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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Tom Chantler
    OS with slipstreaming using NTLite or WAIK Whether you have one server or one thousand the time it takes to install patch and update an OS particularly Windows is no doubt a thorn in your side By slipstreaming you can dramatically reduce the time this takes so no matter how frequently you need to image or re image machines you can have them up and running in minutes rather than

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/author/tom-chantler (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Private Cloud
    22 2014 by Tim Pat Dufficy What is a private cloud exactly And what are the advantages and disadvantages to this approach to machine virtualisation In the term private cloud the word private does not relate to the security of the virtual machines nor does it relate to the data or applications that run on them Instead the word private relates to the exclusive use of the platform on which

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/topic/private-cloud (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog
    for at least 31 of system intrusions In 2013 they also reported that weak passwords were the method of attack propagation once an initial intrusion had been made in a shocking 80 of cases Read More Data Security Automatically sync RADIUS configuration across multiple Domain Controllers 04 Dec 14 Posted December 4 2014 by Chris Lewis Ensure your RADIUS deployment is as robust as your Active Directory with this scripted solution If like many organisations Active Directory AD is a business critical component of your IT infrastructure you should certainly consider the benefits of a redundant AD configuration using multiple synchronised Domain Controllers DC at different geographic locations if you haven t already Read More Managed Hosting What is Hybrid Cloud and how can it support SaaS delivery 26 Nov 14 Posted November 26 2014 by Tim Pat Dufficy For developers of SaaS apps migrating to the cloud can be harder than for most Often this is down to sensitive data preventing a wholesale move to Public or even Private cloud models This is where a Hybrid Cloud solution can come to the rescue In this post we explain what the Hybrid Cloud computing model is the benefits it can deliver to all users not just SaaS vendors and the challenges that are frequently faced during roll out and operation Read More Cloud Hosting What is Public Cloud Plus the Advantages and Disadvantages for ISVs 29 Oct 14 Posted October 29 2014 by Tim Pat Dufficy If you re in the Software as a Service SaaS business and not already operating in a fully virtualised outsourced world you ve no doubt been considering it Of the many choices available to you Public Cloud is perhaps one of the least well understood Read More Cloud Hosting SaaS isv Public Cloud What

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/page/7 (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog
    then prevents this happening and the client times out Read More Data Security What threat does Shellshock pose to business users of hosting services 01 Oct 14 Posted October 1 2014 by Andrew Jones The presence of a critical security vulnerability in Bash is now well known but how are business users of hosting services affected and what is the appropriate response from providers By now you are probably aware of the critical security vulnerability known as Shellshock or Bash Door discovered in Bash the shell component of almost all Linux and Unix derived operating systems Much has been written already about Shellshock and its potential effects but what is the impact in the hosting environment and what should hosting providers be doing in response Read More Data Security Boost database performance with software defined storage 24 Sep 14 Posted September 24 2014 by Tim Pat Dufficy As your databases grow so will the pressure to maintain and even improve their performance The incremental improvements that can be obtained through attentive database optimisation are all well and good but what if you could introduce a step change in performance With Software Defined Storage you can do just that Software Defined Storage SDS has been a reality for some time now but recent developments in open source SDS software have made it more accessible than ever Read More Cloud Hosting Managed Hosting Protect your business from ransomware 15 Sep 14 Posted September 15 2014 by Jason Showell Ransomware attacks on businesses are on the rise What exactly is ransomware and how can you protect your business from it As the name suggests ransomware is malicious software malware that effectively highjacks a computer preventing access to any data The perpetrators then demand payment of a ransom typically a sum of between 60

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/page/8 (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog
    contain the answer to absolutely everything Like for example how to remotely control the power outlets of an APC Power Distribution Unit using Simple Network Management Protocol Consequently we had to figure it out for ourselves We publish our findings here for the benefit of those investigating PDU remote control using SNMP Read More Colocation Infrastructure 512K day how one small file broke the internet 14 Aug 14 Posted August

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/page/9 (2016-04-24)
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