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  • SIA Licence Security Training Courses, CCTV, London from £149.00
    compulsory for all those who work in the security industry to undergo training and possess a valid SIA licence To get an SIA licence a candidate will have to show that they have successfully completed one or more of these courses The Security Industry Authority the SIA aims to increase level of skills enhance professionalism in the Security Industry and improve public trust in those providing security services Therefore anyone carrying out frontline or non frontline security roles including Door Supervision or Security Guarding roles must hold a valid SIA licence The photo side of SIA licence badge will have to be on display while working as a Security guard or a door supervisor or CCTV Operator As for the owners or managers of licensed premises Pubs Nightclubs Bars etc responsible for security and deciding on the suitability of patrons entering licensed premises they must hold a valid Security Industry Authority SIA licence It does not matter if your are the Licensee owner or the Designate Premises Supervisor you must hold a SIA licence badge should your job also involve dealing with conflicts in your Pubs Clubs or any premises open to the public requiring local authority premises licence to operate especially premises where service of alcohol is listed as an activity on the premises licence In order to obtain a Security Industry Authority SIA licence you must complete a training course as a first step This is knowledge based training in a classroom You will have a Trainer who holds a teaching qualification qualified and experienced in the security field The trainer will use their experience of working in the security industry to demonstrate the theories behind the jobs of a Security Guard Door Supervisor aka bouncer or CCTV operator depending on the SIA course in session reinforced with practical illustrations simulations and scenarios in order to stimulate group work and improve learning At the same time you ll receive all the knowledge required to successfully complete the exams as per your course material The trainer will attempt to transmit the contents of your SIA course material verbally reinforced with practical scenarios to improve understanding and minimise the need for you to read the course materials in order to accommodate all learning styles and abilities irrespective of language background The exams are usually sat on the last day of training These exams are based on the training course materials provided on the first day of the course You must pass both units of the SIA training course to achieve the qualification There is no requirement for any previous training experience or qualification in order to enrol on this training course All you need are as follows photo ID UK Driving Licence or Passport of any nationality and any proof of address Go here for details of SIA LICENCE REQUIREMENTS Following SIA training and exams and subsequent receipt of your certificates by post you can apply for SIA licence Even if your certificates are yet to arrive but your trainer has confirmed PASS results on your exams you can send off your SIA licence application as you await your certificate In the course of your training we recommend that you visit the SIA website ask your trainer for the web address when you arrive the training centre to request a SIA licence application pack which can take up to 10 working days to arrive Should you choose to wait for the certificates to arrive as soon as you receive it you can apply for SIA licence to the Security Industry Authority SIA who will then process your licence application form In the first instance they will send you an acknowledgement letter indicating that they have received your application form and return your supporting documents with this letter You can then approach Security companies for work with this SIA receipt reply letter You can present this letter to prospective employers while you wait for your SIA licence badge It is important to point that not all Security companies will accept SIA reply letters The SIA runs an approved contractors scheme and it is only the Security companies that are on this scheme that might consider you for work if you meet their requirements Nonetheless once you have received your SIA licence badge from the Security Industry Authority you can legally work anywhere in the UK With your SIA licence you can also email us and request for employment advice We can put you in touch with security employers for temporary or permanent security work Whether you are already working as a Security Guard a k a Security Officer or Door Supervisor CCTV operator but are yet to receive SIA training or you are considering work as a Security Officer or Door Supervisor you need to hold a SIA licence for any sector you want to work in It is unlawful to work as a Security guard or Door Supervisor without a Security Licence Please go to either the Door Supervisor Training Courses or Security Guard Training Courses page if you have not received SIA training and need to book a training course The Security Industry Authority is responsible for issuing SIA licence following the completion of Door Supervision Security Guarding CCTV PSS Operations training These are modular training courses of which each SIA Course is structured in 12 or more different modules all designed to ensure that the SIA licence holder has the desired knowledge needed to work as a front line licence holder There are different SIA courses all leading towards the qualification for SIA licence Security license cannot be issued unless you can satisfy the Security Industry Authority the SIA that you have completed the required training This can be SIA licence Door Supervisor training or any SIA training on any of the SIA courses At present we run CCTV course for SIA licence Security Guarding and Door Supervision training Each of these courses is a requirement for SIA licence in each sector for example CCTV training course is

