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  • Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue
    lives with and all the billions who have suffered and died in the meat industry in laboratories in fur farms zoos circuses and many other abusive situations After much searching we found an ideal small property that had the land we required it is an environmental haven as we are fortunate to share with so many wild creatures we never knew existed The land is also organic even though it is not certified so The animals we have rescued so far have all come to us as a result of human cruelty and ignorance sadly it never fails to surprise me how low the human race can sink in their treatment of each other as well as all the beautiful creatures that we personally we are in awe of All animals who come to us have a home here for life although we do re home when new friends pass our very high standards regarding a home check Recently we rescued sixteen hens that had been imprisoned in a battery farm The farmer wanted to get rid of these so called spent hens and we were very glad to take them in to our rescue Some of them were very poorly and we are giving them extra TLC but some of the hens now named Rose Poppy Sweet Pea Marigold Sunflower and Cornflower we love our wild flowers were outside pecking and dust bathing the day after they arrived It was fantastic to watch them and know they will spend the rest of their lives with us unlike millions of others bred to die specifically for unnecessary foods please see our website for animal free recipes One of our rescued guinea pigs we renamed Topsy turvey came to us blind although we weren t told this at the time maybe

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  • More Vegan Gift Ideas
    of vegan chocolate has been launched in the UK Named Moo Free the new brand uses a secret dairy free recipe that incorporates natural and organic ingredients including rice powder to create chocolate that looks and tastes just like milk chocolate The Moo Free vegan chocolate range includes a box of 12 delicious dairy free caramelised pralines that come in a presentation box complete with ribbon and make a lovely gift for vegans or anyone else who loves gorgeous chocolates of course In addition there are chocolate bars chocolate drops and at various times of the year vegan advent calendars and easter eggs available in the Moo Free range too Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics The name of Beauty Without Cruelty has long been connected with cruelty free makeup as it was one of the very first brands set up purely to produce and sell vegan cosmetics Recently the brand has received somewhat of a makeover itself with new products being added to the range ShopVegan now stock some of these including the new Attitude nail colours Sensuous mineral eyeshadows and Natural Infusion lipsticks which are traditionally one of the more elusive items of vegan makeup as most other lipsticks contain animal fats beeswax or cochineal The BWC brand carries the Vegan Society logo the products are suitable for those with sensitive skin and the packaging of them exudes quality making Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics an ideal vegan gift choice Pacifica Vegan Perfumes The range of vegan perfumes on the market has always been quite limited but there are now a few more brands to choose from As well as the organic perfumes from Florame we now also stock a selection of spray and solid perfumes from Pacifica These vegan perfumes are made in the USA and are formulated without ingredients

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  • VBites - Closed for Winter
    to say a big thank you for getting my vitamins to me so quickly REALLY impressed with your products and your speed Helen UK VBites Closed for Winter Here at Shop Vegan we were very sorry to hear recently that VBites Heather Mills vegan restaurant café in Hove had closed for the winter A message posted on the VBites website states that the restaurant closed from Saturday 11th September It goes on to assure visitors that this is simply an end of summer holiday and that it will remain closed over the winter to focus on staff training recipe development and VBites franchising In addition the statement says that a host of activities are going to be laid on throughout the winter months including cookery workshops and private parties with further details of some of these to be posted on the VBites website soon It does seem a little strange that the restaurant has shut down for the winter as much of the business that the restaurant relies upon surely comes from the large local veggie and vegan community in and around the Brighton and Hove area who unlike the tourists will still be there and eating out throughout the winter months A change of emphasis from summer themed food items and outdoors eating to offering more seasonal dishes such as warming vegetable soups and nut roasts in the recently refurbished interior would certainly have been more understandable and also in line with what the other vegetarian and vegan pubs cafés and restaurants in the area will be doing throughout the winter months We do hope that the information regarding the closure just being an end of summer holiday is completely accurate and we wish all of the VBites staff a good break through the winter months We re keeping

