everywhere in the world and it can be particularly prevalent in some places because of extreme poverty so always be wary on shore excursions Don t wear any jewellery on display take with you only enough cash for the excursion and try to avoid carrying a handbag It is best to keep valuables close to your body Seamen usually distribute their money for shore excursions on various points of the body You should also make a point of carrying your photo equipment inconspicuously It is also possible that a vessel has to load or discharge on the roads outside the port and shore leave is not possible or not free of charge If you wish to rent a car in the harbour then tell the captain in time Possibly but not always he can ask the harbour agent to bring brochures of local car companies or even order the car for you Regulations regarding driving licences will differ With regard to the duration of shore leave we are not able to give details The stay may differ between a few hours and I 2 days according to the area ship or amount of cargo The duration depends on the time of arrival the quantity of cargo the cranes and the work force at disposal Therefore the captain will only be able to give times on arrival The ships may enter or leave the harbour at night The ship s berth is often far from the town centre Ask on board how is best to get into town and find out when you should be back on board It would be a pity if the ship continued its voyage without you The ship cannot wait for individuals Write down the designation BERTHING TIMES As berthing times are very expensive in the various ports the charterer of your ship will do everything to ensure that the vessel completes loading unloading operations as quickly as possible A ship usually berths for 6 24 hours A berthing time of up to two days can be expected in some ports or if a particularly high volume of cargo has to be transhipped Berthing times can also be at night Under some circumstances it is then not possible to go a shore LINER SHIPPING The liner vessels are vessels which as a rule circulate between specific ports on a route fixed by the charterer within a regular schedule i e they normally operate according to a predetermined timetable PILOTS Pilots assist the Captain on all dangerous shipping routes and in channels and port entrances and exits Pilots are informed about the current local conditions and advise the Captain on the manoeuvres required It may not be possible to visit the bridge if a pilot is on board as passengers would disturb the concentration of crew members or obstruct their visibility SMOKING Smoking is usually permitted on board However there are restrictions e g in the mess or recreation room Smokers are requested always to be considerate to non smokers See Safety

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