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  • What Exactly Makes a Garment Ethical? - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    growing It is possible to buy Fairtrade cotton which guarantees that the producers were at least paid a fair price for their crops Finding sustainably produced cotton is a challenge of a greater magnitude But organic cotton solves many of the sustainability issues raised by conventional cotton production it doesn t pose the same threat to biodiversity it reduces environmental pollution and prevents farmers getting into debt from the purchase of expensive synthetic pesticides The Disposable Nature of Fashion Of course another larger issue determining the ethics of clothing is the inherently disposable nature of fashion This operates at an extreme level in the case of cheap fashion much of which is notorious for not even surviving a single wash What use are sustainable farming practices and an ethical supply chain when every garment is destined to end up as landfill after a short life as clothing Instead ethical designers and retailers take a different approach Their creations are high quality products that will look good over time and can be mixed and matched to produce a wide range of looks And the gold star for responsible production goes to those manufacturers who use recycled products to make new clothing Animal Welfare This aspect of clothing ethics has also featured in the news of late Neither high end brands nor cheap producers fare especially well in this area being equally culpable of poor welfare standards and inhumane conduct Many people feel that products derived from animals have no place at all in ethical clothing But this territory isn t easy to navigate it s sometimes hard to be completely certain whether the fur trim on the hood of your parka is synthetic or animal Would you consider a pair of gloves made from the skin of sheep that have died from natural causes to be an ethical product Wherever you stand on the issue though animal welfare is certainly an important part of the ethical clothing movement The cloud of the global economic downturn seems to have had at least one unexpected silver lining the buying public have become more interested in the ethics of consumption There s particular interest in holding businesses to account for their record in environmental sustainability workers rights and animal rights Ethical garments are those which can be rated highly in each of those domains and which often have the added advantages of high quality and timeless design At Shirtworks we promote organic fairtrade and ethical T shirt printing For more information on our ethical printing get in touch with us today by calling or contact us online Tweet Rate this blog entry 0 Where Do Your Clothes Come From 6 Great Places For University Trips In Oxfordshire About the author Arron Harnden https www shirtworks co uk View author s profile More posts from author Arron was born in Southampton in 1972 He has been a restaurant owner Paratrooper T shirt printer Managing Director and Marketing professional He likes running through the woods naked

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  • How to Brilliantly Clean Dirty Sports Kit - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    a good clean Wash Your Kit Separately This is vital for avoiding cotton lint After all the last thing you want to do is spend hours rinsing soaking and scrubbing to spend even more time picking through your kit with a lint comb There are more pleasant ways to while away your time Never Tumble Dry Make sure you only line dry your kit The heat of a tumble drier will fade the colours set the stains deep in your clothes and cause your kit to shrink By the same token never pre soak or wash your kit in hot water and avoid hanging it in direct sunlight Getting Rid of Blood All good sports have their bloody moments After you ve patched yourself up it s time to vigorously rub the stain under cold water before the pre soak If the blood has dried before you ve got home soak it in warm water with all fabric bleach Wash the garment for 30 minutes and follow with another pre soak and wash if need be Getting Rid of Sweat You may have heard about the benefits of baking soda and white vinegar and this is where they truly come into their own Baking soda helps regulate the pH level in your water which is excellent if you have hard water and its associated minerals Half a cup is all you need to help your detergent along effectively removing odour It s also kind on the environment and those with allergies White vinegar is your other go to if you need to neutralise body odour Simply spray some directly on the smelly area before throwing your kit in the wash Everything will end up smelling nice and fresh Getting Rid of Grass If you ve been playing rugby or football and you don t have a grass stain you probably weren t really playing If you do have grass stains there s no point messing around with them Hit the heavy duty detergent but make sure you soak your kit in chlorine free bleach for one hour first Getting Rid of Mud The key here is patience as you ll need to leave the mud to dry completely Whatever you do resist the temptation to wipe away wet mud as you ll only rub it deeper into the fibres Using a toothpaste or a plastic knife or spoon gently scrape the mud from the surface of your kit Add a drop or two of water some detergent or stain remover and rub with a toothbrush in a circular motion Do this on both sides of the clothes take a breath and repeat if necessary We hope your kit is now sparkling clean However should you need a new kit get in touch with us today by calling 0800 072 5334 or contact us online Tweet Rate this blog entry 0 8 Tips To Create A Homely University House Where Do Your Clothes Come From About the author Arron Harnden https

