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  • SEO Derby Web Design and Cookies | SEO Derby
    all pretty boring really but a cookie does allow the website to do a lot of things that may be useful for internet marketers One of the most common usages is for Google analytics Analytics cookies allow the site owner to gain valuable information about how visitors use and navigate the website They can also be used to show you adverts at a later time based on your visit to a website using a process called site retargeting Of course all of this has created some privacy concerns and the EU has now directed that websites must be transparent about cookie usage Sorry I couldn t resist the cat picture What do I need to do It s an interesting question and it really isn t totally clear Lots of big websites are implementing this differently It s clear that most are NOT asking visitors to opt in Most sites are providing information about how to opt out Of course it s much easier to just carry on surfing the net than to mess about opting out of cookies Therefore the hope is that the vast majority of people will get used to seeing requests to use cookies and end up automatically accepting them What is clear is that you need to have a privacy policy detailing how your website uses cookies and you need to direct new visitors to it so that they can opt out if they so desire What did you do at SEO Derby Luckily SEO Derby uses WordPress and there are quite a few plugins for this available I tried about 4 different ones until I found the one that worked best for me After testing these plugins I used the cookie control plugin from the nice people at Civic UK It s actually a fantastic piece of marketing from these guys as they are a web design and SEO company and when you use their plugin you ll likely be consenting to allow them to market their products to you If you have a website you ll be in their target market Not only that but they ll probably get lots of people linking to them I just linked to them and I d bet I won t be the only one I wish I d thought of it It s genius If you don t use WordPress they make it really easy for you to set it up on their site using some simple code You just have to enter some information and then they give you the code to put on your website Simple Anything else that s important Not really I think it s a bit of a non issue Everybody needs to set their websites up for this if they use cookies and then you can forget about it I feel sure that most people won t choose to opt out of cookies and you ll still be able to get your analytics data or use it for remarketing or

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  • design Archives | SEO Derby
    Well as I said I ve only covered a few simple aspects here but hopefully you ve got the point that there are lots of issues when it comes to web design that aren t part of how the website looks but are part of how search engines evaluate pages It s often on page SEO pages which can hold a website back but luckily these are the easiest to fix too Of course backlinks and social media marketing will always be massively important too but it s best to work on the foundations first If you re looking for SEO it s most often not required to rebuild the entire website Some simple coding changes can make all the difference before off page optimisation is started If you d like me to help then please get in touch as I d love to help you with your website If it s SEO you are looking for or an Adwords management service then just let us know If you ve had any Penguin or Panda issues then I know I can really help Apr 04 0 Changing your on page SEO as you achieve SEO goals Posted by harveypearce design No Comments An analysis of a few elements of the SEO for SEO Derby With SEO there are literally thousands of variables at play They all contribute to your total ranking metrics Any combination can work together to rank your website Whilst some variables you can control others you have little control of For instance website age is a huge ranking factor You have no control over this whatsoever unless you use black hat redirection techniques The age is the age and sometimes just like a fine wine you just have to let time do its thing The variable that you do control directly more than any other is your on page optimisation and if you are smart you can make on page changes at key times to control the growth in acquisition of keyword targets Web design and thus onpage coding is fundamental to SEO So I thought I d use a worked example using this SEO Derby website to show what I mean This website is only 4 months old at the time of writing so it s useful for a case study on this Now I know that you should never normally give your keywords away to anyone let alone post on your website which keywords you have identified as the best possible targets I m going to break that tradition and do that in this blog post Please remember that this is an SEO website and other SEO s would have no difficulty in looking at what I ve done on the site to work out what keywords I ve identified in the keyword research stage Therefore I m really not so worried about discussing keywords I believe I can rank relatively easily for If an SEO wants to work out what keywords I want to rank for they will have the skills to do this anyway Choosing the Keywords Before I started building this website I indentified a huge list of keywords I would like to rank for Not only did I work out what I d like to rank for I worked out how hard all these keywords would be to rank for Eventually I narrowed it down to a list of about 50 SEO related keywords that Had a reasonable amount of searches for me to believe that I would get business from them Were monetisable keywords that had some degree of commercial intent Had competition levels that were lower than the average Would give me the best return on investment Of the 50 Keywords all of which I m working on to some degree I selected the 3 that I thought were the best targets to focus my energy on initially Of course I d love to be number 1 for SEO but that s not going to happen anytime soon In a few years I ll probably go for such a keyword but this website is not old enough or established enough yet Your goals should always be realistic The keywords I identified were SEO Derby chosen because I live in Derby and want a local SEO brand Guaranteed SEO chosen because it has a moderate amount of volume and seems less competitive than average SEO keywords Adwords Management chosen because again it seems to be far less difficult a keyword to rank than I had assumed plus I love tinkering with adwords campaigns So what was my plan 1 I purchased an exact match domain www seo derby co uk where the first keyword I wanted to rank for is in the domain name in the exact order I wanted it The dash in the name isn t exactly great for SEO or the real world but the name with no dash wasn t available There s lots of discussion about exact match domains or EMD s as they re known Opinion is divided amongst SEO s and lots of people are really not keen on them I understand their opinions but personally I completely disagree Whilst those against EMD s say that Google more and more devalues the ranking boost from an EMD I think they are missing the point entirely There are some hugely important factors to consider which go beyond any boost you may get from having an EMD a If people are going to organically link to you they are MUCH more likely to use the anchor text you want if you have an EMD This will hugely help your rankings b If people link to you without any anchor text you will still have your keywords in the link c If your SEO is good enough eventually you will bind your brand to the keyword Think about that for a moment Roughly 1000 people per month were searching for SEO Derby before I made a

