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  • Security Glazing | Selectaglaze ltd | Safer
    firearm attack is achieved by several layers of glass of various thicknesses laminated together The front layers of glass are designed to shatter thereby absorbing the initial impact energy subsequent glass and interlayers absorb the lower level shock waves Lighter thinner bullet resistant glass can be produced by the use of polycarbonate in the lamination However bullet resistant glass is not enough on its own as the same performance is required from all the components of the frame including any joints and junctions Fire Fire resistant glazing provides a protected escape route for occupants Specialist glass together with fire and intumescent seals set within appropriate framing resists the intense heat of a fire This provides integrity which prevents breach of flames and gases and where required insulation to reduce the transfer of heat Clean environments Secondary glazing with its high performance seals and easy clean surfaces can provide an efficiently sealed envelope in Clean Antibacterial and Positive or Negative pressured environments Fitted on the inside of primary windows or in partitions it can be used to stop the ingress of dust and grime and provide a protected space for blinds Guidance and regulations Physical attack Guidelines include PAS 24 2012 This standard simulates forced entry by the use of static loading as well as manipulation using simple tools The test does not involve glass breakage and so replicates a stealth attack LPS1175 Developed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board the standard deals with the elements of the building façade such as doors widows grills and enclosures There are eight levels of resistance measured in terms of attack tools and time Secured by Design is a crime prevention initiative owned by The Association of Chief of Police Officers Products successfully tested to PAS 24 are awarded a Police Preferred Specification Risk levels Low Guarding against an opportunistic attack by a thief who wants to work quickly and with the minimum chance of detection secondary glazing can be used to provide an additional barrier to entry with simple locks and toughened or laminated glass There are no test standards at this level Medium To guard against a more determined attack by a thief who will be prepared to spend more time attacking a frame but may not break the glass as this will attract attention Secondary glazing tested to the security element of PAS 24 and certified to Secured by Design is recommended High Guarding against an attack which is planned and very aggressive where both the frame and glass will come under determined attack then products certified to LPS 1175 are recommended Product selector Test Standard Rating Level Horizontal Sliding Vertical Sliding Hinged Fixed Demountable fixed Product Glass Options mm PAS24 2012 security requirement Secured by Design Single Level x S45 SHC 6 8 x S46 FL 6 8 7 5 9 5 11 5 11 3 x S80 2HS x S90 VSCB x S41 SHC x S50 SHC x S40 FL x S42 FL LPS 1175 SR1 x S85 2HS

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/benefits/security-secondary-glazing (2016-02-18)
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  • Church Insulation | Selectaglaze ltd | Ecclesiastical buildings
    Thousands of places of worship are historic buildings centres of our community and form an important part of our heritage Many have also become disused through dwindling congregations and lack of funding so they are being deconsecrated and offered for change of use This could be conversion to homes community centres theatres and concert halls However whether your building is still used for worship or it has undergone change they all have to be fit for purpose and careful use of secondary glazing can help achieve modern day standards St George s Church Warmer Quieter environments For city churches noise can be a huge problem for congregations especially when close to a busy road However many churches also serve as local community centres running a range of activities that may create just as much noise from the inside causing a nuisance to local neighbours So how can the noise ingress and egress be prevented Quieter Selectaglaze secondary glazing fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42 45dB and even higher levels if thicker glass is introduced Church buildings tend to have large single glazed leaded windows which are thermally inefficient and often quite draughty Areas that have regular community use will be difficult and expensive to heat When a church building is converted to a home improved thermal insulation will be an essential consideration for planning Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient seals and the warmer inner pane of glass will also reduce downdraughts leading to improved comfort levels near the window Using thermally efficient low emissivity glass in the secondary glazing heat loss can be reduced by up to 65 In turn this should help save money on energy bills Safer environments An unfortunate reality of our modern world is religious friction and places of worship

