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  • Sea Travel Ltd - ANTWERP
    the famous Flemish painters such us Teniers Jacob Jordaens Antoon Van Dyck and in particular Pieter Paul Rubens Language F lemish Dutch Currency uro DOCKING Antwerp Euro Terminal at Quay 1333 Verrebroekdock on the left bank of river Schelde To get to Antwerp the vessels have to steam up the Schelde for some 40 nautical miles 74 km 46 statue miles pass the Kallolock and then sail abt 40 minutes to arrive finally at her berth inside the docks TO GET TO TOWN The historic downtown area situated on the right bank of river Schelde is at 15 to 25 minutes by taxi Tel 03 366 6666 or 03 238 3838 Alternatively you can take a taxi to terminal of city tramway 15 and reach the city denter by this very pratical and ecological public transport There are 4 usefull stops in the center Walking is not an issue for the distance and because of the tunnel you have to take to cross the river GROENPLAATS middle of the historic center statue of Rubens Cathedral MEIR in the middle of the predestrian shopping area OPERA at the edge of the shopping area ASTRID Central Railway Station and Antwerp Zoo Museum Van Schone Kunsten Museum of Fine Arts Stadhuis City Hall a fine example of 16 th century Renaissance architecture open daily Onze Lieve Vrouw Kathedraal Cathedral of our Lady the largest Gothic Cathedral in the Lower Countries with a 123 m 410 ft high tower open Mon Fri 10 00 am to 5 00 pm Sat 10 00 am to 3 00 pm Sun 1 00 pm to 4 00 pm Statue of Brabo legendary symbol who gave Antwerp its name Plantijn Museum Printers Museum Plantin art of book printing in the 16 th and 17 th century Statue of

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - CIVITAVECCHIA
    sea and land Civitavecchia became part of the ponitifial state From 1798 to 1815 the town was under French occupation French writer Stendhal was consul here between 1831 and 1842 here he wrote some of his masterpieces among them the Chartreuse de Parme On 16th September 1870 Civitavecchia opened its gates to the troops of commander Nino Bixo to become part of the Italian state Language Italian Currency uro DOCKING Berth Santa Fermina TO GET TO TOWN Our berth is at about 500 m from the North entrance of the harbour called Varco Vespucci Just outside to your right is Corso Marconi one of the main streets of Civitavecchia It is possible to reach to town walking Otherwise you will have to call a taxi WHAT TO VISIT if time and schedule permitting Within the harbour but further south compared to our berthing place is Fort Michelangelo The construction started in 1508 by Bramante continued by Antonio da Sangallo and was finalized by Michelangelo who built the donjon in 1537 In town there is the Archaeological Museum and just outside the city the Terme Taurine Roman spa About 25 km 16 miles north of Civitavecchia is Tarquinia A visit to this place could be one of the highlights of your journey Here you meet the Etruscan civilization The origin of Tarxuna its Etruscan name goes back to the 9th century B C Your visit should include the National Museum in Palazzo Vitelleschi and the Etruscan Necropoli Palazzo Vitelleschi is itself a splendid building in gotic renaissance style The museum hosts the major collection of Etruscan founding The necropolis includes more than 100 tombs But not more than 40 are only open for visitors But due to the lack of adequate lighting only a dozen can really be visited The conditions

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - ST - 0044 Euro Adriatic Service
    AD1 no vehicles Price list Passenger fares per person in EURO Type of journey Single Journey Circular Journey Fare code AD1 ADR Outside cabin BE2 2 beds EUR 575 EUR 1065 BE1 Single use EUR 885 EUR 1645 ACCOMPANIED VEHICLES Only vehicles registered for person transport Fare code V1 Cars up to 5m max height 1 90m V4 Campers up to 8 60m length 3 40 m height 2 40

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Monfalcone
    Senate of Rome in 181 BC and the place was chosen for its strategic position since it could have been an efficient military stop over for expeditions to Istria the Illyrian and for a strict control over the Iulian Carnic Alps Later on still maintaining a predominant military role Aquileia started its trading dealings especially with the iron and gold mines of the Noricum the present Carintia and most of Styria From the Augustian Age onwards the town became an important center of commercial exchanges between the Danubian regions and the Mediterranean basin thanks to its favourable geographic location In fact it stood in a fertile plain crossed by a navigable river the Natissa which at that time flowed into the Adriatic Sea besides a very functional road network connected Aquileia to the Padanian plain and to Central Europe Trade stimulated the spreading of several artisan activities there were work shops specializing in mosaics in carving marble and strong stones Factories produced fine baked clay and glass items The town plan had a rectangular shape similar to a Roman camp and was divided into neighborhoods by parallel and perpendicular roads following the direction of the cardinal points The population living

