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  • Gildan Colours
    Antique Heliconia Pantone 7427c Antique Irish Green Pantone 348c Antique Jade Dome Pantone 7717c Antique Orange Pantone 7759c Antique Sapphire Pantone 7706c Ash Grey Pantone Cool Grey 3c Azalea Pantone 224c Black Pantone 426c Blackberry Pantone 5185c Blue Dusk Pantone 432c Cardinal Red Pantone 202c Carolina Blue Pantone 659c Charcoal Pantone Cool Grey 10c Cherry Red Pantone 187c Chestnut Pantone 7615c Cobalt Pantone 2736c Cornsilk Pantone 393c Daisy Pantone 122c Dark Chocolate Pantone black 5c Dark Heather Grey Pantone 446c Forest Green Pantone 5535c Garnet Pantone 188c Gold Pantone 1235c Heather Cardinal Pantone 194c Heather Irish Green Pantone 7724c Heather Military Green Pantone 416c Heather Navy Pantone 432c Heather Orange Pantone 1635c Heather Purple Pantone 668c Heather Royal Pantone 2727c Heather Sapphire Pantone 7690c Heliconia Pantone 213c Honey Pantone 1365c Ice Grey Pantone 434c Indigo Blue Pantone 5405c Iris Pantone 660cc Irish Green Pantone 340c Jade Dome Pantone 7717c Kelly Green Pantone 335c Kiwi Pantone 5777c Light Blue Pantone 536c Light Pink Pantone 685c Lilac Pantone 7679c Lime Green Pantone 7488c Maroon Pantone 7644c Meadow Pantone 349c Metro Blue Pantone 7687c Midnight Pantone 7708c Military Green Pantone 417c Mint Green Pantone 345c Moss Pantone 5747c Natural Pantone 7527c Navy Pantone 533c Old Gold Pantone 728c Olive Pantone 411c Orange Pantone 1665c Orchid Pantone 2635c Pistachio Pantone 5787c Prairie Dust Pantone 7497c Purple Pantone 669c Red Pantone 7620c Royal Blue Pantone 7686c Sport Grey Pantone Cool Grey 7c Russet Pantone 7686c Safety Green Pantone 382c Safety Orange Pantone 021cc Safety Pink Pantone 1915c Sand Pantone 7528c Sapphire Pantone 641c Sky Pantone 297c Stone Blue Pantone 7544c Tan Pantone 7503c Tangerine Pantone 715c Tenesse Orange Pantone 144c Texas Orange Pantone 7592c Tweed Pantone Cool Grey 10c Vegas Gold Pantone 7507c Violet Pantone 2715c White Yellow Haze Pantone 148c Printed Embroidered Clothing T

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  • Ethical T-shirt Printing with Soil Association accreditation
    and ethically sourced as well as being environmentally friendly We also make a conscious effort to be as eco friendly as possible minimising our carbon footprint and do not use any child labour throughout the process We can use a selection of water based inks to produce designs with the same level of impact as traditional plastic based solutions Shirtworks obtains Soil Association accreditation Shirtworks is very pleased to have now obtained Soil Association Accreditation This certification dictates certain organic standards for both a range of organic garments as well as screen printing and embroidery processes At the time of writing this means that Shirtworks is Europe s ONLY certified organic garment embroidery company and ethical t shirt printers Organic T shirt Printers The Soil Association Accreditation provides a comprehensive set of organic principles that guide our work and standards Therefore whenever our customers need to ethically source a range of organic and Fairtrade t shirts and sweat shirts it is these standards that will give them confidence in the finished customised product as one of organic ethical and environmentally friendly origin The requirements of the Soil Association Certification are as follows All organic products using Soil Association certified garments are marked and tracked through the supplier chain and Shirtworks production and delivery They are subject to a quarantine procedure whereby they are kept separate from all other orders All preparation and production surfaces are prepared using organic materials and liquids Screen printing we only use designated Soil Association approved inks Embroidery we only use Soil Association approved threads and backing products Goods out and packaging Shirtworks staff are made aware of organic orders in advance so any required surfaces can be prepared and packaged in organic bags if required They are then repacked in the same boxes used by

