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  • Seaward Careers | Jobs at Seaward Electronic
    skills Experience in working irregular working patterns Experience at working in a customer service environment in a KPI driven environment Essential to have a team ethic Very good IT skills including MS office and CRM Social media awareness Flexibility and able to adapt to change Speak fluent English CLOSING DATE 11th April 2016 If you would like to apply for this job please email wendyc seaward co uk with your CV and covering letter Job title Design Engineer Department Engineering Reports Direct Principal Engineer Job Functions and Responsibilities Produce Technical Specification from Product Requirement Specification Develop products that work first time meeting tight timescales and budget Ensure the product design meets the applicable standards safety and legal requirements and is in accordance with the Seaward quality manual Ensure that all documentation produced for each project undertaken is of a level that can be clearly understood and provides sufficient details Undertake technical and risk assessments of information and situations arising Liaise and manage external design resources Liaise with production and purchasing in ensuring the product is designed for assembly and test to assist in phasing in the new product to production Produce project plans and estimations Qualifications Requirements Essential Electronics Engineer degree or equivalent minimum Hardware PCB design for high speed digital circuits Hardware design for high voltage circuits Hardware design for high precision and low noise analogue circuits Designing for low power consumption and for small space volumes Understanding of safety critical design A willingness to acquire the technical knowledge about new products is essential Desirable Embedded software design C C and QT etc LabView development Some experience of Linux or Unix Experience in ISO9000 environment Understanding of basic electrical and electronic parameters e g measurements of resistance voltage current insulation 17th edition testing useful If you would like to apply for this job please email wendyc seaward co uk with your CV and covering letter Job title Production Engineer Department Operations Department Reports Direct Operations Manager Job Purpose To participate as a member of the Seaward operations team while working with the rest of the department in achieving the performance indicators as required by the Seaward Group Responsible for helping set and maintain standards of quality that can be seen as world class Working with the purchasing department to improve the quality of materials purchased by the Seaward Group The production engineer will be expected to have the stature to deliver the strategic objectives of the company and represent the business to the outside world as and where appropriate Hard Data Returns Rate 0 5 Yield FPTR 98 Productivity Improvements Achieve published business plan KPI Training Achieve published training plan Delivery Performance 98 If you would like to apply for this job please email wendyc seaward co uk with your CV and covering letter Job title Test Technician Department Operations Department Reports Direct Team Leader Job Purpose To participate as a member of the manufacturing team carrying out all relevant forms of manufacturing operations within the department Responsible for

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/about-us/careers-at-seaward (2016-04-26)
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  • Seaward | Current Knowledge
    d love to hear from you so if you have any questions comments or stories to share please email letters current knowledge com Current and previous issues Issue 7 June 2012 Latest industry news views and events for the global solar marketplace Tech Talk Phil Old considers the need for solar PV installations to incorporate the highest standards of electrical safety and system efficiency Solar Testing Q A s We provide answers to some of the most common electrical test questions raised by PV installers Competition Your chance to take part in a short PV industry survey for the opportunity to win 200 worth of Amazon vouchers View Online Download Issue 6 November 2011 PAT Selector Guide Which PAT tester is the right one for you Assessing the risks An overview of electrical safety in the workplace Q A s We answer your questions and a chance to win an iPod Touch View Online Download Issue 5 June 2011 Win a new Seaward Solar PV100 Installation Test Kit A Guide to Testing Solar PV Systems Solar PV Industry News For more Solar PV Tester information view our Solar PV Testing product range View Online Download Issue 4 February 2011 PAT Software A look at PAT test data management programs and their role in adding value to PAT services Common Sense Approach A special new guide explains the importance of taking a common sense approach to electrical safety testing in the workplace PATBags We review a new all inclusive approach that makes it easy to select the most appropriate PAT equipment and accessories for your needs View Online Download Issue 3 May 2010 PATs explained A guide to portable appliance testers New comprehensive handheld PAT tester from Seaward Win a place on the Seaward team at the NICEIC Golf Classic View