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/improving-church-window-efficiency (2016-02-18)
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  • Noise Insulation | Selectaglaze ltd | Schools and University
    colleges and universities in locations including Classrooms Lecture halls Libraries Student accommodation Performance studios Control windows Secure reception windows Clean room environments Secure laboratories Classrooms with traditional single glazed windows can be uncomfortable in winter months Better insulation will Improve comfort and therefore concentration levels Minimise draughts Lower energy costs Reduce carbon footprint Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and with a low emissivity glass heat loss can be reduced by up to 65 Radcliffe Infirmary Warmer Quieter Learning Low ambient noise levels in classrooms will Limit distractions Improve concentration Reduce voice strain Selectaglaze secondary glazing fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42 45dB and even higher levels if thicker glass is introduced The upper limit for ambient noise levels in teaching spaces is regulated through the Department for Education Acoustic Design of Schools Performance Standards BB93 February 2015 and varies between 30 45dB depending on whether the school is a refurbishment or new build and the type of activities carried out in the room Upper limits for IANL indoor ambient noise level during normal teaching hours Room type Upper limit for IANL dB l Nursery school rooms primary classrooms secondary classrooms 35 dB Open plan teaching areas 40 dB Primary music classroom 35 dB Secondary music classroom 35 dB Lecture room 35 dB Classroom designed specifically for use by hearing impaired students 30 dB Quieter Well specified secondary glazing will improve thermal performance provide significant acoustic insulation and enhance security all through one product Sensitive design ensures that it closely reflects the lines of the original windows including those that are curved As a reversible adaptation it is also acceptable in almost all cases for use in Listed buildings Secure learning Educational buildings are often targets of theft vandalism and sometimes arson Secure

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/education-learning-environments (2016-02-18)
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  • Clean Room Secondary Glazing | Selectaglaze Healthcare
    weeks ahead of their normal production run allocation John Sinnott Managing Director Oakland Building Services Ltd Sectors Back to browse Sectors Churches Education Healthcare Housing Hotels leisure Museums libraries Office Home owner Heritage View Sectors Technical Library Case Studies Back to browse Case Studies Churches Heritage Healthcare Housing Government Education Hotels and Leisure Office Museums and Libraries View Case Studies Contact News Events Healthcare Energy efficiency Many healthcare buildings are of traditional construction with poor insulation standards and will need to consider energy efficiency measures to lower carbon footprints and reduce energy costs Selectaglaze secondary window systems glazed with low emissivity glass will reduce U values across the window to less than 1 9 a reduction of up to 65 against a single glazed metal window Secondary glazing can be used for a variety of applications in the healthcare sector in new build or existing buildings alike Installation can be completed quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption but where the works could impact on staff and patients installation can be phased to suit periods when the facilities are unoccupied or programmed in with a general refurbishment Tunbridge Wells Hospital Warmer Peace and Quiet The speed of patient rehabilitation and recuperation is of paramount importance with sleep playing a major part in the healing process Many hospitals are in noisy locations which can have negative effects on patients getting a good night sleep Our secondary glazing systems can reduce noise levels by 42 45dB with standard glass and even higher levels achieved with thicker glass Quieter Clean rooms can benefit from special secondary glazing units These bespoke Series 40 units are well suited to areas that need high levels of control related to ingress of airborne dust and dirt maintaining room pressure and containing the spread of infection and disease Switchable

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/healthcare-controlled-environments (2016-02-18)
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  • Window Insulation | Selectaglaze ltd | Housing
    churches and offices are being converted into living space These all come with their own issues and often need a high level of care to ensure thermal and noise insulation is addressed to create a comfortable environment for the occupant Super Luxury at Park Lane Warmer Quieter Secondary glazing offers very effective noise insulation and will outperform normal double glazed windows The additional secondary window is generally fitted 100 150mm away from the primary window and the wide air space limits noise transmission across the panes Quieter Property developers Many traditional commercial buildings suitable for conversion to homes are in noisy city centres an attractive location for living and working but dealing with excessive noise levels can be a critical factor for a successful development Selectaglaze will work with acousticians and architects to identify the most effective solutions New homes built on brown field sites are often in areas that are highly exposed to noise from traffic and other forms of transport New primary glazing will meet Part L of the building regulations but will often struggle to meet the higher acoustic requirements for these sites The introduction of secondary glazing in combination with the primary windows will perform to the required standards Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems fitted with standard glass are capable of reducing noise levels by 42 45dB and even higher levels if thicker glass is introduced More Secure Windows are normally seen as soft targets for intruders and a secondary window particularly when fitted with a simple lock provides an additional barrier to entry Selectaglaze also offers enhanced systems accredited to Secured by Design and The Loss Prevention Scheme and are a Police Preferred Specification These windows undergo rigorous testing and the most secure range matches the resistance offered by heavy bars or grilles and avoids the