    Original URL path: https://www.shirtworks.co.uk/making-tshirt-printing-greener/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Organic, Fairtrade & Ethical T-Shirt Printing
    Organic Textile Standard Their mission is the development implementation verification protection and promotion of the Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS This standard stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic persistent pesticides and fertilisers In addition organic production relies on adequate animal husbandry and excludes genetic modification Shirtworks is a member of GOTS and our membership details can be found here We now are able to offer a fantastic selection of organic clothing for printing and embroidery that has been designed with style in mind and colours to suit all tastes GOTS requires our printing to use approved inks which are not as vibrant as oil based inks Our sales team can advise you on what will work for your project Soil Association Accreditation Shirtworks has worked hard to add to our corporate and social responsibility charter We are proud to announce that we have achieved certification by the Soil Association as a supplier of organic clothing and products using decorated organic processes In December 2009 Shirtworks became recognised as Europe s ONLY t shirt printers and shirt embroiderers with Soil Association Accreditation and we are still proud to hold that badge Sedex Sedex is a ethical data exchange that is a not for profit members organisation and is dedicated to showing a transparent responsible and ethical supply chain Shirtworks are proud to be members of Sedex and means that you can purchase from us with confidence Brands that are also members of Sedex Gildan Fair Trade Foundation The Fair Trade Foundation is an independent non profit organisation and their aim is to give a sustainable livelihood to the workers that are involved in all aspects of the production of goods and in our case clothing When you see the Fair Trade Foundation Mark you know from the production of the raw material to the finished product that the product has been certified and the workers have been treated fairly Brands that use the Fair Trade Foundation Mark Epona Premier Fair Wear Foundation FWF is an independent non profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers More details can be found on their website www fairwear org Fair Wear Foundation The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent non profit organisation that has been set up specifically to improve working conditions in the garment industry More and more customers are demanding to know what goes into the production of their garments When you purchase a Fair Wear certified product you know that the pay and conditions in the local market are fair and just Brands that use the Fair Wear Foundation Mark Continental Clothing Stanley Stella Earth Positive Salvage B C collection Ron Hill Regatta Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production WRAP is an independent non profit team of global social compliance

    Original URL path: https://www.shirtworks.co.uk/about/our-ethics (2016-04-25)
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  • Our Staff are Custom Clothing Specialists
    our Super Sales Manager who has excellent customer service and a nothing is too much trouble attitude Luke was bought up by a family of Cornish Pixies and went to St Austell University where he studied the art of Pasty making obtaining a first class honours In his spare time Luke likes to attend auditions for the best Luke Skywalker lookalike in the South West he is yet to win but is hopeful his new hair cut will see him through This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0800 072 5334 Army Arron In his younger days Arron served for 6 years in the Parachute Regiment and saw action in some of the bloodiest parts of Salisbury Plain Sennybridge and Copehill Down He is our MILITARY expert and knows the lingo If you want to discuss cap badges regimental insignia or just want to swing the lantern then his call sign is This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0800 072 5334 Marvellous Matt Matt is our ARTWORK specialist He is a social beast animal If Matt was a rapper his name would be LL Milk Tray as the ladies love him He has a shiny green racing car and would like to visit outer space although his colleagues suspect that he has a permanent residency No piece of artwork is too difficult for Matt and he can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0800 072 5334 Gloria soul Rayner Gloria grew up in a Motown Ghetto where she quickly learned that her way out would be through either music or accounts She began her career by composing some classic songs such

