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  • Companies and Industries Archives - Page 2 of 13 - Shropshire Business Today
    score Random Companies and Industries Home Companies and Industries Seven is a lucky number for expanding Shropshire accountancy firm Carl Jones Oct 9 2015 0 Five new faces join the board at Marches LEP Carl Jones Oct 8 2015 0 Think carefully before unleashing your selfie stick Carl Jones Oct 3 2015 0 There s an appetite for fundraising at Shropshire accountancy firm Carl Jones Oct 2 2015 0 New business Growth Hub set to open its doors in Telford Carl Jones Sep 29 2015 0 Construction firms urged to embrace the digital revolution Carl Jones Sep 24 2015 0 And the winner of Telford s Brainiest Business of 2015 was Carl Jones Sep 18 2015 0 Deadline looms for countryside business support Carl Jones Sep 9 2015 0 Who cares about care Well that s the 75 000 question Carl Jones Sep 4 2015 0 1 2 3 12 Page 2 of 12 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest Skoda UK boss in the driving seat care firm quits its franchise to fly solo new motoring website launched https t co gRQ9DMX23A Revealed The secrets

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  • Companies and Industries Archives - Page 3 of 13 - Shropshire Business Today
    Companies and Industries Home Companies and Industries Law firm staff celebrate the fruits of their labours Carl Jones Aug 26 2015 0 Reckon you re entitled to a teabreak at work Well think again Carl Jones Aug 25 2015 0 Have you got what it takes to be named Shropshire Employer Carl Jones Aug 21 2015 0 Less than a month to apply for share of 7 5m investment Carl Jones Aug 18 2015 0 County surveyors play key role in Irish healthcare project Carl Jones Aug 17 2015 0 Expanding to meet the needs of farmers and landowners Carl Jones Aug 8 2015 0 Jobs could be at risk if sector support is slashed says Carl Jones Aug 5 2015 0 Awards success for Shropshire care workers Carl Jones Aug 4 2015 0 Business awards earns 4 000 for Shropshire charity Carl Jones Jul 22 2015 0 1 2 3 4 12 Page 3 of 12 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest Skoda UK boss in the driving seat care firm quits its franchise to fly solo new motoring website launched https t co gRQ9DMX23A

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  • Companies and Industries Archives - Page 12 of 13 - Shropshire Business Today
    us all SBT Jul 4 2012 0 Green by design SBT Jul 4 2012 0 A renewably heated argument SBT Jul 4 2012 0 Bank volts SBT May 18 2012 0 Blue sky thinking SBT May 18 2012 0 Sharing a common aim SBT May 18 2012 0 1 10 11 12 Page 12 of 12 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a

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  • Eight-point plan to improve safety in the workplace - Shropshire Business Today
    the front line supervisors and the staff on the shop floor Henshalls is promoting this eight point guide which it describes as a strategy for success 1 Conduct a risk assessment to establish safe systems of working Check the Manual Handling Operations Regulations of 1992 which spell out the main points 2 Take training seriously and provide the correct information Training should be bespoke to each situation or task and should be engaging achievable and preferably delivered in the workplace rather than the classroom 3 Use technology to back up the message Training DVDs and e learning can be useful to supplement face to face training 4 Engage your front line managers They need the knowledge confidence and tools to enforce systems challenge bad practice and monitor performance 5 Reinforce key messages Set up refresher courses which engage the workforce Think about possible campaigns or posters 6 Investigate accidents swiftly This is crucial as a defence to any potential claims Speak to the injured party and witnesses take photographs and always challenge inconsistent evidence 7 Engage with occupational health and fitness services The fitness health and capabilities of your employees should always be considered when matching them to tasks they are asked to perform 8 Monitor review and celebrate Ensure that positive results are celebrated and shared with the workforce proving to everyone that your policies are having a real tangible impact Martin said The mission for any company when it comes to health and safety in the workplace is to create a culture where staff know the rules and feel comfortable and empowered enough to challenge bad practice If shop floor workers have suggestions for improving conditions whether it is moving a handle or redesigning a work station managers would be well advised to take their views on board

