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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Property
    appear with any pictures and text you included in your SeeItOnTheNet webpages and it s FREE Sign Up Here Today So whats the big deal With all your property ads in one place SeeItOnTheNet removes the expense of running your own website or paying an estate agent or letting agent so saving you time and money Giving you more control of your advertising spend SeeItOnTheNet Offers You Free Unlimited regular listings Your Property appear in all related SeeItOnTheNet searches Your advert is submitted to Google Yahoo Bing Ask and others for indexing No need to Bump your property listing to keep items on top Phone Number searches return all your properties together Email a Question Service included Straightforward and easy to use This website is a great tool to aid you when selling or letting and is a great help when using any form of advertising like newspaper classifieds It gives you all the benefits of your own website without all the difficulties running your own website brings Marketing property yourself gives you greater control and cost savings So no matter your choice of advertising Newspaper Classified advertising Googles Adwords etc SeeItOnTheNet is here to help you market your property fig 2 in a timely and cost effective way no matter what you offer your clients and tenants How do I get Started Getting started is easy and FREE First you need to register So go to the Home page and click on Make an Ad link This will take you through a quick location finder and then to a simple registration page Next you ll get an email sent to you to confirm your email address While your email arrives you can add your first property listing and when you have confirmed your email address you ll be able

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/advancedpropertymarketing.php (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Letting Your Properties.
    relisting your advert to keep it near the top of the list Some ad sites have now starting charging for automatically bumping ads increasing marketing costs for properties SeeItOnTheNet changes all this and gives more control over marketing removing the need to bump ads You also get all the extra benefits of pictures and space to add more text But more importantly all your ads are listed together nomatter the number 1 or 100 all together as a simple micro web site Sign Up Here Today Getting the most from your advertising Whether your renting out one property from your first buy to let a room in your house or letting out a large block of flats or commercial factory on a long lease SeeItOnTheNet is ideal if you don t have your own website SeeItOnTheNet is here to help your market your property SeeItOnTheNet is different from general listings sites We encourage you to market your own listings with Newspaper Classifieds and products like Google Adwords Using Google s Adword with SeeItOnTheNet and then bring all your ads to one place your place on SeeItOnTheNet We give you the tools to link all your marketing to the pictures and

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/lettings.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Quick Guide to Selling or Letting A Property
    put the web address SeeItOnTheNet co uk in your newspaper ads with or without the www then make your ad on www SeeItOnTheNet co uk you can add pictures after you ve confirmed your email address It Works www SeeItOnTheNet co uk links together your ads and the Internet using the phone number from your newspaper ads and our web address It s quick and simple and you get all

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/quick-info-let-sell.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Save £1000's! Be Your Own Estate Agent
    vat Think of it the average UK property was valued at 232 628 in March 2011 And your friendly local estate agent will charge you 4 187 5 583 with VAT for a job you can easily do yourself Its not a small amount of money to save and there s nothing complicated about the process of selling your own property There are few reasons now to use estate agents

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/savemoneysellingyourproperty.php (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Selling Your Own Property
    Thats why newspaper advertising is so useful your ad is always on top and asking the paper for some colour like a yellow will make it very eye catching Plus add in the web link to your micro website with a picture brochure of your house from SeeItOnTheNet will make it stand out Sign Up Here Today Howto Selling A House with SeeItOnTheNet Start by taking a box in the classified property section of your local newspaper and putting in the basic house information for your house e g Excellent 3 Bed Semi Upper High St with the price your asking or say something like priced to sell which is always true Follow this with your contact details either a phone number or email address and finally add our web address seeitonthenet co uk with or without the www at the bottom I ll explain this in a moment Next you need a brochure this is normally supplied by an expensive estate agent but today you can make your own quickly by using SeeItOntheNet to build an online picture portfolio of your house that will link to your classified ads To make your brochure first give the house a wash and brush up if it needs it and then take photo s of the outside back and front and then every room you feel shows your house at its best Then armed with the pictures plan a virtual trip through you house starting at the front on a piece of paper if you want you can measure the rooms and add this information to the description for each photo If your not sure about the sizes say there approximate or that the buyer should confirm sizes themselves just to cover yourself Then using the Make Free ads link on our

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/selling-a-house.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Selling or Renting
    bank So why allow estate agents to take upto five percent of the sale price of your property or letting agents up to twenty percent of the yearly rent when you can do it yourself Sign Up Here Today Remember the biggest cost in selling or renting a house or flat is the professional fees charged by agents and online service like Rightmove With us you can make big savings

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/sell-or-rent.html (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Smart Landlords
    stand out What we offer comes in the form of an easy to remember web site SeeItOnTheNet where you can list all your properties on SeeItOnTheNet for free and get all your properties sent to the big search engines like Google Yahoo Bing and Ask for including in their search index so people searching them can find you Then to get your newspaper ads working you just add the website

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/smartlandlords.php (2016-04-25)
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  • SeeItOnTheNet | Advertising Property
    all you need to do is write your advert and make sure you have all the legally required documents by the time you sell or let it If your not sure on the legal stuff when selling a house look here and for letting look here These website will explain your legal responsibilities when selling or letting your property Making your first property advert is simple there s a one

    Original URL path: http://www.seeitonthenet.co.uk/webpages/info/advertisingproperty.php (2016-04-25)
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