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  • The Most Common SaaS Growing Pains
    or they wouldn t have achieved growth in the first place But as your team moves from a handful of close colleagues to become a bigger organisation implementing formal procedures to support ongoing growth can be a mountain to climb Team members could develop their understanding of the business organically when everyone could reasonably expect to have a 15 minute chat with everyone else including the directors in the course of the week It was easy to be sure that everyone had the career progression they wanted and that they could flag concerns informally if they needed to Now that the company is a little bigger more junior team members may not have the same confidence that their needs are understood but rolling out a formal appraisal process requires time and consideration Transitioning from a start up to a formalised structure can be difficult but it s going to be a necessary component of your ongoing success You may also need to think about compliance or achieving accreditation such as ISO 27001 Knowing When Change is Necessary Mergers buyouts and big deals all herald major change for a SaaS company but it s not always clear how that change will impact the smaller details that make up your day to day work The differences in managing a team of 5 and one of 50 may be obvious in the course of 6 months but when the same changes take place over a longer period the tipping point may not be so obvious Here s a scenario you re the CTO of a former start up and you ve been with the company since day one Back when there were only a few of you in the office it made sense for you to personally ensure everyone had the equipment they

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  • In the News: The Changing Global Data Centre Landscape
    best So the real question is whether these choices indicate needs and priorities unique to Google forward thinking that will lead to other cloud builders following suit and looking to the Southeast for future infrastructure development or simple opportunism made possible by Google s rare ability to take advantage of these existing industrial sites Data Center Frontier offers an in depth look at the story Strong Datacentre Growth Expected in Southeast Asia In Computer Weekly Ai Lei Tao reports that Southeast Asia is expecting considerable investment in datacentres predicted to reach US 3 4bn before 2018 Singapore has been considered a key hub for data for some time now but expansion is beginning to be seen elsewhere and consulting firm BroadGroup suggests that Singapore now only accounts for half the data centre spend in the region The firm reported plans for significant growth in the sector in Indonesia for instance and identified key zones for new development across south east Asia However before an area can become a data hub it must overcome key challenges such as issues with power and connectivity and while south east Asian locations can offer savings in land and labour prices over Singapore the costs of connectivity may outweigh the benefits It will be interesting to see how data centre operators balance these challenges with their growth needs beyond Singapore Facebook s New Republic of Ireland Datacentre In The Register the slightly more prosaic news that Facebook intends to open a new datacentre in the Republic of Ireland In addition to Dublin s growing renown as a leading destination for cloud data centres thanks in part to its climate and ample renewable wind energy opportunites the emerald isle which notably takes a soft touch approach to corporation tax is already home to Facebook s international

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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Cloud Hosting
    specifically how will cloud services develop in the year ahead Read More Cloud Hosting Achieving high application availability in the cloud 06 Jul 15 Posted July 6 2015 by Tim Pat Dufficy Application availability is a multifaceted issue that is as much affected by system infrastructure as it is by software architecture Taking a holistic view of uptime and the threats to it is required if you are to achieve your desired level of availability within the available budget With so many businesses now reliant on software the subject of application availability has received increasing attention For an ecommerce retailer every hour of downtime can lead to thousands or even millions in lost revenues For an ISV downtime can result in customer defection and a permanently tarnished reputation It s only natural therefore that businesses everywhere are looking for ways to achieve and ensure higher levels of application availability Read More Cloud Hosting Which Data Center Tier is Right for Your Business 21 May 15 Posted May 21 2015 by Tim Pat Dufficy What to watch out for when choosing your hosting service provider As any new technology becomes more commonplace to the point of commoditisation price starts to become one of the main points of differentiation You ve only got to look at the way mobile phones are sold to see that in action on a daily basis It s also present where cloud hosting is concerned No one would argue that price isn t important it is rightly a vital commercial consideration of any purchase But when price is the focal point of the conversation it can be all too easy to lose sight of the combination of factors that go into determining that price Particularly when it comes to technology that because of its utility like nature