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/about-us/current-knowledge (2016-04-26)
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  • Seaward PAT Tester Trade-in Offer | Seaward
    model of new Seaward PAT tester Device you purchase 6 Cashback only applies to one unit Device purchase per company 7 Cashback only applies to Devices purchased between 25 April 2016 and 31 May 2016 8 Any data stored on the old PAT tester Device that you wish to retain must be saved elsewhere and you must remove any memory card and or all data that has been put onto the Device prior to trade in We will not be held liable for any damage loss of any such data or consequences resulting from failure to remove data including use or disclosure of such data 9 Once you have traded in the old PAT tester Device it will not be returned to you under any circumstances 10 Following you accepting to trade in and purchasing your new tester please package your old tester absent of any accessories batteries or leads and return to us We will only accept the Device if it is returned to us using the packing label provided We will not be held liable for loss of your Device before we receive it 11 In order to honour the Quoted Value we must receive the Device before 30th June 2016 12 Cashback will only be awarded once a PAT tester Device has been received No other type of test equipment is eligible for cashback 13 If the Device does not meet eligibility requirements or we have not received the Device by 30th June 2016 no cashback will be awarded and we will not return the device to you at our cost You will be given the option to collect the Device from Seaward at your own cost 14 Provided the Device received is eligible and has been received before 30th June 2016 we will make a payment

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/userfiles/pat-tester-trade-in.php (2016-04-26)
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  • EV100 EVSE Tester | EV Charging Point Tester from Seaward
    venting system where fitted Instantly transfer detailed measurement data to an Android device via NFC See full technical specification Request a quote Request a quote Find out more about the EV100 Fast and comprehensive EVSE testing The EV100 can simulate all of the commonly used charging cable ratings to quickly and easily verify the correct response from the EVSE Types 1 and 2 No other test instruments or vehicle simulators are required Everything you need to perform testing is included Wirelessly send data back to base for immediate analysis Remote diagnosis of problems is made easy with the ability to wirelessly transfer a comprehensive range of electrical tests and full PWM analysis back to the office from the field using the EVSEMobile app A skilled diagnostic engineer back at the office can diagnose problems and instruct the technician in the field without having to leave the desk Fuss free and all in one testing solution The EV100 is the only test instrument that can confirm correct mains supply and earthing on single or three phase systems without the need for additional equipment or to disassemble the charge point to access internal conductors It will also measure the trip time of the EVSE RCD A single trip time measurement at rated RCD current is possible or alternatively a test sequence can be used to check the RCD at half rated current rated current and 5 times rated current Reduce the risk of electric shock to EVSE users EVSE charging cables are vulnerable to damage and this may present a risk of injury to the EVSE user The EV100 tests the insulation of charging cables providing peace of mind to EVSE installers operators and manufacturers that risk of electric shock is reduced Capture full PWM information The EV100 performs a full analysis of the PWM signal the method of communication between the EVSE and EV and records the voltage levels frequency and duty cycle PWM data is used to display the maximum available charging current Full PWM data can be transferred to the Android App to provide a useful diagnostic tool in cases where the EVSE is not operating correctly Full analysis of EVSE fault response The EV100 checks that the EVSE responds correctly to faults within an EV and safely terminates the charging process when required The time taken for the EVSE to respond to the various fault conditions is recorded within the EV100 s on board memory and can be downloaded into the Android App and sent back to base with the touch of a button Check EVSE ventilation systems Some EVs are fitted with batteries that require ventilation during charging The EV100 simulates this type of vehicle and is able to quickly verify that the ventilation systems controlled by the EVSE are operating correctly and that an EVSE which is not equipped with a ventilation system will not attempt to deliver charge if the EV requires ventilation See full technical specification Request a quote Request a quote Request a

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/userfiles/ev100-evse-tester.php (2016-04-26)
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  • HAL Series Manufacturing Safety Testers | Seaward Electronic
    need for human intervention HAL 101 The HAL 101 is a simple dielectric strength and DCIR tester enabling one test point or product to be tested at any one time HAL tester Safety e Base Pro Improve the productivity flexibility and traceability of the HAL test system with the clever Safety e Base Pro software program Reduce the room for human error and increase efficiency through controlling tests remotely from a PC Programme test sequences to start on customisable trigger commands Customise test sequences for different products and standards ensure your test system will stand the test of time Improve traceability and auditability Store test results automatically within a PC Programme user prompts in text or picture format to make the test process even easier for the operator The HAL tester with Safety e Base Pro gives you total confidence that production line testing is being carried out to the correct requirements as efficiently as possible with the operator s safety in mind This out of the box solution gives you all of the benefits of a bespoke test system and is customisable to your specific requirements Click to Request a Quote Request a free demo HAL Series Comparison Features 101 102 103 104 LED Earth Ground Bond AC Flash Hipot DC Flash Hipot DC Insulation Resistance ARC Detection Leakage Load Power Load Power 200mVA resolution Power Factor Results Memory Automation Option Barcode scanner printer Option Internal scanner Request a free demo Seaward Electronic Ltd 2016 Privacy Policy Full Name Email Telephone Company Street Address City Town Postcode Country Select a country England Wales Scotland Ireland Northern Ireland United States Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Darussalam

