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  • SIA Training Course, London, Pay by Credit Card
    the foot of the page 24 hr reply service Please take a minute to read our SIA licence training FAQ BOOK YOUR SIA LICENSE COURSE BELOW Book SIA courses at a London Centre near you SIA requires training for Security Guards Door Supervisors CCTV operators and other sectors in the security industry They are mandatory requirements for SIA licence and must be completed before you can obtain a SIA license badge and become a licensed Door Supervisor or Security Officer or Event Steward As firm specialised in the Security Industry training we boast the best SIA training resources and Trainers supporting you all through your SIA licence training with ease Our SIA training courses are designed to prepare you for any possible scenario you may encounter in your work place either as a Security Guard or a Door Supervisor So if you are looking for a centre for that runs SIA licence training courses in London Bedford or a convenient centre near you including evenings and weekends you are at the right place The sia licence training duration is 3 4 days To Book SIA course in London please complete the course booking form below From just 139 00 per candidate if payment is made online you will receive one of the best SIA training delivered with your individual needs in mind and we will advise you on career opportunities jobs in the security industry on successful completion of your SIA training while you await your certificates and subsequent SIA licence Please read our Terms Conditions To book and pay for SIA training using cheque PO or cash We have available a Security Guarding Static Patrol for 5 persons dates to suit for only 995 00 Please contact us for more information You can book your course here for SIA

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  • SIA License Training Course, book and pay by Cheque
    COURSE BOOKING FORM All course dates are listed on the booking form which you can access by following the link below to book your SIA course You ll need to complete a separate form for each of the SIA courses As soon as we receive a hard copy of your completed form with payment we will email you a confirmation of your course booking including details of the documents needed for both SIA licence training and the license application If booking for your SIA training course by CASH pay at your nearest Lloyd s TSB Bank and attach the Bank receipt to your booking form and return to address on the form Please read our Terms Conditions SIA licence training FAQ Contact SecurityHR SIA licence requirements SIA licence application form CCTV Training Course London SIA Security Training Course SIA Continuous Professional Development SIA Licence and Criminality Criteria Door Supervisor Training Courses Security Guard Training Courses Manned Guarding Services To book SIA training course please use the link below or above As soon as you have booked a place we will send a full course confirmation letter to the email address you have provided The confirmation letter will contain details of

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  • SIA Licence Requirements
    the date the SIA decide on the licence application but would require mitigation For details on criminality criterion please go to our SIA licence Criminality criteria page Benefits of SIA licence A Security Guard or Door Supervisor with SIA licence enjoys the trust and confidence of the public As Security Officers and Door Supervisors are expected to work in a position of trust and as part of a team people would like to be sure that the security officer or Door Supervisor has been checked and therefore legally permitted to carry out security roles It is now for the licensed Door Supervisor to live up to these expectations by ensuring that they behave with personal integrity and understanding Types of SIA licence Frontline This licence is required if you will be directly involved with members of the public or customers visiting your premises and as the first point of contact in service delivery Example is a Door Supervisor on the door point of entry deciding on the suitability of customers to enter a licensed premises and maintaining order in that premises Non frontline This license is issued to those who would not be expected to be involved directly with the public or customers and have the responsibility of managing or supervising or controlling the frontline officers An example is a Security Supervisor Manager or Director The difference between frontline and non frontline SIA licence In order to obtain a frontline Security licence SIA training must be completed on any of the approved SIA courses leading to a nationally recognised qualification whereas no SIA training is required for a non frontline licence A frontline licence is a credit card type badge whereas a non frontline licence is a paper type licence It will be interesting to know that a front line licence holder can carryout both frontline and non frontline duties whereas a non frontline licence holder cannot carryout frontline duties In both types of SIA licence Criminal Records Bureau CRB checks are undertaken by the SIA In your SIA licence application form you should tick the frontline box if you have been required to complete a SIA training course prior to application for SIA licence Who needs SIA licence Anyone working in the security industry providing contract security services and in limited cases in house security services would require a Security Industry Authority SIA licence Difference between in house and contract security In house refers to providing security services with company s own funds staff and resources as opposed to services being out sourced or contracted out to another company Sectors requiring a Security Industry Authority SIA licence Key holders under contract Security Guarding under contract Security Consultants under contract Door Supervisors under contract and in house Vehicle Immobilising under contract and in house It is important to add that there is no Private Investigations licence at present and this page will be updated as soon the SIA completes their consultation process and reach a final decision Again there is

