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  • SEO Pricing
    Every keyword you may want to rank for has varying levels of difficulty and so needs to be quoted individually We will do free initial keyword research and work out what keywords are going to be suitable for you to try and rank for We ll assess how difficult these keywords actually are and come up with a bespoke quote We do guarantee that we will get you more traffic and sales and in the highly unlikely event that we don t manage it we will work for free until we get you there Our plans start at 400 per month and for that you will get on page 1 within 3 months or it s on us Please beware of SEO companies online offering SEO services for silly amounts like 25 or 50 per month Realistically you are going to get nothing for that money How much time do you think an experienced website professional is going to spend working on your site for 25 You ll be lucky if it s 15 minutes If you took your car to the garage and got a mechanic to work on it for 20 minutes how much do you think it would cost Ranking your website online offers massive rewards and done properly is a lot of hard work This website has been designed with the plan of putting lots of information for the reader on it Have a good read and you ll see how much is involved in SEO and even then we can probably only put about 5 of what we do on the website We re certainly not the cheapest or by any means the most expensive but what we offer is a quality product at a fair rate At SEO Derby we offer fair and realistic

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  • Guaranteed SEO - Is it possible?
    a goal however and in my opinion many SEO agencies like to offer a page 1 guarantee with little intention to work hard to get the client to the top spot The problem with the page 1 guarantee is that most people don t understand too much about keyword research As I ve said on a number of occasions it s not difficult to rank for non commercial keywords or keywords with very low search volume The difficulty is in ranking for strong buying keywords that have sufficient search volume to actually make money from After all this is why you would want to do SEO right There s no point in SEO if you re not able to make money and get a return on your investment So the first thing you need to look at when evaluating a guaranteed SEO offer and SEO strategy is to analyse which keywords the company is guaranteeing that they will get to page 1 Then you need to look at how often these keywords are searched for and calculate if the cost of getting there will be worth the money spent to do so This is no different to how it works with traditional marketing channels If you were to spend 1 000 on an advert in a magazine you would want to know how many people read that magazine and to try and calculate what return you would be likely to get for your investment I ve spoken to many people who have used other SEO companies and I ve looked at the keywords they were told would be on page 1 In many cases these keywords were searched for less than 100 times per month Clearly these would be almost pointless to rank for Even if you got to number 1 you d be lucky to get 40 visitors per month and if you converted those at a rate of 2 5 that would be 1 new client per month That s hardly going to take your business to the stratosphere How should guaranteed SEO be done SEO and even small business SEO can certainly be a long process and does not give you overnight results It took me 4 months to get this website to number 1 in Google for the keyword SEO Derby I was pretty happy with that actually but now I can go on to work even harder to rank this website for more competitive tougher keywords The best SEO strategy is to always work on multiple keywords with varying levels of difficulty at the same time That way you can rank the easiest keywords quickly and start bringing in some traffic while much tougher and more valuable keywords are worked on Anyways I ve rambled on quite a bit here My point is that if your SEO Company only goes after the very easiest of keywords then the SEO guarantee they are offering will be pretty much worthless When working with a local SEO client

    Original URL path: http://www.seo-derby.co.uk/guaranteed-seo/guaranteed-seo-is-it-possible/ (2016-04-24)
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