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  • SIA licence training FAQ
    of a member of the public in a public or private place or identify a particular person Do I require any previous qualification or training to enroll There is NO requirement for any previous qualification or experience This course satisfies mandatory training qualification requirements for SIA Licence and minimum age is 18 years How long will it take to complete the SIA Security Training course and what is the timing Training starts at 10am and runs for an average of 7 training hours per day for 4 week day only SIA courses On completion of the training when do I receive my certificate Your certificate arrives by post within 2 3 weeks of completing the training and you can apply for SIA licence immediately What do I do when I receive my certificate When you apply for SIA licence it can take up to 6 weeks to receive your SIA Security licence aka badge Can I work whilst I am waiting for my licence application to process Yes you can work as soon as you receive an acknowledgement letter from the SIA which can take 2 weeks following your SIA licence application It is important to point that not all Security companies will accept SIA reply letters acknowledging your licence application The SIA runs an approved contractors scheme and it is only the Security companies that are on this scheme and operating under a licence dispensation notice that might consider you for work if you meet their requirements Do you help in job search Yes As soon as you receive your SIA licence send us an email and we will refer you to our partners I am not fluent in English Language can I pass this course Your Trainer will carry out English Language and literacy test on the first day of training as part of an initial assessment At the end of this initial assessment the trainer will tell you if you have a good chance of passing this SIA course If the trainer cannot accept you on the course you will be refunded any fees paid by the way your English Language skills might not be as bad as you might think What is your Pass Rate We have approximately 95 pass rate because all our trainers are former Security Guards former Door Supervisors and former CCTV operators with over 15 years experience in the frontline Security Our trainers adopt a practical approach to every topic reinforced with good demonstrations thereby making the training interesting Apart from the standard teaching qualification required by the Security Industry Authority SIA 90 of our Security Trainers are holders of BA Hons or B Sc Hons in other disciplines How do I book a SIA course and pay by credit or debit card Please book ONLINE at book creditcard html How do I book a SIA training course and pay by cash cheque or postal order You can pay cash at your nearest Lloyds TSB Bank Acc No 02797929 Sort Code 30

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  • SIA Licence Security Training courses - contact form
    plus all you d need to know about enrolment requirements how to enrol on our SIA training courses including full address of SIA training venue and how to book a place on our SIA course Our telephone number is 0782 533 9114 10am 6pm Mon Sat Terrorism Security risk policing Security HR trains and provides Licenced Security Officers Licenced Door Supervisors The next SIA training course dates have now been scheduled book now and don t leave it too late If booking an SIA course you may also include a postal address where you d want us to post your course booking form Please fill in all the fields Enquiry Door Supervision Security Guarding Manned Guarding Services Name Email Address Your enquiry is Please type the verification letters from the image SIA licence training FAQ Contact SecurityHR SIA licence requirements SIA licence application form CCTV Training Course London SIA Security Training Course SIA Continuous Professional Development SIA Licence and Criminality Criteria General Information for SIA Licence Training Courses Door Supervisor Training Courses Security Guard Training Courses Submit your profile Manned Guarding Services If you need to contact us for any reason please either Contact SecurityHR or Email SecurityHR or if