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  • Vegan Easter Recipes from Around the World
    Pie 450g 1 lb all purpose flour 225g 8oz dairy free margarine 1 4 tsp sugar 1 1 4 tsp salt 60ml 2floz water 450g 1 lb vegetarian sausage crumbled 900g 2 lbs firm tofu crumbled 55g 2oz soya Parmesan style cheese 55g 2oz minced fresh parsley 1 2 tsp fresh ground pepper 1 4 tsp cayenne 1 4 tsp paprika 1 4 tsp ground fennel seeds Preheat the oven to 180 C 350 F Gas Mark 4 In a food processor combine the flour margarine sugar and 1 4 tsp of salt With the machine still running add the water to form a dough ball Divide the dough into two balls and set aside In a large bowl combine the vegetarian sausage tofu soya cheese parsley remaining salt pepper cayenne paprika and fennel seeds Roll out the dough into two 11 inch circles Place one circle in a 10 inch pie plate and spread the filling mixture over it Cover with the other dough pinch the edges and prick the centre with a fork Bake for 1 hour or until golden brown Makes 8 servings Poland Babka Easter Bread 1 pkt dry yeast 120ml 4floz soya milk lukewarm 225g 8oz sugar 450g 1 lb all purpose flour Egg replacer equivalent of 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla 1 2 tsp almond extract 1 tsp grated lemon rind 1 Tbsp margarine 55g 2oz raisins Vegetable oil 110g 4oz icing sugar 1 Tbsp lemon juice In a large bowl dissolve the yeast in the soya milk Combine with 110g 4oz sugar and 225g 8oz flour and set aside for 30 minutes Add the remaining sugar remaining flour egg replacer vanilla almond extract grated lemon and margarine Mix gently Add the raisins while continuing to mix Grease a loaf pan and dust with flour Place the dough in the pan cover with a clean cloth and set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes Preheat the oven to 180 C 350 F Gas Mark 4 Bake for 35 to 40 minutes Remove from heat and when cool remove from the pan In a bowl mix the icing sugar and lemon juice to make icing Drizzle over the babka Makes 6 to 8 servings Germany Potato Cakes 1 large baking potato 1 2 medium onion Egg replacer equivalent of 1 egg 1 Tbsp chopped parsley 1 Tbsp flour 1 Tbsp breadcrumbs 1 4 tsp thyme Juice of 1 lemon Salt and pepper to taste Vegetable oil 85g 3oz applesauce In a food processor grate the potato and onion Squeeze out the excess liquid and place the dry potato onion mixture in a bowl Combine with the egg substitute parsley flour breadcrumbs thyme lemon juice salt and pepper Mix together Warm 120ml 4floz 8 Tbsps of oil on high heat in a frying pan Add 110g 4oz of the potato mixture to the oil and flatten into a thick pancake Turn the heat down to medium Cook for 5 minutes on each side or

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  • Vegan Christmas Gifts - Shopping for Cruelty-free Presents
    ferrule is made from recycled aluminium They really are the ultimate cruelty free make up brushes that also have a low impact on the Earth s resources Vegan Society Subscription The Vegan Society help to promote the vegan lifestyle in general encouraging more people to adopt a cruelty free way of life and manufacturers and produce products that are suitable for vegans They publish and provide a wide range of information to those interested in veganism as well as providing literature to schools and the general public Membership to the Vegan Society includes a year s subscription to the society s quarterly magazine called The Vegan This contains articles on new products recipes gardening tips sound nutritional advice and much more Membership to the Vegan Society can usually be bought online through their website but at the time of writing their online shop was being revamped and was temporarily down Therefore we d recommend that you give them a call on 0121 523 1730 instead Animal Free Shopper Shopping Guide Also published by the Vegan Society is the invaluable Animal Free Shopper Now in its 8th edition this is the most comprehensive guide to shopping for vegan products ever It comes as a handy pocket sized guide that is ideal for use when out shopping and it s definitely the easiest way to get started on an animal free lifestyle It covers vegan products ranging from food cosmetics drink to home and gardening and everything in between making it an essential guide for the vegan shopper The Animal Free Shopper also contains comprehensive supermarket own brand listings E numbers to watch out for veggie vegan group contact details company contact details an a whole lot more It can usually be bought from the Vegan Society s online shop but in the event that this is still out of action other organisations also sell it too including Animal Aid and Viva Skin Blossom Skin Care Products Skin Blossom skin care products are made from the maximum possible certified organically grown ingredients The range includes a care and protect hand cream a cleanse and nourish body wash a gentle cleansing milk a moisturising body lotion and a nourishing face moisturiser All of the products are entirely free from toxic chemicals artificial fragrance and colour making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin Needless to say their entire range is registered with the Vegan Society too They d make lovely stocking fillers for the hard working vegan mum who deserves some pampering at Christmas Vegan T Shirts We love T shirts No other item of clothing allows you to express yourself as much as a T shirt with a vegan message on it ShopVegan have a small but exclusive selection of vegan T shirts for both men and women with designs ranging from the cute to the downright cheeky We know that vegans come in all shapes and sizes too so we try to stock a selection of shirt sizes to cater