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  • Web Design - Why it matters to SEO
    makes no difference that there are different versions of the same page then think again Search engines see all these pages as completely different pages That still doesn t sound like too much of an issue but trust me it really is Your homepage is usually the most important and powerful page on your website and basically you are splitting its ranking power It s far better to have just 1 homepage and that s pretty obvious This issue is easily sorted by using 301 redirects or rel canonical Then you have 1 version of the homepage and no matter which of these different pages you click your visitors and search engine spiders all end up on the same page Title Tags The title of a page and certainly the title of your homepage is a huge ranking signal Don t leave it to a web designer to write the titles of your pages The title should accurately reflect what the page is about and certainly should incorporate the results of your SEO keyword research for the best results The web designer will have absolutely no clue about how to best write the title tag to achieve the best rankings Meta Description Tags The meta description is a very short description of what each page is about This is the information that is displayed in search results underneath the link telling searchers what the page is about There is absolutely no SEO value in these directly There used to be SEO value but after lots of grey hat SEO tactics used with meta tags it s agreed that meta descriptions do not have any direct influence on SEO However SEO can be taken much further to really be SEM search engine marketing and to that degree meta descriptions can be one of the most important factors How well written the Meta description is will massively affect the CTR click through rate of your result when it s searched for As I explained in one of our adwords help articles CTR can be massively increased if the Meta description or ad text in adwords is compelling and well written If your keyword gets searched for 1000 times per month and you get a 10 rather than a 2 CTR due to an amazing Meta description then you will get 5 times as many visitors for that keyword It s also argued although not proven that CTR is a ranking factor in Google and thus writing compelling SEO meta descriptions is probably one of the most important SEO jobs to be done Duplicate content Duplicate content is a massive SEO mistake So you d think that it s not possible as each page will be unique In some cases that s true but in many cases websites have huge amounts of duplicate content On many websites there are multiple ways to get to the same page In the content management system WordPress for example there are tag pages category pages archives author

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  • Changing your on page SEO as you achieve SEO goals
    first used words Therefore not only are my 3 keywords in my title they are in the order I have set out to acquire them more on this later b I used dashes to separate the words I could have used pipes and there is an SEO case for using pipes rather than dashes Everybody else ranking for the first keyword is using pipes so I think using dashes helps my listing to stand out a little more Frankly I think they look better anyway and so I went with them SEO is always a balance and sometimes 100 perfect SEO is well less than perfect for other reasons Another important on page SEO thing I did was to make sure that all of my pages and posts are heavily interlinked contextually This is great for search engines and people as it drives search engines and real people to read or index more pages It also helps to show search engines which pages are relevant for which keywords I could go on to discuss semantic relevancy and content siloing thank you Bruce Clay but that is way beyond the scope of this article Suffice to say that this is a white hat SEO website and I want to rely on natural contextual relevance for rankings rather than artificial grey hat SEO backlinks I plan to rank this website using contextual relevancy rather than going the easy but risky off page optimisation route of building lots of backlinks Of course I will still need backlinks but I m going to let my pages and content do the heavy lifting for me This of course means that I need to write lots of content and it has to be top quality too for this strategy to work Importantly it also means that I should be less at risk of having huge rankings changes whenever Google comes out with a big update Google is hardly likely to devalue quality content in future updates If there is any one SEO factor that will never get devalued it s going to be quality content That makes me feel confident that I m building a website and business that s going to be here long into the future I also chose to end the title of every page on the website with SEO Derby Guaranteed SEO What I m doing there is giving a clear signal that every page on the website is to some degree relevant to my 2 preferred keywords It s almost as if I m saying that my brand is actually those 2 keywords rather than just SEO Derby To be honest that s about right from an SEO and real world perspective The brand is SEO Derby and our brand message is Guaranteed SEO As of today the 4th April 2012 with a 4 month old website that realistically isn t even finished yet design wise I m number 1 for SEO Derby and number 16 for guaranteed SEO in Google

