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  • It's all in the mindset - Shropshire Business Today
    year is it cannot be short term it cannot be something you break every now and then and it cannot be something you tell yourself I ll start tomorrow Tomorrow never comes and before you know it you re back where you were 12 months previously gorging on mince pies and telling yourself you shouldn t Only this time you re a year older that little bit slower and your metabolism is giving you a hard time as it slows with age It s not all doom and gloom though and to be fair the solution is simple don t think diet think lifestyle change A little knowledge can go a long way and life doesn t have to be fat free carb free or alcohol free or require you to run a marathon every day and bench press 500kg Here are a few pointers to help that lifestyle change take place and allow the mental change needed to make this long term 1 Don t go shopping when you re hungry You will fill your trolley with rich sugary food ie bad food 2 If you can t grow it or raise it theoretically don t eat it 3 Choose whole grains 4 Avoid sweetened drinks 5 Eat naturally sweet food don t add extra sugar to anything 6 If you feel hungry ask yourself have I drunk enough fluids today If the answer is no then your body probably wants fluids not food drink a pint or two of water and then see if you feel hungry 7 Movement burns calories so find an activity sport you like and make the effort to pursue it weekly 8 Enjoy long walks with your family Rule of thumb for walking 100 calories per mile 9 Surround yourself with like minded

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  • A moving tale - Shropshire Business Today
    requires energy in the form of calories Far too often I m presented with the latest all singing all dancing revolutionary workout programme which promises of a six pack in four days through doing 10 000 sit ups while balancing on a pole with one hand waving in the air Okay I may be over exaggerating but these ridiculous promises do nothing but set you up for a fall and demotivate you when you fail as you re not in the shape the cover model is in and don t already have a body fat percentage of 6 While the average person burns around 30 per cent of calories through daily activity many sedentary people use only around 15 per cent Simply being aware of this fact and taking every opportunity to move can make quite a dramatic difference to the number of calories you burn The trick is to keep the keep moving message in mind Write the word move on Post it notes and put them in places you ll notice them when you re sitting still Then take every opportunity to move Here are some ideas for burning calories Tap your feet or swing your legs Drum your fingers Stand up and stretch Move your head from side to side change position wriggle and fidget Don t use the internal phone go in person Use the stairs not the lift Park in the furthest corner of the car park Stand up when you re on the phone and move around if possible Clench and release your muscles You ll find lots of opportunities for burning more calories if you remember that you re looking for them If there is one thought I want to leave you with it s this Movement requires energy but stored energy turns

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  • A toast! Your health! - Shropshire Business Today
    if wine is drunk during a meal Free radicals In addition to these circulatory benefits there is now also evidence that suggests that antioxidants help in the fight against free radicals naturally occurring and harmful products in our body cells that have been implicated in the development of certain cancers and Alzheimer s disease The winemaking process itself is very important for this issue as winemaking utilizes all parts of the grape and is essentially an anaerobic without air activity It is believed that prolonged exposure to air during open fermentation may destroy naturally occurring antioxidants which would explain why grape juice for example may not have the same beneficial effect as red wine So how much is healthy There is little disagreement here with the current guidelines of 14 units per week for women and 21 units per week for men One unit is equivalent to a 125ml glass of 9 per cent alcohol wine half a pint of beer or a single 25ml measure of spirits and remember that most home poured measures are trebles at least Fine line Unfortunately for lovers of wine more is not better so doubling your intake will not double your health benefits There is a very fine line between healthy drinking and drinking more than is good for you with teetotallers and drinkers of more than four or five units per day having an increased risk of heart disease compared with moderate drinkers It must always be stressed however that wine is not the universal panacea to all infirmities Louis Pasteur may have said wine is the most healthful and hygienic of beverages but by itself it cannot fight off the effects of smoking obesity raised blood pressure lack of exercise or the other hazards of modern living Taken as part of

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  • The business of staying fighting fit - Shropshire Business Today
    to say fit By far the most common question I get asked is How do I get fit This question is always followed by a relatively in depth conversation about aims goals and current lifestyle along with the explanation that fitness is a measure of one s ability to function with vigour and alertness while carrying out day to day responsibilities You see for some people efforts to get fit can involve eating fewer sweets Others focus on adding more weight to the bench press running further on the treadmill or getting to boot camp more often Science it turns out is equally undecided about what it actually means to be physically fit with studies pointing to a variety of measures that can affect health outcomes in many ways I ve put together some points to bear in mind when juggling business with pleasure STOP snacking whenever you feel hungry at your desk Get up and have a quick five minute walk round the office or car park instead Activity is known to suppress hunger SWAP that glass of red or pint of lager for a gin and tonic you will have less of a hangover and consume fewer calories CHANGE your commute Walk run or cycle to work If you want to step it up a bit invest in some ankle and wrist weights If your commute is a long one then get off the bus or train a few stops earlier and enjoy the walk PLAN Spend a little time planning your meals for the day ahead to prevent over indulging on cakes and biscuits at that network meeting GO green Leave that bacon sandwich at the breakfast briefing and grab a bowl of fruit TAGS Fitness Health training SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Good hobbits die