    Original URL path: https://www.shirtworks.co.uk/about/view-our-lovely-staff-page/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Recent blog posts - T-Shirt Printing Blog
    your search results with 3 companies that had paid for positioning then one or two national companies and then the local options Google tries to be clever with its algorithms that determine how good a company is and whether it deserves ranking but it is not as clever as it would like to be and its technology has its limitations It uses over 200 assessment criteria in its calculations and some human input but it is a flawed model All Google can see is a website and there is a whole lot of the business that it cannot see Almost all of it in fact It is assessing a business in the way that you might look at a book cover and then decide without opening the book whether or not the contents are any good worth reading and then worth recommending It is flawed and often unfair Rate this blog entry 3 Continue reading 298 Hits 0 Comments The Polo Shirt Arron Harnden Saturday 28 November 2015 t shirt and garment information What is the polo shirt all about We at Shirtworks like to think of it as the hybrid located somewhere in no mans land between the T shirt and the formal shirt The basic concept is simple but the subtle varieties available in this product are worthy of some spotlight The polo shirt is something of a misnomer and its genesis can actually be attributed to tennis In the early 20 th century Rene Lacoste pictured below decided that he could not play his best tennis whilst wearing the traditional long sleeve shirt and tie He set about designing and then wearing his own Jersey Petite The classic knit for polo shirt material single tuck pique is most commonly used but double tuck is also available which has a honeycomb pattern and softer to touch and better durability Pique The garment he wore in the 1926 US open championship is the model that all polo shirts hail from Rene s Chemise Lacoste company was formed in 1933 and began marketing and selling these garments in Europe and North America with the famous crocodile logo Rate this blog entry 3 Continue reading 333 Hits 0 Comments The A Z of the sales and printing process Arron Harnden Tuesday 17 November 2015 Shirtworks News So you are thinking of buying printed or embroidered T shirts It is probably more complicated than you think Almost everything in life is more complicated than you first give it credit I regularly make this mistake when I first start thinking about a project and buying branded garments or printed T shirts is no exception There are easy print embroidery jobs and quick decisions that can be made but there are also those jobs where every detail needs to be questioned This detail is often overlooked by the customer when they begin the journey A good sales person will guide the customer through these decisions where required but here are some key points to consider 1 Your quote the print company you chose There are now plenty to choose from Just Google T Shirt printing and you will be presented with those companies that Google has decided to rank organically or via pay per click on your search view but which one is best for you Rate this blog entry 3 Continue reading 283 Hits 0 Comments What is Colour Separating for T shirt Printing Andy Timmins Thursday 22 October 2015 Screen printing techniques What is colour separating for T shirt printing Printing onto T shirts using the traditional screen printing process is not always straightforward There are variables which will determine the approach The first variable is the image itself and how it will be colour separated before being sent to the screen room Artwork is always constructed using some basic but variable building blocks that require us consider how they will be screenprinted Is it a vector or a bitmap file format Is the resolution of the artwork good enough to begin with Artwork will contain one or more colours How many is too many The object in the artwork may be solid spot colours or they may contain gradients and tonal changes It may contain text The size of this is important The artwork may contain key lines and their thickness is important What colour garments are we printing on Many customers will not consider that so much is required to assess artwork If they are lucky enough to have had a graphic designer produce their artwork then much of this thinking will already have occurred if the graphic designer is t shirt trained Screen printers are often supplied with low resolution images from websites for reproduction This is rarely adequate for direct reproduction as web graphics are designed to be as small a file size as possible so that the web page they are lifted from has a faster loading speed These images often have to be re drawn using a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator or they are put through a number of Photoshop filters to try to improve them Sometimes both Assuming the artwork is the best it can be there are a number of colour separation techniques that we use SPOT COLOUR SEPARATIONS Rate this blog entry 3 Continue reading 376 Hits 0 Comments Sports garments what process is best for decorating these garment Arron Harnden Monday 12 October 2015 Screen printing techniques Is a man made fibre and modern polyester gives great durability and is comfortable to wear Modern polyester that is used in our activewear range of clothing is both breathable and is moisture transferable or wicking as its more commonly known Polyester is popular again Not in a post ironic disco fitted groove strutting kind of way but popular with those that like to cook up a sweat stretching lunging busting a gut honing those pecs and glutes All manner of teamwear type styles are now available for your football hockey basketball cross