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - PIRAEUS
    Corinth Canal in 1893 Today Piraeus is the biggest harbour of Greece and one of the most important in the Eastern Mediterranean Language Greek Currency uro DOCKING Drapetsona G1 Car Terminal Downtown Piraeus is at about 5 km 3 miles TO GET TO TOWN There is a bus service to downtown Piraeus Karaiskaki Square but the service is not very frequent We suggest taxi as the most suitable solution Radio Taxis Piraeus 1 4182333 Hellas 9961420 WHAT TO VISIT Time and schedule permitting Athens is only 10 km 6 miles from Piraeus You can reach it either by taxi by bus outside the dock gates or by a local sub urban train service from downtown Piraeus Athens is the cradle of our civilization and you should not miss the Acropolis Parthenon Erechtheium with the Caryatids Temple of Athena Nike Theatre of Dionysys the Olympic Stadium and the Archaeological Museum A visit to Athens is absolutely worthwhile although you might find the local traffic somewhat hectic and the air polluted SHOPPING You might want to have a look at the jewelers gold and silver Gold comes mostly at 14K Many people go for rugs and carpets although you might be better

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Ashdod
    TO GET TO TOWN The distance from the harbour to downtown Ashdod is approx 4 km 2 1 2 miles The best way to get to town is by taxi but walking is practicable WHAT TO VISIT Time and schedule permitting The beaches are one of Ashdod s attractions Miami Beach Lido Beach Ha Kshatot Beach Yud Alef Beach The Ashdod Yam Fortress was built during the ancient Arab era 640 1099 AD The Mamonia Shrine is a beautiful shrine located next to Miami Beach serves as a heritage and cultural centre for the Moroccan community in Ashdod Includes a traditional oriental shopping centre Ashdod Museum Corin Maman open Sun Thu 9 00 am to 4 00 pm Sat and holidays 10 30 am to 1 30 pm Car Museum open Sun Thu 10 00 am to 9 00 pm Fri 10 00 am to 4 pm Tel Ashdod southeast of the city was the capital of the Philistines This place has been inhabited since the Bronze Age A few houses remain on the Tel ruins of the Arab village of Isdud including a Khan caravanserai the Sultan Ibrahim El Makbouki Mosque and the tomb of a Marabout holy man

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - IZMIR
    the Knights of St John Tamerlane and the Ottoman Empire The treaty of Sèvres after WWI put Izmir under Greek administration but after the latter s defeat in the Anatolian war the Treaty of Lausanne finally gave the town to Turkey Today the town has 2 1 2 million inhabitants and its harbour is second only to that of Istanbul in the country Homer was probably born here Language Turkish Currency New Turkish Lira YTL You will however find most shops advertising their prices in Euro and USD or other convertible currency Most shops accept convertible currencies other then local currency DOCKING The vessel will dock at any of the piers available in the port of Izmir The port is about 1 5 km 1 miles from the centre of the town TO GET TO TOWN There is public transport available Taxi is the best solution The cost is between US 3 and 10 However city center is walking distance max of 20 min to shopping center and bazaar WHAT TO VISIT Time and schedule permitting The Agora Greek Roman ruins the Alsancak Railway Station built in 1858 The Asansoer the elevator built in 1907 the Clock Towner built in 1901 Kadifekale Mt Pagus a middle age fortress probably of Greek roman origin Konak Pier built by Gustave Eiffel the Alsancak district with some historic houses from the Levantine period The Archaeological Museum is one of the finest of its kind in Turkey About 70 km 45 miles away is Ephesus one of the most important archaeological sites If the vessel s call is sufficiently long an excursion there would be worthwhile Allow 4 hours to visit the site Make an arrangement with a taxi or car to wait for you while visiting the ruins enter from the top entrance

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  • Sea Travel Ltd - RAVENNA
    of splendid monuments that witness the glorious past of Ravenna as great political commercial and cultural centre Ravenna inspired Dante who is buried here Boccaccio Byron and Klint Nearby there are miles and miles of sandy beaches along the coast of the Adriatic Sea Language Italian Currency uro DOCKING Terminal Sapir San Vitale Dock about 4 miles 6 km from downtown Ravenna TO GET TO TOWN There is public transport available but the frequency is very low such as to recommend the use of taxi Radio Taxi Tel 0544 33888 or Rhaama Service also for car hire Tel 0544 66666 WHAT TO VISIT Time and schedule permitting The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia 5 th century AD with its mosaics a model of perfection the National Museum the Basilica of San Vitale dating from 548 AD one of the most beautiful churches in the world mosaics marbles the Baptistery of the Arians of gothic origin late 5 th century the Cathedral and the Archbishop s Museum 1733 the Church of San Francesco 5 th century where the funerals of Dante were held in 1321 Dante s graveyard the Basilica of Sant Apollinare Nuovo 6 th century the Rocca Brancaleone fortress built

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