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/companies/eight-point-plan-to-improve-safety-in-the-workplace/ (2016-02-16)
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  • IS knowledge power? - Shropshire Business Today
    So in this example data is power data mediated by sophisticated software But generally speaking the more the data available the more one requires highly specialist IT systems and processes to interpret it to one s business advantage and equally the more the data is likely to be of low general value Performance In the past knowledge in business was primarily linked to information about financial performance I once worked in a very large family owned group of companies which consisted of bosses middle managers and workers The workers were divided up into more than 25 levels of ability with graduations of pay representing their different skills you might get a halfpenny more per hour in one level than in another In this heavily unionised jobsworthy environment the only time employees learned anything about the company s finances was when the company was in trouble By contrast in the good times it suited the bosses to keep their cards close they didn t want everyone in the chain to push for more money because they were aware of the company s success In those days and until quite recently the ones who benefited from having the knowledge tended to be the accountants While all they had was historical knowledge ie of company performance until the previous quarter they knew how the company was performing and they had information about supply and demand that allowed them to make their own judgements about continuing trade More recently because of the sea change in business brought about by computerisation and communications technologies the power base shifted from the senior accountant to the senior IT officer I have known a situation in which we introduced a new and complex IT system but we relied rather too heavily on one IT officer who saw himself as increasingly indispensable because he alone knew the intricacies of the new system he wasn t prepared to share this with anyone else Be advised that two or three people at least should be trained in the use of these key systems in your company it can be dangerous to have all the eggs in one basket But times have truly changed now While I believe in keeping a certain amount of top strategic information more at the level of ideas and considerations rather than actual strategies close to my chest I have seen time and time again that knowledge itself is truly empowering and works most creatively when it is properly shared The more your workforce understands and shares your vision for the company and its business objectives the more empowered motivated and committed your employees are likely to be More than this if you can organise a means of communicating ideas from the shop floor up to management and vice versa so that people are listened to you will find that everyone becomes constructively involved in shaping the business and helping the leadership team to determine year on year objectives Apart from which it s utterly pointless trying

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/companies/is-knowledge-power/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Can you afford to risk missing out on our latest issue? - Shropshire Business Today
    about The cover story of our 24th issue out next week spotlights Wayne Scholes the Wellington lad who made his millionaire fortune across the Atlantic but has returned to breathe fresh life into Telford Tigers ice hockey club But that s just part of an action packed issue SBT Editor Carl Jones has exclusive reports from two business round table seminars we profile the finalists in the 2015 Shropshire Business Awards and our man in London John Hipwood considers the implication of the EU referendum on the business community With seven pages of social pictures three pages of new appointments and more than half a dozen expert columnists can you afford to risk not reading Shropshire Business Today this month SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Are small firms overlooking auto enrolment benefits Next article New standards could have an impact on Shropshire estate agents Carl Jones http 4 KA By0blG RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR Stadco Schneider and Caterpillar receive national manufacturing recognition Surge in business enquiries to new Growth Hub Shropshire firms learn how to energize their workplace Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/companies/can-you-afford-to-risk-missing-out-on-our-latest-issue/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Another investment by award-winning manufacturer - Shropshire Business Today
    in March 2014 and took delivery of in September of the same year GWR Fasteners Limited founded in 2009 is based in Oswestry and is jointly owned by Gary and Jude Robinson Although they still distribute standard fasteners all over the world the manufacturing arm of their business has grown so quickly and to such an extent this month saw them take delivery of their third CNC Machine to cope with the sheer workload They are supplying special fasteners and precision components to a wide and varied customer base to other fastener companies to precision engineering companies to the defence industry and to model steam engine designers to name but a few All machines have been financed with the help of Close Brothers Asset Finance and as with the first machine this third machine has been supported by the Government s Regional Growth Fund thereby securing further employment for the region Both Close Brothers and the Government have showcased GWR as one of their success stories What Gary and Jude find amazing is that all of their manufacturing customers have approached them for their expertise rather than the owners approaching potential customers One off orders have become repeat customers because they are so impressed with the quality of the products supplied to them Gary the company s Managing Director said When we took delivery of the first machine we thought we would have just the one machine for quite a while We soon realised that the demand was far greater than we could ever have imagined so we have taken decisions along the way to grow the company in line with the demand for our expertise We know we have yet to realise our potential and this is a very exciting time for us SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/news/another-investment-by-award-winning-manufacturer/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Shropshire steel firm flying high with Heathrow contract - Shropshire Business Today
    number of the covers which allow access to vital services below ground while blending the floor s paving with the overall surface were used in the area around the stunning Slipstream sculpture by UK artist Richard Wilson The 78 metre masterpiece is suspended 18 metres above the ground in the entrance area of the new Terminal 2 Richard Hilton Managing Director of the Madeley based fabricator said FAB Pave had been the ideal solution for the Heathrow development FAB Pave is designed to be filled with a solid material such as brick paviors flagstones or tarmac and is ideal for all paved environments particularly where an aesthetically pleasing finish is important One of the FAB Pave access covers in Terminal 2 This made it ideal for the courtyard at the Queen s Terminal particularly in the area of the sculpture It is great to know that Shropshire manufacturing has played a part in creating this imposing entrance to the new terminal Each of the access covers has a Fabweld logo in the corner so there are parts of the terminal that will be forever Shropshire The five storey Terminal 2A covers 40 000 square metres and houses 26 airlines It is expected to witness around 10 million passengers this year and 17 million by 2019 The 2 5bn development replaced the original Terminal 2 which had been Heathrow s oldest passenger terminal FAB Pave access covers are typically used in retail parks and public areas of high prestige Captions FAB Pave access covers in situ at the Heathrow terminal The Slipstream sculpture at Heathrow Fab PAVE access covers have been used in the area underneath SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Town centre office premises go onto the market Next article New sawmill owners pledge to create jobs Carl Jones

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