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  • SIA Licence Application, help with completing the SIA form
    clearance from your country you may need to enquire through your embassy here in the UK and tell them you intend to apply for SIA licence and that you have completed one or more of the SIA courses They may want to see evidence of completed SIA training course For some countries you might be referred to the Scotland Yard by your consular section for finger prints The Scotland yard may also need to see evidence of completed SIA training and may charge a fee for this service Be rest assured that your finger print will not be used or stored or kept by the UK Police They will hand the entire documents containing your finger prints back to you You must then send it to the country you d lived in the 5 years before you entered the UK The address will be on one of the letters drafted by your Embassy s consular section You must then wait for the clearance certificate to be sent to you before submitting you SIA licence application form to the SIA Section F F1 you must answer questions from this section Section G G1 you must answer this question G2 you must answer this question I1 YOU NEED TO SIGN HERE KEEP SIGNATURE WITHIN THE WHITE BOX I2 YOU NEED TO DATE HERE Please ensure you have enclosed a Criminal Clearance Certificate from your country if you have lived less than 5 years in the UK Notes All supporting documents for SIA licence application must bear the same address Document Requirements for SIA licence The same document requirements must also be met for SIA Training Any one 1 items from Group A at least one document must show candidate s date of birth And 2 documents from Group A and B documents must show candidate s current address and at least one document must show candidate s date of birth Where applicable supporting documents for SIA licence must be dated within 3 months from date of receipt by the SIA If presenting documents for SIA training course registration the issue date must be within 3 months from date of exam with the exception of birth certificate P60 TV licence GROUP A Passport any nationality UK Photo Licence both parts of the full or provisional licence UK Birth Certificate or certified copy issued within 12 months of birth but not photocopy UK Firearms Licence with photo UK adoption certificate GROUP B Valid EU photo ID Signed UK paper driving licence Marriage Certificate or civil partnership Cert Mortgage Statement Letter from Inland Revenue Job centre Dept of Work pensions Local Authority Certified copy of a UK birth certificate issued more than 12 months of date of birth TV Licence issued within the last 12 months Multiple Credit card Statements can be accepted if issued by different banks or companies P45 Statement Pension Endowment or ISA Stmt Court Summons P60 Statement Certificate of British Nationality Child Benefit Book Bank Building Society Statement British Work Permit

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  • HR Security - SIA training, Continuous Professional Development
    Security management is in the middle of people interests and organisation s interests managed to the achievement of the objectives of the business The strategy to balance these interests is to device the best way to attract the best people and keep the best people of which in our experience has been the biggest challenge to HR Security It is my understanding that any HR strategy must take into account the legal environment employee law suites company values or culture and the economy to achieve the overall objective It is the responsibility of employers in the security industry to ensure that their Door Supervisors and Security Guards including CCTV operators receive SIA training and other training needed to develop their skills The following principles should guide employer s Development and Training needs assessment and apply to all aspects of staff development and training activity delivered both within security companies and externally There should be a wide commitment to staff development and training All employees irrespective of age gender disability or ethnic background or nature of their contract of employment are expected to undertake staff development and training which should be viewed as a continuous process throughout employment Door Supervisors Security Guards CCTV operators and SIA licence holders from other security industry sectors are required to assume responsibility for their own development and training which includes participation in planned activities Security staff development and training is an obligation for line managers who are responsible for identifying individual training and development needs and supporting and encouraging Door Supervisors Security Officers CCTV operators and other officers who had initially passed one SIA course or the other Employers must not rely so much on the basic SIA training given to security officers for the purpose of SIA licence This level 2 training qualification is a general and basic training aimed at equipping a new security officer with the desired skills upon which to build a professional career in the security industry Majority of the Door Supervisors Security Guards and CCTV operators underwent SIA training on self sponsorship for the purpose of education on security as a professional career In order to transform the SIA training knowledge into occupational skills the security employers must introduce activities for the officers to reflect upon during normal duties thereby building good experience This is the essence of Continuous Professional Development It should be understood that formal processes induction appraisal and training needs analysis are used at the individual level and staff development and training planning takes place at the company level Responsibility for staff development and training rests with management at every level Staff development and training for Door Supervisors Security Guards CCTV operators and other SIA licence holders should be evaluated and reviewed to ensure that it is adequate relevant and effective and provides value for money Each organisation must recognise that its most important resource is its employees and trainees It should be committed to the training and development of its entire workforce so that they