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  • Security Industry Before the Introduction of SIA licence training
    officers therefore got fed up and often left the security industry in many cases without notice to their employer This then prompted the employer to recruit a replacement with no person specification no job description no training and no method of assessment for suitability Under this condition the priority of the private security firm was to fill that vacancy as soon as possible because the clients wanted somebody there Those days are now over and will remain in the past forever The Security Industry Act 2001 security licensing law has now made it compulsory for all those who work in the security industry to undergo SIA Security Licence Training and possess a valid SIA licence To get an SIA license a candidate will have to show that he or she has successfully completed a two part SIA training course for either a Door Supervisors course or a Security Guarding Course or a course from any of the sectors requiring SIA licence To book any of these London based SIA security training courses please follow the link on top of this page to go to our booking page to reserve a place for sia security training It is our job at security HR to prepare and deliver SIA Security Licence Training Course and help our candidates acquire the necessary skills needed to satisfy the SIA license requirements Security HR support all trainiees at every step of the security training and SIA license process and will continue to give them this support until they find a suitable employment within the security industry Security training for SIA licence is the first step in a series of steps needed to climb to professionalism and expertise The decision to train for security licence is just a starting process and you will need some good sense of motivation and target to achieve the desired security excellence The initial thought to train for a SIA security Licence is simply a thought to acquire the basic skills for security be it security guarding training or door supervisor training or in any other licensing sector Once this security training is acquired these skills will need developing Please visit SIA continuous professional development for information on how to work with your employer to update your basic SIA training and become a professional in your security career There are a number of ways to develop your basic skills in security one of which is continuous security training with us and the other is by skills development through practical experience Yes we are the only security training company that offers to give you the initial basic SIA training for security promises you on going support whilst you are on the job as a Security Guard or Door Supervisor or CCTV operator In learning no experience is bad experience as long as you can reflect on the experience and check what lessons to be learned from it Security work today is by far different from the security jobs of yester years where most

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  • SIA Licence CCTV Training Course, London
    that CCTV images cannot be provided to the media unless the public are likely to provide information concerning a criminal incident If disclosed for educational and deterrent reasons the individuals in the image should be disguised This is to ensure that image disclosure and CCTV operations comply with Data Protection laws and privacy laws under the Human Rights Act 1998 CCTV Regulations Freedom of Information Act 2000 The Freedom of Information Act gives members of the public the right to obtain information held by public authorities All public authorities and companies wholly owned by public authorities have obligations under the Freedom of Information Act Public authorities are required to make public the nature of information they hold including statistics and how they were obtained Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts are both enforced from the office of the Information Commissioner CCTV operations installations and processing of images must comply with the industry code of practice as regulated by the office of the information commissioner Data Protection Act 1998 sets out how data must be processed shared held or obtained Individuals have a right to request copies of images held about them Human Rights Act 1998 article 8 of HRA states that everyone has right to respect of private and family life Investigative Procedure Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 sets standard for collection and processing of images for use in a court of law and also the sharing of personal data by authorities The Private Security Industry Act 2001 Requires members of the Private Security Industry in England Wales and Scotland to hold SIA license CCTV operators employed directly by the Police or Local Authorities in house will not require SIA licence training for CCTV operations but CCTV operators supplied to them by a security contractor must hold a valid SIA license obtained by successfully completing a 3 4 day CCTV training course It is important to understand that CCTV operation involves more than just sitting in front of monitoring equipment in a control room observing images The right SIA CCTV training ensures that the public are protected and laws are not breached The rate of technological advancement especially CCTV equipments with automatic recognition technology has troubled civil liberty organizations concerned with privacy and liberty Also Equality and Diversity as a module in the SIA CCTV training course serves to educate operators on the need to treat everyone equally during CCTV monitoring operations As society cannot completely rid itself of prejudice there is a tendency that consciously or unconsciously operators may target sub groups like teenagers particularly from ethnic minorities with crimes by other sub groups left undetected This in effect is against the overall objective of CCTV use in public protection preventing and deterring crime Through SIA CCTV training CCTV operators will be equipped with the necessary skills and professionalism needed to carry out CCTV operations thereby maintaining public support for the CCTV schemes There was no statutory basis for legal control of CCTV surveillance over public areas

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  • SIA License Door Supervisor Training Courses in London
    Security Guarding assignment a holder of Door Supervision licence can begin to work as a Security Guard It is important however to note that SIA training for Door Supervision does not cover Security Guarding training as many people wrongly believe rather it is a specialist course focusing mainly on licensed premises where alcohol is served by retail A Door Supervisor with SIA licence can also work in other licensed premises apart from alcohol venues SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are expected to be dealing with members of the Public in licensed premises on a regular basis and hence the need for SIA training for door supervisors in order to carry out their duties effectively abiding by all laws and regulations Door Supervisors are needed at the point of entry to carefully decide on the suitability of customers entering licensed premises and maintaining order and public safety Door Supervisors are required to play an active role in the fight against drug abuse and would be refusing entry to those who may be in breach of criminal law licensing law or ejecting those who are in breach of these laws or who may be placing the management s licence at risk In very limited cases the job of a Door Supervisor may involve the use of force but it should be noted that there is no requirement for a Door Supervisor to use force to achieve their objectives In order to carry out this public role a Door Supervisor must undergo a SIA training course designed for door supervisors which must cover the law of self defence and use of force and most recently added unit Physical Intervention On successful completion of the SIA training for door supervision a nationally recognised qualification is obtained leading to SIA licence qualification It is a criminal