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  • A History of UK Military Uniform - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    became more accurate bright uniforms became more of a disadvantage In India during the second half of the nineteenth century white tropical uniforms were dyed khaki to blend in with the landscape Khaki soon became the standard colour for British field uniforms in all theatres and remained so until the late twentieth century when it was replaced by camouflage patterned fabric The Royal Navy Although the army had the most varied and ornate uniforms the Navy was the instrument of British power overseas Naval ships secured the trade routes on which the nation grew rich and allowed British soldiers to be transported throughout the empire Dress regulations for naval officers uniforms were first issued in 1748 by Lord Anson reportedly at the request of officers themselves who wished to be recognised as being in the service of the crown The colour blue was chosen by the then monarch who was so taken by the sight of the Duchess of Bedford riding in a habit of blue with white facings that he chose the same colour scheme for his naval officers Navy blue has been the colour of naval uniforms ever since initially with white breeches then with white or dark trousers always varying according to the general fashion of the time White uniforms for the tropics were first introduced in 1877 and have been in use in one form or another since then The uniform for naval ratings initially consisted of blue or white trousers a white shirt and a blue jacket The characteristic broad sailor s collar was introduced in 1830 Contrary to popular belief the collar was not for the purpose of protecting clothing from tarred pigtails as these had fallen out of use by this time For many years sailors wore wide bell bottom trousers replaced by flared trousers in 1977 The Royal Air Force The RAF started off as the Royal Flying Corps and was initially part of the army It only became a separate entity in 1918 The uniform was initially khaki For a year the RAF had a pale blue uniform that was very unpopular and this was replaced by the blue grey colour that remains in use to this day Uniforms Today Non ceremonial UK uniforms today consist of either technical clothing such as flight suits and camouflage uniforms with protective helmets or follow a similar pattern to that used in modern forces worldwide Distinctive badges and insignia are applied depending on the branch of service Full dress army uniforms have for the most part been replaced by the No 2 khaki parade uniform or occasionally by the dark blue No1 ceremonial uniform Only a few regiments such as the Foot and Horse Guards and the Royal Horse artillery can still be seen in full dress uniform a reminder of a more colourful era At Shirtworks we have been providing regimental and operational tour t shirts hoodies caps jackets Heavliy brushed on either the inside of the fabric such as sweatshirts or double

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  • A History of the Oxford-Cambridge Varsity Rivalry - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    1876 when they switched to their regular blue and white that they are known for today The match was played in various locations throughout London after the first two years before moving to Twickenham the Rugby Football Union s renowned homeground in 1921 Although the varsity match was not played during wartime several other games were played during World War Two these led to nine wins for Cambridge two for Oxford and one tie between them The centenary of the game was played in 1981 with up to four inches of snow covering the pitch thanks to an overnight fall of snow that could not be cleared in time for the start of the match This is not the first time the game was affected by adverse weather In both 1878 and 1879 the game had to be postponed due to thick fog and during the 1919 game the players were reportedly invisible thanks to the fog In 1987 David Kirk captain of the World Cup winning All Blacks put an end to his International career to take up a scholarship at Oxford University and played in the 1987 varsity match before captaining the varsity team in 1988 Boat Race Another popular contest between the two universities is the annual boat race on the River Thames Starting in 1829 the boating teams from each university compete across a four mile stretch of the Thames with the first race ever being won by Oxford However Cambridge has gone on to win eighty one races to date against Oxford s seventy six Additionally both universities compete in varsity matches in Cricket Ice Hockey and Polo which also tend to attract attention from across the nation The games are combined each year to come under the umbrella known as The Varsity Games and the scores of each game are aggregated to allow one of the universities to take The Varsity Games title Although the rivalry between the two universities may be seen as extensive this is not necessarily the case In fact the two institutions have a rather amicable relationship and most of the Oxford colleges have sister colleges in Cambridge The new year brings with it new opportunities for the rivalling universities to compete in their traditional varsity matches and we will have to wait and see what the outcome will be After all a little healthy competition never hurt anybody Shirtworks have worked with schools colleges and universities for many years For more information on our printing and embroidery services call 0800 072 5334 or contact us online Tweet Rate this blog entry 1 The Most Unusual University Sports 5 Creative Things To Do With Old Clothes About the author Arron Harnden https www shirtworks co uk View author s profile More posts from author Arron was born in Southampton in 1972 He has been a restaurant owner Paratrooper T shirt printer Managing Director and Marketing professional He likes running through the woods naked singing BeeGees tracks and doing naughty stuff

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  • The Top Ten Websites For Students - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    often be daunting having to cater for yourself in a student environment away from home Cooklet is a quick recipe website which acts as an Instagram for Food including pictures to whet your appetite ingredients and instructions on how to cook up a storm These recipes are fun and easy and will not get in the way of your hectic student lifestyle Visit The Cooklet Site 6 Just Eat Ok so we ve told you that looking after what you eat is important but sometimes we all just want to come in after a hard day put our feet up and order a takeaway Throw in the likelihood of a hangover for your typical student and there is very little resistance Just Eat gives you a definitive list of hundreds of local outlets to choose from with customer reviews and a star rating so you judge them for yourself and then they even deliver the food for you An absolute lifesaver in difficult times Visit Just Eat 7 Groupon Unless you have a part time job alongside studying for your degree chances are money is going to be tight and in all likelihood most of it will end up behind the Union Bar anyway If you and your housemates ever fancy treating yourself to a restaurant meal an event or even a foot rub and massage but think it s out of your price range this is the site for you With hundreds of exclusive local offers to take advantage of every day it is proving hugely popular with students Visit The Groupon Site 8 Student Beans It may be well established but it is still an excellent provider of outstanding offers and vouchers for the value seeking student Visit Student Beans 9 Keep Me Out Keep Me Out does exactly what it says it can block you from accessing user specified websites Ideal if you re trying hard to study but keep accessing social media to see if your mate has uploaded last night s photos yet or watching that hilarious Youtube video of the dancing dog again and again Keep Me Out has a timer where users can choose to receive warnings for visiting a site too frequently a natural deterrent of course Visit Keep Me Out Most importantly of all 10 Your University s Students Union Page Nobody knows more about what is going on at your university than your own union and everything you need to know regarding Events Parties Student Elections In house Shops Services and Clubs Societies will be posted on the Union website Joining Societies and Extra Curricular Activities is an absolutely monumental part of university life and through regular visits to your union site you can register for participation to try something new or rekindle an old hobby from school days Whatever it may be meeting people through weekly activities is a fantastic way to make friends quickly In fact it is well worth selecting this as your browser homepage so you

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