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  • SIA Licence and Criminality Criteria
    ended as the case may be Sexual violent or offences dishonest in nature and other offences involving terrorism or the proceeds of crime are all considered as serious by the SIA irrespective of the maximum sentence they might attract For public protection offences regarding Offensive Weapon any article made or adapted to cause injury or intended for use in causing injury including possessing an article with a blade or point in a public place will be classified as serious even though they attract a maximum sentence below the four year threshold If your conviction was received in a Magistrate s court it is more than likely the offence will not be classified as serious but relevant for SIA licence purpose This is because the Magistrate s court is a lower criminal court in England and Wales and therefore has no powers to hand down sentences exceeding 4 years That is to say that the higher criminal court Crown court deals with offences that attract a maximum sentence of 4 years or more If your case was heard in a Crown court whether or not you request your case to be transferred from Magistrate s court to the Crown court or at the Magistrate s request it will be treated as serious for SIA licence purposes In any case the SIA will like to know if the offence is a single out of character mistake or part of a series of offences and caution If a series of minor or relevant offences are identified the SIA will seek to understand if there is a pattern in which case they can refuse the application for licence If the SIA judge the minor relevant offences to be isolated offences they might request mitigation from the SIA licence applicant Mitigation can be in the form of a professional reference or evidence of voluntary training and other voluntary activities Voluntary training could be any SIA course module for example the law of use of force if the offence was to do with violence etc It does not have to be SIA training nor does the training have to be on any of the SIA courses The SIA may then issue a SIA licence otherwise the applicant will have to wait for 5 years from the date of last discharge in order to apply for SIA licence For example if you have been in January convicted of a common assault which is a summary only offence and attracts a maximum sentence of 6 months imprisonment but you were only ordered by the Magistrate to pay a 50 fine plus 4 days of community service which you completed that January If this is the only offence listed on your CRB disclosure you will wait for at least 12 months from June expected sentence expiry to apply for SIA licence The SIA will consider other factors then write you to provide additional mitigating circumstances if you want to receive SIA licence before the normal 2 year wait If

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  • Submit your Profile to the SecurityHR
    a Door Supervisor or Security Officer with SIA licence looking for additional temporary or permanent work submit us your profile It only takes a few minutes to complete the application and within seconds your profile will be in our database and available on our website Please note that you must hold a valid SIA licence the number of which must be entered in the SIA licence number field to enable us process your request However if you have not received any SIA training and want to book your SIA training please go to our SIA Course Booking page Don t forget all this is FREE Please fill in all fields that you can Your field of expertise Door Supervisor Security Guard First Name Required Field Last Name Required Field Email Address Required Field SIA License Number if no number place a zero in the box Required Field Have applied for SIA licence Yes No Address Line 1 Required Field Address Line 2 Required Field City Postcode Required Field Telephone Mobile Fax Currently in Employment Yes No Current Job Title Current Salary Your Statistics Optional however the more information the better Sex Male Female DOB Required Field E G 24 6

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  • HR Security Management Strategy and Vacancies
    employer s and contractual security employer s interests is to device the best way to attract those not only with the genuine interest to deter or detect rule breakers but also interested in being part of a team adaptable to the ever changing security environment and client demands in a modern day private security protection share holders and executive directors reporting to and advising new executives on the existing company norms and its implications to any change in directions proposed by new top management Retention of employees has been the biggest challenge to HR Security Management It is therefore understandable that any HR security strategy takes into account the legal environment employee law suites company norms and the economy to achieve the entire objective A good understanding of what attracts potential employees to a company and understanding the company s goals will help in deciding who to hire balancing the employee s goal of job security with the organisation s goal of profitability through a cost effective approach to get employees contribute to organisations interests The ability to build and motivate employees in this direction is a welcome challenge as far as HR security is concerned Just as HR management is indispensable ongoing training beyond the entry level SIA licence security training must sandwich employer s targets and employees goals inducing the kind of motivation sustained by employees ongoing need for professional development It must be recognised that employees and potential employees want rewards They want to know the company values e g environmental policies and other policies company brand and where they stand in the security industry type of work and growth opportunities within the firm It is the challenging duty of the HR Security management to match these needs with the company values or interests to ensure the

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