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  • Stephen | Shoot Up or Put Up
    in once way and only twists one way so there s pretty much no chance of messing that bit up For those interested this is a 6mm set how deep in it goes with a 45cm 18 inch tube length I find this is just right for dropping in my trouser pockets though I suspect the ladies might have difficulty reaching their cleavage comfortably with this Having not tried I stand to be corrected on this one I did take a lot of pictures of the next bit but I suspect 8 photos of the pump screen with different messages on them might be a bit boring You now have to tell the pump you are ready to change things This flows as follows Select Reservoir Set Reservoir Setup from the pump menu The pump now prompts you to disconnect yourself more on this later and remove the old reservoir This unscrews out of the pump leaving you with the tubing and reservoir to dispose of The pump now rewinds its plunger all the way back in Once this is complete it asks you to put the new reservoir in again it just twists into the hole designed for it SANITY CHECK The pump asks you if you are disconnected from it In the next step you are going to fill the tubing priming so you don t want to be attached at this point else you might end up with too much insulin Holding ACT on the pump now starts to push insulin down the tube In my set I normally push about 8U and make sure a good couple of drops have come out of the end of the tube see picture and that no pesky air bubbles have found their way into the tubing If they have keep on pushing I believe the Medtronic has a 75U limit on priming the tube but to be fair if you ve used this much then something s probably wrong somewhere else Once you re at this point there s no escaping the next bit Connecting the set to you Granted I ve only been doing these for four weeks but I still sit there and squirm a little bit when the message pops up on the screen What I can tell you though is I haven t had a single insertion hurt me so far The worst part of the whole process is the noise Start off by removing the tape cover like the back of a sticky plaster from the mio to reveal the sticky surface and the large paper cover off the other side to reveal the firing mechanism The mio is armed by pulling the handle looking thing in the centre up and out it rotates as you pull until it clicks into place in both sides The last thing to remember and I can only assume it s going to hurt if you forget is to remove the protective cover from the insertion needle back

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  • Samantha | Shoot Up or Put Up
    jumped on the HbA1C thing rather than considering all the options A total kick in the teeth And one I m not going to give up easily I can tell you Someone fetch me a giant stick so I can keep hitting my specialist with it til he relents My fight starts now It s going to be a long and hard battle and many lives may be lost along the way But I m certainly not going to give up on this one The emails to various people in the know have been started and a full on daily diary of blood sugar issues and whatnot has been started too My weapon of choice One fully loaded novopen 4 kapow Take that specialist team But my question for you guys is thus have any of you had to put up with such things getting hold of a pump And also do you have any advice Samantha is Type One and regularly blogs at http www talkingbloodglucose com Category Kit equipment Living with diabetes Tags kit managing diabetes pump Blood Sugar Wars Me vs my grandad Yesterday Christmas It s a time for family a time for sharing things a time for complete overindulgence But in my family its also time for the dreaded blood sugar wars You see both of my grandparents are diabetic They re Type II both on insulin and my grandmother with an insulin pump and I have to say my grandfather absolutely adores to try and beat me in the blood sugar stakes And usually he wins What s your sugars Sam he asks every morning only for me to look at him and say something along the lines of 7 2 or 6 3 or as it was the other morning 15 2 And every morning I get a grin I beat you Mine is x x And every single morning I growl at him and tell him how much I dislike him and his good blood sugar levels It usually ends up with a lot of stick beating handbags at dawn and of course the age old favourite of a renactment of the battle of Hastings I kid you not it s that bad It happens every Christmas without fail The blood sugar wars whereupon I lose in a not so valiant way give up and end up eating chocolate cake The only problem with this however is that the sugars go through the roof and I end up being laughed at by granddad who has a much better level than me Never mind eh I have to say I had the last laugh after Christmas dinner when granddad s sugars were higher than mine I was a humble 5 6 whereas he was up at 8 something or other Excellent It s all in good fun though It wouldn t be Christmas without a bit of friendly diabeticesque rivalry in the Morris household It has to be done when the majority of people in said house are pancreatically challenged Although I have to say it gets rather confusing when my grandmother has the same blood glucose machine as me I wondered why my levels were coming out reading 100 or more Silly French system Though this got me wondering do any of you have blood sugar wars Or play swap the numberwang Maybe that s just me then I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a brilliant New Year Category Living with diabetes Mildly amusing Tags kit managing diabetes testing I swear I m not a psycho really What I turn into when someone starts saying I m