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  • Pitching SEO to an SEO
    very hard work required to really rank a website well The way to offer the scam page 1 guarantee is this You guarantee the client to be on page 1 of Google but for keywords that have very little traffic and are easy for you to rank You use the Google Adwords keyword Tool to show the client the amount of searches the keyword has but you leave it on broad match rather than exact match It s beyond the scope of this blog post to explain fully the difference between the 2 but suffice to say that the keyword yes they only talked about 1 keyword they discussed had over 3000 broad match searches per month but the exact searches were way less than 100 Of course they didn t show the client that part Big difference hey The Secret Sauce Oh yes did you know SEO was about sauce What kind of sauce Well I can t tell you that it s a secret When asked by the client how they could guarantee a page 1 listing and how exactly they did it this was the answer they got It s a secret recipe apparently and nobody else in the world does it like them Yeah right Well I d make 2 points I ve already reverse engineered their client s sites and I haven t seen one with many more than 50 backlinks mostly from directories a few blog comments and a couple of paid links from low quality Pagerank 0 sites Hardly earth shattering No secret sauce there I can assure you This contract could potentially have been for around 5 000 GBP per month if the client had agreed to buy in for all of the websites in his portfolio If I was buying something for 5 000 a month or 60 000 a year I d want to know EXACTLY what I m buying and what I m going to get for my money I certainly wouldn t want to be told it was a secret but don t worry you can have a worthless guarantee So if you ever hear about secret sauce or something similar from an SEO company much as you may love tomato ketchup please RUN A MILE Demand definable goals from your SEO Company and ask them exactly how they are going to achieve them and track them so you will know how successful they have been That way if they don t achieve their goals you can get rid of them and find someone who can do a proper job for you Obviously the SEO Company can t and won t tell you absolutely everything they do but you should be given a clear idea of what service they will perform for the fee Would a mechanic offer you a secret car repair service I don t think so Ethical link building is the real not so secret SEO sauce So building 100 backlinks to a clients site

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 1
    up This option says and I quote This allows ads with lower clickthrough rates and conversion rates to show more often so this option could result in a lower average position or fewer clicks and conversions Basically it says that if you use the option I recommend it s going to cost you more money and give you a less effective campaign Obviously Google knows what they are talking about so I must be crazy right So why do I recommend something that Google strongly warns against Adwords can be really complicated It is how Google makes 99 of their profit and billions of dollars have been spent on building the adwords management interface The amount of options available can be bewildering and Google want to simplify it as much as possible for most users The recommended options DO make it easier to set up and run a good campaign However they DON T make it easier to set up and run a great campaign Google Adwords Ad Rotation The advanced aim of any adwords campaign is to deliver continuous and constant improvements The best way of many ways to do this is by split testing ads which I will explain in far more detail in part 2 of this adwords help and tips guide Split testing ads allows you to have 2 ads running for each ad group and these 2 ads compete against each other Once you have had enough impressions and clicks for BOTH ads to make a statistically significant decision on which one is best you can then delete the underperforming ad This ad is replaced with a new but different challenger ad based on what you think were the key benefits of the first ad These 2 ads then fight it out until a clear winner is decided and then the process is repeated ad finitum What this means is that over time the quality of your ads constantly increases After you ve been through this process over months and even years in the end your ads are so well written that they convert many times higher than your first original ads This means that you get more clicks and pay less for those clicks as Google rewards the best performing ads with lower bid prices This is what Google is trying to help you achieve with its recommendation to show the best ads more often but it doesn t really work for the advanced user The aim is t o find out which ad is best as quickly as possible so that you can then write a new ad and start the process again If Google shows which ads it thinks are best then it takes longer to get a statistically significant sample to enable you to make the decision to write a new challenger ad The way to use this strategy effectively is to make sure that you get the data you need as quickly as possible The only way to do this

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 2
    and if you have a high quality score you will bid less to achieve the same position Your quality score for each keyword is probably the most important metric to look at What factor is the most important to getting a high quality score It s the clickthrough rate The clickthrough rate is so important because Google only wants to have the best performing ads showing on its pages They make more money by having more people clicking on the ads They incentivise having better ads with higher clickthrough rates by reducing the costs per click for the best ads So I think I ve conclusively shown why getting great clickthrough rates by having the best possible ads will turn a losing campaign into a winning one So I need a winning advert how do I get one The answer is split testing your ads For every keyword or group of related keywords you want to have just 2 adverts You need to set these to each show 50 of the time in your advanced settings as explained in part 1 of this guide You need to let both adverts run until you have statistically significant data What this means is that until the adverts have delivered enough impressions and clicks that you are confident that the results are not due to random chance you keep the test running Once you are sure that one advert is better i e it has a higher CTR you delete the non performing ad and create a new advert to challenge the winner Then the test starts again and you hope to create a new ad that is even better than the original winner When you do get a new winner you delete the old one and try again with a new challenger What you find is that eventually you are testing smaller and smaller changes like adding a comma or a full stop for example It literally is shocking to see but sometimes small changes like these make massive differences Eventually you end up with ads that perform massively and get huge CTR s and thus get far more visitors to your website than you would have otherwise Not only this but you pay less per visitor too as with a high CTR you get a high quality score which means you can pay less than your competitors to have adverts above them What does a winning Adwords advert look like The truth is you won t know until you start split testing It s only with testing that the great improvements are made However it is important to make the starting 2 adverts the best they can be There are of course some best practices and so I ll try and show the difference between good and bad initial ads You can see above that this is a very poor advert that inevitably will get a very low CTR and quality score It would be very hard to improve this ad

