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  • Sea Travel Ltd - ST-0120 US-South America-US
    2 5 17 19 21 22 33 38 Miami 3 15 17 19 20 31 36 Caucedo Santos Navegantes Rio de Janeiro Vitoria Caucedo Norfolk Vessel details Type Container vessel Flag Liberia Built 1994 Lenght 174 00 m Breadth 27 40 m Tonnage 22 236 t Crew german kirib russ Passenger cabins 2 cabins Sports room swimming pool sauna recreation room 2 double cabins day bedroom shower lavatory TV CD

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/654-st-0120-us-south-america-us?tmpl=component&print=1&page= (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - ST-0123 US-Europe-Far East- Europe- US
    passsengers on ports marked with Vessel m v Hanjin San Diego Fare Double occupancy 89 00 EUROper day pp Single occupancy 99 00 EURO per day pp Deviation insurance 107 00 Euro pp Port charges 85 00 Euro pp Travel documents Passport US visa type B1 B2 Medical certificate for passengers older than 64 years Cabins 4 Cabin1 inside 27 7m living room and bedroom single beds shower WC TV

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/674-st-0123-us-europe-far-east-europe-us?tmpl=component&print=1&page= (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - ST-0124 Korea-China-Singapore-India-Sri Lanka-Hong Kong-ICS service
    20 days Colombo 40 days Singapore 44 days Hong Kong 48 days Busan no transportation on passengers on these ports Cabins Cabin A 17 1m combined living room and bedroom bed 200x140cm shower wc TV DVD refridgerator Cabin B 18 m combined living room and bedroom bed 200x140cm shower wc TV DVD refridgerator Fares Double occupancy 89 00 EUROper day pp Single occupancy 99 00 EURO per day pp Deviation

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/675-st-0124-korea-china-singapore-india-sri-lanka-hong-kong-ics-service?tmpl=component&print=1&page= (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Freighter Travel Newsletters by Sea Travel Limited
    2011 Newsletter January 18 2011 Newsletter April 10 2011 Newsletter May 3rd 2011 Newsletter May 18th 2011 Newsletter June 9th 2011 Newsletter June 17th 2011 Newsletter July 5th 2011 Newsletter July 26th 2011 Newsletter August 1st 2011 Newsletter August 17th 2011 Newsletter September 16th 2011 Newsletter October 11th 2011 Newsletter November 14th 2011 Newsletter December 19th 2011 Newsletter January 5th 2012 Newsletter February 3rd 2012 Newsletter March 21st 2012 Newsletter

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/483-2012-03-21-11-59-25?tmpl=component&print=1&page= (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - New Freighter Travel Routes with Sea Travel Limited
    of Mexico United States East Coast Mediterranean Sea United Arab Emirates There are weekly departures aboard British Flag Container vessels carrying 5 100 TEUs built in 2008 2 double and 1 single cabins are available to passengers each with separate sitting and sleeping areas and with private ensuite For booking information please ask a Sea Travel Ltd on 44 203 371 9484 or This e mail address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it Another wonderful oportunity for those wishing to visit India and North America will be the new India America Express Service with itinerary Indian Sub Continent Mediterranean Sea North America East Coast aboard Bahamas Flag Ships Departures are approximately every 2 months as there are only 2 vessels employed in this service with rotation of approximately 55 days round voyage Please be informed that Visa for India is mandatory as well as yellow fever vaccination and full visa for US for all non US citizens US visa must be a tourist visa type B1 B2 and ESTA form is not valid due to the fact that Cargo ships are not part of the US visa Waiver Program For further information on how