unhygenic By Samantha Something that really bugs me is how rude people can be sometimes It really annoys me whether it s someone being rude to you in the street by stepping on your feet and not saying sorry or if its someone giving you bad customer service But what really gets on my goat is when people are rude about something they have no idea about when they re rude about the diabetes It s happened before I m sure it s happened to all of us And in most cases it s probably just ignorance And after being slightly offended in those cases I can usually get over it and move on But sometimes there are those individuals who I am sure do it deliberately who like to sit there and make you feel uncomfortable And they obviously feel amazing knowing that they ve made you feel really really small Lunchtime rolls around and I m sat at the table surrounded by piles of permatrace whilst looking at the carbohydrate values on my shop brought sandwich no bread in the house mouldy Yum before pulling out my insulin pen and dialling up the amount of insulin needed A few chairs over from me one of the builders coughs loudly And when I ignore him he coughs even louder until he obviously gets so fed up of coughing that he bangs on the table Can you not do that in here It s unhygienic I can t believe my ears I m looking at this guy and I notice the huge grin that s plastered all over his face as if he s enjoying the disbelief that in turn has plastered itself all over my face I m sat there my sandwich open in front of me my insulin pen held at the ready but I can t do anything because I just cannot believe what I m hearing Excuse me I manage to stutter the words aware of everyone else in the room looking at me and this idiot The grin doesn t move from his face It s unhygienic I don t want to have to eat my dinner in the same room where you inject yourself with a dirty needle I might get infected or something I begin to wonder where on earth this man has come from Did he not go to school Does he think I m injecting some form of class A drugs I glance at my colleagues who are also staring at this guy who by the way was new to the site that morning in complete shock and amazement What do you want me to do then the words are spat I m starting to get really angry now How can anyone think that a diabetic could infect them I m not infectious and I just changed the needle Go into the toilets or something Just get your dirty needles out of my face I flip Surely it s expected right Any other diabetic in this situation would do the same I just can t help myself I can t sit there and let myself be practically called a drug user I start shouting at the guy ranting at him asking him how he could be so bloody stupid I tell him more than firmly that injecting in a portaloo is so unhygienic I would probably catch something and die my words exactly thank you angry rage or would he rather I don t inject and end up in a diabetic coma in the middle of the building site And I am really flying off the handle telling this guy he really needs to stop being so ignorant and learn that just because I m injecting it doesn t mean I m using class A s or anything and that I m certainly not using dirty needles And in the end this guy gets all uppity though knows I m right and turns back to his disgustingly muddy lunch box And me being my nasty horrible vengeful self decide to deliberately do my injection facing him and watching him with the biggest grin on my face ever It was rather rewarding to see this guy grimace into his cup of coffee Not that I m psychotic or anything but I m sorry if someone can really be that rude and ignorant then I will go out of my way to make sure they know how disgusted I am by their sheer presence Take for instance the following morning As we all know this country now has the smoking ban and public places such as site huts on an archaeological building site all have signs over them saying DO NOT SMOKE This guy decided to ignore that Until I walked in coughing my guts up ISN T IT AGAINST THE LAW TO SMOKE INSIDE NOW I yell across the site to my supervisor THOUGHT SO I turn to my friend the Muppet Didn t you know that Not only are you invading people s personal bubble with your poisonous smoke but it s really unhygienic I don t want to eat my sandwiches in the same room as you breathing out arsenic thank you very much The look on his face was priceless Normally I m not one for vendettas but this is personal Luckily I haven t had any more comments off him but it really makes me wonder how ignorant people can be How many more of us have had to put up with stuff like this I really hope it s few and far between because it gets me so angry and I will personally come down and reign my vengeance on anyone who dares be like this to any other diabetic I m serious kids drop me an email if it s happened to you Not a psycho indeed That is until this happens Then I start mutating and turning green Samantha is Type One and regularly blogs at http www talkingbloodglucose com Category Living with diabetes Tags attitude Forgetfulness gains me a rather disgusting new best friend The Portaloo My new best friend By Samantha So on Thursday of last week after dragging myself out of bed at 5 30 in the am and chilling out with a nice few four coffees to get myself ready for the day I inadvertently found myself rushing like a lunatic to get everything ready and get my backside out of the door at 7 15 Now of course usually I m alright at doing this and if I forget anything usually realise within moments of getting out of the door Except on this particular Thursday I was almost twenty minutes down the road when I realised that I had forgotten a few very important things First of all