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  • SEO Derby - We're #1 For SEO - Why Choose Any Other Company?
    Like Crazy Your website exists for a reason To make you money We focus on macro and micro conversion goals which add to your bottom line We find ways to get more people converting We re experts at suggesting and testing changes to website messaging design and layout which will get you more conversions Learn More About CRO Pay Per Click We ll Get Your Website Hyper Targeted Traffic As PPC management specialists we improve the performance of your Adwords and other PPC campaigns We ll deliver visitors with their wallets open ready to do business with you We re conversion focused making your PPC strategy and business more profitable We ll make you money Learn More About PPC Social Media Marketing We ll Get Your Website Noticed On The Social Web Social media strategy is a vital aspect of digital marketing for most businesses Building relationships with everybody from customers to competitors gives you the best chance of social success We ll get your website talked about socially build your brand for the long term and create a buzz about what you do Learn More About SOCIAL Did We Mention that We LOVE Derby So Why Not Work With The Derby Digital Marketing Experts The Latest From Our Blog Digital Marketing Knowledge Recent Posts View All Posts Adwords Standard Vs All Features Be Sure to Optimise Wisely harveypearce adwords management No Comments Having blogged recently about Adwords Mistakes I thought I d blog about basic Google Adwords setup and optimisation and especially the difference between standard and all features campaigns Time and time Outsourcing SEO abroad It May Just Cost You Your Business harveypearce seo scams No Comments As an SEO and PPC company we still get sent spam emails on a regular basis offering us higher positions in

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  • Digital Marketing | SEO Derby
    without delivering any results I lost confidence I have listened to everything you have said and done my own research and you know what I realised We were so bad before that I am surprised we had any conversions So the first bit of advice we can give is that whoever you work with make sure that they are committed to educating you and making sure that you are part of the process Any magic wand solutions where you pay money completely hands off and make a boat load of money are not going to work Really We believe that an educated client is a happy client Don t want to be educated and just want us to do it for you Please find someone else to work with We re not the right people for you If you want to have success online with your business all you need to do is focus on 2 things 1 Making conversions the heart of everything you do 2 Be awesome really That s it pretty simple huh Of course it s a lot more complicated than that and is certainly hard work however that really is all you need to do Success online is no longer a matter of throwing up some crappy content building a few spammy links and watching the visitors and sales skyrocket You have to be awesome in everything you do We re sick to the back teeth of people emailing us asking how much will it cost to rank their sites for X or Y keywords We don t want that type of client and those types of companies will rarely succeed because they have no conception of working to be the best These people think they can just buy rankings and future profit but you can t The irony is that even if we delivered rankings on those keywords for them it would probably be a waste of time In the industry we call the things such clients want to rank for vanity terms That takes it back to conversions at the heart of what we do If you sell household lights do you want to be number 1 for the keyword lights Of course you don t it would be a total waste of time If we take search marketing SEO as an example there seems to be a huge disconnect with people Google wants to rank the best sites for any given keyword on their first page That s it that s all you need to know about what SEO is Google isn t perfect at recognising the best websites and businesses and that s where a great digital marketing company comes in We d describe search marketing like this Our job is not to make you rank number 1 for the keywords you want Our job is demonstrate to search engines and real people that you are great at what you do and that you deserve relevant website visitors because you create

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  • SEO - How We Do It
    be the only strategy as an unexpected algorithm update could risk your entire business if your marketing is not diversified SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years and what used to work well not only doesn t work but can actually get your website penalised and removed from a search engine index We believe in the highest quality of SEO and not taking short cuts which in the long run risk causing more harm than good Recent important Google updates such as the penguin and panda updates have shown that a quality focused approach is the only long term viable strategy Our approach is to work with you to show search engines that your website and business is worthy of traffic and rankings If your website is not worthy and you re not prepared to seriously improve it then unfortunately we re not going to be a good fit with you There is often a big disconnect with many business owners thinking that they can just buy rankings and traffic from SEO companies in a hands off approach with no effort to make their websites as good as they can be In some respects SEO is very simple Google wants to put the 10 best website pages for any given keyword on their first page So if you want to rank at number 1 you need to ask if your website is the best website in your space If it s not then it will be an uphill task to SEO that site Our clients believe in putting user experience at the forefront of their businesses and having websites which are the very best in their industries If you believe in being the best and are prepared to invest in quality then we can really help We can