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  • Why are backlinks so important to SEO?
    there are an unimaginable number of pages on the internet The job is to decide the order of the pages displayed and in particular the top 10 results for any given keyword If you are an electrician in Derby and somebody searches for electrician derby you want to be on page 1 right Page 1 normally only has 10 results and you can bet that there are far more than 10 electricians competing for that page 1 spot Whilst there are a huge number of factors in Google s algorithm and backlinks certainly aren t the be all and end all backlinks are one of the strongest factors currently used Local SEO is highly important for local businesses and of course we do offer local SEO services OK so what s the deal What information can they get from backlinks Think of something you read online that is truly great I m talking really amazing content that is well worth sharing with others People who have websites and blogs will link to that page they ve read as if they enjoyed it they ll want other people to read and enjoy it too Great content naturally attracts backlinks Therefore if a page has lots of backlinks to it from other pages it s likely that it s great content and worth ranking highly in a search engine and perhaps on page 1 Therefore the quantity of backlinks pointing at a page is a great indicator Of course there are different quality levels to take into account too so quality of a backlink is also an important factor If I link to a Derby electricians website from this website that may somewhat be considered a quality link How about if the BBC links to it would that be better To take it to the extreme how about if the government page for the Prime Minister links to our electrician Obviously that s not going to happen but the point I m making is that quality is important too Then we have anchor text which is the words surrounding the link such as this example here for small business SEO Anchor text describes for the reader in a few words what a page may be about The small business SEO page I just linked to with that anchor text is exactly about small business SEO so using that keyword as the anchor makes perfect sense So with backlinks we have the quality and quantity and the anchor text used in those links All of these things are massively important in using backlinks to determine how relevant a page may be for a particular search term There are many other things that can be gleaned from backlinks but this is a beginner s article and so any more complex stuff is not going to be worth discussing here Suffice to say backlinks are super important if you want to have your website ranking online No backlinks no rankings no visitors to your website

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  • On Page Optimisation
    can make perfect looking websites they often perform badly in search engines due to technical issues Examples of on page issues needing fixing are Non W3C markup valid pages Multiple homepages due to incorrect redirects or lack of Lack of SEO title and meta tags Broken links on the website Template issues with too much code above the content URL canonicalisation These and many more issues need to be fixed so that your website has perfect valid coding Stage 2 Optimising the code on your website to help rank for your chosen keywords We need to provide signals to search engines to tell them exactly what your website is about and what keywords individual pages are likely to be relevant for We can do this on page coding changes and off page building links to your website On page optimisation provides clear information to search engines that a certain page is relevant to a certain keyword We do this by changing the meta tags on your website These are pieces of code that are not visible to human beings who visit your website but are visible to search engine spiders when they visit and index your website We will look to change your title tags H1 tags amongst other things so that they show relevance Stage 3 Content development strategies and siloing Search engines rank web pages for keywords The ultimate aim for any SEO is to create authority and relevance for a website For difficult keywords it is vitally important to develop authority if you want to rank well Google wants to rank the most relevant websites that are THE authorities in their field Do you think a 10 page website can easily outrank a 1000 page website The 10 page website most likely has very little to say