the pills I take for my so called foot issues and then I realised with horror as I was nearing work that I had forgotten to put a new pot of test strips into my kit bag I honestly wanted to slap myself across the face and yell obscenities at myself for doing so but of course wandering down the road in the middle of Southampton muttering to yourself isn t exactly going to go down well is it And I didn t particularly fancy being carted off in a white van So instead I phone my other half and moan down the phone at him about how stupid I am and end up bursting into tears It s a scary thought being at work without test strips or the pills that mean my feet will actually function without shooting pains But I guess I had to deal with it I was too far away to walk home as that would have meant being late for work so I told myself I d get on with it And I really wish I had gone home and gotten these supplies Up until lunch things were relatively fine I had enough test strips to see me through till lunch but of course me being me I was wandering around this busy hellish archaeological building site having a right mooey all day And in the end I got so fed up I went to the shop and brought myself the biggest chocolate bar I could find for my lunch Except lunch was my last test strip And I was getting really concerned that I hadn t taken this tablet too searching frantically in my bag for anything resembling a strong painkiller Thankfully I had something with me and by lunchtime I needed it because I was seriously feeling the cold thank you poor circulation and nasty shooting pains in my feet matched up with numb toes thank you transient peripheral neuropathy not And then I think the hyper started The thirst kicked in and I kept running backwards and forwards to the horrible plastic portaloo Except I couldn t test my blood because I had run out of test strips Cue panic And by this stage I had been sent to the office to do paperwork so instead of sitting there doing very important work I was pacing backwards and forwards trying to work out a solution to the tiny little problem in front of me It s worth noting too that this neuropathy really sinks its teeth in when the bloods are high And even if it looks amusing when I m hopping around yelling obscenities it s really not Forgetting stuff It s something I do a lot It s assumed everything is always where it should be when I run out of the door and when it s not it feels as if that carefully built word of diabetes is slowly starting to crumble And it s even worse when you get out and realise that you should have changed your insulin because now you ve run out But let s be honest I m sure we ve all done it and all felt like muppets when we realise And spending the day hungry due to being forgetful isn t very nice I guess it happens though we all do it It just makes you feel really stupid when things happen that could be avoided And playing a guessing game with the blood sugars is just silly I had no idea what I was running at and spent most of the afternoon feeling horrific yet I could have been running low and have no idea about it So one thing s for sure I certainly won t be leaving the house without this stuff again in the near future Yet saying that what s the betting that come next week something else will be forgotten Although saying that I walked out of the house without my trowel this morning my archaeology soul right there and also my lunch But that s a different story for a different day Samantha is Type One and regularly blogs at http www talkingbloodglucose com Category Kit equipment Living with diabetes Mildly amusing Tags attitude kit The Tale of the Drunk Diabetic Beer Sweet Sweet Beer By Samantha Beer It s brilliant stuff It tastes nice and it gets you tipsy However for a diabetic it can be pretty nasty The thing with beer is that it shoots the blood sugar levels through the roof and then later on the diabetic in question goes hypo And if after drinking enough beer to make yourself sufficiently drunk stumbling home chatting about rubbish is more fun than worrying about what levels the bloods are at Until it gets to the stage half way home where you start panicing that you ve left the monitor in the pub and proceed to sit down on the cold pavement and start rooting through your bag only to look up and see a policeman gazing down at you Are you ok there nice policeman Yeah I m a bit drunk and diabetic and I can t find my blood machine anywhere Oh That s no good Are you feeling funny then Let me help you find it nice policeman And then nice policeman sends you on your way telling you to look after yourself and make sure you eat some carbs before bed Being in this inebriated state means it can take much longer to stumble home especially if you haven t had any dinner So when at nearly midnight you stumble in and your other half decides it s high time to cook spaghetti bolognaise it seems like a good idea at the time Check the blood glucose levels and they re at 2 3mmol l so the policeman was right to tell you to eat something But of course you start to panic and the other half has to sit you down with a strong coffee and some rather nice orange glucotabs and then presents you with dinner You guess how much insulin to have and then proceed to spill it all over yourself Not a proud moment there eh And then of course you realise that you really do need to go to bed because the world is spinning But your sugars are still low and you can t find your lantus pen ANYWHERE and the search starts again And the only one you can find in the spinny world is the old one which doesn t do the amount of lantus you need So you make do and crawl into bed where sleep or rather passing out comes quickly Morning comes and you wake up to levels that are way too high and they run throughout the day Ah diabetes This is a story that I ve found myself repeating on many an occasion And each and every time I tell myself that because drink screws so horrifically with this diabetes next time I ll limit myself And I never ever do I still go out after work and knock back the beers like a trooper panic because my sugars are up in the twenties and then panic even more when they fall through the floor And it always amazes me how booze does that Beer contains carbs so it s suggested that you need to bolus appropriately But the alcohol in it conversely lowers blood glucose levels So it