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/userfiles/hal-series-quote-form.php (2016-04-26)
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  • PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester (403A910) from Seaward
    tests Test 3 phase appliances 2 year warranty subject to terms and conditions available at www seaward co uk warranty24 Accessory Bundles The PrimeTest 250 is compatible with a range of accessories which help to speed up the process of asset recognition testing and labelling Pro Bundle part number 403A956 Test n Tag Pro printer serial model 4 x Test n Tag printer label rolls PrimeTest checkbox PATBag carry case Includes PrimeTest 250 tester Pro Bundle with Software part number 403A957 Same as Pro Bundle including PLUS PATGuard 3 Elite 1 year licence card Elements Bundle part number 403A955 PATGuard Elements software Online PAT training course 1000 Pass labels 100 Fail labels PrimeTest Checkbox Cloverleaf adaptor Guide to PAT testing PAT logbook PATBag carry case Includes PrimeTest 250 tester PrimeTest 250 Plus Technical Specification Earth continuity Output Current 200mA minimum into 2ohm Test Voltage o c 9V DC nominal Test Duration Class I Test 2s nominal Display Range 0 01ohm to 19 99ohm Pass Value Class I Test 0 2ohm Insulation resistance Test Voltage 250 500VDC 1mA nominal Test Duration Class I or II 2s Display Range 0 01Mohm to 19 99Mohm Pass Value 1 0MOhm Class I 2 0MOhm Class II Equivalent leakage Test Voltage 40V Nominal AC 50Hz Open Circuit Test Duration 2s Display Range 0 1mA to 19 99mA Pass Value 0 75mA 3 5mA user selectable with 0 75mA as default 0 25mA CL II IEC lead test Test voltage 5V DC nominal Test Duration Time for test 2s max Test Live Neutral Checks for o c s c and crossed Protective Conductor Current Test Voltage Supply Voltage max current 13A Test Duration 120s maximum Display Range 0 15mA to 9 99mA Pass Value 0 75mA 3 5mA user selectable with 0 75mA as default Touch current Test Voltage Supply Voltage max current 13A Test Duration 120s maximum Display Range 0 10mA to 3 50mA Pass Value 0 25mA 3 phase differential leakage current Requires 3 phase adaptor accessory Test Voltage 3 phase supply voltage Test Duration Continuous measurement Display Range 0 10 mA to 9 99 mA Pass Value 0 75mA 3 5mA user selectable with 0 75mA as default RCD trip time Test Voltage Mains supply voltage Test Current 30mA 150mA rms sinusoida Test Current Phase 0 180 auto switched on alternate tests Measuring Range 0ms 500ms Pass Value 200ms Power socket check Input voltage range 225 254VAC max current 13A UK Indicates configuration of voltage potential Line potential phase to earth Line potential phase to neutral Line potential neutral to earth General Memory size 999 test records Power source 6 x AA batteries Part number 403A910 Standard Accessories supplied with PrimeTest 250 Datalogger software 0 5m extension adaptor Earth lead with probe and clip Mains lead 6 x AA batteries USB download lead Carry case Operating instructions 2 year warranty subject to terms and conditions available at www seaward co uk warranty24 Optinal Accessories Test n Tag Pro serial printer with small labels

