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  • Shropshire dealership is chosen for major new product launch - Shropshire Business Today
    from Friday October 30 to Sunday November 8 for the Willerby Aspen model Salop Leisure s holiday homes sales and marketing manager Scott Higgins with sales executive Tanya Bebb and the new Willerby Aspen The new model s striking cathedral style panoramic front windows is marketed as an ideal choice for owners looking to take advantage of stunning scenery on caravan parks We are delighted that Salop Leisure has been selected by Willerby Holiday Homes to showcase the new Aspen model which we are sure is going to be very popular said Salop Leisure s holiday homes sales and marketing manager Scott Higgins Our dealership will be the only one in the country where you can see the new Aspen We will have exclusive offers during the event with discounts of up to 1 000 for anybody that purchases the new model I think the Aspen will be particularly popular with holiday home owners in Mid Wales because the unique front aspect allows them to take full advantage of the stunning scenery The Aspen s traditional layout was very successful in the past and we are delighted to see it return to Willerby s range Salop Leisure is always happy to work with caravan manufacturers to launch new models They like the fact that we have one of the largest displays of caravan holiday homes and lodges in the UK and attract more than 250 000 visitors every year SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Why HR bosses must keep their distance from employment tribunals Next article Another award winning banger from Shropshire food company Carl Jones http 4 KA By0blG RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR Courts rule in favour of bosses monitoring staff emails Three is the magic number to help bridge the local skills gap Redrawing the map

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  • Why HR bosses must keep their distance from employment tribunals - Shropshire Business Today
    an objective and clear headed approach John s warning follows a disciplinary case where an employee was investigated after possible misconduct over his expenses and using hire cars inappropriately The employee s manager received initial advice from the company s HR department that led him to draft a report including a number of favourable findings about the employee s behaviour He said he was satisfied that the misuse was not deliberate and that the employee s explanations were plausible and consistent But after speaking to the HR team further his final report was much more critical of the employee who was eventually sacked an employment tribunal rejected his claim of unfair dismissal but the employee appealed And at this point the appeal committee backed his claim as it was clear that the favourable comments had been completely removed and replaced with criticisms They said that HR had appeared to try to persuade the manager to take a more critical view of the employee s conduct and to reject his explanation that he had simply made mistakes a reason which the manager had previously appeared to believe John said the committee ruled that anyone facing disciplinary charges and possible dismissal was entitled to expect the appropriate manager to take the decision They should not be lobbied by other teams or departments on how they should view the employee s actions and the employee should be given adequate notice of any changes in the evidence so they can deal with them accordingly The case showed that the HR team had been directly involved in the decision making process which was outside their remit and it s a warning to other experts to keep their professional distance SHARE Facebook Twitter tweet Previous article Apprentice decorator in running for a national title Next article

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  • Nationalization: Burnt fingers in every pie - Shropshire Business Today
    in 1971 and prospered sufficiently to be returned to private ownership by Mrs T in 1987 But the lesson of nationalization is clear Politics and business make pretty poor bedfellows Which is why this week s news that the managing director of Shropshire Council s own trading company is leaving after eight months is cause for concern The company slightly tortuously called ip e was set up last year to provide services to the council It is owned by you and me Shropshire taxpayers and any profit it makes will be ploughed back into council services Council leader Keith Barrow sits as its chairman with a board of directors appointed by the council s cabinet The idea of the company is to make the council s funds go further in a bid to reduce future cuts It is an innovative approach to local government finance and one which could provide a major funding boost in the future But just eight months into his 80 000 job running the new company MD Tom Roehricht has moved on Jon Simcock The council says the move is amicable and no severance deal has been paid Mr Roehricht was on a nine month fixed contract when he was appointed and had finished all the work he had set out to do they say Which is all well and good But to have to find a new boss after just eight months planned or not is not the sort of thing which sends out a positive message about the running of such an important company And it has already led to criticism from the opposition Labour group at the council something which is unlikely to help ip e s public image to prosper This is not a case of nationalization of course and it would

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/nationalization-burnt-fingers-in-every-pie/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Trading post - Shropshire Business Today
    be bigger than all other trade deals put together And yet this might just be a case of Mr Cameron hitting the nail firmly on the head The deal expected to be signed off by the end of next year will get rid of almost all trade tariffs and harmonise regulations across a whole range of industries Mr Cameron and US president Barack Obama say it will boost the EU and American economies by up to 100bn a year and create millions of new jobs on both sides of the Atlantic The Prime Minister said it was a once in a generation opportunity which would boost consumer choice and lower prices in shops Big talk indeed There are of course more than a few hurdles to overcome before any deal can be secured The French who else have already raised concerns about the impact any deal would have on their precious film industry which would risk being swept away by Hollywood if it had to exist without subsidy or tariffs My tip to les Francais Make films people want to see You could also try including a bit of action every now and again Just a thought Jon Simcock And it wouldn t be a trade agreement if our chums from across the Channel were not trying to wangle a special deal for their hard pressed farmers so they continue to grow food nobody wants to eat at prices we cannot afford All while blocking rival countries from selling in France with a bewildering array of legislation and red tape There will also be dissenters who claim the whole idea of the deal is flawed because all trade should be free We need less not more State intervention to ensure that the free market continues to thrive they say But