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  • Mark | Shoot Up or Put Up
    I am a desk jockey My job is in Information Technology so I do very little physical exertion I do have the luxury of telecommuting working from home three days a week so I m blessed in those regards I leave work around 4 pm each day to combat traffic Once I m home I test for dinner eat and help our boys with their homework OR help my wife clean Okay yes I do laundry and clean bathrooms I m no slouch Okay so if you re a fellow diabetic you probably want the numbers e g insulin amounts blood sugars etc So here you go On a typical day my total insulin amounts are 32 to 34 units Why so low Well I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome so I don t eat large amounts of food In fact I eat as little as possible at a meal I also try not to snack cause that add inches to the waistline Right now my average blood sugars are in the 120 s Yes you can hate me now That s about 6 in British yes Mark I do hate you Tim It s really due to the low food intake Do I exercise Yes as much as my schedule allows I love to cycle and walk I love being outdoors I love playing with our sons Being active is the key Lastly I make absolutely sure to test my blood sugar before bed time If there s anything I ve learned with diabetes it is not to assume all is okay I ve gone to bed thinking Oh I m fine I tested two hours ago and was a 120 about 6 5 Tim What could go wrong Well as we all know lots can go wrong in

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  • Shelley | Shoot Up or Put Up
    I ordered it the week before Diabetes is all about being prepared and planning Turns out the chemist have forgotten to order my insulin GREAT I wouldn t mind but insulin does kinda keep me alive I am just about to lose my temper when my pump starts beeping at me Ironically it s beeping at me to tell me I have less than 20 units left Even my pump is angry I manage to calm down and dash home to do some more work in the office Then it s lunch time I check my sugar levels and they are 3 0 HYPO ALERT Just what I need must have been all the stress at the chemist I let myself forget about my diabetes for 5 minutes and this is how it repays me How rude So more carb counting for my lunch with a chocolate bar thrown in for the chemist rage and I m back to work Two hours later and I m staring at the computer screen and my vision is a little off a blood check later and surprise surprise am 2 5 an even worse hypo than before I proceed to the fridge where I have Lucozade for starters half a bottle a large twix for my main course and half a tube of Pringles for dessert WAY TOO MUCH Hypos are the devil I ve decided I become possessed and would literally kill anyone who stands in the way of me getting more sugar when I am hypo I turn into a monster Eventually the shaking and sweating and disorientation settle and I attempt to calculate the amount of extra food I have eaten and give myself the insulin to compensate what a great day so far NOT A banging headache follows the hypo and I feel knackered like I ve not slept for a month I go back to work but only manage half an hour because I feel so rubbish It s then that I remember that it s Friday and that tonight I am out with friends for a Chinese great I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP So I start getting ready dose up on paracetamol for my headache and off I go to meet my girly friends I spend the next couple of hours eating LOTS of all you can eat Chinese lets face it it s rude not to HEAVEN for taste buds but not really for diabetes It s a nightmare counting the carbs in the cuisine that has a gazillion different dishes all with different carb values NIGHTMARE So I guess at my insulin as best I can and sure enough just two hours later my bloods have dropped to 4 0 Panicking I am going to have another hypo I drink half a bottle of Lucozade and eat a cereal bar After the meal we hit a club and I start to feel heady and really thirsty A finger prick later and my bloods

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  • Tom | Shoot Up or Put Up
    new and very much blue Medtronic Veo Cutting edge stuff My DSN uses the Roche Accu Chek Spirit Combo and I work in the same hospital that treats me so all is well 1200 End of the two hour marathon grilling session Time to go to work bugger I thought I d managed to shirk that one At least I walk straight into a one hour lunch break That gives me more time to fiddle with my pump 1300 Start working Damn it Ironically enough I m helping to run the Pathology Laboratory side of the Diabetics clinic that is on today 1400 Start to get bored and wonder why we ve not got much stuff coming down in the pods from out patients We re running HbA1C s glucoses and urines for the medics somewhere far from us 1430 Have a giggle when I see that the analyser we use to do the HbA1C s is made by Menari Diagnostics Ironical considering that one of the worst blood glucose monitors commercially available is also manufactured by them Too true review here Tim 1530 Get bored and wonder if patients are actually turning up to the clinic Go up to the out patients area of the hospital to see what they re doing with the bloods Wander around looking intelligent and somehow vaguely trust worthy in a lab coat with my NHS ID card bouncing all over my chest 1600 Attempt to work the pods system to return the damn things to whence they came Typically the thing decides to bugger up when we need it Curse it and summon my boss who knows about these mystical machines Chat about life and swear at pods until half four 1645 End of day thankfully I m a student underling to all