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/500-new-freighter-travel-routes-with-sea-travel-limited (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Sea Travel Release New Cargo Ship Routes Available for Passengers
    for immigration on the spot Possibilities for connection with the following services North Europe Mediterranean Sea Red Sea United Arab Emirates Pakistan India Japan China USA Canada North Europe North Africa Malta Middle East Gulf Asia Asia North Europe Mediterranean Sea Middle East Gulf Asia Asia Gulf of Mexico US East Coast Tanger Med UAE FORMALITIES COMPULSORY Passport valid more than 6 months after the return date VISA for China VISA for India Yellow Fever Inoculation ST 0063 Asia Gulf of Mexico US East Coast Tanger Med UAE Asia Gulf of Mexico US East Coast Tanger Med UAE Duration approx 76 days round voyage Frequency Every week Itinerary HONG KONG Hong Kong CHIWAN China SHANGHAI China PUSAN South Korea BALBOA Panama PUNTA MANZANILLO Panama HOUSTON USA MOBILE USA MIAMI USA JACKSONVILLE USA SAVANNAH USA CHARLESTON USA NEW YORK USA TANGER MED Marocco JEBEL ALI United Arab Emirates SINGAPORE Singapore HONG KONG Hong Kong Link http www seatravelltd co uk freighter choose your freighter 469 st Fares Daily fare pp Double Ocupancy Single ocupancy 100 00 Euro per day 120 00 Euro per day For journey less than 10 days duration daily fare 130 double occupancy basis per pax and 140 single occupancy basis Required documents Passport valid more than 6 months after the return date US VISA VISA for China Yellow Fever Inoculation ST 0064 Japan China USA Canada Japan China USA Canada Round trip of approx 104 days Departure Frequency Every Three Months FARES Valid from November 2010 in Euros per day and per person covering the travel with full board plus stop off costs Double occupancy per person per day Single occupancy EUR100 00 EUR 110 00 For journey less than 10 days duration daily fare 130 double occupation basis per pax and 135 single occupation basis FORMALITIES

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/501-sea-travel-release-new-cargo-ship-routes-available-for-passengers (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - To Rio De Janeiro Carnival and back by Freighter Ship
    and extraordinary landmark the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer Have you been to Rio de Janeiro Brazil If the answer is NO well now is the time to think about visiting the 6th largest city in the Americas and the 26th largest in the World Sea Travel Ltd can help with your planning and provide you with new ideas of how to get from Europe to Brazil by cargo ship or vice versa Sea Travel Ltd can offer got a few services with departures from North European ports Antwerp Rotterdam Tilbury Bremerhaven or Hamburg to port of Suape or Santos Mediterranean ports Valencia or Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro Navegantes Paranagua Rio Grande and Santos Departures from France also available via Trinidad and Tobago and French Guyana Le Havre to Belem Fortaleza or Natal Rio Carnival opening ceremony starts on 4th March 2011 Friday until 8th March 2011 Tuesday An interesting fact is that Rio Carnival dates change each year because it is always celebrated 7 Sundays before the Easter Sunday and Easter day usually varies from 22nd March to 25th April each year therefore the carnival dates also move So if you want to make the most of

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/502-to-rio-de-janeiro-carnival-and-back-by-freighter-ship (2016-02-13)
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  • Sea Travel Ltd - Merry Christmas and Happy New 2011 from Sea Travel Team
    you new ideas as to how to surprise somebody special or give yourself a different gift and this is an amazing freighter cruise to popular destinations Sea Travel Ltd can easily arrange your perfect Christmas gift The Different Experience Why not take a freighter ship and travel to Brazil and make the most of the party What party you might think Rio Carnival starting on the 4th March 2011 until 8th March 2011 With sailings from to Europe to 10 Brazilian ports you can easily embark on an adventure and book your outbound and inbound voyages now New Route also available connecting North America and India North America and Egypt or North America and Australia and New Zealand All services are featured on Sea Travel Ltd website http www seatravelltd co uk If you wish to travel with your vehicle around Europe you can now do so by booking a ferry crossing Sea Travel Ltd now offers ferry crossings and mini cruises to from North Europe cities Dover Dunkirk Copenhagen Oslo Harwich Esbjerg New Castle Amsterdam Or you can easily make a reservation online using your credit or debit card for ferry crossings connecting North Africa Morocco and Tunisia and

    Original URL path: http://seatravelltd.co.uk/index.php/freighter/choose-your-freighter/503-merry-christmas-and-happy-new-2011-from-sea-travel-team (2016-02-13)
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