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/trading-post/ (2016-02-16)
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  • We've got a ticket to (de)ride - Shropshire Business Today
    leaders and passenger groups are drawing up plans to fight it Virgin is also planning an appeal The arguments for a direct link are well rehearsed and compelling It would allow the county s businesses to compete on an equal footing with rivals from across the country both in securing contracts in the capital and attracting new investment back into Shropshire And it would clearly help development officials make the case still more strongly for inward investment in this county and open up new conference and tourist opportunities here Shropshire would suddenly become just a comfortable two hour train journey away from London rather than a place which required hours of planning and who knows how many changes of train to reach And you don t have to be a regular at Mensa s top table to see that there is little in Network Rail s argument over punctuality that stacks up Just last week the Office of Rail Regulation revealed that Network Rail missed its timetable targets for long distance trains by 4 5 per cent over the last year New figures show around 15 per cent of the nation s trains were late last month while Virgin says Network Rail blunders cost it more than 1 000 hours of delays since April With all these trains running so late it s little wonder there s no room in the schedule for more services Imagine what might be possible if just half of these delays were eradicated never mind all of them So here s my totally free tip to those in charge at Network Rail Stop the whingeing and try running the trains on time instead Just try See what happens Because I would bet the last pork pie on the 8 15 to Euston that you will

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/weve-got-a-ticket-to-deride/ (2016-02-16)
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  • You couldn't make it up (Volume 2, Chapter 3) - Shropshire Business Today
    is his number one priority had already promised not to touch the benefit for fear of provoking a backlash among Tory retirees As a result his Conservative front benchers quickly went on the attack over the Balls move It was a drop in the ocean would cost too much to implement and would penalise those who had paid most in to our national reserves they said Even Mr Balls own colleagues in the Labour Party put the knife in Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain a giant of a figure even if only in the Hain household immediately raised the spectre of Labour cutting all universal benefits including TV licences bus passes and senior rail cards Mr Balls had not mentioned this it is not party policy but Mr Hain thought it helpful to bang on about it all the same And of course the unions and pensioners groups couldn t wait to jump on Mr Balls and accuse him of somehow robbing the neediest of a hard earned right In fairness the Lib Dems supported the move but they are of so little consequence these days you could be forgiven for having forgotten all about them Knuckleheaded The reaction among the metro elite could not have been more knuckleheaded if they had called in those two cavemen from the Wacky Races to act as their PR advisors And the reason to hark back to a favourite theme of this column is that our gutless political leaders simply do not inhabit the real world anymore Let me enlighten them a little about just what is happening in that real world Rich pensioners living overseas are sent bundles of cash every year to pay for their heating when they have chosen to leave these shores for warmer climes Baby boomer retirees with

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/you-couldnt-make-it-up-volume-2-chapter-3/ (2016-02-16)
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  • High and dry? - Shropshire Business Today
    research has led to much wailing and gnashing of teeth and calls for something to be done to save our beloved town centres But what exactly Isn t it a sad fact of modern life that we now want to do everything online and the high street is just another casualty of the technological tsunami sweeping through our lives The answer as ever is part yes and part no While the internet clearly poses a major threat to the traditional shop it also brings with it some clear opportunities And the secret to survival is not all about innovation it also rests in part on a clear return to some old fashioned qualities So to prosper on today s high street a forward thinking trader must not only himself embrace the internet with click and collect services online voucher offers and the like but also make sure his shop is the sort of vibrant and welcoming place that consumers actually want to step into built on that traditional but increasingly rare foundation of customer service And that goes for the high street as a whole With charity outlets pound stores and betting shops now starting to dominate is it any wonder people are turning away Now is the time to put the community at the heart of our town centres with imaginative planning and business strategies which actively drive people back into them Local councils must stop treating shoppers as a cash cow to be milked every time they wish to park their car and should seek to use their powers to open up town centres to broader community use This could see crèches and childcare facilities in the heart of our towns rather than in the suburbs empty properties returned to the housing market for first time buyers and

    Original URL path: http://www.shropshirebusinesstoday.co.uk/sbtblog/high-and-dry/ (2016-02-16)
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  • 400 years - Shropshire Business Today
    for his lack of progress on cutting the nation s debt burden He said The Government s failed economic policies have been totally self defeating as a flat lining economy has seen deficit reduction grind to a halt George Osborne no longer has a deficit reduction plan In fact at this rate it will take 400 years to balance the books Mr Leslie does of course protest too much It is richer than a lorry load of rich tea biscuits celebrating a rollover win on the National Lottery for anyone from the Labour Party to complain about the national debt They after all help create the greater part of it during the miraculous boom years of the Blair Brown governments The miracle being that we all fell for the line that boom and bust was finished for so long As if that was not enough they now want to borrow more and increase spending as a way they say of digging us out of the economic hole we are in But when you are in a hole even the dimmest of people recognises that the time eventually comes to stop digging Of course the current Government is also part of the problem lecturing about austerity on one hand while promising to ring fence this budget and that budget to try to keep the electorate sweet The key issue here of course is the short term nature of our political system and ruling elite When a week is a long time in politics why worry about what might happen four years down the line let alone 40 or 400 So it is that our children s children s children s children s children s children s great great great great grandchildren will still be picking up the tab for our folly

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