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/secondary-glazing-housing (2016-02-18)
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  • Secondary Glazing Noise Reduction | Selectaglaze Hotels
    emissivity glass heat loss can be reduced by up to 65 The UK Tourist industry is booming and no more so than in our historical towns and city centres Visitors are attracted by the bars restaurants and night life yet these are the things that can make sleeping in a city centre hotel difficult or uncomfortable Guests want a good night s sleep so keeping unwanted sound out will be high on the agenda for any hotelier Browns Hotel Warmer A good night s sleep for all A peaceful room that allows a good night s sleep will result in contented guests The recommended sound level for a hotel room is 30 35dB at night but busy city centre locations can easily reach 70 80dB With an average window reducing sound levels by about 30dB additional protection is essential Quieter Acoustic testing of Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems demonstrate the high performance necessary to maintain room occupancy levels and avoid licences being revoked Using standard glass noise levels can be reduced by 42 45dB and up to 50dB if higher performance glass is introduced This will ensure the peace and quiet needed for that all important period of sleep for all Pubs clubs and concert venues Live music is becoming more and more popular but venues require a licence under the 2003 act and a condition is that noise must not be a nuisance to neighbours Where venues have windows secondary glazing will act to contain the noise within the building and help ensure that license conditions are met Many pubs clubs and concert halls have a different problem as they must avoid noise levels that disturb local neighbours so need to find ways to contain the noise within the building An effective answer is found with secondary glazing which not

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/hotels-leisure (2016-02-18)
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  • Government Indemnity Scheme Certified | Museums & Galleries Solutions
    light However traditional single glazed windows are thermally inefficient draughty and also admit ultraviolet light that can be very damaging to paintings books and fabric Selectaglaze secondary glazing includes two efficient draught seals and the extra layer of glass traps an insulating layer which reduces heat loss by about 50 using standard glass and nearer 65 if a thermally efficient low emissivity glass is used This allows better control of the room environment and if the glass is laminated it will block up to 99 of damaging UV light The systems can also include anti reflective coatings to give the viewer the best possible experience West Bridgford Library Warmer Peace and quiet Visitors to museums archives and libraries expect peace and quiet for reading viewing and or research Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100 150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can reduce noise levels by 42 45dB This can be further reduced if thicker glass is used Quieter Sensitivity of design Museums and libraries will often own buildings that are listed or of historical interest so any intervention needs to be sensitive and in the case of listed buildings reversible Selectaglaze secondary glazing is designed to create minimal visual impact on the original windows and building both internally and externally The custom made units are able to copy and flow with the lines of the original windows including arched curved round and curved on plan Treatments are fully reversible so if in the future requirements change Enhanced security In the UK we are fortunate to have such a vast collection of museums and libraries culturally enriching our lives Housing priceless artworks fabrics ancient manuscripts and books many are located in architecturally significant buildings Most of these are of traditional construction with original single glazed windows that are

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/museums-libraries (2016-02-18)
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  • Secured by Design | Selectaglaze Offices
    Certificate EPC or an improved BREEAM rating These measures make a building more attractive for both sale or lease and assist with the wider commitment to carbon reduction 64 65 Sloane Street Warmer Quieter working Many offices are located close to transport links and in busy town centres where outside noise levels are high which can distract attention and make people less efficient at work The recommended ambient noise level in a meeting room is 35 40dB and a cell office 40 50dB whereas outside street noise levels can be 70 80dB Quieter Laboratory tests demonstrate that Selectaglaze secondary glazing set 100 150mm from the primary window and fitted with standard glass can substantially reduce noise levels by 42 45dB and even higher levels if a heavier glass is chosen A good work environment provides a sense of wellbeing and encourages efficiency an important consideration when it is estimated that we spend more than 10 years of our lives in the work place Factors that contribute towards the environment include a comfortable temperature and acceptable noise levels Newly constructed offices can be purpose designed to provide the very best conditions but large numbers of offices are still found within older buildings often in city centres or around transport hubs These were constructed with less thermally efficient materials and in times when noise was not quite such an issue The windows in particular do not retain heat well are often draughty and usually acoustically inefficient Enhanced security Offices are an easy target for theft particularly of computers and the disruption and potential loss of information could adversely affect the business Ground floor windows and those accessible from flat roofs are particularly vulnerable A secure secondary window can easily be fitted to affected windows and even lightweight frames fitted with a simple

    Original URL path: http://www.selectaglaze.co.uk/sectors/office-window-epc (2016-02-18)
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