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  • Negative SEO
    of prominent well known SEO s joined the forum to contribute including Rand Fishkin who could be considered to be the most well known SEO in the world He seemed very interested in the results and wanted to know himself if negative SEO is in fact now actually possible He even offered up his website SEO Moz as a test subject as reported at Web Pro News Personally I think his website could be too difficult to take down as it s so hugely trusted Also the whole point of a test is that nobody should know the test subject and thus allow Google to make sure the test is not successful before it s done Another option discussed was to try and take down the Wikipedia page about SEO I personally refuse to link to Wikipedia Whilst I understand how useful it would be to test taking down high profile target websites to prove for 100 that negative SEO is a new reality the point is that these tactics in the real world would be used on much less high profile sites I have no doubt that more tests will be carried out and if negative SEO is possible then we will have all the evidence we need very soon The implications of negative SEO If it really is that easy to take down anyone s website with a few tools and some blackhat spamming skills then eventually many people are bound to start doing it This is going to mean a huge increase in spam on the web which is something that Google and everybody wants to reduce not increase It also means that the results for various money keywords that are important to people financially could well be turned upside down The problem is that the sites at the highest positions get massive amounts of clicks compared to the sites below them If you re making 1 500 per month and you re in position 3 and you know that position 2 is worth 4 000 a month and position 1 is worth 8 000 a month that s a hell of an incentive to do negative SEO on those above you If you have a business that is based on your online rankings and your income and the income of your staff is based upon this then the risk of a competitor doing this to you is something you d never want to even think about In my opinion Google has a responsibility to make 100 sure that negative tactics like this could never work The world will be much better without negative SEO The formerly symbiotic relationship between Google and Webmasters There is clearly a symbiotic relationship between Google and webmasters They both need each other and as things stand in the UK with Google s 90 market share ranking in Google is vitally important However Google the company that could do no wrong in the past has been constantly upsetting website owners There have

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 3
    not looking for your business service and so be wasting lots of money 2 Your ads won t be relevant for many searches and so less people will click your adverts giving you a low click through rate CTR Google punishes adverts and accounts with low CTR s with low quality scores and higher over bid prices An irrelevant ad can push up the costs of all of your other relevant adverts Negative keywords are one of the tools used by Adwords managers to try to deal with adverts showing for irrelevant ads showing up in searches which I ll explain now Negative Keywords Negative keywords are keywords where you don t want your advert to show if these are used when a user makes a search on Google This obviously sounds a bit counter intuitive at first as surely you want your advert to show as much as possible However I explained above how it is often the case that it s important to control what search phrases your adverts don t show for as well as which ones it does Let s go back to our car garage example and their keyword service derby Hopefully you can already easily see the problem with this particular keyword The garage sells car services in the location of Derby Lots of people may well make a search using the words service and derby and will genuinely be looking for a car service However there are lots of other types of services in Derby and the broad or phrase match keyword would show up for all of these searches Postal service derby Limo service derby PC repair service derby Training service derby It s clear that if the car garage has the broad or phrase match keyword service derby then their advert will show for all of the above searches and many more These irrelevant keywords will absolutely kill their campaign as they will be wasting money and getting terrible CTR s quality scores and ultimately higher overall costs Luckily there is a solution and that solution is negative keywords The image below shows where you can input negative keywords into Adwords In this example we clearly want to use the negative keywords postal limo PC repair and training This will prevent adverts being shown for the above searches will save money and help with quality scores and bid prices The problem is that for some keywords there are a huge number of potential variations on what people search for We know in this example that PC is excluded but what about the keywords computer or computers Once you drill down into keywords you realise that a lot of thought needs to go into what searches your advert could possibly show for One of the weekly Adwords management jobs that PPC professionals do is to check search query reports and actually see which clicks or impressions you got for your keywords Quite often you see that you have had clicks on keywords

