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  • Green by design - Shropshire Business Today
    Or it can be deep green using the lowest impact natural materials and techniques such as rammed earth walls sheep s wool insulation hand made triple glazed wooden windows and grass roofs on roundwood pole rafters in naturally ventilated spaces heated by passive solar gain or wood fuels The choice depends largely on the objectives and I am afraid to say budgets of the organisation Key areas The key areas are siting materials fabric efficiency energy water operation and character The reconciliation of these elements gives rise to a wide range of approaches and changes almost daily as new techniques materials and exemplar projects emerge A range of environmental standards assess the environmental performance of buildings the principal ones in the UK being BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and Passivhaus The Halley Antactic Research Station At one end of the spectrum there is a return to vernacular methods of building using the materials of the site in a handmade loose fit way that responds passively to local climatic conditions to create buildings firmly rooted in their environment At the extreme the building will be autonomous self sufficient off grid requiring no connections to external utility supplies at the other end modern high tech materials and technologies harness natural energy sources and produce alien forms to overcome whatever the environment chooses to throw at it This latter approach has almost been done to death already being a logical evolution of the 1990s hi tech movement utilising yet more eco bling to make the buildings work in spite of the environment and climate change An extreme example of this is the Halley V Antarctic research station providing human life support in a hostile environment Some good materials are emerging but in practice the solution lies somewhere in between The former is often associated with the alternative hippy culture with no place in the mainstream but there is much to learn from traditional methods of building without subscribing to the hair shirt and oatmeal lifestyle Locally sourced natural materials are being rediscovered and used in contemporary architecture informed by building physics meeting modern comfort levels and creating a unique character There is a new excitement among designers and commissioners of buildings as there is no set style to which to subscribe and new forms are evolving from traditional prototypes requiring only subtle shifts in behaviour and lifestyle of the occupants A good example of this is the National Trust headquarters in Swindon by Fielden Clegg Bradley Benefits of green business Green business is smart business Going green provides bottom line cost savings as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace Sustainable development within a business can create value for customers investors and the environment It allows your company to act proactively to address new environmental requirements from vendors and suppliers while getting ahead of upcoming legislation A solid environmental program also attracts the highest quality employees to your company and keeps those that you have happy and healthy A green

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  • A renewably heated argument - Shropshire Business Today
    and communities looking for a greener and less expensive alternative to traditional fuel Andy said We have a small team at Organic Energy which is not only passionate about renewable energy and the possibilities it holds for protecting the environment but one which wants to help develop a sustainable way for businesses to heat their offices and warehouses and communities to take control of their own power The company has seen continued record growth in the first five months of 2012 leading to the need for further additional staff Team OE is growing and we are currently looking to recruit an additional technical support engineer and a role also exists for a general administration support member OE is determined to reinvest in the next generation to capitalise on the unusual and somewhat privileged position the renewable industry is currently enjoying It is crucial in our view to offer the next generation a rare opportunity in these difficult times to become involved in an industry that can continue to thrive if we uncover others who share our passion for renewables Wood pellet boilers in Organic Energy s Welshpool showroom Instrumental And that passion hasn t been created thanks to the current potential business opportunities created by the green energy sector Andy has long held his beliefs that low carbon technology is the future for providing the world s energy needs He was instrumental in bringing wood pellet boiler technology to the UK and works with eco charity Greenpeace providing hot water at the Glastonbury music festival thanks to Organic Energy s ÖkoFEN ultra low carbon wood pellet boilers Andy has been the site manager at Glastonbury s Green Fields for several years It s not just the drive and passion of the managing director and Team OE which has been behind Organic Energy s record breaking growth and huge hike in sales Thanks to government support for installing renewable options such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariffs businesses are realising it actually pays to be green An Organic Energy s ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler system installed by Stafford based Eco Energi is providing heat to the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury site which last year underwent a 5 million eco build programme The charity was spending about 500 000 a year on heating and lighting bills for its 18 centres across the UK with the county site at Roden previously consuming energy comparable with a luxury office development Following the project s completion the target is to cut energy consumption to less than 150 kWh per square metre 62 per cent less than a conventional building Mr Boroughs said What is really exciting in 2012 not just for our business but for any companies which want to reduce their energy bills is the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive which opened for business last November We ve looked closely at the figures we ve number crunched and investigated the small print If a project is eligible then some boilers will