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  • Security Guard Training Course for SIA Licence in London
    role and responsibilities of a Security Guard in the Manned Guarding sector monitoring systems and manning gates barriers undertaking reception duties at corporate or commercial premises Like other frontline SIA courses Security Guarding training covers the role or use of Communication in Conflict Management The SIA training for Security Guards also covers the roles of a Security Officer and how they complement systems and physical security in protecting persons property and premises in places where public may or may not have free access This is a specialist SIA course for those wanting to work as Security Guards who do not want the option to work in Pubs and Night Clubs or Sports Stadium for which Door Supervisors are specifically trained to do Though a Door Supervisor is legally allowed to work as a Security Guard using their Door Supervision licence according to the Security Industry Authority the SIA Door Supervisors are not specialists in the field of Security Guarding Static and Patrol This SIA Course is called Security Guarding STATIC AND PATROL meaning that the actual job of the Security Guarding licence holder involves reception duties customer service access control response to security systems alarms key control and patrol duties Though these topics may be mentioned during Door Supervision training they are not covered and do not form part of SIA Door supervision training course Door supervision course is focused mainly on security in places where alcohol is sold by retail example Pubs Bars and Night Clubs how to correctly select customers to be allowed in those premises reasons for ejection and how to deal with potential conflicts resulting from decisions of a Door supervisor while complying with the law Even though a person with SIA licence for Door Supervision can legally work as a Security Guard Door Supervision training does not cover Security Guarding training The SIA Security Guarding course is different from Door Supervision course These are two separate SIA courses leading towards separate qualifications Each qualification entitles a candidate to apply for SIA licence for that sector for example Security Guarding training is for Security Guarding licence and Door Supervision training is for Door Supervision licence SIA training for Security Guarding licence specifically covers security roles in office blocks residential blocks construction sites court security gatehouse security etc A security guard with SIA licence can work anywhere as a security officer apart from stadium pubs and night clubs Security guarding training does not cover Night Clubs and Pub security Therefore if you do not want to consider jobs in the night clubs or pubs or stadium and would like to do a specialist SIA course for security guarding Security Guarding Static Patrol is the best course for you It is wrong to assume that Door Supervision course covers Security Guarding We provide 2 courses this Security Guarding Course and a Door Supervisor Course each course is individually constructed to comply to NOCN Level 2 Award in Security Guarding or NOCN Level 2 Award in Door Supervision Below

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  • Up-Skilling Door Supervisors with Physical Intervention course
    training is required for those whose existing door supervisor s qualification was obtained before August 2010 Your certificate assessment date can be found towards the middle or bottom left of your certificate When should I undertake this course It is always better to undertake the upskilling door supervision training as soon as possible However you can delay completing the upskilling door supervision training a couple of months before renewal date The risk is that if you leave it too late your existing employer may ask you to stay off work until your licence is renewed Your job may go to another person You cannot be sure if your employer will be able to give you your normal job and shift at the same place of work when you return How long will the training last It is a one day classroom training course approx 9 hrs Will I be required to pay a fee Yes You will be required to pay a fee by your trainer For current fees go to course booking page Will I need to submit the certificate to the SIA with my completed SIA licence renewal form No We will through the awarding body upload your qualification details to the SIA and send your original certificate to you On receipt of your original certificate you can submit your completed SIA licence renewal form to the SIA without the need to enclose the certificate For dates call or Contact SecurityHR or Email SecurityHR Where do I attend the Up Skilling Door Supervisors with Physical Intervention course The venue Lambeth Road London SE1 7DQ BOOK HERE Cheque Postal Order or cash or Credit debit card SIA licence training FAQ Contact SecurityHR SIA licence requirements SIA licence application form CCTV Training Course London SIA Security Training Course SIA Continuous

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