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  • Facilities for free! - Shropshire Business Today
    has the advantage of seeming easier due to less predictable variety induced mental stimulation from changing scenery exploring the surroundings and sometimes seeing wildlife As well as outdoor activities exposing you to Vitamin D which improves concentration exercising in different weather conditions will strengthen your immune system and constantly challenge you through changes in the terrain wind conditions and the like Treadmill inclines cannot mimic the intensity value of outdoor riding walking or running uphill and seldom can indoor gymnasium based activity mimic working muscle groups as strongly as when they lengthen during outdoor decline exercise Your green workout can of course include getting off the bus one stop sooner and or taking the stairs rather than the lift These activities are never too far away whether it be gardening sports pastimes or in your local country or urban park They can be free saving on the household budget and may allow you to spend more time with your family Bigger steps Exploration of your surroundings will change your outlook significantly Sturdy park benches and fixed logs for step ups press ups and dips are great alternatives to indoor gymnasium equivalents Chin ups pull ups and hanging leg raises for a strong midsection and back can be carried out on a strong tree branch or on an outdoor bar at your local outdoor park Purpose built obstacle courses can induce a great full body workout involving jumping vaulting rope swings scrabble nets etc Suspension chains found at outdoor parks can be utilised to mimic sometimes expensive suspension training systems where you develop balance good posture joint stability and core stability the ability to maintain and restore your postural alignment Green activities therefore can be more cost effective and beneficial for your health and fitness while seeming easier through heightened mental

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  • Action . . . and reaction - Shropshire Business Today
    per year with environmental pollution being a key trigger So how do you properly go about assessing allergies First look at the evidence you have Do symptoms occur at any particular time of the day or year and if so how often Which part of the body is affected Are there any triggers that seem to make things worse or do things improve when you are away from a certain environment The usual symptoms include wheezing runny and itchy eyes sneezing coughing and shortness of breath a nettle rash on the skin nausea and vomiting and profound tiredness Why should allergy be on the increase anyway Paradoxically our 21st century obsession with cleanliness may be to blame Childhood exposure to bacteria parasites and other old fashioned germs is healthy as it encourages a strong immune system Vaccination clean housing and sanitation antibiotics and processed food do not give the immune system this early exposure and as a result the body may react abnormally aggressively to a usually harmless food or pollen If you think you may be suffering from an allergy testing is available on the NHS and this is usually in the form of skin patch tests More easily using a simple non sedating antihistamine tablet daily may cure the symptoms All this rather pales into insignificance next to the mother of all allergic reactions anaphylaxis This allergic reaction is so severe that there is often difficulty in breathing or swallowing fainting and rapid flushing skin rashes may break out vomiting collapse and coma may occur in sequence To avoid this sufferers must watch their diet scrupulously and carry an Epi Pen injection pack of adrenaline which can rapidly reverse an allergic response and so turn off a potential tragedy For more information on allergies visit www allergyuk org

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  • Help yourself to a fitter future - Shropshire Business Today
    you will ever do for your body Always aim to stop rather than cut down but if all else fails every cigarette less you smoke will slightly reduce your risk of lung and heart disease Don t make excuses such as I need to do something with my hands do you jog on the spot in the pub because you need to do something with your legs 2 Increase the amount of water you drink preferably around eight glasses each day Our bodies are almost all water and keeping well hydrated not only optimizes cell function but also helps to eliminate toxins from the body 3 Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day Studies consistently show this is one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers and may even slow down the ageing process 4 Exercise for 30 minutes at a time three or four times a week This should be at a level where you are able to talk but are breathing hard Swimming and brisk walking are just as effective as over ambitious exercise programmes which pall after a week or two 5 Aim to lose as much excess body fat as you can Each pound of fat you lose is of benefit and an overweight person who is able to lose five or 10 per cent of their body weight will significantly lower their blood pressure reduce their risk of developing diabetes and ease the strain on their heart and joints Latest figures show that 23 per cent of adults in Shropshire are now obese and this figure continues to increase as inexorably as our waistbands do Above all remember that no one s final words to me are I wish I d spent more time

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  • Invest it ... or blow it! Archives - Shropshire Business Today
    Foal s gold SBT May 1 2013 0 Investments a cut above Keep your bottle Invest it or blow it Home Invest it or blow it Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest Skoda UK boss in the driving seat care firm quits its franchise to fly solo new motoring website launched https t co gRQ9DMX23A Revealed

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