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  • Sam | Shoot Up or Put Up
    morning argument about which radio station to listen to Marc always wins I am now an expert on 5 Live morning discussions Arrive at work at 8 30am make the momentous decision between porridge and Weetabix decide on Weetabix and let the pump know what to do Get on with work only to be interrupted by the gentle vibration of my pump reminding me to test my sugar Test is good 6 5 so carry on with the day A few hours later in conversation with my manager I realise that I am not making any sense we stop and I test my sugar 2 5 great My trusty colleague next to me offers me a selection of sugary treats from her desk especially for me and after about 15 minutes life returns to normal My eyes can again focus on a computer screen and I can open my mouth without fear of sounding like an idiot Lunch time having spent the last few hours planning where we will go we decide to go to the local cafe Eating out is always fun especially as I keep my pump in a really appropriate place my bra I have often been caught out with my hand down my top reaching for my pump I wonder what people think I am doing Lunch and the following hours go well diabetic wise and therefore work wise which is always a bonus I leave work early as we are going to the hospital practically my home away from home now as I go every two weeks to see how the little one is getting on The ante natal clinic is great long but great and it s fascinating to see how the teams involved work or don t work together First of all we check in and do the obligatory urine test which we all then furtively hold in our hands trying to look like respectable members of society while carrying test tubes of our wee We settle down compare bumps work out who the newbies are and occasionally tut at other expectant mothers who have dared to bring their other children with them and are doing what children normally do i e making noise Some even go so far as to rub their bellies and look knowingly as if to say no child of mine would ever act like that First call of the afternoon is for observations blood pressure tick weight tick urine test tick then back out to the waiting room to wait for the next appointment After about an hour if you are lucky the first call comes from the obstetrician Each time you see someone different this week I have the luck of having the obstetrician who has had his personality surgically removed He asks me the same questions I get asked every week how many times can they write down that I am on an insulin pump before listening to the baby s heart beat Usually this is

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  • Hairy Gnome | Shoot Up or Put Up
    Diabetes Mellitus in both its guises is a failure of the body to process blood glucose into usable energy Yes I know that s a simplistic definition but there may be people reading this who aren t as knowledgeable as the rest of us The difference is in the cause in the case of T1s it s down to a dysfunctional pancreas in T2s the causes can be much more complex We ve all heard the cry If he wasn t such a fat bastard he wouldn t be diabetic but did you know that obesity can be one of the symptoms of T2 I just threw that in to point out that you shouldn t make snap judgements I also know several T2s who are built like racing snakes Having said that though obesity can play a part in causing T2 in combination with other physiological problems it leads to insulin resistance Rather than a failure of the body to produce insulin it s a failure of the body to use the insulin it produces to process the glucose in the blood So much as it grieves me to admit it T2s especially in the early stages of the condition can t claim to be members of the Pancreatically Challenged Hordes or hoards as our Beloved Leader would have it Thanks for pointing out my crappy spelling Terry Tim Thankfully by the time T2s become insulin dependant I firmly believe they can claim membership of that august body The worst part of T2 diabetes as it affects the general population is that it can go undiagnosed for long periods meaning that real physiological damage can already have been caused before any treatment starts In fact it s not uncommon for patients to visit the doctor complaining of the side effects rather than the diabetes macular degeneration nephritis and neuropathy can all be established before other symptoms are recognised I would guess the most common symptoms though are the continual thirst and the need to pee but being so hyperglycaemic you start falling asleep in your soup can be a symptom and be pretty funny too The killer is that once that damage is done there s no way to reverse it and every time your BGL exceeds 13 mmol L the damage increases and you start to fry your kidneys It s not only the physical problems though the creeping effects of neuropathy can cause anything from marital stress to severe depression Sadly that s a part of the problem we share with T1s By far the best way of treating T2 is to manage the diet and