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  • CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation | SEO Derby
    have a website which has traffic and makes sales conversions It s part science and part art and involves making changes to your website and testing how these changes affect and increase conversions We believe that every website which is already doing business can greatly benefit from CRO It is the process of getting more from your current traffic It is amazingly powerful because you can get huge business changing results when it s done correctly For example let s say that you sell online and you currently have a conversion rate of 2 By doubling your conversion rate you double your revenue but more importantly you half the effective cost of all of your marketing efforts as your website now converts twice as many customers This means that you can get exponential increases in traffic for a lower cost per sale CRO has its biggest effect on profit rather than revenue By doubling the conversion rate you ll double your revenue but as businesses have a mix of fixed and variable costs this often means that your profit will more than double in this scenario Our process is highly detailed and designed There is a common belief that CRO is about changing the colour of buy buttons to get more people to buy Whilst this may have a small affect this is one of the last things that should be looked at We analyse the conversion process funnel and the website experience for users We do this by testing your website and getting feedback from users as to what works and what doesn t work for them We work on addressing friction points and the psychological processes involved in making a purchasing decision based on our research and then we design hypotheses to test Creating new versions of your

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  • Content Marketing | SEO Derby
    channel this to your website We can help with this It s essential to have a blog and to add content regularly You need to be creating content which helps potential customers and demonstrates your expertise in your field If you want to be the best and have the best website you need to have the content to show it It s no good having a brochure style website with no real information Websites that like that don t deserve to succeed can t be considered the best in their niche and thus do not deserve to rank and get traffic from search engines We can help you by regularly writing content and updating your blog with quality information that helps you connect with potential future customers Alternatively we can work with you to devise a content schedule for your own staff to work with We ll also advise on topics and edit your work so that it s more likely to rank and perform well You must remember that the Internet is driven by content and consumers are always looking for information which solves their various problems Companies that produce content which really helps people tend to perform very

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  • Social Media SEO
    social media accounts because they ve been told they need them yet they re dead accounts with no real activity This is a huge missed opportunity and is even worse than not having the accounts in the first place By encouraging active dial ogue with not just customers but stakeholders and even competitors you can communicate your core values and visibly demonstrate them This can have tremendous effects on every area of your business Ultimately social media enables you to promote a community around your brand and values and once you have that community you can leverage time and time again to further your business goals We can help to manage your social media efforts from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube and Google Plus With our help you ll get a more engaged audience which will permeate every area of your business We ll also heavily use social media to connect with people in our SEO efforts High quality SEO outreach is about promoting your quality content by communicating with other relevant websites in your space Social Media and Twitter especially is a fundamental part of this process As a business if you ve got nothing to say then these

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  • Local SEO
    potential customers looking for a business locally that can satisfy there needs Ranking for these local keywords is immensely important for local businesses Gone are the days of the local plumber or driving instructor advertising in the yellow pages More and more people are looking online for these services and it s our job at SEO Derby to make sure they find YOUR business To rank locally you really need a Google Places account This is because Google shows in most cases listings from its places index of local sites Here is what a true local places results page looks like Here you can see that Google shows a lot more information that you normally get from a traditional search This is because all of these businesses have submitted their details to Google and it has been verified Therefore they are able to show address details phone numbers and if you click through to the actual place page you can see images for the business and opening hours The task for a company providing local SEO services is to work towards ranking you according to what is required for a true organic result AND for a places result It s

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  • Small Business SEO
    have a good website which doesn t get the visibility it deserves It doesn t matter if you are looking for personal injury leads or you are a local plumber We can help The first part of our SEO strategy is carrying out keyword research We ll look at what customers are already searching for to find your website and then look at ways we can rank you even higher for those keywords More importantly we ll look at what keyword customers are using to find your competitors and look at where you rank for those keywords It s likely that we ll find some big keywords that would you bring you in lots more leads and sales if we could rank you for them Depending on your budget we ll work together to find out which keywords are going to be the best to optimise for We offer guaranteed SEO where we guarantee to get you on page 1 of Google within 3 months otherwise we ll work for nothing until we get you there Take a look at our SEO pricing page for more info We ll also create you a Google Places account if you don t have one already and optimise it for your keywords assuming that your business is suitable for local seo optimisation Local search is important as search engines recognise local businesses and searches from local customers If you are a real bricks and mortar local business trading within a certain geographic area then small business seo and local seo services are exactly what you need to increase your online visibility The first thing to do if you want to move the online side of your business is get in touch Either give us a call or fill out one of the call

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