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/topic/cloud-hosting (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Colocation & Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Manage and analyse device logs for rapid fault finding and repair 09 Mar 15 Posted March 9 2015 by Chris Lewis Setting up a log server to collect device logs ensures you always have the information you need to find and fix a fault or failure quickly Here we describe how to do it using MySQL and Log Analyzer In this information technology powered world in which we live we ve grown to expect instant gratification constant uptime and ubiquitous availability Hence when there is a problem it is greeted with ultimate scorn as customers go flocking to competitor sites or to social networks to vent about the unavailability of your service Meanwhile your support phones ring off the hook Time is therefore of the essence always In the face of this it s imperative that your business arms itself with the tools to find and fix faults as quickly as possible When you are confronted with fault device logs are an invaluable asset Read More Colocation Infrastructure Using SNMP to control remote APC Switched Rack PDUs 20 Aug 14 Posted August 20 2014 by Chris Lewis The internet is an amazing source of information but it doesn t

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/topic/colocation-infrastructure (2016-04-24)
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  • How to configure your DIGI server console
    reset button on the front of the device see below all you need to do is hold it down for 30 seconds Once that little job is out of the way you ll need an RJ45 to serial adapter in order to connect to the DIGI server via the console Now you simply connect the RJ45 to the console port on the DIGI and the serial to the computer the image below illustrates this If there s no serial port on your computer you ll need to use a USB to serial connector After you ve sorted out the necessary connections you should be able to connect to the DIGI using PuTTY or any other serial console as illustrated below 9600 bps is the default baud rate setting of the DIGI console by the way You ll see the login screen appear once you re successfully connected Use admin admin as the login credentials to gain access and that will take you through to the initial menu system which is shown below The initial menu is navigated via numeric options so you ll need to first select Option 7 to get into the System Admin menu and then Option 1 to get to the User Admin menu which you can see below That will allow you to change the password Then hit ESC to go back and return to the main menu After changing the password you need to change the IP on the DIGI device The three images below show you the steps for changing the IP subnet mask and Gateway from the Network Configuration menu When you re in the Network Configuration menu you can also update the DNS settings as per the example below If you don t have your own DNS servers Google s DNS service

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/how-to-configure-your-digi-server-console (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Joe Jefford
    will allow you to connect to the serial interface of network devices like switches and firewalls remotely just as though you were connecting to them locally This can be really helpful for troubleshooting and managing existing multi tenant or dedicated servers and also for configuring new ones However setting up a DIGI console for the first time can be a little laborious if you re not familiar with the process

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/author/joe-jefford (2016-04-24)
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  • ServerSpace Hybrid Cloud Hosting and Virtualisation Blog | Connectivity
    console will allow you to connect to the serial interface of network devices like switches and firewalls remotely just as though you were connecting to them locally This can be really helpful for troubleshooting and managing existing multi tenant or dedicated servers and also for configuring new ones However setting up a DIGI console for the first time can be a little laborious if you re not familiar with the process We ve based this guide on a DIGI CM 48 but this approach should work on the rest of the Digi range Read More Connectivity How to save money with hosted VoIP 12 Jan 15 Posted January 12 2015 by Tim Pat Dufficy Shrouded in mystery and misinterpretation hosted VoIP solutions are often suspiciously absent or very low down on SMEs list of virtualisation opportunities Migrating from the Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN or an on site Private Branch Exchange PBX doesn t happen by chance it s a conscious choice and one that should be being made by any business looking to maximise productivity and efficiency while minimising costs So what s stopping them In this post we take a look at what you really need to know

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/topic/connectivity (2016-04-24)
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  • Scaling up: how software start-ups should address growing pains
    success Whereas it s easy to focus on working in the business for directors and C Level executives working on the business is often a different matter This is particularly true of executives in organisations that are transitioning from a start up with a sales first mentality to a business with an established presence in the marketplace It s your job to ensure your department and its infrastructure is able to effectively function during such times This means your role will shift away from day to day operations to higher level managerial concerns With new pressures and responsibilities such as laying down the technological foundations for your organisation s long term strategy it can be difficult to know where to start That s why we ve put together a guide on how to scale up your infrastructure for business growth In our guide we break down scaling up your business infrastructure into five parts Planning and communication maintaining focus understanding your limitations establishing requirements and achieving buy in Processes reviewing creating and implementing procedures for maximum efficiency Knowledge management avoiding key person dependencies by sharing and transferring knowledge Recruitment and retention building the right team through effective team management and

    Original URL path: https://www.serverspace.co.uk/blog/scaling-up-how-ctos-should-address-business-growing-pains (2016-04-24)
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