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/products/portable-appliance-testing-equipment/pat-tester-kits/primetest-250-plus (2016-04-26)
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  • PAT Testing Software - PATGuard 3 from Seaward
    risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections Tag records with images as visual evidence schedule risk based retest periods and produce professional reports and electrical test certificates for total traceability This specially designed PAT program is compatible with a wide range of PAT testers including Seaward s Apollo 600 safety management tool This PAT software can also be used to store data from any manual PAT tester Tester Compatibility Licencing Options View Datasheet Technical Support Why choose PATGuard 3 Intuitive user interface for efficiency and ease of use Tag photos to sites locations asset IDs and test results Download compatible with a wide variety of PAT testers Electrical risk assessment tool quickly determines risk based retest periods for electrical appliances Universal risk assessment tool calculates risk score for any workplace hazard Extensive range of editable detailed and summary reports Test and inspection reports for fire detection alarm systems and emergency lighting Auto scheduler function notifies the user when assets are due for retest Create a professional viewer CD for read only access to test records for your clients Generate professional invoices Create customisable exports of test records in CSV format Download the PATGuard 3 datasheet for more detailed information View our PAT testing software infographic here Download Free 30 Day Trial PAT tester compatibility PATGuard 3 works with all Seaward downloadable PAT testers however it also works with other brands of testers View a full list of compatible testers here PATGuard 3 Licence options Download 30 Day Trial FREE DOWNLOAD NOW Upgrade from PATGuard 2 from 57 UPGRADE NOW 1 Year Licence only 113 BUY NOW 3 Year Licence only 304 BUY NOW 5 Year Licence only 477 BUY NOW All prices exclude VAT Please note PATGuard 3 is primarily designed for use in the UK and may not be appropriate for your market and test instruments If you are outside of the UK please contact us Latest version 3 3 2 PATGuard 3 PAT Testing Software Technical Specification System Requirements IBM Compatible PC Processor Speed 500Mhz or higher Microsoft Windows XP Vista 7 8 512Mb RAM 50Mb available hard disk space Colour monitor with 32 bit colour or greater video card Internet connection or CD ROM drive Internet Explorer 8 or later Apollo 400 PAT Tester A simple no nonsense PAT tester with fast data entry and storage for up to 2000 appliance records View Product Apollo 500 PAT Tester A Plug amp Play PAT Testing solution with the ability to store 10 000 records connect remotely from field to office presented with a crisp HD display View Product Apollo 600 PAT Tester The Apollo 600 is an all in one solution for risk based testing offering a comprehensive range of safety tests and features an on board camera for full visual traceability View Product Clare SafeCheck 8 SafeCheck 8 is a comprehensive bench mounted electrical safety tester with memory for results storage and traceability nbsp View Product HAL Series The HAL comprehensive safety testers offer outstanding levels

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/products/portable-appliance-testing-equipment/pat-software/patguard-3-health-and-safety-pat-software (2016-04-26)
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  • Cropico DO7 - Microhmmeter - Milliohmmeter - Seaward
    plastic case with lid and carrying handle The DO7 digital micro ohmmeter has many advanced features Rechargeable batteries means real portability with more than 1 hour of continuous operation on the lowest ranges 10A and 20 hours on all others The internal charger will boost charge to 90 of full charge switching automatically to a trickle maintenance charge Warning LEDs illuminate when an open circuit lead condition is detected Cropico DO7 Technical specification Measurement 4 Terminal Kelvin Thomson principle eliminates error due to lead resistance Open circuit measurement voltage 2V dc Display 0 8 LED 6 000 count with automatic decimal point and polarity indication Ranges 6 push button selected with LED indication Calibration Digital security key protected Protection 415rms maximum at input terminals Battery Sealed lead acid rechargeable cells giving a minimum of 1 hour of continuous measurement on the lowest 10 amp ranges and 20 hours on all other ranges Internal charger with battery state indicator Terminals 6mm binding posts accept spade tags and 4mm banana plugs Working Temp 0 40 C rel humidity 80 max non condensing Storage Temp 20 50 C Mains Supply 100 120 220 240 Volts 10 13 47Þ63Hz 20VA Safety IEC 1010 Protective Class 1 EMC Complies with EN61326 Dimensions 343 x 327 x 152mm W D H approx Mass 8 kg approx Accessories Supplied complete with mains cord measuring leads with Kelvin Clips handbook and calibration certificate Resistance ranges Range Resolution Typical current Accuracy 20 C 5 C 1 year Temperature Coefficient C 60Ohm 10mOhm 1mA 0 15 Rdg 0 05 FS 40 ppm Rdg 30 ppm FS 6Ohm 1mOhm 10mA CH01 Concentric Handspike Concentric handspikes View Product DO7 RS Remote start plug View Product FS 01 Remote start foot switch View Product HS01 Duplex handspikes with 3 metre lead length compatible

    Original URL path: http://www.seaward.co.uk/products/microhmmeters-milliohmmeters/portable-ohmmeters/cropico-d07 (2016-04-26)
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