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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Auctions Classifieds Private Display Pages
    e g red house 0161 496 8080 name email address com Not sure Help Guides Ready Make free ads 2010 2014 See It On The Net

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/ (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Help : Guides - Buying, Selling, and Trading
    the internet using your phone number or email address So if your selling a house or a car and you want to advertise it on the Internet but feel you should also advertise it locally in your local newspaper we will link your internet ad to your newspaper ad so people can follow your newspaper ad to the internet and see your pictures and sales text on the Web We know this extra facility is only for high powered advertises and professional marketeers who want to maximise there opportunities So for normal advertisers you can just let us do the advertising work for you Those interested in your ads will find it s child s play to find the words and pictures that you have added to your FREE starter account on SeeItOnTheNet from your newspaper adverts To use this extra option just place www seeitonthenet co uk links in your newspaper classified advert s But you can also put SeeItOnTheNet links anyware you want in flyers news letters post cards in a shop windows to name a few In fact anywhere you can possibly imagine where space is limited and you have a lot you want to show and say One more thing because of the way ads are listed together after a phone number or email search SeeItOnTheNet acts just like an online shop keeping all your listed items together so that any visitors will find all your listed items in one place increasing your advertising effectiveness This works for property to let listings cars houses etc No matter what you advertise or when We think this is a big plus if your spending on newspaper classified ads Start Now Make your first ad Here How To Start Click the Make a free Ad link on the home

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/help/not-sure.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Make a New Advert or Replace Lost email
    Home Make a FREE advert Lost your login email Enter your email Copyright SeeItOnTheNet 2010 2014 All Rights Reserved

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/?task=makead (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Howto: Use SeeItOnTheNet As Your Free Online Webshop
    the need for all the expense of running your own website freeing up your valuble time to get on making a success of your business In this way you will make the most of your advertising spend always pointing your customer to your no nonsence webshop listings SeeItOnTheNet Offers You Free Unlimited listings Your items appear in all SeeItOnTheNet related searches Your advert is submitted to Google Yahoo Bing Ask and others for indexing No need to Bump your listing to keep items on top Phone Number searches return all your listings together Email a Question Service included Straightforward and easy to use This is a great tool for anyone selling through Newspaper Classifies and the like It gives you many of the benefits an ecommerce site such as a webshop without all the difficulties that can bring Each of your items when displayed will includes options for quantity and delivery and allows you to organise your own payment methods such as email invoicing All in all a very flexibil platform to help you sell through Newspaper Classified advertising or Googles Adwords Using Google s Adword with SeeItOnTheNet What you offer and how you market it is up to you SeeItOnTheNet is here to help you on your way no matter what you offer your clients How do I get Started Using SeeItOnTheNet is very simple and FREE Getting started is easy To register go to the Home page and click on Make an Ad link on the page This will take you through a quick location finder and then to a simple registration page Finally you ll get an email to confirm your email address while it arrives you can add your first listing and when you confirm your email address you can also add pictures to your listings

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/using-siotn.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Property
    to use Tools that will help you make the very most of advertising your propery even if your an estate agent or letting agent Get free Internet listing of your property and added to the indexes of big search engines like Google Yahoo Bing and Ask This is a great way to get your property in our search results along with all the majour search engines on the Internet today

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/property.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Using Google Adwords with SeeItOnTheNet
    listings you have on SeeItOnTheNet to your Adwords Ad like a webshop and the second link type will list a singe items listing Constructing your chosen URL requires some thought for the first typeof URL and a simple copy and paste for the second type of URL Google Adwords asks you to fill in two URL s the first is displayed in the Ad and should be www seeitonthenet co uk the second URL required makes the link to your listings when the adwords ad is clicked on These links are described below Lets take the first Type which lists all your listings The URL is constructed from the phone number you used in your registration with each space between the numbers filled with a 20 so that the aaaaa is replaced with the Area code the bbbb is replaced with the District code and the cccc is replaced with the Subscriber number www seeitonthenet co uk basicsearch searchterm aaaaa 20 bbbb 20 cccc e g 0161 497 1234 becomes www seeitonthenet co uk basicsearch searchterm 0161 20 497 20 1234 or for phone numbers with two parts the Area code as aaaaa and the Subscriber number as cccccc www seeitonthenet co uk basicsearch searchterm aaaaa 20 cccccc e g 01527 123456 becomes www seeitonthenet co uk basicsearch searchterm 01527 20 123456 Remember to use the 20 as the spacer filler between diffrent parts of the numbers You should also test the URL you ve constructed once finished by typing or cuting and pasting it into the address box of your browser and clicking GO When you have confirmed that it takes you to your desired page you can use it in your Adwords advertising Now for the second type of URL It contains a direct link to an Item

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/google-adwords.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Save £1000's Being A DIY Estate Agent
    Guides Guide to Letting Guide to Sell or Let Property Guide to Being Your Own Estate Agent Guide to Sell Your House Guide to Selling or Renting Guide for Smart

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/moreseeitonthenetinfopages.php (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Auctions Classifieds Private Display Pages
    e g red house 0161 496 8080 name email address com Not sure Help Guides Ready Make free ads 2010 2014 See It On The Net

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/?task=basicsearch (2016-04-25)
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