increase the exercise but that s not always possible and for many T2s the pattern from diagnosis onwards is a continual battle to reduce the BG levels Metformin helps but one of the side effects of the drug is something similar to irritable bowel syndrome it s not pleasant and often the user develops a sensitivity to it that increases the effect to the point the drug has to be discontinued The next step is insulin dependence One of the major differences between T1 and T2 diabetics is the size of the insulin doses required Whilst a T1 will often measure their dose to the half unit a T2 s insulin resistance can increase to the point where they are injecting quantities that would have a T1 dead in minutes Basal doses of Lantus up to ten times that of other SUoPU members and similar quantities of NovoRapid have been noted on this site alone Where T1s walk a knife edge in trying to maintain their balance between hypo and hyper a T2 struggles continually to pull down their BG to reasonable levels For a T2 it s probably a case of managing the doses to provide the maximum utilisation of the insulin with the minimum number of injections In the end though both T1s and T2s share the curse of hyperglycaemia but T2s don t run anywhere near as much risk of regular hypoglycaemia that is the bane of the T1 Though we may be at opposite ends of the chart we are on the same axis the Brotherhood of the Banjaxed Body gives us a common bond Category Living with diabetes Tags type two Review Accu Chek Mobile An Accu Chek Mobile blood glucose testing meter yesterday A gnomish review of an innovative device What s in the box The device comes in the standard sort of meter packaging a windowed box which displays the meter Inside is the meter of course a separately packaged test cassette a lancet cassette for the FastClix finger stabbing device and half a rainforest Actually the half a rainforest is mainly made up of an excellent handbook 239 pages that tells you all you need to know about setting up your meter for the first time practically nothing and starting to use it The rest of it consists of a quick reference guide a card you can send off to get the carry case of your choice a welcome pack containing registration cards and a card to hand to your GP or DSN so you can change your repeat prescription to cassettes and FastClix cartridges All very glossy well presented and pretty comprehensive such a pity all my communications with Roche are via the internet but at least it s all recyclable The Meter When you finally get down to looking at the meter itself apart from the fact that it s big and black with a snazzy silver fascia the first thing to strike you is the slider that covers the test area rather than an open slot for inserting strips Not only does this protect the innards of the meter from pocket and bag fluff possibly even belly button fluff but we won t go there opening it will switch the meter on and move a test patch into place ready to test There are still the usual three buttons on

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  • The ultimate combo: steroids, diabetes and pregnancy | Shoot Up or Put Up
    down gently following aggressive post breakfast corrections No I didn t get much sleep And so it continued for a further 2 days I kept monitoring and trying to anticipate the changes And it seems being brave worked Over the next 12 hours I increased basal rates to 170 and then eventually started reducing them back down as the resistance started to fade I returned to normal basal rates about 36 hours after the second injection I was expecting my aggressive approach to end up in me needing to eat to treat low BGs but that only happened once when the resistance was starting to fade and I didn t reduce my basal quick enough When I started thinking about how to handle steroids this is exactly the kind of info I was looking for and I just couldn t find it so hopefully this might be of use to some other poor soul in my situation In summary I learned Try to anticipate the rise and increase basals early shifting a high once you re up there is always going to be harder than preventing it I couldn t have done this without a pump and CGM the trend info on the CGM showing me whether I was rising or falling was invaluable I gambled on basal rate increases based on tiny rising trends on the CGM you simply couldn t spot that on BG monitoring alone My obstetrician wanted to give me the steroids 2 days before my c section After a bit of reading I asked that we did them earlier so that they d have time to clear my system before the surgery He agreed If you have any choice ie it doesn t endanger the baby I d recommend getting the steroids out of the way early otherwise you risk the steroid highs still happening while you re giving birth and then clashing with the post birth insulin requirement crash That would be a complete nightmare Good luck Share on social blah Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Google Opens in new window Related Category Living with diabetes Pregnancy Tags birth c section pregnancy steroids About Alison Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four Alison s been at this for a while now She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less View all posts by Alison Post navigation How to get this baby out Training for the Roman Rumble 7 thoughts on The ultimate combo steroids diabetes and pregnancy Tim 22 April 2013 That s bloody impressive control co writer I couldn t manage that even without being pregnant and on steroids I award you today s gold star for diabetes perfection Log in to Reply Alison Post author 22 April 2013 Why thank you co

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