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  • Blue-sky thinking - Shropshire Business Today
    people and customers will be able to adjust quickly and will find technology led change invigorating and laden with opportunity The report drew on two main sources for its findings A global survey of 567 executives was conducted in September and October 2011 All those taking part were at senior management level in a wide range of industries including financial services technology manufacturing professional services and the public sector A series of in depth interviews were also conducted with leading technology and business thinkers Among its findings the report concluded that the need for change as a result of technology was largely attributed to the increase of low cost computing power storage and bandwidth available via the cloud It also recognised that organisations would continue to accumulate increasing volumes of data from a growing variety of sources at accelerating speeds the trend known as big data The increase of video based communication social media and other tools would also become more and more widespread in business Although these technologies were already in existence it would be the new ways in which they were applied that would continue to drive radical changes to the way businesses ran It highlighted the launch of Apple s online store in 2008 which was not as a result of the introduction of a wholly new technology but from a rethink of the existing ways that software was marketed and distributed It also pointed to both eBay and Facebook having captured leading positions in the market by creating new business models from existing technology Further key findings included Few industries will remain unchanged by technology disruption Six out of ten business leaders who took part in the survey agreed that the vertical market in which they operated would bear little resemblance to how it looked today For those who can master it big data will become a business of its own As transactions are automated and collaboration becomes more virtual the purpose of physical stores and offices will change There will be a shift towards decentralised decision making Sixty three per cent of business leaders predict a shift from centralised management boards towards individual employees The organisation of 2020 will be more transparent than ever before Firms will find it hard to hide poor service high pricing or unpopular practices as they become more visible to end consumers than at any other time Here in Telford Ricoh s manufacturing plant provides office automation equipment and toners to the European market and the views of its executive director echo those of many of those surveyed in the report Tim Webber said that the company understood how today s challenging economic climate has forced virtually every organisation in the world to closely examine how they do business in order to uncover new ways to drive operational efficiencies He said Ricoh understood that successful global businesses were focusing on a number of factors to increase productivity including managing human capital and leveraging existing and emerging technologies to facilitate employee

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  • Sharing a common aim - Shropshire Business Today
    School as part of the largest survey of its kind investigating the benefits of business networking in the West Midlands Barrier The findings from the research project also highlighted a need to change the traditional model of business networking groups which rely on an annual membership subscription This can be a barrier to many business people who could otherwise benefit from being part of a wider network of like minded business professionals suggests Roy The motivation for bringing together professional and business services PBS firms in Shropshire to network share knowledge and collaborate on projects is the outstanding success of similar groups identified in the research The PBS sector is diverse representing everything from accountants to website designers which together generate some 20 per cent of the economic value in Shropshire and employ approximately 200 000 business professionals in the county The PBS sector is very important to the economy of Shropshire as many business professionals are self employed or working within small teams doing outstanding work often in rural locations which makes the SBP network group so attractive for everyone involved adds Roy Shropshire Business Board member and Business Ambassador Nick Chavasse mbe is the working chair for the new networking group and has strong views on the benefits of business networking saying It is only by working together to encourage economic growth and create new opportunities for employment that we can take advantage of the economic up turn when it arrives SBP is an independent networking group run by its members for its members Free membership for eligible firms makes it sector specific and inclusive a benefit which is welcomed by Shropshire Council in its support for this new network Cllr Mike Owen cabinet member for the economy at the council says SBP is exactly the sort of

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  • Companies and Industries Archives - Page 10 of 13 - Shropshire Business Today
    Deliverance SBT Dec 11 2012 0 Equities equate to a worthwhile bet SBT Oct 31 2012 0 Catering for business SBT Oct 28 2012 0 Welcome everybody SBT Oct 28 2012 0 On the right road SBT Oct 28 2012 0 Who s looking after your company vehicles SBT Sep 23 2012 0 1 9 10 11 12 Page 10 of 12 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire

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  • New Appointments Archives - Page 2 of 4 - Shropshire Business Today
    minutes with Jan Minihane Carl Jones Sep 10 2015 0 Want to have your five minutes of fame Carl Jones Aug 25 2015 0 Five Minutes With Rachel Wood Carl Jones Dec 12 2014 0 Five Minutes With Philip Robinson Carl Jones Dec 5 2014 0 Five Minutes With Clive Smith Langridge Carl Jones Nov 28 2014 0 Five Minutes With Steve Harris Carl Jones Nov 11 2014 0 1

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  • New Appointments Archives - Page 3 of 4 - Shropshire Business Today
    Owen Carl Jones Oct 8 2014 0 Five Minutes With James Keay Carl Jones Sep 17 2014 0 Five Minutes With Helen Culshaw Carl Jones Sep 16 2014 0 Five minutes of fame Carl Jones Sep 10 2014 0 1 2 3 Page 3 of 3 Recent tweets Follow us ShropsBizToday Latest The Shropshire shopping centre in line for a facelift https t co gRQ9DMX23A Latest Skoda UK boss in

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  • Five Minutes With . . Clive Smith-Langridge - Shropshire Business Today
    busy working families We just need to spread the message more widely Population demographics these are working against us in the local area but luckily with our boarding strength we can draw from a wide catchment area Affordability middle Britain has been squeezed for some years now and we need to continue to convince parents of the great value of an outstanding independent school education What are the best and worst aspects of your job The best aspects always come from the children they are so full of energy creativity and zest for life Just sitting talking with them at meal times or in the common rooms is a joy The worst aspect is the amount of regulation and paperwork in the job these days I guess all managerial jobs are much the same now but it takes me away from direct contact with the children What makes you smile and what keeps you awake at night The start of a new term or a new academic year always makes me smile watching the children come back to school or new children come to school for the first time bouncing around the place and raring to go The responsibility of this job for all the children s welfare sometimes keeps me awake at night We re always looking for even better ways to keep them safe well and happy How do you think your colleagues would describe you You d have to ask them but I would hope a good listener decision maker and inclusive in my approach to the management and running of the school If you could go back 10 years what would you do differently Not much to be honest I set myself the target of being a Headmaster within ten years and made it I have

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