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  • guaranteed-seo Archives | SEO Derby
    important to stay completely out of the way of Panda and Penguin issues This means making a website the best it can be with the highest quality content and relevant backlinks Web design is more important than ever and how a page looks as well as reads is now also important Of course on page optimisation and off page optimisation are still key It s just that the definition of quality for these two techniques has been raised through the roof Many SEO s are probably going to have to make off page and on page SEO changes It s clear that quality signals are now far more diverse and along with social media metrics Google now think they can move further away from easily manipulated anchor text as a ranking signal Get expert guaranteed SEO advice for your website If you ve run into any crazy Pandas or Penguins and need some help then please get in touch with us I m sure we can help with any ongoing SEO issues you have and we can drive more traffic and customers to your website I always keep up with everything new in the SEO world and the techniques we use at SEO Derby are absolutely white hat and also at the cutting edge Not to mention that we have a very experienced Adwords Consultant as the owner of the company i e me Thanks for listening and if you ve enjoyed this article then please share it using the buttons just below Apr 21 0 Negative SEO Posted by harveypearce guaranteed seo No Comments Has war been declared against Google Discussions have been pretty crazy lately regarding the possibility of negative SEO and the implications of it if it just got easier If you look at twitter or various well known SEO blogs you will see that this is a hugely important current topic in the industry It s not something we d ever do at SEO Derby as we believe in ethical guaranteed SEO We d hate to think of guaranteeing SEO results by taking down competitors So what is negative SEO Negative SEO is the process of improving your rankings by taking down your competitors above you rather than working hard to improve your own rankings Surely negative SEO isn t or shouldn t be possible It was always the received wisdom that it wasn t possible but Google s statements regarding this have changed and weakened over the last few years As reported on Hobo Web the exact statements from Google have changed like this 1 There s nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index THEN TO 2 There s ALMOST nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index THEN TO 3 Google works hard to prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index So clearly this is a tacit admission from Google that negative SEO must be possible even though at one time it likely wasn t It s gone from impossible to almost impossible to we ll do our best to stop it honest Clearly this is a huge change in their perspective This also has huge implications for link building which I ll discuss further later So what started all this discussion A post was made on the forum Traffic Planet of a case study where they showed that they had successfully taken down the rankings of a well known SEO website using negative SEO The target was chosen because he posted a tweet to Matt Cutts the head of the web spam team at Google which they found to be distasteful The tweet is below So this website by Dan Thies was according to the forum thread number 11 for the incredibly difficult to rank for keyword SEO The website is still now not even in the top 1000 results for that keyword Clearly if you can take out somebody else s website relatively easily it opens up a whole new can of worms of aggressive black hat negative SEO practices Rather than reducing spam on the internet this is going to massively increase it If building a million or more links to somebody else s website can get them a ranking penalty it s pretty obvious that many people will try it Building backlinks in these sorts of quantities may sound difficult but with the right tools and a bit of experience it s not too tough SEO is all about testing Eventually the forum thread about the case study got so much attention on twitter that as of today the thread has over 40 000 views A lot of prominent well known SEO s joined the forum to contribute including Rand Fishkin who could be considered to be the most well known SEO in the world He seemed very interested in the results and wanted to know himself if negative SEO is in fact now actually possible He even offered up his website SEO Moz as a test subject as reported at Web Pro News Personally I think his website could be too difficult to take down as it s so hugely trusted Also the whole point of a test is that nobody should know the test subject and thus allow Google to make sure the test is not successful before it s done Another option discussed was to try and take down the Wikipedia page about SEO I personally refuse to link to Wikipedia Whilst I understand how useful it would be to test taking down high profile target websites to prove for 100 that negative SEO is a new reality the point is that these tactics in the real world would be used on much less high profile sites I have no doubt that more tests will be carried out and if negative SEO is possible then we will

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  • backlinks Archives | SEO Derby
    it s an uphill battle to get a website to number one that really doesn t deserve to be there It s far better to work on a website that is deserving of good rankings and then the job of the SEO is to demonstrate that the website deserves those rankings This is always preferable to using grey hat techniques which aim to fake the appearance of a website deserving rankings If you want to talk with an SEO that understands all the techniques and wants to help you to build a sustainable and solid online business then please contact me Our SEO pricing is very reasonable and we aim to offer sustainable rankings that last for the long term We also can help with adwords management and social media SEO which can start driving customers to your website immediately Mar 03 0 Why are backlinks so important to SEO Posted by harveypearce backlinks No Comments A beginners Guide What is a backlink Firstly I better explain the most obvious part of this question what exactly is a backlink A backlink is a clickable piece of text or an image that links one webpage to another As an example here is a link to the homepage of SEO Derby which is surrounded by the anchor text SEO Derby Ok we ve got the most basic question out of the way Let s move on to why backlinks are so important to the web in general as well as for SEO Why are backlinks useful Without backlinks the internet as we know it wouldn t exist Without backlinks how would we ever surf the internet Now I know you re going to say well I could search in Google to find the results I want That however is not really going to work because how could Google find and index all the pages on the Internet without being able to search around from link to link Backlinks are the roads of the Internet Without roads we d still survive but getting around would be pretty difficult wouldn t it How do search engines use backlinks Search engines crawl the internet looking for new content to display to searchers They go from link to link and site to site finding web pages so they can show them when somebody searches a query which each page is highly relevant for These links could be on websites or blogs or social media sites This is one of many reasons why Social Media SEO is so important In deciding how to rank pages they want to give the user the most relevant result which satisfies the users search If you type dog grooming into Google and you get results for cat toys and dog walking companies what are you going to do You re going to search in another search engine such as Bing or Yahoo and Google may have lost you as a customer Google is the market leader in search and they have

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