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  • Quick Contact Form For Our Rapid Response Team
    formats PNG GIF and JPEG Comments Preferred method of contact Phone E Mail I m in a hurry please contact me today Printed Embroidered Clothing T shirts Polo Shirts Hoodies Sweatshirts Activewear Shirts Workwear Trousers Knitwear Jackets Fleece Childrenswear Caps Hats Accessories Bags Workwear Pursuits University Clothing National Union of Students Running Military Garden Centres Sports Rowing Stash Personalised Hoodies Embroidered Workwear Embroidered Polo Shirts Printing Services FAQs Printing Methods

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  • London
    workforces safe warm and dry the list is endless as is London s diversity With so many events taking place across the capital from Olympic fever and Jubilee madness to the jazz festival in your local park you can be sure we are always ready for action Indeed we ve been printing up a storm and stitching for gold lately The benefits for our London client base are clear Plus we have the massive benefits of being close to London for quick free of charge delivery but with lower overheads so we can offer you trade prices bulk discounts and still maintain all of our printing and embroidery in house Of course that also means no agent fees What s not to love We use our own machines in our own workshop and each item is quality controlled by our own highly skilled and experienced team This means we have better control over the end result of your products and can accommodate and even recommend any changes and improvements to your artwork choice of garment or product and deliver it to your absolute specifications with our deadline guarantee We never forget that you are our customer and have a choice on which printer you can use We are here to help Our sales staff make every effort to understand your needs and to translate that into a smooth value added transaction which will make you want to come back like 97 of our other clients So whether you are a multinational company in Canary Wharf a charity fund raising project in Shoreditch a coffee shop in Ealing a rugby team in Twickenham a rowing club in Putney or a funky retro T shirt house in Portobello Road we can supply your needs Our comprehensive online catalogue is just one click

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  • Terms of Use
    guaranteed by the company and are given as guidance only Decoration positioning may vary between garments up to 25mm On those occasions where repeat orders find that the garment colour is slightly different to the previous order Shirtworks cannot be held responsible for those changes b All textile goods must be washed and cleaned strictly in accordance with the washing label instructions attached to the goods The company reserves the right to alter or amend specifications without prior notice c Inks used during the textile printing process will inevitably fade over time The speed at which they fade will be dependent on many factors including washing temperature number of washes exposure to sunlight etc Therefore Shirtworks cannot be held responsible for fading ink colour s during use If you require us to match your colours to the Pantone matching system then you must give us the codes otherwise we will take them from the profiles in your document which are sometimes inaccurate Shirtworks is not liable for colour mismatches if the customer has been unable to supply Pantone numbers 7 Supplied Garments All garments supplied by Shirtworks have undergone rigorous testing for their stability throughout the process of screen printing embroidery thermal printing and vinyl decoration as well as their overall quality All garments supplied by Shirtworks are guaranteed to be processed successfully without damage Shirtworks cannot be held responsible for damage or loss which occurs to garments which have been supplied by the customer Examples of damage may include but not be limited to the garments changing colour or shape due to heat or damage caused by machinery malfunction 8 Claims against the Company All claims in respect of goods alleged to be defective must be made in writing within 14 days from the date of delivery 9 Set off and Lien No payments maybe withheld not may any counterclaims by the Customer be set off against any payment due under this or any other contract The Company shall have a general and particular lien on all money and property which the Customer owns or is entitled to possess which is in the possession of the Company or its agents which it may sell as the Customers agent to reduce the Customers debt to the company 10 Force Majeure The company shall not be under any liability of any kind for non performance in whole or in part of its obligations under the contract due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the company or of the companies suppliers or due to labour disputes 11 Ownership of Goods Property of any goods supplied to the Customer will not pass to the Customer until the goods are paid for in full by the Customer Further title to such goods shall not pass until payment to the Company of all amounts owing to it by the Customer on any account whatsoever The Company has the right to recover from the Customer the cost of installation removal return transport and diminution in

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