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  • VBites - Best Vegan Café?
    some slightly more nutritious vegetable dishes Also on the menu were a number of Lite Bites and one of these in particular caught our eye The Soya Chicken Style Satay Skewers with Peanut Sauce sounded very much like one of our favourite dishes from the wonderful Veggieworld in Bletchley So naturally we had to order some of these to make a comparison So that we tried a good selection of the other dishes we also ordered something from the fast food section a hot dog with tomato relish as well as Spaghetti Bolognese and the Sweet Potato Green Thai Curry with Crunchy Oriental Vegetables and Basmati Rice Considering how busy the café was the food came very quickly and all arrived together It was also nicely presented The first thing we tucked into were the chicken style satay skewers with peanut sauce We have to say that these were a slight disappointment compared to the equivalent at Veggieworld The two skewers consisted of three large pieces of chicken on each one with the satay sauce in a small bowl next to them The sauce was very runny and although the taste was good enough it did lack the slightly hot spicy tang and crunchy peanut consistency that the much thicker sauce at Veggieworld has At Veggieworld the skewers have 5 or 6 smaller pieces on each skewer and they are usually served on a bed of lettuce with the much thicker satay sauce poured over the top Much better proportions all round really as after eating the skewers at VBites we were still left with more than half a bowl full of sauce Probably because we had the Veggieworld version in our minds and the expectation that it would live up to this we were a little let down by this dish overall Next was the Spaghetti Bolognese which was certainly very tasty and everything that you would expect from a soya mince version of this classic dish It was a little cool when it reached us but the portion size was generous and the sauce was very good so it was eaten quickly before the sea breeze could make it too cold The offering that we chose from the fast food section a hot dog was served on its own with just a small amount of tomato relish and slightly disappointingly no onions which would certainly have given it a more authentic taste The fast food options like the hot dogs and veggie burgers are probably the sort of the foods that will go down well with younger diners and with both vegans and non vegans alike as you basically get exactly what you would expect from them They use the Redwood sausages and burgers which along with the Fry s vegan products are certainly the tastiest that are available in our opinion On to the Green Thai Curry which was presented particularly nicely The taste here was excellent too and the Basmati rice was cooked to perfection The

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  • Heather Mills' New Vegan Restaurant Opens 4th July
    Opens 4th July Heather Mills new vegan restaurant in Hove is set to open its doors on 4th July According to the publicity information VBites will be offering a balanced menu of unique meatless meats and vegan treats The menu will apparently include a hearty range of the nation s favourite staple foods all in animal free form Everything from Shepherds pie to fish fingers and chips pepperoni pizza to amazing salads Also promised are vegan versions of Builders brunch steamed dumplings tikka massala full sunday roast with all the trimmings and Fisherman s pie Of particular interest to vegans with a sweet tooth will be the chocolate muffins tasty cakes and delectable deserts that are mentioned as well as the ice cream bar which will serve coconut and almond milk shakes along with a vegan version of a Mr Whippy style ice cream called Mrs Swirly As well as a place to stop and eat the new vegan restaurant could become a popular meeting place and a destination in its own right too with facilities that include a dedicated area for mums dads and kids baby changing internet access and a bar area in which to enjoy the long

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  • Meat Free Monday - What Difference Will it Make?
    once He added We should care about climate change because if we don t we are going to leave our children and their children in a hell of a mess Of course none of this will come as a surprise to the estimated 250 000 vegans and many vegetarians in the UK who have long sought to highlight the environmental damage that the farming of animals causes According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation meat production is responsible for 18 of greenhouse gas emissions This compares to an estimated 13 from transport which has long been the main focus of campaigns to reduce emissions So what difference can the Meat Free Monday campaign really make It is estimated that each person who stops eating meat for one day a week will reduce their carbon footprint by 68928 pounds of CO 2 during the course of one year Certainly having the high profile backing of Sir Paul and other celebrities will assure that the campaign is well covered in the mainstream media and hopefully it will encourage a number of people to think about trying a meat free diet for one day a week thereby reducing their CO 2 emissions if only in the short term Any longer term benefits though must come from the realisation and acknowledgment that transport alone is not to blame for climate change and that the way we breed and exploit animals for our own use is damaging the Earth to an even greater degree If the media starts to focus consistently on the part that farming of animals both for meat and for the dairy industry has to play in climate change then we might see a more subtle but long lasting change in attitudes towards the use of animals There will always

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