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 5
    help you organise accounts with multiple conversions The options available to choose are shown here You just need to pick which one is the most suitable It might be a sale or a lead for example The page security level can be chose between http and https The tracking code will go on the page which a site visitor ends up at after they ve completed the conversion If you re an e commerce site selling products online and the conversion is a sale then it s likely that the conversion page will be https Otherwise it will be http which is the case for most conversions Check with your web developer if you re not sure or check yourself by navigating to your confirmation page and looking in the address bar of the browser Conversion value can be left blank in many cases It will then record in Adwords that a conversion has happened but it won t assign a monetary value If you want to assign a value then you can do just remember to just put in a number rather than using or signs as they re not needed If you re a lead generation company and each lead is worth 50 to you then input 50 into the conversion value section Tracking indicator is there if you want to have an icon saying that you are tracking conversions on the site I don t normally use it but you ought to make a mention in your privacy policy that you track conversions with Adwords Click Don t add a notification Finally there are advanced options Leave those as they are The advanced options are about view through conversions That s a reasonably advanced topic and most advertisers aren t going to need to use those unless they have quite complex campaigns Click save and continue You then get taken to a page where you get the tracking code Click that you make changes too your website and copy the code to notepad on your PC Then click done and that s it you re done Well almost Pasting The Conversion Tracking Code The final step is to paste the code you saved onto your website I know a lot of people get scared at the thought of pasting code but it really is literally as easy as copying and pasting into a word processing document like Word If you want your web designer or your SEO Company to do it then just email it to them and they will take care of it If you want to do it yourself all you need to do is this Access the web page for the conversion either through cpanel or through FTP via a client like FileZilla If you don t know how to do this then maybe it s best to get your web team to do it Once you ve got the code open press control F Find and search for body This indicates the end

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 6 | SEO Derby
    or brackets and people think that s how to set up a campaign In reality there are 2 main uses of broad match keywords although they are very inter related Account expansion to appear for more keywords Keyword discovery to find and use more successful keywords Account expansion is pretty obvious If you appear for more keywords then you ll get more clicks and impressions Of course many may be unrelated and of no use which is why exact and phrase match are usually more profitable The biggest mistake you can make with adwords management is to not mine the search data from your broad match keywords This is where you learn things that can take your account to a higher and more profitable level There are a couple of ways to get at the data but the simplest is to look at your keyword and select the ones you re interested in and click keyword details as shown in this image There are 2 main things you want to be doing here to make the most if this simple strategy Find Negative keywords You need to cut out all of the wasted impressions and clicks Look through the report and any keywords you find that are unrelated and unnecessary can simply be removed by adding them as negative keywords You won t show for them again which means you won t get wasted clicks and you won t get impressions for unrelated keywords Unrelated keywords are likely to have very low CTR s so this should help with Quality Score too Find great keywords for account expansion This is the most important use I want to talk about In your keyword details report you ll quickly see every single keyword that you ve appeared for and got clicks from After you ve weeded out the negatives you need to focus on the positives Hopefully there will be a lot of positives to use You will have appeared for lots of different keywords good and bad The best use of broad match is to discover the good ones It s impossible to know everything that someone might search for to find your product or service This should give you all that data You ll find great keywords that you may never have thought of that you got clicks on You ll also have all the Adwords data on them You ll have a good idea of how many impressions you might get what kind of CTR you might get at a minimum and hopefully if you ve been taking my advice you ll know which of these keywords have actually converted into sales through conversion tracking The thing to do is to take all of these new great keywords you ve found and create new AdGroups for them More advanced tip You could also add them as negative keywords in their existing campaigns to ensure that they will only show up in their new AdGroups So now you ve discovered

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  • Google Adwords Help and Tips Part 4
    divided our keywords into Ad Groups we should divide our Ad Groups into Campaigns There are far too many reasons for this to go into here as it would need a massive article in itself to explain all of the reasons Suffice to say that lots of basic and advanced optimisation tactics can be used at the ad group level and some at the campaign level Sitelinks is one great example of this Sitelinks are where you have extra links to your site beneath your advert These are nearly always best practice but they only work on the campaign level It would be amazing to have ad group level sitelinks but currently that s not possible If your entire website is structured through just 1 campaign in Adwords then you will have to have the same sitelinks triggered for every single keyword If you have a diverse range of products and services then this is often far from optimal If you are an online retailer and someone searches for washing machines having a sitelink for men s shoes is not going to be a good idea Account Structure Example Here is an example of how to structure an account There are various ways to do it depending on the objectives and the actual set up of the business I ve organised accounts into campaigns targeting different geographic areas or targeting different types of product for example There is no set way to do this and the key is to understand the business and how it functions and then to make a plan based on that Let your business be the guide for setting up the account structure Let s say that you are a shoe retailer you only sell online and you sell to the entire country This means that you are unlikely to segment by location although you still might Perhaps you may have an Adwords account structure something like the following Example Campaigns Let s say we decide to segment campaigns by sex and age so we have a number of groups for men women boys and girls We may end up with 4 campaigns in the men s category Note that purchases of trainers or formal shoes will have different intents uses wants and desires in their choices So we could end up with the following Campaigns for men Men s Trainers Men s Work shoes Men s casual shoes Men s formal shoes Men s Other In Men s trainers there will be a wide variety of styles choices colours and needs etc So for that campaign we may end up with the following Ad Groups Nike Trainers Puma Trainers Black Trainers Running Trainers You can see here in my example that the keywords that should go in these different Ad Groups should all be very different So in the Nike trainers Ad Group we may have the following keywords Nike Air Max Nike Tailwind Nike Trainers Therefore we can see that in the account we

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